Court Papers Say “Transient” Farrah Abraham is Avoiding Being Served Court Documents for the $101,000 She Allegedly Owes in Unpaid Store Rent

“Catch me– and my money– if you can!”

Farrah Abraham is allegedly avoiding being served court papers regarding some unpaid rent. Maybe she slipped out the backdoor? 

See what we did there?

According to Radar Online, the former Teen Mom OG star has successfully dodged receiving legal documents regarding $101,000 in unpaid rent on her (now closed) stores near Austin, Texas.

The Backdoor Teen Mom was was sued in February, along with her ex-boyfriend Simon Saran, but so far, no one has been able to find Farrah long enough to serve her with the legal papers!

Documents obtained by Radar Online claim that the plaintiff (FHF 1 Oaks at Lakeway) in Farrah’s case is now asking a judge if Farrah’s father Michael Abraham or another family member can be served in order to move the case along. 

“I guess they can bring the documents to my house… but only if they stick around to listen to my new raps!”

Court documents filed last week state that a “Motion for Substitute Service on Defendant Abraham” has been filed due to Farrah being MIA. The plaintiff in Farrah’s case claims that serving her the papers is complicated because she is “a transient individual as evidenced by [her] Instagram account.”

Efforts were even made to locate the ‘Teen Mom’ Transient by monitoring her whereabouts on her social media. (That’s no easy task though. Based off of her Instagram postings alone, Farrah has been in Dubai, The Bahamas, Bali, Singapore, Atlanta, California, Iowa, New York, Mexico, Texas and Nevada so far this year.)

“Plaintiff has attempted to serve Abraham multiple times via hand delivery at multiple locations,” the court documents claim. “Each attempted service location was based on their (1) Abraham’s usual place of business, (2) Abraham’s usual place of abode, or (3) other addresses where Abraham could potentially be found.”

“Try harder next time, Process Servers!”

When Farrah stated on Instagram that she was at a barbecue joint, a process server scurried over there to catch her in the restaurant and place the legal papers in her barbecue-sauce-covered mitts, but they were unsuccessful.

“Plaintiff tried to serve Abraham when it saw she was in Austin at Terry Black’s BBQ, but by the time the process server arrived, Abraham had left.”

“Are you sure you have the RIGHT Farrah Abraham? The one who’s the Number 1 Celebrity In Our Nation?”

Back in February,  the company that owns the Oaks at Lakeway Mall in Texas—- where Farrah operated her Furnished by Farrah store and the Sophia Laurent Children’s Boutique—- stated in court documents that Farrah signed two five-year leases for the stores in 2016. However, as The Ashley previously reported, both businesses (as well as her Froco yogurt shop) shuttered in 2018. The Plaintiff claims Farrah abandoned the store locations— and her alleged lease.

The new court documents state that Farrah was notified that she is still on the hook for the unpaid rent.

“In addition, F&S failed to make the required monthly payments under the First Lease and Second Lease. On October 3, 2018, Plaintiff gave notice to F&S that if F&S failed to pay all outstanding amounts by October 10, 2018, F&S would be in default.” 

Farrah’s attorney claims they have “no intention on making further payments under either lease agreement,” which FHF 1 Oaks at Lakeway claims is a “material breach of Guaranties.” 

“Despite written demand for payment, Defendants Abraham and Saran failed, refused and continue to refuse to pay Plaintiff the amounts due and owing under the First Lease and the Second Lease,” the lawsuit reads. “This failure to pay the amounts due and owing constitutes a material breach of the Guaranties.” 

Since no one has been able to locate Farrah to serve her the legal papers, the Plaintiff is now requesting that the court authorize service by leaving a copy of Farrah’s citation with anyone over the age of 16 years old at her father’s home in Austin, and that the process server be allowed to attach a copy of the citation to the main entrance of the house. Previous attempts to serve Farrah the lawsuit at Michael’s house made on March 6 and March 9 were unsuccessful as a man, presumably Michael, told the server to “get off the property and not to come back.” 

“The next time you guys show up at my house, I’m chucking a box of unsold silicone Farrah toys in your direction!”

