“90 Day Fiance” Star Colt Johnson (and His Mom Debbie!) Appears in Music Video…and The Ashley Recaps It

“Somehow these flowers smell like kitty litter!”

File this under “What the Hell Did I Just Watch?!”

Colt Johnson revealed on Thursday that he recently starred in a music video for artist Alex Winston…and, after watching it, The Ashley can confirm that the video is like a bad dream you’d have after binge-watching 90 Day Fiance!

But, you do get to watch Colt make one of his many cats dance, so there’s that…

The music video— which is for Alex’s song “Miss U 1000000”— stars Colt and Alex as  lovers in a long-distance romance. (Sound familiar?) We watch as Alex Facetimes with Colt (and Cookie Dough the Cat, naturally), and as Colt preps to pick up Alex (dancing next to a photo of her in her Chili’s waitress uniform…as you do). We are also treated to watching Colt spray cologne on his pits.

I’m fairly certain that cat is flipping Colt off for making him be in this video…

Colt sings the “Tell me how you feeeeel” chorus (with a little help from auto-tune, thankfully), as he walks through the airport and counts his $1 bills to see if he has enough allowance money from Mother Debbie to buy his love some airport flowers. (Spoiler alert: he does! He must have cleaned out Deb’s living room slot machine before he left!) 

The lovers finally meet, embrace and get into Colt’s car, where he proceeds to dance, sing and snap his fingers to the beat. (That right there should have been enough for poor Alex to decide to take her chances, open the door of the moving car and barrel-roll herself outta there!) 

After stopping for a selfie at the Las Vegas Sign, Colt takes Alex to his cat-filled abode. She’s impressed by feline offerings, but even more so by the special guest she meets next.

Mother Debbie is in the building, people!

A pic with Deb AND her slot machine? The Ashley’s not gonna lie: she’s kind of jealous!

Mother Debbie has dressed herself in her finest flannel for the occasion, and even shows Alex her beloved living room slot machine. Alex takes selfies with Deb, as Colt goes upstairs to sing into his hairbrush (again, as you do…)

We finish things up with some awkward winking, awkward lip-syncing…and Colt cleaning his ears with a Q-tip.

How to make listening to this video more tolerable…

Colt posted the video to his Instagram, along with the message, “I had a great time collaborating with Alex Winston @iamalexwinston with her new song Miss U 1000000. Check it out and her other songs on YouTube at AlexWinstonMusic.”

In the comment section of the post, Alex clarified to fans that she and Colt are not dating. (After watching him clean his ears, can you really blame the girl?)

The Ashley hates to admit it but the song is rather catchy…in sort of a communicable disease sorta way, but still…

Watch the music video below! 

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(Photos: YouTube) 

15 Responses

  1. Colteeeees boobies make me want to vomit ! He seemed to go up a cup size every bloody episode ! He’s creepy!

  2. As a Las Vegas local, I have to say they made a good choice of choosing to record their airport shots in terminal 3, It’s always empty there! ?
    On a more serious note, I could only tolerate about 2 minutes before I just stopped watching.

  3. I like how Coltee is using that cat to A} Cover the fact that his buttons are ready to pop right off that ill fittin’ shirt.. and B) To shield us from the atrocity known as Coltee Moobees.

    I wish Coltee and his sentient eyebrows Godspeed…. and Debbie, well, John Candy said it best in Uncle Buck when he met with the principal..(go ahead, Google “Uncle Buck (8/10) Movie CLIP – Moley Russel’s Wart”) ..?

  4. Smart move to ask Cole, hopefully the right people will see this because she’s not bad at all.
    The highlights of this clip however, ‘lust destroys’ and Deb hanging out with a girl Cole brought home that only pushes the buttons on her slot machine.

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