‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jade Cline & Baby Daddy Sean Austin Sued for Unpaid Rent on Indiana Home

“Wait, do you mean to tell us that wasn’t covered by MTV?”

Looks like more trouble in Teen Mom 2 paradise!

Radar Online reports that Jade Cline and baby daddy Sean Austin have been sued in the amount of $2,089.60 after failing to pay the $995 per-month rent on their Indiana home.

FS Houses – Property Management 317 LLC, the company that manages the property, reportedly filed a Notice of Claim for Possession against Jade and Sean on September 30 and the couple’s eviction hearing has been set for October 22. 

Fans of ‘Teen Mom 2’ are familiar with the home listed in the case, as it has been featured on the show this season… Most notably during a recent episode when Jade accused Sean of harboring himself in the home with her gun, forcing her to call the police for an escort in order to safely obtain her furniture and other belongings. 

During the incident, Jade told the police that Sean had been abusing her and argued that they were “protecting a drug addict.” On the following episode, Jade did not allow Sean to see their daughter Kloie due to the behavior he had exhibited. 

Sean responded to Jade’s actions by taking to Instagram Live to voice his frustrations about his “toxic” relationship, pointing out in the lengthy rant that he still planned to live in the house even if it were empty. 

In addition to being sued for unpaid rent, Jade was sued in April for allegedly failing to pay her Best Buy credit card, according to Radar. Based on the court papers, Jade failed to pay the $1,285.75 balance that remained on her account. The case is reportedly ongoing. 

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  1. Being young and having financial hardship is very difficult. I can’t imagine being a mother on top of that… I honestly think Jade has a great deal of potential. Best wishes to her.

  2. I can’t believe that anyone thinks that Jade comes anywhere near matching Janelle.but that’s alright just keep watching you’ll see.watch the last show that was on and you’ll see how the baby turns away from Jade so the babies not used to getting loving or nothing I told you she’s all me me me.

    1. I’m sorry, I tried to ignore this comment, but it’s so pathetic that I had to reply. If Jade is so “me, me, me”, why did she feel the need to call the cops so she could get hers and KLOIE’S things?? As she said, “No child should have to do without.” But she had to call them (the cops)because that deadbeat baby daddy wouldn’t let her get them (but little did she know that they would be as worthless as Sean).

      And did you ever think that Kloie turned away from Jade like any normal child that is playing with their toys?? All kids (or teenagers) have a tendency to turn away (or completely ignore) a parent or any other authority figure when their minds are elsewhere!

    2. Shhh edwina, you mustn’t say bad things about jade, or abra will get upset.
      She had no life and defends druggies.
      and your right edwina, the child did turn away from her mom.
      ( and it wasn’t Because of her toys Abra)
      Abra also calls carlys mom a bitch, and thinks Cait and ty are owed for GIVING her up and has no legal rights at all.
      The Ashley has blocked her a few times apparently but her it is under yet another name abra

      Who openly admits to spanking children that are not hers, who openly told people on this site to drop dead,

      The Ashley needs to block abra again.

      1. You’re just mad because I’m not an ignorant bully (like you), that I speak my mind and don’t ask permission from dumbasses like you.

        But that’s alright, I’m glad i’m different. Differences are what make the world go round. If everybody spoke and acted the same, this world would be dull. And I certainly DON’T want to be like you.

        Good day to you dear!! ??

  3. Did we all forget she bought a Benz and he actually gave her money to help with it?!?! Maybe get rid of the fancy car and pay your bills?

    1. LoL her ‘fancy’ 2005 Mercedes probably cost not much more than her Best Buy + rent debt. Stupid purchase just the same…

  4. We are so used the headlines like Teen Mom buys builds her dream home or Teen Mom goes to Hawaii. This is the type headline news you’d expect from any teen mom.

    1. You forgot teen mom tries to open a crappy business, teen mom writes a book, teen mom goes to rehab, teen mom gets another pet, teen mom gets a new baby daddy…this is just too easy.

  5. Sounds about par for the Teen Mom course. I kind of like Jade, but everyone around her is an absolute train wreck. Nothing good is going to come of them being on the show, whatever they’re getting paid is going to get snorted up Andrew and Jade’s mother’s noses. She’s got a level head on her shoulders, her best bet would be to get off the television and move to another town with the baby.

  6. Jade is not an asshole. Sean is an asshole.

    I kind of like her because she is more relatable to normal people. She really seems like a good person.

    Looking forward to the lip injections, tittie lift and ass injections. Money changes everything, It creates ego and this girl has been beat the fuck down all her life. I hope she is the exception to most in this franchise.

  7. What do you expect from very, very very ignorant mentality? These people are trailer trash and eviction is one of the badges all white trash wear.

    1. As a 911 operator watching the way jade and her family treated the police officers was insane.
      They weren’t protecting a loser drug addict they were doing their job
      Officers aren’t allowed to stand by all day to watch them all argue about furniture.
      She called because she was concerned about him having her gun & that was their main focus
      Once that was resolved – they were ready to go.
      Yes it is your home and you have every right to be there but not if it’s putting you and others in harms way.

  8. The unpaid rent is because Sean didn’t pay. I knew the moment she left that apartment that would happen. She’s the breadwinner, he works at a fast food restaurant and clearly has drug problems. There was no way he was going to keep up with the rent. Her mistake was leaving the apartment with her name still on the lease. I understand the relationship wasn’t working and it was unsafe for her and their daughter to live with him when he was clearly on drugs but, she should of found a way to have him removed from the home. Instead she allowed him to stay while she stayed with family and eventually got a new apartment. I’m sure he has nowhere to go and that’s why that arrangement was decided but girl once you are a mom and you’re name is signed off on things like this you gotta be smarter. Hopefully she just pays it off and be done with it just like she did with this relationship. I feel bad for jade she seems to be surrounded by nothing but drug addicts who use her and manipulate her. First her parents now him. Hopefully things start to get better for her!

  9. It’s a good thing she’s getting paid now. If she’s smart she will pay off all of her debts before anything else.

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