‘Unexpected’ Star Max Schenzel is Arrested for the Second Time in 10 Days: See His Latest Mugshot!

“I hope they kept my favorite cot open!”

Max Schenzel earned himself yet another a trip to jail early Thursday morning, marking the second time the Unexpected dad has landed behind bars in less than 10 days. 

According to Starcasm, Max was booked into jail in Maricopa County, Arizona, on Thursday just before 2 a.m. for assault. While he has since been released, his arrest reportedly occurred due to an incident that took place at his on-again, off-again/baby mama Chloe Mendoza’s apartment. 

For his latest mugshot offering, Max went with an angry look and a flash of his chest tattoo, unlike his mug from earlier this month, where he went with a more-dignified button-down shirt and blank stare motif.

When you realize you got booked in too late to get the breakfast slop…

Though it doesn’t appear that the most recent incident between the frequently toxic couple was physical, Starcasm reports that Max may have violated stipulations stemming from his arrest in December, which as you may recall, were from an incident that allegedly did turn physically violent. 

Following his December arrest, Max told police that he and Chloe had been arguing and Chloe was accidentally struck in the face with a cellphone. In the police report, it was noted that Chloe had a swollen nose and a mark on her face. Chloe told police that she had been struck in the face with the cellphone after Max became angry and threw it at her. She also said that their daughter was present but not injured during the assault. 

“Make sure you include that detail in Ava’s baby book.”

As mentioned above, Max was arrested the first time this month on February 11 when he showed up to court after having his probation revoked the previous week. For those unfamiliar with Max’s growing-by-the-minute rap sheet, the TLC star was on probation after pleading guilty in September 2018 to stealing credit cards and casino vouchers from his friend’s grandmother while she was sleeping. 

On Friday, presumably after his release from the slammer, Max posted and deleted a photo to Instagram captioned, “I finally get my life together and it falls apart.” Later that day, he shared a more positive post with followers to his Instagram Story. 

“Music is the key to healing my wounds,” he wrote. “PROVE EM WRONG AND KEEP YOUR HEAD UP.” 

Stay tuned… 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram; Mugshots.com) 


  1. “Music is the key to healing my wounds”

    Kid, your only wound is a mark on your face from stepping on rakes. Music is great and all, but the key to healing that wound is to quit stepping on rakes.

  2. I get her mom is a little tough on him but I think she’s just really stuck. Her daughter is a mother and can make her own choices for herself and her daughter. She’s clearly not making the best ones and is incredibly immature. Imagine being a mother and grandmother knowing someone was arrested twice for assaulting your daughter and you can’t just make her stay away from him.

  3. Unpopular opinion, I know, but watching the show I kinda felt bad for the kid. His home life was a total mess (watching his dad in the after show special said a lot about his upbringing). That aside, Chloe’s family was always on him for everything; if he was around they wanted him gone, when he was gone he should have been there. He had a high ambition to be a happy, successful family and they just laughed in his face. Idk I feel like this kid was always told he’d never amount so he just gave up. 🤷‍♀️

  4. Unexpected recently got put on Hulu (the first two seasons, at least) so I finally got to see this little punk I’ve been reading about for so long. His theory of becoming a millionaire because, as a teen parent, he’ll have to learn how to be good with money was pure gold.

  5. I can hear Jessica now screaming, “Chloe, when are you gonna wake you up and realize that Max is the devil”! I think Max is a serious drug addict who may never really clean up. But, Jessica, seems absolutely insane herself!

  6. This little boy is such a punk! Grow up already! Chloe and Max have the maturity level of infants. Who is going to protect this little girl? Certainly not Max or Chloe. Geez…where do they find these people??

  7. Chloe needs to wake up and put her daughters safety first. He is physically assaulting her in front of the kid. If she wants to sit there and defend Max, fine, but leave the poor kid out of it. Being a mother, is putting your kids safety above your need to have a boyfriend. Chloe needs a wake up call before her own daughter gets the wrong end of her father’s anger.

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