Thomas Ravenel Accuses Baby Mama Kathryn Dennis of Abusing Cocaine, Neglecting Their Kids & More; Thomas Files for Full Custody

Come on, you knew we couldn’t get through 2020 without these two going at it again!

The civil co-parenting relationship between Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel seen during the season premiere of Southern Charm has since gone south. 

According to The Sun, on October 24, Thomas filed for sole custody of the two children he shares with Kathryn – six-year-old Kensie and 4-year-old Saint – and has requested that his ex have supervised visits with the children. He claims that Kathryn has been using drugs and neglecting the kids during her time with them, among other things.

While Kathryn and Thomas were able to reach a joint custody agreement in 2019, court documents obtained by All About The Tea state that Thomas is claiming there have been some “changes” affecting the “health, safety and welfare” of the children, and he believes Kathryn has “relapsed and is no longer sober from illegal drugs.” 

More specifically, the document states that an eyewitness saw Kathryn snorting cocaine in the presence of her kids. 

“That’s a big no-no, Kathryn!”

“We have a witness who observed Ms. Dennis do cocaine while having custody of the children; a witness who observed Ms. Dennis leave cocaine on an open dresser within reach of the children,” the document reads. 

As fans of ‘Southern Charm’ may recall, Kathryn did a stint in rehab back in 2016, though it reportedly had nothing to do with cocaine. 

As Kathryn conveniently reminded viewers on the Season 7 premiere…

The court document also accuses Kathryn of leaving Saint unattended, resulting in the child running “multiple times into a busy street” and sneaking out of the house more than once, at which point a bystander allegedly called the police. The document goes on to allege that Kathryn gave Kensie an old phone containing pornographic material. 

“An old phone your client gave Kensie which contained obscene material, including pornographic photos of your client – her mother,” the document states. “We are not sure how much of this material Kensie accessed before Mr. Ravenel was able to intervene and take the phone.” 

Thomas and his legal team also claim to have footage of Kathryn leaving the children home alone on multiple occasions and are accusing Kathryn of allowing the children to live in a “filthy” home, not bathing the kids regularly or requiring that they brush their teeth. They also claim Kathryn routinely drops the children off at school late.  

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We made it through our first week back at school! How has y’all’s been??!! Kensie is in virtual first grade and she’s been a great sport about it. The teachers are doing a wonderful job and are getting so innovative. Saint got to meet “a ton of new friends!” at his new school along with a Flemish giant rabbit that they had visiting! So cute. He has been so brave I couldn’t be more proud of his confidence, walking right in to school with just a hug and a kiss, no tears. This year is starting out different but no less exciting. We got to pick out school supplies including their favorite folders (Lisa frank is back 🙌) fresh pencils, boxes of unbroken crayons, markers with all of the tops on them. Kensie got to set up her own desk area and workspace which makes her feel very much like a big girl. Plus we get to cook lunch together. We’re trying to find all of the upsides in the midst of all the changes 🙂

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Thomas reportedly wants to relocate the children to Aiken, South Carolina, to his $1.3 million mansion, however, in response to this change of custody request, Kathryn is demanding that Thomas purchase a $250,000 home in the area so that she can relocate as well. 

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  1. I’m not a fan of either of them! But, Thomas is a rapist and not really of high moral character himself! Do I think Katherine is sober? No. But, I don’t think that she is doing lines of cocaine in front of her kids and leaving it out. I don’t know that she is doing cocaine at all and neither does he. I think they are both childish and irresponsible at life in general. I hope for the kids sake they can grow up and co-parent like adults and put the needs of their children first.

    1. Well said! He’s in his 50’s and acts like such a child. I was born and raised here, and still live here. The problem with TRav is Kathryn’s black boyfriend named Ravanell.

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