Mama June Shannon’s Less-Famous Daughters, Anna & Jessica, Just Underwent Extensive Plastic Surgery Makeovers

Anna and Jessica (middle row, left and center) are back!

Mama June Shannon‘s makeover didn’t last, but her daughters are hoping that they’ll have better luck! 

Jessica Shannon (aka “Chubbs”) and Anna Cardwell (aka “Chickadee”)— who are Mama June’s two oldest daughters– reportedly each underwent massive plastic surgeries makeovers in February, with Anna’s surgeries totaling over $47,000 and Jessica’s coming in at nearly $81,000, according to TMZ.

Fans of June’s first reality show, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, will remember Jessica and Anna, as they both appeared on the TLC show over the course of its run.

Things between Anna and June became estranged in 2014, though, after June began dating a registered sex offender, who had been recently released from prison, where he was serving time for sexually abusing Anna as a child. (That scandal actually led to ‘Honey Boo Boo’ being cancelled by TLC in October 2014.)


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Anyway, TMZ reports that Anna and Jessica flew to Los Angeles to undergo multiple cosmetic procedures. Anna’s surgeries included a breast lift and the addition of D-cup breast implants. She also received 16 veneers from a cosmetic dentist. 

As for Jessica, she underwent a weight loss surgery that has helped her lose 45 pounds, as well as liposuction on her back, bra and flank areas. She also received a tummy tuck and got eight veneers.

Anna and Jessica did not appear on June’s WEtv show Mama June: From Not to Hot. However, they are both managed by Gina Rodriguez, who manages June and her daughters Alana (aka “Honey Boo Boo”) and Lauryn (aka “Pumpkin.”)


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It is not yet know if Jessica and Anna’s makeovers had anything to do with the new season of ‘Mama June: Family Crisis’ that is set to premiere on March 27. TMZ reports that mother-of-two Anna (who is apparently going through a divorce right now from her kids’ father), wanted a new look. Jessica, meanwhile, chose to have the surgeries in hopes of meeting a man and becoming a plus-sized model.

Both Anna and Jessica are reportedly estranged from June. However, they have continued to have a relationship with their sisters.

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16 Responses

  1. Jessica promotes some sort of weight loss shot on her IG. Pretty terrible endorsement considering it doesn’t appear to work at all.

  2. Too funny. Really. Here in LA we sit at brunch getting drunk and laugh at the people who actually ride the TMZ bus with their cellphones all over the place and taking selfies with anyone who looks like a celeb. Chill with the selfies when you visit LA. Stop taking photos of the food on your plate and just eat it. No one is interested in the food you ate here in Hollywood. We really don’t care how it looked on the plate and even less when it ends up in the toilet which is where TLC should be putting this Mama June show already. Stop stealing the seagulls too for your emotional support birds Mama tyJune spawn!

  3. Pretty stupid to get weight loss surgery AND a tummy tuck at the same time…..cause she’ll need another one when she drops the weight. Idiot.

  4. who cares if they get plastic surgery? if they have the money and are still able to take care of things and if it’ll make them feel good about themselves then good for them i can’t stand it when people judge others for getting plastic surgeries

  5. wtf? I have a peleton at home and use my swimmining pool regularly and walk instead of plopping my ass in the car to go to the local grocery store. Are we seriously putting the O2 on these neglected adult bitches of June to make more spawn relevent??? Dentists and plastic surgeons are a dime a dozen! Why bring them to LA?? This shit better be funny this season because the only ones I even care about are Honey Boo Boo and hefat camps r sister and BIL and adorable neice. The rest of them are just “means to an end” for this TLC barf mess. No more beauty pageants or fake jobs or fat camps puhleeze! One and done with that mess.

  6. Am I the only one who goes to the gym? Come on ladies, I see endless hotties at my La Fit, how about some old school work, it certainly less expensive. Plus, I bag most of my babes at the dungeon.

    Stay lit, and fit

    1. Why do two people who do nothing at all and have no talent need a manager?

      Weight loss surgery is a waste on someone who has never taken even attempted to take care of themselves.

      And after scrolling through their IG’s, I wouldn’t take the surgery…I would ask for the money to be put into savings for my children to try and break the chains of generational poverty.

      But I guess that won’t make for good reality tv.

  7. I have never watched this show so my question would be are these pictures before or after? Seems like they have money to burn. And who is who?

    1. Looks like these pictures may be before. Anna is shorter blonde one and Jessica is the taller one with brunette hair I guess you’d say.

  8. I have never watched this show so my question would be are these pictures before or after? Seems like they have money to burn.

    1. Exactly. $40-80k is no joke. That money could be a solid investment for retirement later.

      I’m not bashing them for getting surgery though, I’m just remembering Heidi Montag and all her procedures she got done in a day about a decade ago and she looked miserable. Sometimes too much is too much.

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