Mama June Shannon Reportedly Not Getting Paid for Upcoming Season of ‘Mama June: Family Crisis’

“Say what now?!”

The new season of Mama June: From Not to Hot is set to return next month; however, the same can’t be said for the Mama June Shannon’s WEtv paychecks!

According to TMZ, because June isn’t an active participant in the new season— which is being called Mama June From Not to Hot: Family Crisis— she won’t be earning a dime. June’s family is reportedly relieved by this, as they’re afraid of what she may do with the cash, given her string of legal troubles and recent money-hustling efforts. 

“Hell yeah! Them dang complimentary hotel bed sheets, curtains and towels we snagged just sold online!”

While June will not be an active participant on camera, her story, specifically how her family is dealing with the fallout from her alleged drug addiction, will be a main focus.

As The Ashley previously told you, June’s youngest daughter Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson continues to live with June’s older daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon and her family, as she has publicly refused to move back in with June until Geno is no longer in the picture. 

As for June, her role this season will consist mostly of clips from her court dates with Geno and the family’s attempts to get her some help. Sources told TMZ that June’s family hopes she will see the show, realize how much her loved ones are hurting and finally get better, if not for herself, for them. 

“Don’t count on June seein’ the show…unless they got it playin’ on the TV in the window of the Wal-Mart or sumpthin’!”

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(Photos: WEtv; Instagram) 


  1. Last season should be renamed MAMA JUNE from NOT to ROT. It is a great thing that she is not getting paid but at this point what is the point of continuing this charade? No one is working on Mama June. This show needs to be cancelled and instead a loving caring show made for the children who are teamed up with professional counselors and just love shown towards them and don’t give “Mama June” a single mention in that show. Obviously we do not really know what goes on in the homes of the children and we only see what is filmed and what we learn on the news or shows like TMZ.

  2. The show has not helped them one bit. Fame and money has attracted even worst characters like Genoa who won’t go away. June has always been a piece of shiat. She let her bf molest Anna and she was raw dawging men off the internet and thats how she met Sugar Bear. The money really doesnt help them. This age family needs therapy.

  3. I feel kind of conflicted about this. On the one hand I don’t think this should be a show anymore – we should not be giving Mama June any attention. On the other hand, if it makes Pumpkin and Alana some money (that is hopefully being used to help raise Alana and perhaps into a college trust fund for her later), and Mama June isn’t getting paid, more power to them.

    1. It is in a trust. Pumpkin made sure to go to court to protect Her sisters money’s from everyone. I’m proud of her

  4. As always , thanks for the updates Ashley! Glad she’s not getting paid, we all know it will go to Geno and their drugs and thugs.

  5. This whole situation is so sad. Her kids not only have to live their lives knowing their mother has spiraled so far out of control, but should she OD, they will likely find out through tabloids before police notification.

  6. Personally, I just don’t care. Pay her, don’t pay her, pay her under the table or pay her through her attorney… everybody have a great time watching it. I have no interest in this pile of road kill.

  7. For the life of me I can’t figure out why anyone would choose a man over their kids! It’s wishful thinking to believe that June will see the light and leave drugs and her user boyfriend any time soon.

    1. She didn’t choose a man over her kids, she chose crack. Geno does it with her and that’s what they do, all day. Smoke crack, that’s what she’s sold everything else to buy.
      I once knew a man who sold the engine out of his car for crack rocks. If June’s lucky, she’ll get some creeps to pay for online porn.

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