Jen Harley Calls Out Ex Ronnie Ortiz-Magro for Abuse; Slams His ‘Jersey Shore’ Co-Star Nicole “Snooki’ Polizzi For Being a Bully

“I’ll get you, Ronnie…and your little Snooki too!”

The saga of Ron ‘n’ Jen continues….but this time, they’ve added Snooki into the hot mess!

Jen Harley— the baby mama (and off- and on-estranged ex) of Jersey Shore star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro— used Instagram to slam both Ronnie and Nicole Polizzi over the weekend. In a series of Instagram Stories, Jen posted photos of her bruised face and body (injuries she says she sustained during the fight with Ron in October that got him thrown in jail).

Jen also insinuated that she will be coming for Ronnie in court.

After posting a photo of herself with a black eye (which she insinuated Ronnie gave her during the October incident), Jen posted a photo from around that time that showed her battered torso.

“My body bruised and beat,” Jen wrote, before throwing out a date that may be their next court date. “#Dec20.”

She then posted screenshots of private messages that seem to be between her and Nicole, in which Jen calls Nicole out for being a bully. 

“And thanks for victimizing me after he beat my ass in front of my daughter!” Jen wrote to Nicole. “You are a real bully. Honestly I did nothing to you.”

(Naughty words have been blurred out by The Ashley, BTW…)

As far as the bullying claims go, Jen is likely talking about a conversation that Nicole had on her podcast shortly after the incident that caused Ronnie’s arrest. After TMZ posted paparazzi photos of Jen displaying large bruises on both her shoulder and thigh, Nicole stated that she felt Jen was allowing herself to be photographed that way in order to get attention.

“ … She’s out to lunch with Ariana, she’s wearing a tank top and shorts and she has bruises everywhere,” Nicole said. “I feel like she went out intentionally to get a photo of her… You don’t have to be wearing a tank top, showing off your bruises and the bruise on your leg. She’s wearing booty shorts to show it off. Like, ‘Girl, you can go out with your daughter and have lunch but cover those up so it’s not a thing.’ She wants it to be a thing.”

This is not the first time in recent months that Nicole has been called a bully. A few weeks ago, she and her ‘Jersey Shore’ co-stars Jenni Farley and Deena Cortese caught a lot of flak for giving a cruel bridesmaids’ speech at Angelina Pivarnick‘s wedding. After receiving a lot of backlash from fans (many of whom called Nicole and the other girls “bullies”), Nicole announced last week that she is retiring from Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

The screenshots also seem to show Jen telling Nicole that, while the cast was in Miami, Ronnie was telling people that he could have had sex with Nicole (who is married) because she was “all over him” and “such a lush.”

“Me? A lush? Never!”

Anyway, Ronnie is currently facing seven misdemeanors, according to TMZ — one count of domestic violence, one count of brandishing a weapon, one count of child endangerment, one count of criminal threats, one count of false imprisonment (of Jen), and two counts of resisting arrest. This all stems from the events on the night in early October he was arrested after getting into an altercation with Jen at a Los Angeles-area Airbnb the couple was staying at.

Ronnie was arrested after Jen claimed he struck her and then chased her with a knife while he was holding their daughter. Ronnie went on to lock himself and his daughter Ariana in the home, ultimately earning himself charges for kidnapping as well as felony domestic violence. (Those charges were eventually dropped.)

Ronnie and Nicole have yet to respond to Jen’s (now-deleted) posts.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


  1. That’s how Jenn dresses though, she generally wears revealing clothing. She shouldn’t have to cover it up, nor be shamed for having her physical abuse visible. It is highly likely that Jenn purposely wanted it photographed but so what. Why hide abuse, hiding it just enables the cycle. At least with it being a public spectacle then it has to be addressed and be held accountable on both their actions.

    Snooki is all kinds of gross for saying that also. Some people tend to gloss over the actions of a close friend instead of holding them accountable.

    That’s the whole Jersey Shore cast mentality though, they seem pretty sexist. Like with Sammi/Ron, Sammi got so much blame when it the both of them. Then they took shots at Sammi for looking out for her personal mental health and avoiding sharing a house with a toxic ex while being plied with alcohol and being prompted to talk about the past/their relationship.

