Former ‘Unexpected’ Dad Max Schenzel Slams Ex Chloe Mendoza During Social Media Rant for Not Allowing Him to See Their Daughter After His Recent Release From Jail

“I’m a changed man! Sort of… “

Since being released from jail earlier in January, former Unexpected dad Max Schenzel has made it clear on social media that he and ex Chloe Mendoza are still on bad terms, and this week he continued to speak out against his ex, along with her mother, Jessica Bowman.  

In statements posted to social media, Max exploded on Chloe and Jessica, denying their claims that he is no longer sober, and that he was abusive to Chloe. He also claimed that he desparately wants to be in his daughter Ava’s life, and that Chloe’s family has “ganged up” to take Ava away from him.

As ‘Unexpected’ fans may remember, the troubled 21-year-old was released from the slammer in January after serving more than three months for a 2018 incident in which he stole credit cards and casino vouchers from his friend’s grandmother while she was sleeping. 

As you do…

“Looking back, there may have been some red flags.”

Max went on to get himself arrested again in early 2020, this time for a handful of felonies including auto theft and assault on a police officer. Before beginning his jail sentence, Max got into (yet) another social media feud with Chloe, during which Chloe claimed Max assaulted her and Ava. Chloe’s mom, Jessica, also jumped into the feud to deny that Max was sober (as Max had claimed). Chloe later released a YouTube video entitled, “Everything Max did to me with proof.” 

According to Starcasm, Max is due back in court later this month for two separate domestic violence arrests – one from late 2019 and another from early 2020 – that resulted in Chloe obtaining an order of protection preventing Max from having contact with her or their daughter, Ava. (Currently Max still isn’t allowed to see Ava due to this order.) 

“All I want is my daughter in my life and for [Chloe’s] family to stop [lying] about me to make themselves look better or to cause drama, honestly don’t know what their motive is,” Max wrote on Instagram Stories, adding that he feels Chloe’s family moved to Arizona so they “could gang up and take my daughter from me.” 

“They are no better than me if I’m sober and they drink,” he wrote, adding that he frequently spends time with the three-year-old autistic son of his roommate’s girlfriend. (More on her in a sec…) 

“What makes you think I’d not be good around my own daughter that I’m dying to see?” he added.

Max also took to social media to post multiple lengthy statements denying claims made by Chloe and her family regarding his sobriety and the abuse allegations against him.

One of the posts, shared by the TLC Unexpected Instagram page, shows Facebook comments from Max’s roommate Jason and Jason’s girlfriend Cassandra in which they are both defending the former ‘Unexpected’ dad.

Jason’s girlfriend Cassandra accused Chloe of obtaining an order of protection against Max “without any SOLID proof.” She also revealed that she is confident letting Max around her own child.

“ … and you guys have proof that he isn’t sober? Cool I’ll wait while I see something that ISN’T from some fake a** website,” she continued. “And I let Max around my 3 year old AUTISTIC son and he is AMAZING to my son and my son LOVES Max.” 

Max added his own comments to the conversation.

“Nothing aggravates me more than when people try to say that I’m abusive and I’m a drug addict… first off I’ve been sober for a year,” he wrote. “ … Here’s some actual proof of me being good with kids and sober since some of you are dumb enough to believe what Chloe says.”

Max then began his multiple wordy posts in which he criticized Chloe for not letting him see Ava despite him “being a year sober with a full time job making great money” and renting a house with roommates. He also placed some blame on Chloe’s parents, whom he said never supported him, even before he “got into [his] addiction.” He also claimed he plans to take Chloe to court to change their custody arrangement for Ava.

“That’s why I need to get partial custody of Ava because I don’t want her growing up around that crazy ass family!” Max wrote, who added that he wants nothing to do with Chloe. “I just want to continue to do good and share my positive life I have now with my daughter. All I care about is her.”

Max’s reposted Instagram Stories garnered quite a few comments from ‘Unexpected’ fans, some of whom believed Max was in the wrong for blaming everything on Chloe and her family when he allegedly abused Chloe and Ava. 

“I never touched my daughter in a abusive way. Ever,” Max responded to one of the comments. “I love that little girl to death and would do anything to protect her. If u actually read the article above you would see that a complete stranger trusts me with her autistic son so… “ 

When another follower suggested Max look into getting supervised visits with Ava, Max said he has been trying, but he maintained that supervised visitation was unnecessary. 

“ … I’ve been trying to get supervised visitation but the thing is… there’s no proof of any child abuse at all,” he replied. “I never once touched Ava ever. So I shouldn’t have to do supervised visitation!!!” 

In between firing off on social media, Max also dropped a new video on his YouTube channel, detailing his time in jail and how he plans to change as a father. 

“As Ava’s father I’ve pretty much, I haven’t been anything close to the father that I want to be since she was born,” he said. “I’ve had good moments with her obviously, I mean I love her to death, but my goal right now is just to stay on the path that I’m on right now with sobriety … working, staying in contact with my loved ones and friends – good friends, friends that will push me to do better, friends that will motivate me to stay sober, to stay on the right path.” 

Max also apologized to those who had been rooting for him back when he was on ‘Unexpected.’ 

