Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s Kidnapping Charge Removed; ‘Jersey Shore’ Star Still Facing Domestic Violence Charges From Brawl with Jen Harley

“Finally some good news!”

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro isn’t off the legal hook just yet— but he just had one of the major charges against him removed.

TMZ reports that the Jersey Shore Family Vacation star is no longer facing a charge of kidnapping stemming from his altercation with baby mama Jen Harley earlier this month. As The Ashley previously reported, Ronnie was arrested in early October and charged with kidnapping after he allegedly got physically violent with Jen, and then refused to come out of the rental home he had locked himself and his daughter Ariana in.

According to TMZ, the District Attorney does not feel that Ronnie’s alleged actions warrant a kidnapping charge.

“[They] doesn’t meet the DA’s criteria for kidnapping, even though that’s exactly what cops arrested him for,” TMZ reported.

While he may have escaped the kidnapping charge— which could have put him in the pen for up to eight years, had he been given the maximum sentence— Ronnie is still facing some serious charges.

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  1. Let’s be honest. We all know this will end in one of two ways. With either one or both of them dead or in prison.

  2. Instead of saying she went out to intentionally show off her bruises, sit back and think about that statement. She shouldn’t have bruises all over to begin. I don’t even like Jen but come on. It’s an abusive toxic relationship by both of them yes. They need to stop the back and forth violence before it affects the baby even more

    1. Exactly. It really is sad to see a grown woman and mother victim-blame another mother. I don’t like Jen either, but she was clearly the victim in this situation. Actually, no Ariana is the true victim, but you know what I mean. They need to stop trying to protect and enable abusive psychopath Ron. They did it when he was with Sammi, acting like she was the problem in that relationship and they’re doing the same thing to Jen

    2. Normally I would agree, buuuuuuut…

      Jen is a perpetrator of DV as well. She initiates and escalates the violence at least as often as Ronnie. She is no typical victim. There’s no doubt in my mind that flaunting her injuries as a way to control the narrative. She wants to be seen as the sympathetic victim this time around.

      Let’s not forget he times Ronnie has appeared in pictured bloodied and bruised by her actions.

      1. When Ron goes on Instagram live and a nationalized television show, he is also trying to control the narrative. In this specific situation, she is the victim. Plain and simple. He doesn’t get to use violence back at her because she was violent the time before. It’s a toxic situation and if that is how they are going about it, one of them will end up killing the other one. They are both victims and abusers

      2. Jen is not a saint and has absolutely been the attacker in some past situations, but she was definitely the victim in this particular fight. Ron goes on national television talking about how much he hates her and is only with her for the baby, making it seem like she’s the only aggressor and he’s always completely innocent and that’s BS. We all know Ron is a narcissistic, abusive lunatic, which has been well documented since Jersey Shore started. It’s both Jen and Ron. And in past situations where Jen was the attacker, Ron posted photos of the injuries he claimed to have gotten from her, why is it not okay for her to do the same? She has every right to wear whatever she wants. She shouldn’t have to hide the injuries or tried to be shamed

  3. I wonder if Rahhhhhhn wants to start dating Ambien!!!! I wonder which of the two would be left standing??

  4. What is with everyone and defending domestic violence?! Jen is a psycho yes, but Ron should walk away from her before laying a hand on her. Walk away from the toxic relationship. Snookie basically blamed Jen by saying what she said, when Ron needs SERIOUS help for his anger issues. We have seen it on a jersey shore time and time again. I get he’s your friend, but stop defending his actions. He needs help and won’t get it when everyone around him doesn’t care to tell him he’s wrong. He and Jen BOTH need to stay away from each other!

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