Chloe Mendoza’s Mom Jessica Accuses ‘Unexpected’ Star Max Schenzel of Getting Kicked Out of Rehab

“No one asked you, mom!”

Things appear to be looking up for Unexpected dad Max Schenzel…but not everyone is convinced things are as they seem. 

According to Starcasm, despite Max revealing earlier this month that he had completed an AA retreat and reunited with his girlfriend/baby mama Chloe Mendoza, Chloe’s mom Jessica isn’t buying the new-and-improved Max shtick.

Max confirmed on Instagram last week that he and Chloe are “still going strong” …which we’re sure Jessica is thrilled about.

In an ‘Unexpected’ Facebook group, Jessica alleged that Max was actually kicked out of his rehab program and she accused him of lying about his sobriety.

“Wow! What a liar. He got kicked out of a 90 day rehab after just 10 days,” Jessica wrote. “Since he needs a higher level of care than they could provide and he was missing classes.” 

Jessica also made some digs about Max’s unemployed status—- which, according to Max’s Instagram is no more, as he’s now reportedly working in an Arizona vape store. She went on to call her daughter’s boyfriend a liar. 

“ … 33 days my ass! smh,” she said, in reference to Max’s reported sobriety.

Jessica attempted to back her claims by posting a screenshot of a conversation between herself and Max’s dad Todd, in which Todd allegedly wrote that “Max was discharged from rehab because they say he needed a higher level of care” and because he “missed or [was] late to too many meetings.” 

Todd’s texts go on to say that he threw both Max and Max’s belongings out and is hoping that he will go to another rehab facility. After Max allegedly “blew through the last checks” from TLC, Todd said he would only give him his final check from the show if he checked himself back into a facility to get help.

“If you want your cash, you better sashay your butt back to rehab, boy!”

“I’m letting you guys know this because he uses me as the evil dad to justify his actions and make Chloe think he’s the victim,” he continued. “He told her I stole his money. Even if he wasn’t nine months behind on his rent and even if he didn’t agree to me holding his paychecks, I’m holding his checks to save his life.” 

In her response to Todd’s lengthy text, Jessica said she is “very cautious” as to what to believe from Chloe or Max. 

“Us having the open line of communication is obviously what’s best,” Jessica told Todd. 

Chloe’s response to her mom’s advice, probably.

Unfortunately, the continued drama between Max and Chloe and their respective parents is not likely to play out on screen for much longer as Chloe revealed a few weeks ago that she isn’t planning to return to the show for Season 4. 

Max and Chloe have yet to respond publicly to Jessica’s claims. 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram; YouTube) 


  1. What I want to know is why Chloe is not doing another season? She must like her mother controlling her every move because without the money from show she is going to need lots of help from mom and grandparents which we all saw on show already. I think Jessica has talked her into this decision for what I just said – sad sad case.

  2. I’m glad Cloe won’t be back. I can’t stand any of their faces, especially hers. Just such a punchable face

  3. What is Chloes moms name? Is she on Facebook? I would love for her to come join on the Unexepected page -and share her wisdom and insight with us directly on there.

  4. Jessica – your daughter is a brat. And you raised that. And Chloe will never leave Max alone while you are so determined to make her.
    Good luck to Max getting clean.
    What an asshole Jessica is to post private text message conversations between herself and someone else to social media to try and make a teenager look worse and herself like roses.
    She is the most unlikable parent I’ve seen on these shows yet. She’s barely more mature than these teenagers.

  5. I just saw previews for the next episode of Unexpected and Chloe literally tells Max “If you relapse I’m gonna have to leave you.”

    I’m not a Max fan but you don’t say that shit to someone who is struggling to stay clean. You ENCOURAGE them to stay clean, you don’t threaten them with what will happen if they mess up again!!!

    1. I have two recovering addict friends, and would NEVER dream of saying, “if you relapse…”.

      I am there to encourage and support them. “Silence is golden”.

      1. As someone who is actually IN recovery…I can tell you that there is absolutely nothing inherently unhealthy to Chloe laying out a consequence if Max relapses…

        In addiction, it isn’t just the addict that is unhealthy – it is the entire family. Chloe needs to set BOUNDARIES to ensure she remains healthy herself. Unconditional support and “encouragement” on Chloe’s part in this situation would actually be ENABLING his continued use. You have two friends in recovery? Thank you for supporting them. However, being a friend to someone in recovery is very different than having a partner (and co-parent!) in recovery.

        When I was struggling with staying clean, I had family members set hard boundaries and literally cut me off – financially and emotionally. This wasn’t a MEAN or UNSUPPORTIVE thing to do; they realized A) that my continued lying and manipulation was damaging their psyche and B) I wasn’t going to hit rock bottom while they were still enabling my bad behavior – which proved to be absolutely spot on. I have reconnected with my family in recovery and our relationship is better than it ever has been before.

        Now, as a disclaimer, I think that most of the kids (including Max and Chloe) and parents (DEFINITELY Jessica) are absolutely vile – that being said, I hope that Max finds lasting recovery and Chloe gets a clue…but the point of this post is to tell you that your ideas gained on the periphery of recovery, ideas you list as absolutes, are ignorant bullshit.