Chloe has yet to respond to Max’s latest comments, as she’s currently on vacation with her boyfriend, Ian. Jessica has not responded either, though she did post a photo of Chloe and Ian as the two kicked off their spring break road trip. 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 


  1. Its ok for Chloe to move on, but it’s clear Jessica is posting about Chloe and her new boyfriend just so Max will see it and have a reaction!
    They say that Max is an “unstable” person and has already shown abuse and aggression but this is exactly the behavior that makes an already “un-stable person go off the deep end!
    It’s not very smart to taunt a person who has nothing too loose and make them feel like they have lost the only thing that matters to them! Jessica & Chloe better stop taunting this kid!

  2. He is bragging about a “complete stranger” allowing him to watch her child 😳. What a ringing endorsement 🙄

    1. I do too tbh. I mean, what parent goes to prom knowing they need to be home being a parent? Really, is a prom THAT important?

      School or work is one thing, that is important.

      1. Umm yeah, that’s not what I said. Mom’s need a night out, even teen moms just going to prom. It’s not that drastic and moms are allowed a break.

        1. I didnt say you said that about the prom. I was agreeing with you about questioning her parenting skills. The prom thing was my example.

          These are Ava’s formative years. Chloe should want to spend as much time as possible with her. That’s all I was saying.

          1. I was not AT ALL talking about Chloe’s parenting. And, AGAIN, parents are allowed a break.

          2. But she takes an awful lot of them and leaves Ava with Grandma Jessica who thinks her Daddy is the “DEVIL”.

            He’s done an awful lot of bad things but calling him the devil is a bit extreme.

    2. I question the parenting of them all tbh.

      Jessica obviously gave free rein of Max somewhere along the line or Ava wouldn’t exist. Not saying the fact she does exist is wrong.

      Chloe, like Mimi said trusts Max (unsupervised for God’s sake) around their child. No he’s never done any physical towards Ava, but look at what he HAS done!!!

      1. Yeah, Chloe allowed Ava around Max, until he was physically abusive to her child. Once that abuse happened, she took necessary measures to ensure it would not happen again.

        I was not AT ALL talking about Chloe, I was talking about the roommate’s girlfriend allowing Max around her autistic son.

        1. Below @CURIOUS is talking about the roommates autistist son, at the very top u are in fact talking about Chloe and her parenting skills.

  3. Um, I have concerns about the quality of parenting done by Max’s roommate’s girlfriend. You are allowing your sweet, autistic son to spend unsupervised time alone with a guy who has a documented addiction, done time in prison and has pending charges against him, robbed a GRANDMA, and assaulted his child’s mother.

    Yeah, that’s a guy I would want around my child. I would also be more careful in selecting people for whom to be a character witness. It makes you sound like a dummy and a rotten mother.

    Just saying

  4. “Oh My GOD, Chloe, when are you going to learn, Max is the DEVIL!!!”<<<In Jessica's screeching voice.

  5. It’s a sad situation. I understand Jessica’s position, feeling disrespected by Max am trying to protect her family. Unfortunately no one’s thinking about Ava. That baby has the right to know her father, no matter who he is or what he’s done. Supervised visitations would keep her safe, if they think that’s necessary, but let her get to know her dad! It’s her right

    1. Except a JUDGE decided he should have no contact with his daughter. It is no longer Chloe’s decision, and if she goes against the court order, she gets her ass in trouble with the law.

      Max made bad decisions and kicked his child in the back (Chloe had photo proof of this that she showed a judge). He made his bed and he will have to lie in it. IF he takes her to court and IF a judge has decided he has changed, THEN he will get to see Ava. But right now, he doesn’t deserve a goddamn thing.

      1. A judge will give anyone a restraining order. Kailyn from Teen Mom has gotten restraining orders on all her children’s fathers and she is the abusive one. Amber Portwood got one for her child’s father and she is also the abusive one. A judge approving a restraining order is in no way proof of abuse.

  6. Chloes mom is terrible. I can absolutely see her swaying chloe into no contact for Max with Ava. I am aware of Max’s wrongdoinngs, but I am sure supervised visits are of no harm. If he is trying to be better and get back into avas life, why not give him a chance? Start with supervised visits, go from there.

    1. Her mom saw through Max straight away! Who wants their daughter in love with a drug addict? He was always creepy, so full on about having a family so early. I think a lot of his behaviour was off screen. His Dad was so checked out. I don’t blame Chloe for wanting to succeed in life.

      1. Again… why shouldn’t Max be granted supervised visits? My problem is that chloes mom pushed her, HARD, to cut Max out of the picture completely. If someone is doing better and wanting to see their child supervised, why shouldn’t they?

        1. IF he’s doing better, than yeah. But he’s “done better” in the past and Chloe let’s him see Ava with her there and he messes up again. “One step forward two steps back”.

          There comes a point where enough is enough.

        2. Problem is, if you’d mind to look at one of his above captions, since there is no proof of child abuse and he has never touch Ava then he shouldn’t have to be supervised.

          He wants her by himself and that he SHOULDN’T have until he’s proven that he is 100% changed.

        3. And if he truly wants to see Ava and be the dad he says he can be, he will take his supervised visits and do whatever he has to do to earn back trust and get time with his little girl. Parents who have lost their kids for whatever reason and really want to earn custody back will do whatever it takes to get them back – supervised visits, drug tests, etc.

          It’s like Adam from Teen Mom. Says he wants to be a dad to Aubree but doesn’t show up at the visitation center to see her, doesn’t go to her school to have lunch with her. You take the opportunities that are in front of you, and eventually you will receive more chances. People who think they are above all that don’t love their children the way that they deserve to be loved.

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