Cash-Strapped? Mama June Shannon & Geno Doak Are Apparently Selling Everything in Their Home

“It’s a sales BONANZA, y’all!”

If you’ve ever wanted to own a piece of authentic Honey Boo Boo or Not to Hot memorabilia, come on down to Mama June Shannon‘s online garage sale!

The reality TV star and her boyfriend Geno Doak have been cleaning out the house featured on ‘Mama June: From Not to Hot,’ hawking everything from baby items belonging to June’s grandchild, to a massage chair to a giant stuffed banana dressed as Bob Marley. (Sorry guys, but the reggae banana— which was featured on an episode of ‘From Not to Hot’— already sold for $10!)

Mama June— who was the subject of a recent family intervention due to her suspected drug use— has been selling items in her home on Facebook Marketplace by the dozens. According to TMZ, June and Geno even hawked the only bed that was left in the house.

TMZ posted a video showing a couple “shopping” for items inside of the house, which is empty in some parts and completely cluttered in others. 

“We’re told some potential buyers claim to have seen what looked like needles or syringes among the items strewn around one of the bedrooms,” the site reports.

Up for grabs are toys (presumably played with by her daughter, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, who is now living with her sister Lauren “Pumpkin” Shannon), a foot spa that June lists as “unused” (so luckily she didn’t soak her “forklift feet” in it), and furniture. In the video, June holds back from selling a purse to the interested buyer, stating that she needs to make sure “the girls don’t want it” before she hawks it for $100.

When interested buyers asked June on Facebook if she was moving, June replied that she and Geno are just “downsizing and cleaning [out]” their home. 

“Hold on, I’m fixin’ to sell that shirt you’re wearin’ right quick, Geno!”

As The Ashley previously reported, June and Geno were both arrested back in March and are awaiting trial for their crack cocaine possession charges. Despite her family’s protests, June has sworn to stand by her man and remain with Geno. 

Last month, Geno took to social media to make a variety of claims, stating that the show’s producers knew about the drug use happening in the house and looked the other way in order to keep the show going.

Geno also claimed at the time that he hadn’t been paid for some of his appearances on June’s show, which may explain their sudden need to sell their stuff.

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(Photos: WEtv, Facebook)

46 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, when you combine money and celebrity, with ignorance, desperation for male attention and you are nothing but poor white trash, you subject yourself to predatory men that will tell you anything to get at your $$. They will even sleep with your nasty behind! Geno Doak is just that man. Too bad she didn’t think as much of Alana than she does of that scumbag junkie!

  2. Lucky she’s got Pumkin, She seems like a really good stand in parent( it’s not fair that she should have to….she’s just started her own little family)
    But hearing the way she went off at Alana when Alana was pretending to snort drugs, She seems like she’s got a good head on her shoulders and will keep Alana in line.

      1. Nah , it’s all good , I think I’ll pass, I lost a friend last year to that shit! I’m quite happy with my normal life . LOL, I don’t even drink !!!!! I sound boring yeah ?!!! But I manage to have lots of laughs without any help.
        PLUS, I’m a mum and a nanna. They’re the loves of my life and I’d NEVER do anything that would risk losing them.

        1. Just to be clear (because you never really know these days) that was a

          Meth, spice, crack, heroin. I’ve seen it all destroy lives. It’s very sad when people put drugs before their families.

          1. LOL, All good Magan , I knew it was humor and I actually cracked up laughing when I read it . However……I was serious about the coffee?????
            Like I said, it’s a person’s choice what they choose to take or don’t take or whatever I’m not judging them BUT what DOES fucking piss me off is when it’s the poor little innocent kids that suffer

          1. Thank you Jono, I’m sorry to hear of your losses also, You’re right …. it does suck.
            I hope you’re ok.
            Have I accidentally downvoted someone again? If I have I apologise, I’ve done it without realizing. My bloody finger hits the thumbdown button because they’re so bloody close together!
            Again I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone.

          2. Sorry Jojo I accidentally hit an N instead of a J making you “JONO” …… I Seriously need to put my fingers on a diet or get a magnifying glass !?

      2. Actually, I tell a fib , I just had a bit of Tiramisu cake, the sponge part is soaked in some kind of alcohol ????

          1. It’s nice , but only in small amounts, .I cheat and buy it , I don’t make it LOL
            But the one I bought recently had a bit too much alcohol in it! I was worried about driving ???

  3. who’s lives are wasting away due to cancer,MS , MND.etc:) these people are given a death sentence that they don’t deserve. I’m sure they would give ANYTHING to be well.
    AND then you get these idiots throwing their lives away for a disgusting filthy drug.
    You get beautiful young girls now reducing themselves to ” A COCK FOR A ROCK”……Women choosing drugs and men over their own children!
    I probably sound judgemental, but it is what it is .

    1. That’s true, I lost my mother to
      Ovarian cancer, cruel to se her go through it, she fought TIL the end though.

  4. Love your site but I’m done with it. Sick of typing out posts that are non offensive and nothing being posted. Get a new mod or better system…and fucking get rid of Hannah the idiot Banana that always makes it through with idiotic comments. If this makes it through I expect her usual middle finger and big girl rant where she proves she knows curse words and outrage but not much else.

  5. Worst of all, once she’s truly out of money, Geno will probably leave her and she will expect her children to take care of her. Of course, she’ll also ask them for money first. I hope that Alan’s earnings from the show are kept somewhere out of June’s reach.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      Pumpkin went to court to protect HBB’s money. She even made it where she can’t touch it without court approval and it can only be used for HBB’s care.

      Pumpkin and her hubby seem to be doing her best to protect her baby sister. She’s even taken to referring to her as her sister/daughter lately. Good on Pumpkin for having her head on straight but June’s a POS for putting her kids in this position. Pumpkin and her husband have a child of their own to care for. They shouldn’t have to care for June’s too.

    2. I believe I read that Pumpkin put Alana’s money into an account that June doesn’t have access to and that even Pumpkin has to prove the money is going towards Alana when she makes a withdraw.

  6. I said it before and I’ll say it again, cocaine is a hell of a drug. Crack is even worse, when smoked, it gives such a euphoric rush, that you’ll only get that first time. The rest of that rims chasing that first hit. I’ve seen friends that has cars and decent jobs that met some scumbag user like DOak, and within 2 months she was evicted, jobless, without a car, and sucking dick for a $10 rock.
    Honestly, her money lasted longer than I thought it would, what with the casino trips, crack binges and his booze. He probably drinks steel reserve or some other garbage that’s like $5 for.a pack.

  7. The house always seemed sparce anyway, i didn’t think that they would have much to sell.! There were no pictures hanging…(except Josh’s boob posters) … no ornaments or plants… so i wonder what they would be selling?

  8. Wowww so she already blew through all the show money…this is not going to end well…feel bad for alana shes still pretty young and her mother is pickign drugs and a guy over her…

  9. Drugs are expensive. But I digress. It’s a shame mama June is doing this to her children. I feel bad for the children. Unfortunately it seems the end is near and there’s no coming back from that.

    1. She is truly a horrible mother. Drugs make ppl selfish, and pathetic. June seems to choose men and drugs over and over. My heart breaks for all her daughters. Sad.

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