Mama June Shannon & Family to Return to Reality Show in New Season: Watch the First Promo for ‘Mama June: Family Crisis’

“But I need the money y’all!”

She’s baaaack….

Well, kind of.

Mama June Shannon— who has spent the last few months on the road, wreaking havoc on the innkeepers of Georgia with her beau, Geno Doak— is apparently making her way back to the WEtv reality show (and the family) she abandoned.

June and her family members, including daughters Lauryn (aka “Pumpkin”) and Alana (aka “Honey Boo Boo”) announced on their social media accounts on Friday that Mama June: From Not to Hot will be returning— but with a new title.

The new season will be entitled Mama June: From Not to Hot Family Crisis, which is much more fitting of the Shannon Family’s current situation.

As The Ashley has previously reported, June sold her Georgia home, in addition to most of her belongings and set out on the open road with Geno last fall. Since then the duo— who are still facing drug possession charges— has caused a ruckus at several hotels they’ve shacked up in, from refusing to pay their large hotel bill to trashing their rooms.

Anyway, the new season’s first promo shows Alana eating her breakfast next to a milk cartoon that features June’s mugshot underneath a “MISSING” headline. All of a sudden the door opens and Alana looks surprised. (Obviously this is all set up and not “real.”) 

“What’s it going to be like when Mama finally comes home?” the narrator, who describes the new season as “shocking,” says. 

Of course, Mama June herself is not shown in the promo (except for her mugshot, naturally). 

Back in December, Lauryn hinted that she and her family may have been back to work on their reality show when she posted a pic of herself, Alana and some of the show’s production team.

“It’s been fun, crazy, and a emotional ride but that’s a wrap for now,” Lauryn captioned the Instagram photo. 

From what The Ashley has heard, the producers were considering changing the focus of the show from Mama June to Lauryn and her family. (Alana is currently living with Lauryn, her husband Josh Efrid and their daughter Ella, and has been for a while now.) They were also considering changing the show’s name to ‘Bringing Up BooBoo’ but apparently decided against it. 

The new season of ‘Mama June’ is scheduled to premiere in March, although no exact date has been released yet.

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(Photos: WEtv, Instagram)

22 Responses

  1. I for one will not be watching it. I think it’s ridiculous to networks to pick this show up again. Alana needs to go on a diet before she ends up with Juvenile diabetes. Families can be dysfunctional but giving it a reality show is just ridiculous

  2. So did anyone else notice the size of the bowl Alana is eating from.. My god it holds over half the box of cereal…. smh and why give Mama June any more money to go and waste.. Let her kids have it and her daughter Anna Too! That poor kid deserves it more than June

  3. The ONLY reason I’m glad the show is coming back is it will give Alana and pumpkin some much needed financial resources. Hopefully they get paid well and can save something for their futures.

  4. I read an article that ginos ex wife tried warning june about him but she didnt listen…he also no longer has a relationship with his 4 kids…what a loser…i feel dumb for actually liking him in the beginning

  5. As much as I used to think Pumpkin was a lunatic during Here comes Honey BooBoo, I really think highly of her now. She acts very mature for her age and raises her sister like a stepmom. Poor kids, however they’re better off without June. She’s a disgusting human being. I’m not even surprised she’s with a drug addict, it’s an upgrade actually from a pedophile who molested her own daughter.

  6. The last thing she needs is another reality show. We all know where the money from this show will go. She needs rehab and intense therapy.

  7. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    This is gross. She’s complicit in the molestation of her own child. Stop giving her shows, stop covering her, let her rot.

  8. Ps. I loved the commercial.
    My mouth dropped when I saw June on the milk carton.
    Kudos to the person who came up with this one.

  9. I wouldn’t think June & BF would be on the show unless they use the ” I want to see my kid” or ” We are ALL going to therapy idea”
    Lord I hope not.
    I like the idea of giving Josh & Pumkin and Alana some money to live on but her mother or father & Mothers BF doesn’t deserve any.

    1. Stop giving this disgusting woman a platform. She’s been garbage since she went back to the man who molested her daughter after he was released from prison. Her getting with a drug addict and picking him over her own children isn’t that surprising when you know she picked a child molester over her kids too. She’s vile.

  10. I am new to Honey Boo scene, I started watching because I wanted to see if June could get that skinny.
    But that being said I don’t mind Pumpkin & Josh & Alana having a show. I’m sure they could use the money. Those 3 seem like good kids considering what they have been thru. I also think highly of Pumkin for taking her little sister in, because doesn’t she have other siblings? And we all know Sugar bear doesn’t need her. Plus I love their baby Ella she’s adorable.

    1. Right?! Where do they think every can’t they pay her will go? How will she deal with tweaking in public??
      Exploitation, disgusting.

  11. There are just some things that are best left alone. There is absolutely no way they will be able to make a successful show with that piece of roadkill.

    You might consider doing an episode with June on Lockup.

    Is there seriously anybody interested in this new show? The producers of this show should be ashamed and prosecuted for exploiting these children and aiding and abetting figures.

  12. Is it horrible for me to say that I hope MTV and WeTV fund the kids on the Teen Mom franchise as well as the others therapy. Couldn’t shows like this do damage to the child(ren) by causing some type of trauma to them?

  13. Good Lord! Enough is enough. June is a disgusting pile of garbage and that pos she married is worse. Always putting men before her kids. Poor alana.

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