‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis Has Reportedly Temporarily Lost Custody of Her Two Children Following Custody Court Battle with Ex Thomas Ravenel

“Damn that, Thomas!”

Kathryn Dennis’ has reportedly temporarily lost custody of her two children, following a battle in court with her ex, Thomas Ravenel.

The Southern Charm star— who shares daughter Kenzie and son Saint with Thomas— is now only getting supervised visits with the kids every other weekend, The Sun reports. The visits now only take place during the day.

The site also reports that a hearing took place on February 9, and the temporary order was filed on February 25 by the court. Thomas told the court that he still plans to take the children with him when he moves to Aiken, South Carolina, this summer. (Aiken is about 2.5 hours from Charleston, just FYI.)

The decision to take custody from Kathryn came after Thomas filed for full custody of both children in October, requesting that Kathryn only have supervised visits with the kids. According to Thomas, this is due to Kathryn allegedly using drugs and neglecting the kids during her time with them. (You can read all of the unsavory things Thomas accused Kathryn of here.) 

While Kathryn and Thomas were able to reach a joint custody agreement in 2019, the court documents filed in October state that Thomas is claiming there have been some “changes” affecting the “health, safety and welfare” of the children, and he believes Kathryn has “relapsed and is no longer sober from illegal drugs.”

“We have a witness who observed Ms. Dennis do cocaine while having custody of the children; a witness who observed Ms. Dennis leave cocaine on an open dresser within reach of the children,” the document reads.

Kathryn denied those claims, stating in the court documents, “I do not use cocaine so naturally I have not left any out for our children to access.”

In December, Kathryn filed to have the custody case sealed by the court, and it was approved, so the official reason for the custody loss is not available to the public.

Kathryn has not discussed the custody loss publicly.

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  1. What a mess. I think Thomas is upset that her boyfriend is black with his last name…2 L’s. And NO! I am not racist! Thomas was just raised really southern.

  2. Those poor babies. Kathryn really must be using drugs again if she filed to have the custody case sealed. Someone from Thomas’s camp usually ends up leaking information though, blatantly disregarding a court order. A mom really must be doing a lot to lose custody of her kids!! Those kids (especially Saint) should’ve been taken as soon as he was born with FAS.

    1. Exactly and how many chances are you supposed to give her …I mean this is two young lives that she is put in charge of and she keeps relapsing. Hard. There is smoke to this fire absolutely

    2. Her ex also spilled about her neglecting the kids and getting too fucked up to even interact with them.

      1. Yes!!! He’s a state senator from somewhere. And HE contacted THOMAS to give a statement on how drunk & high on cocaine Kathryn was on trick or treat, and poor Saint kept getting left behind & couldn’t keep up, so he basically took care of a kid he had never met before. The kids were kept up at all hours of the night, eating tons of sugar, soda, etc. She straight out asked if ge wanted to fuck and he said no, and he said ‘ok, you can leave then’ Those poor babies, they’re not much better with Thomas, but at least he’s got the $$ for nannies. Poor kids are fucked whoever they’re with.

    3. She was never “doing drugs.” She was smoking weed 🙄 THOMAS was the one caught with cocaine

  3. The moment I saw her at the reunion I knew she was back on drugs. Not only her weightloss but her outrageous bavior especially. Thomas is no better. Those kids should be adopted by someone that actually cares for them.

  4. Katherines fast and massive weightloss says she doing something. She on the same died that Puppy and Destinee from Love After Lock Up are on apparently.

        1. LAL is a hot mess, and I love every minute of it…however I am sick of Sarah always screaming about Michael, and how he’s trash and a trash dad, only to wind up in bed with him by the end of damn near every single episode. And you’re right, Puppy and ESPECIALLY Destinee look like they’re on some sort of drugs…Destinee looks like she’s on a mission to give Tracie a run for her money.

    1. Does anyone else wonder if Thomas is using his family name to get what he wants in the court?
      He is such an awful person.
      Wasn’t not Thomas who dropped or tossed his daughter in the pool, Yes?
      I am not saying she’s been stellar either, But she went through hell with him.
      Let’s not pretend that he is Mr. Hands on Father of the Year.
      He is an old convicted cokehead.
      Maybe She wanted them sealed for the children’s protection and not for some Nefarious reasons?

      1. She’s on drugs and broke. He’s on drugs and rich. At least he can pay people to care for them. I think they’re both awful.

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