EXCLUSIVE! Jade Cline Refuses to Film ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion Special with Her Former Castmate: Get the Details!

“We could each buy ourselves at least one more season of this trainwreck if we brawl on stage. Just sayin’….”

The upcoming Teen Mom 2 Reunion has brought yet another cast feud to light!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that the show’s producers are struggling to figure out what to do about Jade Cline— whom The Ashley’s sources tell her is refusing to get on the stage with one of her former co-stars! 

Apparently, the girls from Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant will be doing something at the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion (which takes place this weekend in New York City). The Ashley’s sources tell her that when Jade found out that ‘Y&P’ girl Ashley Jones was set to be on-stage with her, Jade threw a fit!

The Ashley’s source says that Jade informed producers that she will not sit on stage with Ashley. 

“Jade feels that Ashley has shaded her multiple times, especially right after it was announced that Jade had been picked for ‘Teen Mom 2,'” the source tells The Ashley. “She said that Ashley was telling people on social media that Jade only got the ‘Teen Mom 2’ job because Ashley turned the producers down.”

She was also upset because she felt Ashley was shading her earlier this month when a story came out that revealed that Jade and her ex Sean Austin are being sued for not paying the $900 a month rent on the Indiana home they had been renting. On the same day the story was published, Ashley tweeted, “Man if my rent was 900 dollars I’d be stacking to bad all you gone get in the bay is a bedroom in someone’s house where you can’t even use the living room.”

However, Ashley denied that the tweet had anything to do with Jade.

“First of all what the f**k are you talking about,” Ashley responded to those who called her salty. “We all know by now if I wanted to say a name I would. I’m simply referring to the fact that I have to pay to be alive and no one asked me if I could afford it before bringing me into the universe. Lighten up hoe…”

Anyway, the producers are not thrilled that there are more cast members who refuse to be around each other, as it causes major issues with the filming schedule.

“They are all trying to figure out how to make the segment happen without Jade and Ashley getting into a fight onstage,” the source said.

The source also tells The Ashley that plans are in place to keep all of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls separated (similar to how they were during the last Reunion), in an effort to prevent another hair-pullin’, stage-screamin’ cast brawl like the one Briana, Brittany DeJesus and Kail got into last year. 

Kail recently announced on her Coffee Convos podcast that she told her producers that she will not be on-stage with anyone but Chelsea Houska or Leah Messer during the Reunion, because she does not trust that the producers won’t try to stir the pot to increase the drama between her and the others.

“They have asked me if I will sit on the couch with everybody and I did say no,” Kail told her podcast co-host Lindsie Chrisley. “It doesn’t have anything to do with Briana or the drama, or Jenelle [Evans], or any of that. It’s more so for personal reasons. I really just don’t want to go back to that space. I feel like there was drama in the past and, based on that, I don’t trust the producers and I don’t trust some of the cast members.”

The Ashley will update this when she has more info! 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


  1. And Ashley is studying to be a nurse!!! Please God never let me have to go to any hospital she works in . Volatile temper and filthy mouth as well. I’m embarrassed for her….even if she isn’t. What a show she put on ….. yuck.

  2. From what I saw on the reunion – Ashley , the one I thought was an educated young woman, acted like a hysterical, spoiled child. What the heck was that? She ranted and raved and used profanity that should only be used in the streets. I guess I had her pegged all wrong. She acted like a hood rat – wanting to fight and calling all the girls B words. What a wonderful example of a young mother. I hope her mother, the pastor, reads her the riot act. Shame on you Ashely.

  3. Whatever LARRY/ABRA/WHATEVER THE FUCK YOUR NEXT USERNAME IS GONNA BE!! You’re as big an idiot as EVERYBODY else on here! It’s people like you that make me ask myself two questions: 1.) Why the fuck did I get on here in the first place?, and 2.) Why the fuck do I keep coming back?

    1. Honestly Abra, I don’t agree with all your comments and I will be honest sometimes they piss me off but I’m all for free speech and opinions! Especially given the fact that you do it respectfully and never seem biased. It’s just what you think and I respect and appreciate that about you. This website should be a place where we can speak freely as fans and as haters. We all watch these shows and have invested our time into it. So I say keep on saying whatever you feel. And don’t pay no mind to the negativity. It’s okay to be you! I may not agree with all your opinions especially about amber but I for one appreciate others point of view. Do you Abra! Don’t let anyone take you out of character just state what you think and fuck everyone else 🤷‍♀️👍

  4. These girls are so immature. Most of us have had to work with at least one person we don’t care for. Would you go to your boss and say you refuse to go to a meeting because a coworker you don’t like is there – no because you would probably be fired – exactly what needs to happen to these spoiled brats when they call the shots. The problem is MTV lets them get away with it and accommodates them.

  5. I wish they never added jade to TM2. I fast forward during her segments… she’s so trash and disgusting and her storyline doesn’t fit with TM2. I’d rather have MTV make everyone else’s segment longer than add another irrelevant cast member.

