Former ‘Unexpected’ Star Chloe Mendoza’s Restraining Order Against Baby Daddy Max Schenzel Has Been Renewed; Max Vows to Appeal New Protective Order

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Former Unexpected dad Max Schenzel slammed ex Chloe Mendoza on social media last week for not allowing him to see their daughter after his recent release from jail and unfortunately for Max, it doesn’t look like that father-daughter reunion will be happening anytime soon.  

According to Starcasm, the restraining order that was preventing Max from having contact with Chloe or their daughter Ava has been renewed.

“Don’t say I never gave you anything.”

Max revealed the news of the renewed restraining order in a video posted to his YouTube channel this week, explaining that the previous restraining order had recently expired, at which point he received a call from police.

“They told me that they needed to give me some paperwork for another restraining order or a renewed restraining order so I asked them about it and they told me that it was for the message that I sent during the restraining order,” he said. “The message said basically … ‘Hey, I’ve been doing good, I’ve been sober for a year. I miss Ava, I want to know what you want me to do to see Ava. I want to work as a team, you know, I want to co-parent with you and just be parents, you know, we don’t have to be together.’ 

“[Chloe] took that message that I sent and used it against me to get another restraining order … because I did violate the order by sending that text,” he added. 

As ‘Unexpected’ fans may remember, Max was released from the slammer in January after serving more than three months for a 2018 incident in which he stole credit cards and casino vouchers from his friend’s grandmother while she was sleeping. The restraining order against him, however, was obtained by Chloe after Max was arrested in late 2019 for domestic violence. 

(Max is due back in court later this month for his 2019 domestic violence arrest and another from early 2020.) 

Regarding the text he sent Chloe that was in violation of the restraining order against him, Max said “it sucks, it really does,” though he plans to appeal the order because he believes it is unfair, as he was not trying to cause harm to Chloe or Ava. 

“It’s not like I was texting her to talk to her,” he said. “It’s not like I was threatening her, hurting her, anything like that.” 

Max said getting the call from police was “demotivating” as he claims he has made a lot of progress since being released from jail. 

“ … I put so much work into my sobriety and going to work every day and you know, saving up money and just trying to be better, just trying to be more like a dad and like, mature and stuff,” he said. “It’s crazy how she doesn’t see any of that. I mean, I get why she doesn’t because she’s not in my life anymore, but I feel like if Chloe could see all the progress I’ve made, she would let me see Ava.” 

Max said he believes Chloe’s family is “making her think all these negative things” about him and doubt his sobriety. Max claims if he wasn’t sober, he’d be back in jail. 

“Negative things?? About Max?! We would NEVER!”

“I’m pretty sure if I wasn’t sober I would be in jail right now for failing a drug test or I would be in jail for doing something else dumb while I’m not sober and I sure as hell wouldn’t be in sober living and I probably wouldn’t have a job since they do random drug tests,” he said. 

The 21-year-old said he feels Chloe and her family judge him by his past because they can’t see who he is now. Max said it’s been about a year-and-a-half since he’s seen Chloe’s family and during that time, “someone could change drastically.” 

“I don’t wish anything bad on them,” he said. “Chloe is Ava’s mom and she always will be Ava’s mom and so you know a part of me knows that and, you know, still loves her for that, but it’s just hard sometimes. But I do wish them the best despite, you know, everything we’ve been through in the past and like what’s going on right now.

“ … I do hope to someday be on civil terms with them, like be able to be not necessarily a family – like yes, I want me and Ava to be a family – but I want me and Chloe to be civil so that we can co-parent and be healthy parents for Ava,” he continued. “Also for [Chloe’s] parents to be civil with me so Ava doesn’t have to see them, you know, hating on me or talking about me behind my back because Ava will hear that and that just isn’t good when you’re raising a kid.” 

Max said his goal at the moment is to get supervised visitation with Ava but longterm, he would like to share custody with Chloe.

“But the short-term goal is just to be able to see my daughter, be in her life and so I’m working on that,” he said. 

Watch Max’s latest video below: 

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8 Responses

  1. I really don’t think he’s asking for something crazy. He knows his faults and is asking for a realistic chance (supervised visit) to spend time with his child. I have been in a similar situation with my daughters father (DWIS, violations, jail time), but I have seen him mature into a different person once she was born. He now works 60 hour weeks, is sober, has taken anger management , AA, etc. Start with small steps. Life is too short.

  2. You know, when you kick your kid in the back and throw things around the house and break them with her right there to see and possibly get hurt, then you no longer deserve to be around that child. Chloe is doing what is best for Ava, and right now, that’s not being around Max.

  3. I think he wanted to be a father figure then was unable to maintain the civil path. I think with his addiction It has been hard to to prove he can be a good influence on his child. I think he needs to prove he has had more time sober and out of trouble before he is allowed supervised visits. Chloe has maintained her life while caring for her child and now keeping her out of the spotlight. Max has a lot of work to do to show he is ready for taking care of his child. More than just sowing on social media that he is doing ok.

  4. I have so many questions with this dude.
    First he says he’s been sober over a year. But didn’t he fail drug tests right before going to jail? He was only in jail for 6 months.
    Second he says he hasn’t seen Ava in a year. Then a year and a half. Then 2 years. Which is it? Also again he was only in jail for 6 months so why hasn’t he seen his daughter in 1-2 years? Also she’s only like 2.5 years old. So you haven’t seen her since she was a few months old? But didn’t you live with them right before jail?
    Third you say in one video you’re in a sober living place and then in another video you say you’re renting your own house with a friend and his girlfriend and their kid. But now you’re saying you’re in a sober living place.
    Fourth you say you’ve had a job for over a year. How? You were in jail for 6 months AND what you’re doing now doesn’t seem like the same thing you were doing before jail.
    Dude cannot keep his story straight to save his life! And still clearly has no respect for rules and authority since he’s barely been out for a few months and already is violating court ordered no contact. Hot. Mess. Express.
    Chloe and Ava are doing amazing without this toxic man child in their lives and I hope they continue to do well.

  5. I don’t think he’s asking for too much. He’s not acting like one of those people who are sober for a year after messing up for years and years and expect to just have the kid right back. He’s asking for supervised visits… which I think is more than appropriate right now. Then, after he proves himself, he can move to unsupervised and so on. I think Chloe thinks that, because of his past, she can keep Ava from Max forever and, unfortunately for her, that’s not the case. If he takes her to court and proves hes sober with a job and isn’t a danger to Ava, the court will reward him some kind of custody. She’s better off dealing with the reality that he is Ava’s father and she can not keep them apart forever. I’m not quite sure why he feels the need to take everything to social media but that’s every person who’s been on a reality TV show. They think everything is for everybody to know.

    1. Was going to say the samething, wasn’t smart of him to violate the OP by messaging her but it’s likely he could get it dropped in appeal if his message was what he says it was.

  6. Is this kid for real? You don’t get to pick and choose which parts of the restraining order you have to follow. Stop being a baby, grow up and go through the courts to get time with your child. Stop running to the media every week

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