New ‘Mama June: Family Crisis’ Trailer Shows June Shannon’s Physical Decline & Her Family Reacting to Her Downward Spiral

“‘So, um, can I get another one of them makeovers?”

The new season of Mama June: From Not to Hot will be entitled “Family Crisis,” and on Friday, WEtv gave us our first look into the crisis June Shannon has created for her family.

In the first real trailer for the new season, we see June’s daughters– Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon and Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson— attempting to deal with their mother’s (alleged) drug problem. We also see the girls battling with Alana’s father Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson and stepmother Jennifer Thompson to keep Pumpkin as Alana’s legal guardian.

The new trailer gives us our first real on-camera glimpse of Mama June, looking rougher than even before her ‘Hot to Not’ Season 1 makeover.

The family matriarch— who has been off causing a ruckus with her boyfriend Geno Doak for nearly a year– is shown with missing teeth, frazzled hair and an generally unhealthy looking appearance.

“I don’t even know who she is anymore,” Alana says in an interview about her mom. 

“Mama has turned into a walking ‘This is your brain on drugs’ commercial!”

“June is not in a safe place,” June’s sister Doe Doe Shannon says. “Geno’s got such a hold on her. I need to go over there and just snatch her up!” 

Doe Doe then vows to head to Alabama (where June and Geno were staying at the time) and find her sister.

“I don’t care how many rocks I have to turn over to find June,” she tells the camera. “I’m not leaving Alabama until I do!” 

The new season will also cover many of June and Geno’s hi-jinks from the last year, including their March 2019 arrest for drug possession, Geno crashing a car into June’s then-home in June 2019, and them showing up to their court date in September (which Doe Doe showed up at to ambush June).

Later in the trailer, we see Sugar Bear and Jennifer come to Pumpkin’s house, after Alana posted a video to social media in August 2019 in which she pretended to snort cocaine. It appears they are no longer happy with Pumpkin being Alana’s temporary legal guardian.

“I think it’s time for us to rethink this custody agreement,” Jennifer says, to which Pumpkin replies, “I’ll see you in court!” 

“I’m about to brawl me a Bear, y’all!”

June even seems to make an appearance in the trailer, as Dr. Ish Major is talking to June’s family. It appears that Pumpkin storms out when June enters the room. June, looking haggard, tearfully tells the camera, “No one knows what the real story is!” 

Pumpkin explains that June told her that there were people “after” her (and presumably Geno), and now those people may come after Pumpkin and the family.

“This is a dangerous situation,” she says, later adding, “I just don’t think that Mama understands that everything she does effects all of us too,” Pumpkin says. 

A few weeks ago, TMZ reported that June was not being paid for participating in the new season of her reality show, due to the fact that she had not done any on-camera interviews for it. However, this trailer seems to show June actually doing at least one interview, so it is unknown if she will be paid for her time.

The new season of ‘Mama June: From Not to Hot: Family Crisis’ premieres Friday, March 27 on WEtv. Watch the new trailer below! 

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(Photos: WEtv)


  1. Doe Doe: “I don’t care how many rocks I have to turn over to find June,”

    Me: “Psst….She’s under that big crack rock right there!”🥴

  2. Here you go thumbs down haters. Mama June pimped out all of her own real blood children and every man she screwed for her own drug use. But the biggest pimp of all is in charge right now because he screwed the srcrewed the screwer. He got her with fake love, fake money, and real drugs and gawd only knows what diseases she has from screwing him all over the dirty hotels and back alleys. Hopefully the kids will now screw the pooch (aka MAMA JUNE) and go on and live life like it should be lived. Until she is ready to surrender to real lock up intervention without the cameras this “mom” will go on using everyone and everyone for her own monetary gain. Drugs kill. Fame kills. Reality stars are ending up in jail every day.

  3. Great article! How many times can you bring a dead horse back to life (aka MAMA JUNE)? This show needed to stop after Honey Boo Boo but for some entertaining reason they just keep pumping carbon dioxide back into whatever thread of a story line is there and create another “reality” show. Truth be told this is one of the top 10 best reasons to divorce your parent(s). We don’t live in their homes and only see what we see on the news and then various outlets (TMZ, etc…) but the sad part of this is how this takes a toll on the children of June.

  4. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    This show doesn’t seem funny cute or endearing anymore. Help them

  5. I suppose that Pumpkin can get a work permit for Alana. I hate to even try to talk about them because of the stupid names. How old is Alana now? Everybody knows the production company gets the money and all these hicks will be forgotten if they don’t bring in ratings.

    I never watched the show and I don’t think now is the time to start. One among a thousand but I don’t care to watch misery but misery loves company and as long as they have viewers, the production will keep using them.

        1. Nope. She looks nothing like Kail. Last I checked Kail has all her teeth and washes her hair. Just cuz they are both blonde doesn’t mean they look alike.

          1. Did u look at her maternity shoot. Look like she hadn’t washed her hair in at least a week.

      1. Icknore the trolls haves 🙂 Akin to ALL social media. Haters gonna hate. Thumbs up thumbs down who cares. You have the right to voice your opinion. The more thumbs down you get the more REAL your are and not a drunk troll on their cellphone. Thanks for your input!

  6. No doubt this is heartbreaking and traumatic enough for a minor to deal with in real life, let alone have it plastered all over TV. This show needs to go off air for Alana’s well being.

    1. How in the world do bio dad and stepmom think they’ll get custody? That’s ridiculous! She’s doing better in her sister’s care. Nope. Not going to use the silly nicknames.

  7. No one in their whole “situation” is healthy either physically or mentally. The whole Hillbilly schtick was played out like five minutes after they first got a show. Honey Boo Boo is going to turn out just like her mother because of this horrible unhealthy situation because these people have gotten used to the reality tv cash. For the sake of the children they need to never be on tv again, let them get proper educations and prepare them for the real world. This will not end well.

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