  6. Ashley’s so jealous she can’t see straight. And suuuuuuure we believe you turned down an opportunity like Teen Mom. Ok Ashley.

  7. Ok, if you ask me, and you didn’t, but I’m still gonna give you my opinion…
    Kail is a bona-fide slut. Three baby daddies? And you got preggo while you were still married?

    Briana is a semi-slut. Two baby daddies and probably another on the way. Briana jumps on Javi and that’s why Kail feels compelled to fight her. (Real mature…you have how many kids and are how old?!) But then at the reunion, the white trash family Briana pays for (why does the mother live with them?! you an old skank!) jumps Kail. So white trash cancels white trash out.

    Kail thinks she is top dog…she’s just a dog. Eventually MTV will realize ain’t no body watchin’ this shit and cancel the whole thing. No one wants to see ’47 and Pregnant’ and that’s where it’s headed. Soon they’ll all be using walkers and talking about Medicare Plan B.

    Then this Jade chic is so obnoxious. Have you ever noticed that when she talks, no one else does and if they do, she just keeps talking over them? This kid is all about drama just like ju-nelle and ‘I should go to gel’ Amber. And it’s not the good drama. It’s the make shit up drama. Ho’ if you be driving a benz you can afford to pay your landlord. So pay up the money you owe them because we know you and your addicted boyfriend messed up that house.

    You know she’s a brat when even the cops have had enough of the entire white trash family’s bickering about how a drug addict keeps some cheap target furniture.

    I used to love watching the girls try to make it in the world. But once it was revealed how much these hoes make, it makes me sick. And you know that money isn’t going into trust funds for the kids. It’s going into failed makeup companies.

    Hell, now even Chelsea is getting on my nerves. Enough already with the clothing lines, the makeup lines, the lines of guys getting in the girls pants. Stop making babies, get a real job, and stop thinking you know everything because you spread your legs several times and popped out several babies. You’re not celebrities!

    OK, so there’s a little jealousy coming out…but…still…

    1. Wow. What a great « lady » you are tearing down others. Their choices aren’t yours, but your choices sure aren’t mine. I’m also able to articulate how gross your behaviour is without name calling. Grow up, lady.

    2. I get what you’re saying about all the girls EXCEPT for Chelsea.

      She is trying to get a real job, that’s what all this clothing line and makeup line stuff is about. And she has a right to make babies with her HUSBAND if she wants.

      Chelsea is the only with any sense on this show.

      1. Chelsea is as fkn bad as the rest of the trash.
        If she was better than them.
        Then she’s get her ass off tv and clean her house, it’s filthy
        They are all entitled pos

  8. Does anyone know if Ashley really was offered the TM2 gig before Jade?…I feel like she’s full of shit, cuz who wouldn’t go to a show that’s been on the air for so long.

    1. I think she is very jealous that is was NOT offered to her. She wants that fat MTV check.
      And trying to start drama cuz it pays the bills on this sh*t show.

      1. I see her being a Farrah of the franchise…starting shit for no reason, but Farrah got fired for started too much bs. Ashley needs to take notes. She needs to stop trying to be such a fame whore.

  9. That picture looks like girls of Dollar General. RatchetAF. I don’t want to see any of them in a stage, or in my neighborhood.

  10. Hell these girls get paid for being on teen mom, they shouldn’t have a choice on who gets on stage with who.. kail doesn’t trust producers or some cast members, then get the hell off the show. you and others make to much damn money on the show so bye bye get a 9-5 job and see how the real work force is… good luck🎃

  11. Man if my rent was 900 dollars I’d be stacking to bad all you gone get in the bay is a bedroom in someone’s house where you can’t even use the living room.

    Let me attempt a translation:

    “Man, I’d my rent were 900 dollars, I’d be saving literal stacks of cash. All you could get for that in the Bay Area would be a bedroom in someone’s house where you’re not even allowed to use the living room.”

    1. Thanks, Davel, for translating. As a non-American I couldn’t make out what she was trying to say with “gone get in the bay”

  12. MTV loves the drama and tries to instigate situations that would raise ratings. MTV is shameful and is why MTV is no longer allowed in my house.

  13. Ashley is supposed to be studying for a nursing career but can’t string a coherent sentence together to save her life. Speak English bitach and stop trying to be all gangsta.

  14. Lol at all the commenters saying they wouldn’t sit on stage with Briana or Ashley. The only women of color on the show. Ashley and Briana won’t do anything unless you come for them first. Remember, Kail started with Briana. Kail was talking mess, Kail took her behind closed doors and tried to fight her. But y’all making Kail the victim. How many people work with someone they hate? Do you tell your boss that you can’t sit with them? They all need to grow up, and sit on that stage. That is their job.

