Taylor Selfridge— Girlfriend of ‘Teen Mom OG’ Dad Cory Wharton— Shows Off Her Boob Job & Talks About Her Surgery in New Video

“Here’s a look at what you guys won’t be seeing on Teen Mom OG.”

Eleven months after welcoming daughter Mila with boyfriend and Teen Mom OG dad Cory Wharton, Taylor Selfridge revealed on The Wharton Family YouTube channel that she got a boob job four months ago and is “very happy” with her results.

Taylor explained in the YouTube video that she had been wanting to go under the knife for quite some time because she felt that her boobs were “very small.” After giving birth to Mila in April 2020, she said her breasts did get larger, however they also dropped, so she decided it was finally time to undergo the procedure.

“I actually got them done while Cory [was gone] on The Challenge and I was home with my mom, so I could get lots of help with Mila,” Taylor said. “I was in Seattle.”

(The surgery took place in September 2020, which would mean Cory was away filming the “Double Agents” season, which is currently airing on MTV.)

Taylor told fans that she went from a 34B to a 36DD, using a 375cc implant.

“I owe ya big time, MTV… “

As fans of ‘Teen Mom OG’ may remember, Taylor was fired from the show in June of last year for past racist tweets, but Cory has continued to film with Cheyenne Floyd the mother of his first daughter, Ryder. Cory also competes on of The Challenge that will have him and both he and Taylor previously appeared on Ex on the Beach. (Shockingly, this isn’t even a full list of all the MTV reality shows Cory has appeared on.)

In the video, Taylor showed off her new look while demonstrating to fans why she needed to go up a few sizes in bathing suit tops. Naturally, Cory stole the spotlight took an opportunity to show off how he looked in the smaller top, as well.

“Sorry, Tay… I gotta give the people what they want!”

“I’m very happy with my boobs, I’m glad I got them done,” Taylor said. “I’ve gotten my confidence back … I think my doctor did a really good job.”

Taylor is certainly not the only ‘Teen Mom’ star to go under the knife to get new boobs. In February, Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus underwent her fifth boob job (and, no, you didn’t read that wrong; it really was her fifth).

Also sporting a new(ish) rack is Cory’s other baby mama, Cheyenne Floyd, who got breast implants in February 2020. (Most of the other ‘Teen Mom’ girls have had their boobs done, but they were done years ago.) 

You can watch Taylor’s full video below!

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(Photos: MTV; YouTube)

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  1. Good for her. If this was what she felt she needed to feel more confident in her post-baby body, then so what???

    Must have been a great surprise for Corey to come home to lmfao

  2. Omg did she not just have a baby? I had 3 and my knockers aren’t really knocking anymore lol. I would love to get my breasts fixed but I’m more worried about the pain. I think I’ll live with what’s left. But shouldn’t these girls wait until they’re done having babies to fix things? I would be worried I’d mess up the work.

    1. Yeah, I doubt they only want one child together. What a waste of money. As soon as she has the next baby, she’ll need them done again. And repeat for any other kids too. Not to mention going under anesthesia is always a risk. Why risk the chance your kids lose their mother many times instead of just doing it once when you’re done having babies.

    2. It doesn’t always mess up the work. I had a friend who had hers done to about the same size as Taylor’s and she had another baby. They still looked great after giving birth.

  3. I mean I have no strong feelings against the girl but the fact she is dating someone biracial has zero bearing on her racial sensitivity, or lack thereof

    1. It actually has everything to so with it, do u think that if she was truly racially insensitive she would be dated a guy who is HALF BLACK?

        1. But the slave/slave owner thing is more than like forced (do this or die) whereas this thing with Corey is a consensual decision (he dont own her so she obviously loves him or she wouldn’t be there with or without a kid).

          There’s a difference in HAVING to do something than WANTING to.

          That is the point I’m making.

      1. You can have mixed children, black friends, mixed family members and STILL be racist and/or ignorant to racial injustices.

        1. As a teenager I absolutely agree. But that was like 7-8 years ago so shouldn’t it be time to forgive and forget?? I know it’s hard, but shouldn’t people at least TRY?? People do grow and change with age.

          Hell, blacks call each other the N word from time to time. If that’s considered okay and nobody calls that racism, why is this?

          1. I agree that Taylor has probably grown as a person and actually does feel bad for what she tweeted as a stupid teen.

            I 100% DISAGREE with your statement that because you have mixed children, that you can’t be racist. You CAN be racist and have mixed children.

          2. I honestly don’t see how???

            It seems kind of hypocritical to me. Why show if you don’t have love?

        2. Isnt that just human nature to let a remark slip when angry.

          Some kids just push the limits and the parent snaps no matter the race.

          Its sad but true

          1. Yeah, I’ve been angry and told my children they’re pissing me off. I’ve never been angry and called my children a racial slur. It’s not a “remark that slips” and should never be one, especially not to your children.

          2. I 100% agree that a racial slur, homophobic slur or a physical and/or mental disability slur shouldn’t be something that just slips.