According to court documents, the server tried another Austin residence on March 5 but the address “does not exist.” Efforts were also made to deliver the papers to Farrah’s former Austin home on March 12, March 15, March 19 and March 21. On the final attempt, a couple informed the server that they had purchased the home from Farrah a year prior and that the ‘Teen Mom’ star no longer lives there. 

(No word if the process server checked the Porta-Potty that may still be out in the driveway of the house to see if Farrah was hiding in there.)


Based on Farrah’s latest Instagram posts, she is currently in Los Angeles. 

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(Photos: Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images; MTV; Facebook; WEtv; Instagram) 


  1. I watched a couple of episodes when she was opening the frozen yoghurt shop… The way she treated her staff was DISGUSTING to say the very least!
    She had one young girl working for her, the girl was new to the job…..but rather than train her properly, “plastic Farrah” constantly belittled her and was just an outright bitch. She called her “stupid” and if she couldn’t get the hang of it IN A DAY there was no point in keeping her there and told this young girl “she was wasting her time ” FARRAHS TIME!.

    Farrah sacked her! Humiliating this poor girl in front of customers ( which I think there were about 3-4) and of course the MTV crew !

      1. That she is……. She probably recycles the youghurt for her “vag” , it’s supposedly supposed to help ease thrush !!!! Eeeeeeewwwwww. NEVER rating yoghurt again !🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

        1. Farrahs-Frozen-Frush-yogbutt 😂😂😂

          Yes I know it’s called thrush, but ( pardon the bun) I couldn’t resist saying frush.

  2. They should send her a fake invite for a VIP celebrity guest to a made up event. They can have her come to them!

    1. That’s a BRILLIANT idea, Not only is she a whore,,,, She’s a media whore !
      Spencer, I think you should get some sort of reward bonus!👍

    2. Ask vivid to serve her ( and don’t mean sexual). I’m sure she would rush to the vivid headquarters, when she arrives SERVE her with the papers

  3. Farrah Abraham.

    Spoke about the Middle East conflict, it takes talent for a whore to speak out of all of her holes

  4. This girl is SOOOOO fake, I bet there’s about a million guys out there questioning whether or not the orgasms with them were ” real” 🤔😂

  5. Now this is a show I would watch!

    Instead of “Where is the World is Carmen San Diego?” It’s “Where in the world is Farrah Abraham?”

    Each episode is her just getting off some place to avoid being served. We just watch as she globetrots, and Im assuming dn a series of disguises. Colorful wigs, fake mustaches, elaborate back stories, lots of denial.

    It’d be like a cross between Keeping Up The Kardashians, Amazing Race, The Simple Life, World’s Dumbest Criminals, and Live PD.

    1. YEP, Little Sophia will be next to BLOSSOM into this dysfunctional family! A and…..Bang Sophias received breast implants for her 10th birthday and she’ll be pimping her out !!!!
      I know they’re harsh words, but in Farrahs case nothing would surprise me !

        1. Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrkk I nearly choked to death then. Even my hubby cracked up laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. There is a rumor Farrah will be doing another movie with a different porn company. It will be a threesome with 2 men.

    1. I wonder what’s going to happen when she runs out of places to put plastic in ..🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔OHHHHHHH hang on , I just remembered 😂😂😂😂😂

          1. Eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww, She’d have the same “fishy” smell. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

          2. Eeeeeeeeeewwwwww she’d have that same “fishy” smell 😂😂😂😂😂😂

          3. I wonder if she asks …..Would you like fries with that


          4. I wonder if she asks ….. would you like fries with that


  7. After doing multiple reality tv series,XXX films,making a bust out of her vagina to sell in adult shops,writing a column for Penthouse,selling her home plus other endeavors SHE has the money to pay this off and be done with it. She chooses NOT to which sends a terrible message to her daughter and shows she has ZERO character. I would not accept her on ANY show and let her work full time a real job to pay her bills.

    1. Why don t they hit “MUM” up for some money out of the profits of her AMAZING RAP CAREER, …… NOT !!!!!!!!! LOL
      Maybe mum could mould her “vag” as well !
      DISGUSTING family!

