Former ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Cast Member Beau Clark Talks About His Fears of Not Making Enough Money to Support His Family: “I’m Stressing & I’ve Broken Down Crying”

“Finally – a chance to talk about my favorite topic: ME my family!”

This past year has been stressful for commercial casting agent and former Vanderpump Rules cast member Beau Clark, with new wife Stassi Schroeder (who was fired by Bravo and many of her sponsorship deals in 2020), a new baby, and a job impacted by the pandemic, he shared in a interview on Katie Maloney’s You’re Gonna Love Me podcast. 

Beau also discussed his worries about being able to provide for his family, given that him and Stassi are no longer getting paid to appear on ‘Vanderpump Rules.’

“I have so much fear of the future,” he said. “I have so much fear of if I’m going to be a good dad. I know I’m going to be a good dad, but how I’m going to take of my daughter, you know, what’s going on, because work has been slow because of COVID because there’s not many things that are being cast, so I’m stressing and I’ve broken down crying.”

“I don’t think I could ever take medicine to make myself feel better, but it’s definitely been tough, it’s definitely been tough,” he added. 

Beau and Stassi welcomed daughter Hartford Charlie Rose January 7, and have since turned to Patreon to launch a podcast about their experiences as new parents. As he explained to Katie, this new venture also provides the couple a chance to make some cash since they’re both no longer appearing on ‘Vanderpump Rules’ following Stassi’s firing last summer. 

“We’re not on a reality show anymore so we might as well just sell some fun stuff,” he explained. 

” …after you pay us, of course.”

The subscriber-only podcast and blog, The Good The Bad The Baby, launched last month and follows Beau and Stassi’s parenting journey. 

“It’s basically us talking about what we’re going through, you know what I mean? he shared with Katie. “It’s like, we have videos and photos that we’re not doing on Instagram, it’s mainly focused on that, but it’s been fun because we’re still figuring this s**t out, we’re still trying to figure out how to be a mom, how to be a dad, how to be parents and everything.” 

Beau told Katie that he and Stassi have found a good rhythm together in their parenting. 

To summarize.

“Everything we do, it’s like, we do it together, and we don’t really have to say anything, we just know how to do it,” he said. “But again, we’ve learned this from our doula because the hospital doesn’t give you any f**king advice about what to do after you leave the hospital, it’s like ridiculous. If we didn’t have our doula to show us, I really wouldn’t know what to do.” 

While Beau is happy to take guidance from his doula, he doesn’t want to hear from anyone on social media about how they think he and Stassi should be taking care of their daughter, as he explained to Katie during a segment called, “The Rage Text of the Day.” 

“Frickin’ mom-shamers who message me to tell my wife how to f**king, like, how to breastfeed and that s**t, awful, awful women,” he said. “Remember I said I stopped reading the DMs? Then I get a little midnight cocktail and I’m like, ‘I’ll just look at it once, I got strength, I got a little liquid courage’ and then I read that s**t and then it doesn’t make me sad, it pisses me off and I’m like, ‘Did you not see that commercial on the Golden Globes, did you not see that mom-shaming is f**king awful and disgusting and rude and how dare you.’” 

During the interview, Beau, who was born Silvio Bardetti, also talked about why he and Stassi opted to have a small wedding last fall after their Italian wedding was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I just wanted to get married before because I always thought when you got married, it would be, on the birth certificate it shows the baby’s names to a married couple, I didn’t realize that you have to put your like birth name and your natural name,” he said. “But also, I wanted to just do old-school so when she’s born, she’s actually born to parents, to like a married family, and that was just like a thing that I wanted, so that’s why I wanted to do just a quick little thing in your backyard. We’re still going to have the wedding in Italy, but we just don’t know when.” 

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13 Responses

  1. WOW! He’s angered by DMs and I just got angry about him crying about not supporting his family! All while I’m trying to help my son make it to
    His chemo treatments two hours away. These people are a mess and so gross that other people really have it hard while they live in the mansion.

    Shameless plug here!!!! because we truly need the help. Here’s my sons go fund me link. Please share it.

    No shame because I’m a mom desperate to get my son cured.

  2. This guy sounds like a little beotch. He is complaining about every fricken thing. Get a damn job. Stop reading DMs and if it angers you that people are inserting their two cents in, stay off social media. That also means quit peddling your “private” life to the public for coins. Grow some balls and get out of the spot light. No one cares, they are too busy stressing about feeding their own families.

  3. My husband was 21 when our daughter was born. Much younger than you. Why can’t you get a job in LA? Not true.

  4. Welcome to real world. I would NEVER ever in my life let a camera follow me around so I could make money. I really do love both of them but and I don’t think she should have been fired- other cast mates have done worse but I’m sure they will be ok. Mom shaming is not ok. No one knows what they are doing as a first time parent and no one is perfect and there’s no book.

  5. Is there some unwritten rule that says reality stars, past and present, are so high in the celebrity food chain, that no matter how broke they become, are not allowed to ever again get a “real job”?

    Stop selling diarrhea tea and pretending I asked about your skin regimen, and freshen up that resume. Look on the bright side…..those ‘real jobs’ take out your taxes for you!!

  6. Hey, here’s an idea….it’s a bit out of the box, but it just might work… Get a regular freak’n job, downsize and live within your means.

  7. Jaysus, can’t believe I just read the whole article.
    So, they’re broke.
    Trying to sell themselves via a podcast to ‘fans’. Expletive ridden rants probs won’t win you more fans.

    Didn’t he work before hitching his wagon to Basic Stassi? Here’s a novel idea…return to your job! Downsize, love a lovely, quiet life and avoid the mum-shamers and ppl online that keep you awake till midnight. Do an honest day’s work and rest easy at night.

    1. He is in casting, for commercials I believe. But in the article it literally says, “because work has been slow because of COVID because there’s not many things that are being cast, so I’m stressing and I’ve broken down crying.”

      He’s not alone in work being affected by covid, it’s a real issue for many people, even those who make good money, even the rich. Their bills are probably based on their previous income, pre-firing. I’d be stressed too and trying to make money however I could to support my family.

  8. Sooooo they are not on a reality show anymore but they cannot handle getting a job? If he’s worried about supporting his family he needs to be working, not posting pics/videos to instagram all day. And not the crap podcast they just launched. Both of them need jobs that provide a stable income and benefits.

    Hopefully Stassi didn’t use Jax’s “bookkeeper”.

    1. When you marry trash you should expect your life to be trash.
      I only know this dude from this article but he sounds like a really dumb ahole. Sounds about right. *eyeroll

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