    That bridesmaid toast kind of shows what kind of trash Jenni/Deena/Snooki and how small-minded they are with an inflated sense of self importance.

    1. Women who have truly been abused very rarely are ok with showing it off to the world. I was in a bad relationship, I don’t call myself a “victim” because I threw just as many punches as he did.. but even with that I tried every way possible to hide my black eyes, busted lips, broken ribs, bruises etc if I couldn’t hide them enough to satisfy myself, I wouldn’t leave the house. True DV victims do not feel even close to confident enough to let the world see that kind of trauma.

      I’ll agree the entire cast are idiots & pure trash. Money doesn’t buy class that’s for sure, but Jen is JUST as big of an abuser as Ron is ( according to what lil we see on tv, social media, tabloids etc ) no, a man should never hit a woman but a woman shouldn’t step up to a man either.

    2. Yeah she dresses like that but tmz and the public in general have no intetest in this nobody who just happened to have tumultuous relationship and child with a reality show “star” so why in the world would you agree to have your photos taken after such a horrendous experience? Because she called them to take her pics. That is the issue, not that it was put out there but how it was put out there. Tmz does not follow her around she obviously wanted it put out there. She should be thinking of her daughter instead of posting this all over the place and handle properly in court. That goes for all these so called “stars”.

  2. Pity party for one. How do you cry abuse when this has clearly been mutual combat? They both are violent with anger issues. Snooki is a bully but she was right that Jen was out for attention with all the tmz pics and she clearly is still hard up for more attention by continuing to post about it publicly all over the internet.

  3. If this isn’t proof that the karma of screwing over a good girl is the bitch you end up with, then I don’t know what is!…Sammi is coming out of all of this unbothered and WINNING.

    Jen seems like the girlfriend from HELL…he shouldn’t be cheating on her or beating her either, but shes acting like she’s some innocent victim in all of this, meanwhile she (allegedly) knocked out his teeth with an ashtray and dragged him with her car. Both of them are bad in my opinion…one abuser doesn’t outweigh another abuser just because ones a male and ones a female.

    1. Sammi slapped him in the face on camera a couple times too. One time she slapped him just because he was talking to Jen, who Sammi was mad at. I don’t think Ron knows how to be in a functional relationship at all.

    2. If dragging someone with a car isn’t bullying, then I don’t know what is. Neither Snooki, Ronnie, or Jen are completely innocent victims. Jen is the definition of a pot calling the kettle black.

  4. Ronnie hasn’t commented about her in weeks and she’s trying her best to keep the drama going. Get off social media, get some help & raise your daughter. Period !

  5. Plus, why should she have to cover up the bruises Psycho Ron put on her? To protect him? The show is over… cancel it already.

  6. I believe the Ron thing because an old episode was on and it was during the spiral thing where they stayed up for days drinking -just Ron and Snooki and it was a weird vibe when he was helping her to bed. If she was all over him she’s lucky the producers didn’t air that because it would be the 3rd or 4the time she cheated on Gianni with a cast mate. Smh

    1. I may get negative comments but a man can only take so many blows from a female. Men are victims of DV just like females. He finally was probably at his breaking point. Yes he is stupid for going back and could have changed the outcome of the situation, but was everyone on Ron’s side when she beat the mess out of him. She spit in his face, messed the home up they shared, and even ran him over with a car. He finally snapped.

      1. She was violent to him and that’s f*cked up. He was violent to her and that’s f*cked up. No one is justifying Jen but there’s no “I snapped” excuse. You can snap and slap someone, you don’t snap and let bruises all over the mother of your child while you are with said child. They are both violent. He dropped the charges against her before, he shouldn’t. And now he’s the one facing charges and needs to be held accountable for his behavior.

  7. These two were abusive to eachother. Ron should have always known better than to lay hands on a woman but Jen, Ron had some war wounds too girl. You aren’t that innocent. Spitting in his face on camera isn’t exactly normal relationship behavior. These two need to stay away from eachother forever. One of them will end up dead.

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