‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Farrah Abraham Takes Weird Pics At the North Pole, Jade Cline & Sean Austin Are Ordered to Pay Up & More

“You sure are a lucky ice cow! You get to be photographed with the Number 1 Celebrity Of Our Nation!”

From getting legal threats to getting to terrorize a new state, the stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise (both past and present) have been keeping themselves busy lately!

In an effort to get you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile. Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last week or so…

Farrah Abraham went to the North Pole & showed off her, um, snowballs.

“Also frozen? My face!”

The former ‘Teen Mom OG’ brought the “HoHoHo” to the North Pole over the holiday weekend, loading up her daughter Sophia and flying to North Pole, Alaska, for some ice fishing— and an ice water sexy-time photoshoot (as you do).

First, Farrah and Sophia got all dressed in some sort of hazmat suits that did not cover their eyes. (Good thing COVID-19 doesn’t enter anyone’s body via their eyes. Oh…wait…)

The duo boarded a plane, despite warnings not to travel due to the COVID-19 surge that is currently happening. They touched down in Alaska, where Farrah took Sophia to see Santa Claus.

Farrah then brought her ever-jolly self to see Santa’s reindeers, and then to do a little ice fishing (for attention).

“On Dasher, on Comet, on…um, Botox and Implant!”

Finally, she dove into a hot spring, where she splashed around in a see-through bathing suit, showing off her enormous, um, “snowballs”, all while Sophia filmed. 

Censored for your protection by The Ashley…


Jade Cline & Sean Austin were forced to finally pay up

“Hey Jade, can I borrow some money?”

The Ashley broke the news in January that ‘Teen Mom 2’ couple Jade and Sean were ordered by an Indiana judge to shell out nearly $5,000 in unpaid rent, damages and attorney fees to their former landlord, who sued them back in September 2019 for being delinquent in rent for a home they were renting while filming their first season of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ 

The couple— who has been cashing MTV checks for a while now— failed to pay up, and last month, the landlord filed in court to make Jade and Sean finally pay what they owe. The Order to Appear– which was sent to both Jade and Sean separately— explained that they would need to appear in court (via Zoom) on December 9 to “answer as to wages, assets, profits, and other non-exempt property which are available to satisfy this judgment.”

The Order to Appear was served to the couple by a Sherriff.

Jade and Sean will not need the court date, however. It appears that, as of Monday, both ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars have paid what they owe.

Lauren Comeau is trying to move away from her baby daddy Javi Marroquin

“Sorry, Papi! I’m out!”

It’s been just over a month since Lauren left ‘Teen Mom 2’ dad Javi, after his ex-wife Kail Lowry ratted him out on-camera, confessing that Javi has tried to bang her in the WaWa gas station parking lot on the regular. After the episode aired, Lauren took Eli— the son she shares with Javi— and high-tailed it back to her home state of Maine. After they left, Javi took to Instagram Live to pray to be able to keep it in his pants (or something).

Lauren has since returned to Delaware and, The Ashley hears, is currently living in Casa de Javi. (They are not back together currently, though.)

It appears that Lauren is not happy with the living situation, though, as she recently took to Facebook to ask her online pals if any of them know of a place she can move.

“If any of you know of a short-term rental option, 6 months of under, or a rent-to-own option, please let me know!” she posted on her private Facebook page.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by @wadamelen

The Ashley can confirm that the screenshot– first posted by the Instagram account @wadamelen– is legit. 

Jenelle Evans & David Eason are building a “pond” on The Land.

“We’re movin’ on up, baby! Next I’ll use your old glass bong to create a glamorous pond fountain!”

Finally, in “On The Land” news, Jenelle and David have decided that they can improve the aesthetic of their property by adding a glamorous pond! However, the “pond,” is actually just a hole that David dug with his bulldozer (after properly rakin’ it, surely).

The Swamp Gods smiled on the Easons by showering The Land with rainwater, which promptly filled up the hole and created a lovely pond.

“Our pond filled up after raining so much last night!” Jenelle excitedly exclaimed on Instagram Stories.

“Kaiser, come throw your goldfish crackers into this here pond, boy!”

(Had it not rained, though, David and Jenelle could have used the hole as a sort of landfill to store their empty beer bottles and unpurchased eyebrow kits, so there’s that…)

The pond is just the latest edition to The Land, which already boasts Jenelle’s She-Shed, a storage unit to hold all of her JE Cosmetics, a pool and spa, and a very-well-raked grass patch.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

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  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Omg Farrah looks so old and just weird my God she looks like she’s 50 in that hot springs pic!!! Smh girl not a good look. Sorry not sorry. I hate judging ppl negatively but f… it she does it to everyone else!!! ??????❄️❄️☃️☃️

  2. Adding a pond in a swampy environment will provide mosquitos their ideal breeding ground. They should get Biblical size swarms over the summer. The kids will probably end up with ER visits from ‘skeeter bites’. The ‘adults’ are going to have increased crotch rot outbreaks and swamp a$s so bad that it shows up on doppler. All in all, just another day on the land.

