‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis Announces She’s Moved In With Boyfriend Chleb Ravenell After Losing Primary Custody of Her Kids to Thomas Ravenel

“Come check out our new pad…unless your name is Thomas…”

Kathryn Dennis may be struggling in her quest to regain more custody of her two kids, but her love life is thriving!

The Southern Charm star proudly declared on Instagram that she and Chleb Ravenell— her boyfriend since last summer— have moved in together. She posted a photo of her and Chleb in their new apartment in Charleston, South Carolina.

“So we got our first place together!” she captioned the photo. “Let @thehomeedit and peel and stick projects begin #theonewheretheymoveintogether.”

The move comes at a difficult time for Kathryn. As The Ashley previously reported, the ‘Southern Charm’ star lost primary custody of her two children— Kensie and Saint—in February to their father, Kathryn’s ex Thomas Ravenel .


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Although the exes had settled their bitter custody battle in 2019, Thomas suddenly filed for full custody in October and requesting that Kathryn only have supervised visits. He stated that this was due to her allegedly using drugs and neglecting the kids during her time with them… along with some other unsavory accusations. 

In February, a judge granted Thomas primary temporarily custody of the kids, and reduced Kathryn’s time with them to supervised visits every other weekend. She is reportedly only allowed to have those visits during the day. 

That same month, Kathryn told People magazine that she and Chleb are “building a life together.”

“It’s very much an adult relationship, he and I — and we’ve definitely become much more of adults over the last year,” she said. “I’m just so excited that I really do feel like I have a partner.”

She stated that her kids “love” Chleb, and that she plans to have children with Chleb at some point.

“I really do want more kids, and my family isn’t done being built,” Kathryn said. “That experience definitely made me realize that one day I do want that with him. I really mean it when I say that, too.” 

On Sunday, Kathryn posted a photo of her and the kids wearing matching pajamas in her new apartment. 


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Thomas has yet to publicly comment on Kathryn moving in with Chleb; however last month he stated (in a now-deleted tweet) that, should he lose the kids for some reason, they would not go to Kathryn. Instead, they would enter the foster care system.

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14 Responses

  1. Kathryn must have royally screwed up to only be able to have supervised visits a few times a month during the day. Why does she think she should have more children? So she can abuse substances while pregnant and neglect those kids too? Chleb could do way better than hot mess Kathryn.

    1. There is an extra L in Chleb’s last name because one of Thomas’s ancestors owned one of Chleb’s ancestors. It’s heartbreaking, disgusting, and unfortunately not atypical (as someone who grew up in the deep south).

    2. On the reunion show it was said that Thomas Ravnel’s family once owned Chleb’s family as slaves and thus they went by Ravnell.

  2. How about focusing on your son who has fetal alcohol syndrome and will struggle for the rest of his life instead of having more kids. His condition is 100% due to your selfish actions.

    1. 100% agree. I’m shocked her BF would even consider having kids with her after knowing Saint’s condition and witnessing Katherine’s current behavior.

      1. It’s more likely he has Autism spectrum disorder than fetal alcohol. His features don’t coincide with fetal alcohol syndrome. Also developmental disabilities are usually related to the age of the father. His family is really powerful. TRav is a felon with a history of cocaine use and sale and rape. She may be effed up, but he paid them off.

        1. If you look at the articles from The Ashley that discuss Thomas’ latest custody suit last Fall, they say Saint has FASD. His diagnosis was part of Thomas’ legal complaint.

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