Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson Pretends to Snort Cocaine During Instagram Live

“Now, where on earth did you learn that?”

Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson turned some heads this week by pretending to snort a line of cocaine on Instagram live—- an ill-timed joke as her mom, Mama June Shannon, is currently (allegedly) battling drug addiction. 

Alana simulated the act while answering fan questions Thursday evening on the social media app.

“OK, guys we’re gonna have to cut off the camera really quick, ’cause I have to do something,” Alana, who is only 13, told her fans before pretending to snort some nose candy.

Shortly after, someone can be heard going off on Alana from behind the camera—presumably her older sister, LaurynPumpkin” Shannon, whom she is currently living with.

“Alana, quit f**king doing … don’t even f**king mimic that on f**king Live, don’t f**king ever do that again,” Pumpkin can be heard yelling. “Acting like a f**king idiot on Live, that’s why you don’t go Live on your f**king Instagram!”

As those who have kept up with the Mama June: From Not to Hot family already know, Pumpkin became Alana’s caretaker shortly after June and her boyfriend Geno Doak were arrested for crack cocaine in March. June’s family even went as far as to hold a drug intervention for her, as fans saw last season. 

As of a month ago, Alana still refuses to move back in with June until Geno is out of the picture and continues to live with her sister and her family in the meantime. (As The Ashley previously reported, Geno went “Live” himself last month, defending his actions, calling out WEtv and the producers of Mama June’s show for allegedly allowing drug use on set in the past, and declaring that he’s not going anywhere in the video rant!) 

On Thursday, Pumpkin shared on Instagram that Alana, who she referred to as her “sister/daughter,” was starting high school this week. 

“Well everyone my little sister/daughter is going to be a freshman in high school starting tomorrow morning. Where has the time gone? So excited to be going through this big adventure with you … ,” her post read. 

Watch the clip of Alana’s Instagram live below.

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(Photos: TLC, Twitter, Instagram) 


      1. I don’t what happened to Jessica aka Chubbs. But Anna aka Chickadee got married and had another daughter.

          1. That is great! Chubs always seemed like she had a good head on her shoulders. Good for her! It seems like both Chubs and Chick keep their distance and I certainly don’t blame them.

    1. I hope Pumpkin and her misfits get their own show, its not their fault what their mom has done. They deserve money more then most of the Teen Moms and they are funny. Have you even watched this show? Not the old one, the new one. I cant judge on the old I never watched it.

  1. Kind of off topic, but what’s with all the kids starting school in July? We were always the end of August and all my nephews are starting early to mid August.

    1. This is August not July. Pumpkin posted that on her Instagram 2 days ago (July 31). So that means she would be starting school the first of week August.

      1. I grew up in Florida and live in Alabama, and all my nephews are in those two states. But even they’re going back earlier than I did, by a couple weeks at least, but they’re still getting out at the end of may like I did, so I guess summer is just getting shorter.

        1. I remember that when I was in college I always got out 1 month before the public schools released and didn’t have to go back until 1 month after they started back. The typical summer vacation for the public schools around here is almost 2 months, but the summer vacation in college was 4 months.

        2. So strange to me! I live in Canada and we got out at the end of June and go back after Labour Day weekend (long weekend between August & September). These kids going back to school in the middle of summer confuses me. But summer is shorter the farther north you are I suppose…

          1. Regina, that’s how we did it when I lived in NY. School ended in late June, and started up right after Labor Day.

  2. Obviously a joke, everyone knows you smoke crack and snort coke and Momma June and Geno are Rock Monsters. Plus you can’t eat on wiff and that’s surly not happening.

      1. whiff. A whiff can mean the hint of something you smell. When you drive past the sewage treatment plant and suddenly roll up your car windows, it’s usually because you’ve gotten a whiff of the plant’s special odor. Whiff can be used as either a noun or verb, and it implies a brief or small puff or sniff.

        Just googled it .

  3. Pretty bad when this type of story no longer gets any kind of reaction. Now it’s just every day life.

    1. School always started after labor day back when I went and in the area I am from. About ten years ago I would say, school has been starting before labor day and seems to start earlier every year, lol.

      1. Right-I remember when the close of summer and freedom were marked by Labor Day Weekend. I will say that the schools now have a lot more days off throughout the school year. Im already marking the first 4 day weekend in early September!

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