  3. Farrah wants to be an escort? Fine. Whatever. That’s her choice. It’s the fact she drags her daughter along with her that I find alarming. Red flags for grooming her.

  4. Sean needs to be made to go to work and pay half of everything. He should put away his little boy video games and stop trying to be a vajayjay stay at home mom. If not Jade needs to find a man.

  5. Sophia’s like 12 years old, doubtful she still believes in Slanta Clause. Traveleling inthe middle of a pandemic to get your daughter to take basically nude photos for attention. Maybe Farrah should write a parenting book too since her businesses were so successful.

  6. Farrah Abraham needs to just STOP!! She makes me sick to my stomach! She posted a video of her last Botox/Skin tightening she had do before going to Alaska. How can you had needles as long as your✋jammed into your face, just so your skin can stay tight! You’re going OVERBOARD WITH EVERYTHING,FARRAH!!

  7. A wrinkly skintone bathing suit is probably not the way to go for Farrah. I legit thought that she was naked and had so many procedures done that she was all wrinkly and saggy like an 80 year old.

    1. She already looks like a chicken. By the time she’s 80, she’ll be looking like Henny Penny, not in a good way, though.

  8. Lyin Hustlah, no telling what is it will be full of come spring time!! I’d be VERY careful when picking up sticks. It could be someone’s ?

    1. You know, my daughters & I are VERY close! ALWAYS have been but when we lost our husband/Daddy almost 6 yrs ago, we decided we would have to carry on with life. Because that’s what He would love to see us doing. However, I’m not going to be naked, so they can take a picture of me. It’s NOT going to happen!! I have a few more years of experience in being married, being a widow, I don’t “FAKE” anything about my life and marriage. But, I would NEVER allow my children to be the one to do the stuff the FARRAH has allowed Sophia to do, basically out of GUILT!!! YOU KNOW IT & I KNOW IT!!! Stop telling everyone that your a “widow teen mom” because you’re not! I’m a WIDOW who was married 1mth from celebrating our 18weddimg anniversary!! That’s what a widow is. Her Daddy didn’t even know you were pregnant with Sophia!!

      1. 100 % agree. She needs her Mom card taken away. She is full on crazy!!!

        I am so sorry for your hubbys passing. I was a widow at 28, (cancer)

  9. Oh Lauren, you are trying too hard and it’s quite obvious.

    A real estate agent would have made this a private situation but that’s not the way to go if you are looking for attention or trying to make a point to someone via social media.

    1. These kids are screwed with parents like Farrah, Jenelle, Jade, Sean etc et . Not only are they screwed, but their messed up childhood is televised and their parents’ idiotic twitter/fb rants and arguments will remain on the internet forever.

  10. Also, isn’t the fact that Sophia is filming her mother naked (cmon, that bathing suit isn’t covering anything), considered as child abuse? Can you IMAGINE what people would say if Sophia was a boy? Or if Farrah was male & having Sophia film?

    1. I now know why she is living in California. They (cps) don’t come check on the children. So no matter how many times people call and make reports, they can keep getting away with it. Sophia doesn’t even have to report a certain amount of school hours. This is something that I just found out from a friend who just moved down there. She’s shocked!!! Ready to come back home so she knows her kids are getting an education!!! I feel sorry for that child. But, give it another 2 yrs, & it’ll be Grandma Farrah raising Sophias’ baby!!

      1. California also made it legal for 14 year old boys to sleep up to 10 years older then them. So a 14 year old boy, can have sex with a 24 year old and the 24 year old not get in trouble.

      2. I live here in California- In Sacramento actually, and I can assure you CPS absolutely checks on families- if they are of interest to them. They target certain families that are seriously low risk with minor issues and practically stalks them and then blatantly lets others that are HIGH risk, with parents doing drugs, not working, leaving drug paraphernalia everywhere, beating their kids, living in a generally abusive household, not feeding their kids, kids living in absolute FILTH- fall through the cracks. After some of the things I’ve seen within the system- I am pretty convinced that CPS targets families with “pretty” and well behaved children so they can do everything they can to get them from their biological/real families to get them to adoptive families. They also receive a “bonus” when a child is placed with a permanent family that is not their biological family. It’s very sad. Our governor has turned our state into a shithole honestly. In San Francisco people defecate in the streets, homeless are living in traffic medians, people shooting up in broad daylight… and our governor wants us on total lockdown. It’s a shitshow here.

    1. Gross – that “pond” is going to be chock full of mosquitos come springtime. Things that never cross the mind of morons.

      1. Lyin Hustlah, no telling what is it will be full of come spring time!! I’d be VERY careful when picking up sticks. It could be someone’s ?

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