            But unfortunately for some parents it does

            Like I said, “sad but true”

          3. Than they shouldn’t have mixed race children. Pretty fucking simple. If you, as a parent, cannot stop your angered self from calling your child a racial slur, then you should not be a parent. Period. There’s no “it slipped, I didn’t mean.” Stop excusing shitty behavior.

          4. It’s not just racial slurs that come out, homophobic slurs come out or slurs towards a mental and/or physically handicap come out.

            I’m not making excuses for it, it’s wrong…point blank. But unfortunately it happens.

            I’m physically handicapped but I received the angry lashings out of a father who was mad that he couldn’t teach me to do the things he could do with my sisters (hunting, fishing, etc)

  4. Taylor Selfridge was fired from TMOG because of racial comment she made when she was a freaking teenager…soooo why are we talking about her? Just asking

  5. I always tell my daughter that I gave her boobs when she complains about being short.

    Honestly I would kill to go back to being a 34B. My back would thank me.

    1. Wearing a good, supportive bra, and having a good posture makes all the difference. I’m a 34F and I’ve never had back pain. I also wear a bra 24/7 to fight gravity as well. 😉

      1. That’s all well and good for you, but what about those with conditions like scoliosis that cant stand up straight or people with handicaps that can’t stand at all.

          1. It’s not really an exception when what works for you may or may not work for someone else.

            You know, different stroke for different folks and all that jazz.

  6. I don’t understand that… she went under anesthesia for surgery basically 6 months after giving birth. My ribs were still not back in their original position at that time and the trauma from giving birth made me want to avoid the hospital for a long time afterwards.

    If you want to get surgery, I’m all for it, but most of the TM girls seem to get it at the worst possible times for their bodies. It makes me feel a bit ill.

    1. Like Kail and Briana getting their vayjayjay redone, butt stuffed and fat sucked out only to get preggers again two months later. These dingbats didn’t get on Teen Mom because they won the prize for an intelligence contest.

  7. Whatever happened to getting a drastic new haircut/color and having people wonder “what’s new about her?”…..I guess I’m old school.

      1. She can’t be too racially insensitive, shes dating a biracial guy!!!

        Besides, it was one comment when she was like 18 or 19

  8. I was a D cup in 5th grade yes you didn’t read that wrong – 5th grade….. I hated them and somehow went down to a small B. After being pregnant they got huge again. I’m a small person and gave birth at less then 140lbs- my normal weight is 100-120. I don’t see why people want huge boobs cause nothing fits right and I feel like I’m going topple over. I wish my insurance would cover a reduction….

    1. This!!! Been a DD most of my life. After babies they flopped into a large D. NOTHING fits right and less than nothing fits right with saggy, after baby, large boobs. I’d LOVE a reduction

    2. I had the very opposite of your experience. I was always smaller on the top than I was around my hips, 32B was my average. They blew up when I breastfed, but as soon as I stopped, they shrivelled up to nothing – literally loose skin with nothing inside it. I hated my for years, and clothes didn’t fit me either. I have had my implants for about 8 years, and wish I had done it sooner. I admit, I had always envied girls like you, who were well developed. But everybody is different, and only you know what works for your body.

      1. Same, went from a 34B to a 34AA after my kids *sigh* I think about getting them done just back to a B. As someone with a bad back I don’t get why people willingly go up to a D or DD, my back hurts thinking about it.

        1. I’m have Spina Bifida so I’m in a wheelchair and the disease caused me to stop growing so I’m 4 foot 3 at 33 years old. I’ve had DD since was like 12. I want to get them reduced but the call it an elective procedure and considering my health issues, they wont perform elective procedures on me.

    3. One of my employees was a GGG (yes – triple G), and barely 5 feet tall. Insurance approved a reduction for her last summer, after 3 years of her doctor attempting to convince them that the surgery would cost way less than the back problems she continued to suffer from. I’ve never seen someone so excited to schedule a surgery!

      1. But does she have kidney, bladder and countless other issues from a birth defect?

        That was my point more that height thing. I have issues attributed to the birth defect that the excess of unnecessary anesthetic could be problematic.

    4. I had a benign tumor removed and they had to remove surrounding tissue so that made it a partial mastectomy. That meant I could get a reduction and have it covered by insurance. I was thrilled. Talk about lemonade out of lemons.

      1. Having a medical issue come up later in life is one thing but my condition is a LIFELONG birth defect.

        I’m 33 and have had upwards of 10-15 NECESSARY life saving procedures. But a UNNECESSARY procedure requiring anesthetic could prove problematic to me in the future.

        1. I was just sharing my story of how getting a rare tumor and having a cancer scare turn out to be a positive for me. Phyllodes tumors are treated as cancerous when removed so I got a partial masectomy. Also had to take a chemo medication for 5 years because due to the tumor Im at a slightly increased risk for breast cancer.

          If Taylor wants to get the surgery so what. Everyone should be allowed to do what they want with their own body without judgment.

          1. It sounded like you were taking a crack at me for having a different circumstance and not being able to undergo an unnecessary procedure when I’ve already gone through so many neccessary procedures.

            I’m sorry.

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