  15. Get on stage, take a seat, keep your mouth shut unless directly asked a question, collect your cash and go home. You signed a contract, put on your big girl pants and do your job. Idk why mtv let’s these girls run the demands. If you’re not going to cancel the show, You’ve got 6 seasons worth of girls who would be thrilled to take their spot and check. #nextinline

  16. Ashley needs to learn basic grammar. I had to read that tweet multiple times to understand what the hell she was trying to say.

        1. Definitely agree! Me & my friends joke all the time about how nothing on twitter is ever correct even with the new 240 word limit lol.

  17. Ashley knows darn well they never offered her to Film on TeenMom 2 and she didn’t deny them,she’s ignorant as hell and ratchet who would wanna watch that lol

  18. I didn’t realize it was so hard to share a stage with someone for 15 minutes. It is not uncommon, in the real world, to work with someone you dont like. You just aren’t going to like or get along with everyone, but it is also not hard to be civil.

  19. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I happen to really like Jade and am hoping the best for her!
    I think she has a good heart in an awful environment. My heart just broke for her during the moving out segment. To be helpless in that situation, after she fought so hard for every piece of it, is awful and says a lot about how backwards some laws are.

    Might she be refusing to be on stage with Ashley to AVOID drama not cause it?
    It’s clear that Ashley has been trying to pick a fight and throwing low jabs which makes avoiding contact the mature decision IMO. At this point an altercation does nothing but hurt Jade on her way up, and give Ashley the exposure she is obviously seeking. This would be a reasonable expectation of safety in any other workplace, and should be offered here as well.

    As for her spending her $, not my business! She’s clearly worked hard her entire life because she HAD to step up, and DID! She has been through a LOT and somehow remains standing. Now that she’s earning a decent income let her enjoy it! She has lived more of a real life with real experiences than any other cast member and shouldn’t be judged for improving her comforts when she catches a break. Every one of us would do the same!!
    At this point ALL of these girls MUST be aware that their star is fading and that any TM cast does not have another 10 years in it – hence all the new (trial?) spin-offs. If they don’t realize this and prepare for the inevitable that’s on them.

    And just to state the obvious, Ashley would not be chipping at Jade if she was offered the job first but turned it down! That does not make any bit of sense. Only jealousy explains it, and explains it well.

    Jade has revamped the show as much as one cast member can. I hope she continues to be down to earth and stay true to herself through the challenges she is facing and will inevitably continue to face going forward. But the truth is that we can’t expect her, or anyone, to stay completely the same when her circumstances have changed so drastically.

    Wishing you the best Jade! Keep your head up girl!

  20. The entitlement is real!!Like this little girl was probably on food stamps and medicaid like 6 months ago!😳

    1. No but really!! Not only does she NOT at fit into the teen mom 2 franchise but what work has been put in to feel like U can demand sh!t?

  21. I’m just now catching up on TM2 and I’m wondering why people thinking having Jade on is better than Jenelle (child, animal, and truck abuse aside)? They are both drama and attention seeking and (in my opinion) trashy. Of course, I’ve been skipping most of her drama but I just watched the whole thing where she called the cops, proceeded to lollygag when getting her stuff out, then when the cops said enough is enough, the whole trailer park family started screaming at the cops (except grandpa who was just haulin’ ass moving stuff) and whats-his-puss upstairs. Good grief, I’d rather hear, “OH MY GOD DUDE leave meeeeeeee aloooooooooone!”

  22. I see why Kail won’t go on stage with Briana…her and her sister physically assaulted her…I see my TMOG wouldn’t go on stage wit Farrah, they put up with her bitch ass snobby attitude since they were all 16…Jade…girl…grin and bare it. You don’t have that much clout on TM2 and you’re supposedly the “easy one” to work with right now…somebody said something about YOU that you didn’t like, and at the end of the day Ashley was being a jealous petty broad cuz she wishes she was in your shoes. Jade shouldnt let Ashley ruin her (honestly) once in a life time opportunity. Let it go, and do whats in your contract. At this point Jade hasn’t earned her spot and is replaceable…Ashleys a hater who’s trying to get reality attention anywhere she can…just look at what she’s doing with that chick and dude from black ink crew (I can’t remember their names). Stop giving her more attention than she deserves.

  23. Ashley is so dense. I recently moved to the Bay Area from the east coast and guess what? I get paid more. Rent is still high, but she’s acting like minimum wage (Or most salaries) and the cost of living Is the same as where Jade lives. I love when they get salty. Drama.

  24. I saw Jade is already driving a Mercedes Benz. Slow down girl, you still need to hit season 2 on Teen Mom 2 to get that big raise. I like Ashley. But her weakness is that low down boyfriend of hers that hit her. She can do so much better.

  25. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near Ashley either. I can’t stand her or her attitude. She’s the reason that I won’t watch TMY&P. She has a punchable face lol

  26. I don’t blame Jade one bit!!! I wouldn’t want to be in the same state let alone the same stage as that bitch Ashley!!!

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