‘Teen Mom OG’ Dad Cory Wharton Threatens Legal Action Against Woman Who Accused Him of Trying to Cheat On His Pregnant Girlfriend Taylor Selfridge With Her (Exclusive Details)

“Oh HELL no…”

Cory Wharton is not happy that a woman tried to rain on his pregnancy announcement parade last week by accusing him of attempting to cheat on his girlfriend Taylor Selfridge with her. In fact, the Teen Mom OG dad is threatening to take legal action against the woman— and several ‘Teen Mom OG’ fan pages on social media that posted about the alleged scandal!

The Ashley hears that Cory’s LA-based attorney fired off a scathing letter last week to the woman named Samantha, who posted comments during Cory and Taylor’s baby-announcement Instagram Live session last week.

In a comment left on the Live session, Samantha accused Cory of trying to hook up with her while he was in Buffalo, New York. (From what The Ashley can tell, Cory was in Buffalo for an event on August 9.)

“Should I be like ‘Was she pregnant while you tried hooking up with me while you were in Buffalo?” the girl wrote in the Live’s chat. “Or when you sent me dick vids, or when you wanted me to come to NYC and come to your hotel room?” 

Cory– who had been following Samantha on Instagram up until that comment was posted— quickly unfollowed her.

From what The Ashley heard, Samantha was attempting to sell video and/or photos that she felt proved she had interacted with Cory. The Ashley is aware of several outlets that refused to pay her for the “proof,” but several Instagram fan pages related to ‘Teen Mom’ and The Challenge did post some of the stuff.

The Ashley hears that, several days later Samantha and a few of those fan pages received what is basically a “cease and desist” letter from Cory’s legal team. In one of the letters, Cory’s attorney stated that what Samantha had done was “harassing, unauthorized and illegal conduct.” 

It is not yet known if Cory’s legal team will pursue legal action against Samantha.

Cory and Taylor have not addressed Samantha’s claims publicly. Instead, the couple has been celebrating Taylor’s pregnancy. 


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I’ve been debating on what to say and how to exactly say it, And I found that I just want to talk from the heart quick. I’m excited to say that YES Taylor is pregnant!!!! ?? Ryder is going to be a big sister, o boyyy ? I also wanted to let you guys know that we weren’t trying to have a baby right now, but sometimes God puts things into your life that you don’t really understand at the time but it’s always turns out to be a bigger blessing. I’m really excited to share this journey with you guys. All that I ask from you guys is respect for Taylor, respect for me and most importantly respect for the baby. All that I want is a healthy baby that is brought into a very positive environment and surround by good energy and love.The same way that I am raising Ryder. This is a very exciting time for mine and Taylor’s families. Never did I think by 28 I would have two children but here we are ? I know I probably didn’t answer everybody’s questions I’ll be going live today at some point. I also want everyone to head over to @usweekly listen to the interview that we did with them we answer a lot of your guys questions. Be safe my people love you guys and baby number two?✌?

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“I’m really excited to share this journey with you guys. All that I ask from you guys is respect for Taylor, respect for me and most importantly respect for the baby,” Cory wrote on Instagram after the pregnancy announcement. “All that I want is a healthy baby that is brought into a very positive environment and surround by good energy and love. The same way that I am raising Ryder. This is a very exciting time for mine and Taylor’s families. Never did I think by 28 I would have two children but here we are.”

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  1. Oh Corey – BUSTED!

    And I don’t think this girl should’ve waited. Maybe Corey told her that he and Taylor weren’t exclusive? Corey SHOULD be on blast. And I have no sympathy for Taylor. This is not 1932. Accidental pregnancies should just be called what they are now – irresponsible pregnancies. She trap-babied a player. These are the consequences.

    1. They never said, “ACCIDENTAL pregnancy”, they said “UNPLANNED pregnancy”. Accidental implies that the person didn’t use the proper precautions and let the chips fall where they may. Unplanned implies that the person used the proper precautions and still got pregnant.