        Have a great weekend.

  6. It really would kill Jessica to root for Max in any way. What has the kid actually done to warrant such hate from her? He’s had to fight to be involved in every aspect of his daughters life thanks to Chloe’s parents. He has a serious drug issue and he’s immature. I understand there’s since been some physical abuse (?) which is a different story. However, from the start, Jessica has done nothing but try to shut him out. Is he the best Chloe could do? no. Does he need help? yes. But she could show some compassion for a young kid who’s battling an uphill battle with addiction, whether he gets on her nerves or not. I can understand this attitude now that there’s been physical abuse/protection orders. However prior to that, it seems unwarranted. I’m not saying Jessica should bend over backward for him or anything, but she could at least try to understand that he doesn’t have a mother figure and may be an idiot – but he’s young and dealing with a struggle that many adults can’t deal with.

    1. He has been an arrogant disrespectful little snot, Chloe has too but that her daughter she is stuck with her.
      The things Max says & does is just creepy.

      1. Yes he’s immature, annoying and chloes mom probably wants better for her daughter. But this is the individual chloe chose to procreate with🤷🏻‍♀️ So for the time being, is it so wrong to show a little support instead of shitting all over every single thing he does? Jessica is a mother after all, and she should open her eyes a bit. Regardless of anything, he’s her grandbaby’s father.

  7. Is there something wrong with him? seriously….he has such a vacant look, but the vacancy doesn’t seem like it’s just drug and alcohol induced…it looks like there was something undiagnosed. I’m not trying to be petty or funny….

    1. The vacancy doesn’t seem like it’s just drug and alcohol induced?

      Sure it does! That vacancy is exactly what opioid addiction looks like. Max’s three failed tests for fentanyl prove that he is an addict. One failed test could be attributed to extreme immaturity/arrogance or potential stupidity…but THREE? With very real legal consequences? That’s some addict shit right there – and it explains a whole lot about the nonchalant distance his displays during each and every interview segment for the entire run of the series…

  8. Max needs substance abuse help. But it’s obvious Chloe’s mother, Jessica, needs mental health treatment. Seeing Jessica and her mute husband sitting next to her on the show was disturbing. She seems like one of the most miserable human beings I have ever seen on reality TV. I get that Max is a loser but Jessica is OBSESSED with him. Every segment she was in she spent, literally every second ranting and raving about Max.

  9. This is what reality Tv does an they will let a person destroy there lives you figure child preders they hired some rotton people all for ratings but remember you people watch so what u bitchig about

    1. Are you new to the Internet, Jeff?

      This is what people do here – they discuss common interests (like this show) and share their opinions on the content. Are you devoid of opinions, Jeff? You must be a real gas to spend time with…

      I like the “you people” attempt to seem superior to the other commenters. You don’t judge shitty people on reality TV…yet you come on to a page DEDICATED TO REALITY TV and take the time to write a comment judging people giving their opinions about reality TV? Oh, the irony…

  10. I’ve never heard his name pronounced out loud and I’ve never cared enough to do more than glance at it most of the time, so I’ve been reading it as “Snozzle” until now. Is it like “shin-zell”?

  11. Sounds like this family is trying to show additional drama to get TLC to offer more money next season since Chloe is “99%” not filming next season.

  12. That woman is VILE. I always hoped that once she saw the true pain and desperation Max’s father is going through that she would slow her roll. Instead she is just proving what a mean-spirited, ugly shrew she really is. She’d better pray that no one in her saintly family ever falls prey to opiod addiction.

    1. I agree that Jessica is vile and a disgusting human being. Where is Chloe’s real father? Nothing was ever mentioned about him.

  13. One more thing I forgot- Jessica can hate Max. I’m sure as Chloe’s mom she has plenty of reasons. Maybe one of those is that it’s easier to hate Max than it is to dislike your own kid. Chloe lies constantly to her parents! She is manipulative and still gets them not only caring for her but they care for their granddaughter too. Yet Max gets all of Jessica’s hate. Jessica, there’s enough hate to go around! Maybe you should be requiring more of the kind of kid you raised! Don’t get me wrong, Max is a punk but so is Chloe.

  14. Chloe is a brat and completely in denial about Max’s issues. Also, Todd bless his heart, loves his son but his personality is soooo “nice guy” I think Max uses and abuses him as a pushover. Todd May be the only one who truly loves and cares about Max. I know everyone hates Jessica. Jessica’s personality is annoying but she’s not wrong. Would you want your daughter and grand baby to be with a drug using convict? Probably not – I’m a mom and Max is lucky he didn’t get my daughter pregnant!

    1. The parents all have good hearts, their kids on the other hand…way too underdeveloped mentally to raise a child. Chloe doesn’t think Max is a drug addict and has no idea what drug addiction is. At her age and with all her times with him I would expect her to see the warning signs, but obviously the kid has the dumb. Also is it just me or does Max seem to have gender issues?

      1. I agree with almost everything except the “gender issues”. I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean?

        Could you explain it clearer please?

  15. Anyone can go on an AA retreat. Just saying. That’s nothing special nor confirms he’s been clean.

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