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    F*** how plastic does Farrah look, take her to a recycling plant and they’d recover a fortune!!!!!. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Hi Andrea, all ok with me, how are you, my friend?

      She is More plastic than Lego..

      Only difference is, people enjoy playing with Lego.

      Farrah is more of a pump n dump. ( for the sugar daddies that is)

        1. Dejesus cracks me up with some of her one liners, She always manages to catch me when I’m having a sip of my drink and I usually end up coughing and snorting it out of my nose 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤧🤧🤧😂😂😂
          It happens with some of the comments you leave too! Boy ! Imagine if we all lived close to each other 🏠🏠🏠

      1. Your one liners crack me up !!!!! GOD that Farrah is a feral thing! She DEFINITELY would have to walk around constantly with a butt plug and a tampon so she dosen’t leave a leaky trail everywhere she goes !

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        1. Not so we’ll. I got sick last weekend, and my husband had to stay home and help me. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any more vacation time left, and we’re struggling.

          1. Oh my god hun that’s terrible, Is it the flu ? We’ve had a REALLY BAD bout of it going around here. Both my hubby and I were sick and my MIL was also hit with it just keeps lingering. I think I’m over the worst of it but my hubby has been hit with it again. He actually AGREED to me taking him to the Doctors today so I’ve got him all tucked up. He’s actually on bereavement leave at the moment ( due to my mum passing last month) so we’re trying to stay indoors and keep warm.
            If you lived closer I’d come and help look after you hun.😕🤧💐

  11. Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend

    Farrah is Water

    1. Hiya DEJESUS 🙂 . How are you my friend?
      F*** how plastic does Farrah look, take her to a recycling plant and they’d recover a fortune!!!!!. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. @casydav I’m sure they did , with the answer : I no longer represent Farrah”
      Farrah most likely didn’t pay her attorney either

  12. They should be able to just drop it off at Michael’s place and say she was properly served. I don’t think there’s a way to stop her from flying until she’s served, that would be the easiest way. They could always get her to do an interview and figure out where she is that way.

    1. I’ve been served a couple of times and as far as I remember they NEED to LEGALLY give it to the person listed on the court documents. That way they can’t ever say they never got the court papers. That’s why in movies they ask the name and if you respond “yes” they hand you the papers and say “you’ve been served. Have a nice day” and disappear.

      1. It’s the same way here in Australia, they have to physically place the papers in the hands of the person listed…..
        F*** Glad I’m not Farrah!!!!! And not just for the papers fiasco…….

        1. That makes sense. If Farrah chooses not to show up after getting served, then what would happen? I’ve never been served.

          1. I’ve never been served either ( thank god) . But if she is served and dosen’t show up for court, a judge can then issue a warrant for her arrest.
            She’s got a shitload of money so I don’t know why she just dosen’t pay the outstanding amount….. Or does she think she’s that special she can do whatever she likes!
            One things for sure ,,, the buisness’s she’s had and to lose them all, She obviously hasn’t got a head for buisness ( No pun intended) lol

  13. What happened to the job at penthouse? They can serve her through her employer. I try not to keep up on Farrah, maybe that job fell through.

    1. If Jenelle and David still have custody of those poor abused kids and animals then Sophia has no hope! I think these CPS workers go through less training for their jobs than David did to start his farm.

  14. Just tell the process server to check the yachts of middle eastern millionaires. She’ll pop up on one eventually.

  15. Check the bedroom of the Arab in Dubai. That’s where these whores hang out for a few extra bucks. She was there not too long ago.

    1. LOL… Farrah’s heyday in the p0rn industry is long gone… actually, she’s the only teen mom that can claim that they’re in an ‘industry,’ despite Amber’s attempts. Farrah will never get paid close to what she got paid for that first backdoor video, when she could be marketed as the ‘almost virginal teen mom. Banging gross old middle Eastern men on yachts must pay more than p0rn! Plus, she can bring Sophia with her and lock her in a hotel room! Win/win!

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