      BOTH of my sisters were unplanned. My mom was on the pill EVERY DAY and my dad used condoms EVERY TIME they had sex. But God had a different plan.

      As the saying goes, “Sometimes man plans and God laughs.” And in my parent’s case, He laughed TWICE.

  2. What’s sad is the moment I saw the post I immediately thought I wonder if girls are going to come out and say he cheated with them. Do I have ESP? This is so played out, it’s not funny. Everybody looking for their 10 seconds of fame.

  3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Who really cares that girl got pregnant so she can get on teen Mom him and her knew what they where doing. No bodies dump.

  4. So sad that Taylor’s happy moment had to be ruined by this story. True or not, she should’ve been able to enjoy it.

  5. Every now and then say, “What the fuck.” “What the fuck” gives you freedom. Freedom brings opportunity. Opportunity makes your future.

    My bro was just looking out for his future.

    Sir Nibs

  6. I want to like this guy, but every time he takes one step forward, his mouth ends up making him take 5 steps back. He just talks to damn much.

  7. At this point, is anyone else besides me just plain exhaustedly SICK of Corey and all his countless d*ck adventures?

    Show of hands.


  8. Come on people, what has the world turned into?? Who cares if you have a baby without being married (me) but what’s not ok is not having respect for the mother or father of your child. And stop posting this nonsense on Instagram!! Good lord these kids are gonna grow up just as stupid as these adults. Do you think your kid wants to read one day that he/she “wasn’t planned right now because I was on birth control” ?‍♀️ The babies are gonna become just as unclassy as their parents

  9. What legal action can he even really take if she has proof that it’s true?

    What’s up with all these people being unfaithful and all these other people willing to participate in that knowing that the person is taken? Cheaters are trash and people that carry on with people they know are in a relationship are trash. Don’t be proud to be a side piece. Also, don’t post that shit all over another woman’s pregnancy announcement. Contact her directly and privately if you feel the need to confess.

    1. He hurried & had the cease & desist order sent before she posted his genitals all over the place for everyone to see. Come on, be a man & own your sins! Quit lying & making it sound like it never happened.

    1. Can we address for one minute the hoe that had to post that on Taylor’s pregnancy announcement??? Cory maybe a hoe….but Taylor did not deserve that on A-day she was announcing her pregnancy..What a thirsty bitch to steal that moment from Tayor.

      1. It’s so sad that Taylor’s moment to shine was destroyed by this obvious hater
        True or not, she deserved to be happy in this moment and she stole that from her. That says more about her character than it does about Corey’s.

  10. Girls need to grow up. I think out of respect for Cheyenne and Taylor’s families these girls need to step back. What’s done is done what’s said is saud there is a baby here and one on the way that do not need this drama so be gone with your negativity leave this family alone

    1. If Cory can’t respect Cheyenne’s or Taylor’s families by keeping his junk in his pants, the fall-out is his fault.

      The world at large owes neither of these women a damn thing.

  11. Wouldn’t put it past him, it’s fishy esp when he was following her and unfollowed when she called him out ? great dad though ?

    1. That’s how people act that are not telling the truth. They cut you off to make you look crazy! Men like him don’t like to be called out. I know it happened to me but the person I confronted I know is still telling lies but that is his partner’s problem if she chooses to deal with it

    1. It’s not the first time this chick tried this. There was a whole write up on TMZ the first time him and Taylor got back together (on Ex On The Beach).

      I know I made a comment about them not saying “I love you” to each other, but so what if they don’t SAY it? “Actions speak louder than words”. It’s pretty obvious that HE loves HER, or they wouldn’t keep finding themselves back together time and time again.

      Idk, this chick that’s accusing him of cheating seems very Fatal Attraction to me. I honestly think she’s a scorned lover whose advances kept getting rejected and she is doing all she can to ruin him. Like they say, “Hell hath no furry than a woman scorned.”

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