EXCLUSIVE! ‘Jersey Shore’ Star Angelina Pivarnick Says Her Wedding to Chris Larangeira Will Be “Like a Fist-Pumping Club”

“This ‘dirty little hamster’ is about to roll down the aisle!”

Gym, tan, wedding, seems to be the theme lately for the Jersey Shore cast!

As Mike “The Situation” and Lauren Sorrentino’s wedding airs on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, their co-star Angelina Pivarnick opened up exclusively to The Ashley about her own wedding plans!

The Staten Island native– who got engaged to Chris Larangeira back in January 2018 after knowing him for 14 years–  said she definitely got inspiration for her own wedding  when Sitch married Lauren in November.

“I loved Lauren’s wedding,” Angelina told The Ashley’s reporter at the premiere party of We TV’s Love After Lockup in New York City on Tuesday. “I feel like our wedding is going to be like a fist-pumping club, but [Lauren’s] entire look inspired me — her hair, everything — but I don’t think I’m gonna copy her or anything, because I want to do my own thing. But the wedding was amazing. It was gorgeous.”


And that’s not all: the MTV personality seems to have the rest of her life figured out, and that includes growing her family…around her drinking schedule, of course!

“I want the wedding first — I have it down to a science,” Angelina said. “I want the wedding first because I want to get drunk on my wedding night, and then I want to have babies after. I already got the house.”

“The thought of tiny Angelinas running around is scaring me, bro.”

Angelina first appeared on ‘Jersey Shore’ back in Season 1 then briefly returned for the show’s second season. When the cast reunited for a reboot, she was nervous to come back.

“I was so scared to go back in, actually, I wouldn’t say the word ‘scared,’” she explained. “In my head I was like, ‘This is gonna be alright,’ and then I just went for it — which was kind of like throwing me into a lion’s cage! But I had to deal with that. [The cast and I] didn’t speak for like, eight years.”

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV) 


  1. I always felt bad for Angelina. The crew treated her badly, especially Vinny. I really think Vinny liked Angelina but he had to live up to “guy code”. When guys can’t have the girls that they want, they treat that girl mean. I know it’s been years but in the Miami season, I really admired how she handled herself in a house full of people that didn’t treat her right. It takes a strong person to be in a house full of people who don’t like you and no matter what the Jersey Shore cast says, I think she handled it with a lot of class. I hope the cast, especially Vinny apologizes to her one day for the way they treated her. Anyway, I just want to say, Angelina, look at you. You look so happy and beautiful and I wish you nothing but happiness. Truly and honestly. Good luck on everything.

    1. I do believe Angelina did grow up to a certain extent. Perhaps that had some influence in trying to come back to the show (money is also a factor. Ems is not much higher than minimum wage).

      1. You’re probably right. They all seem to mature more except Ron. I think she realized she missed out on what seems like a great group of friends and a great time and a great way to make money. But it’s still weird she is part of their JS “family” now and she tries too hard to fit in and be part of it.

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