‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Briana DeJesus Gets a Brother, Cheyenne Floyd Gets a Boob Job & More

Settle into your couch cushion indention and dive into The Ashley’s latest Teen Mom News Pile…

From incorrectly talking about caucuses to announcing the upcoming birth of your clickbait baby, the stars (past and present) of the Teen Mom franchise have had quite the busy week! 

In an effort to get you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile. Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last few days…

Cheyenne Floyd confirmed that she recently got a boob job.

“I mean…do they even let you be on a ‘Teen Mom’ show if you DON’T get fake boobs!?”

‘Teen Mom OG’ star Cheyenne recently confirmed that she has joined the ranks of most of the other ‘Teen Mom’ girls and gone under the knife to enhance her breasts. Last week, Cheyenne posted a photo to Instagram that was intended to be an ad, but fans couldn’t help but notice that Chey’s bust seemed much more, um, ample than usual.

When fans accused her of getting a boob job, Cheyenne didn’t deny that she had undergone the procedure. In fact, she basically confirmed it in her responses.

“You don’t know what I did or WHY I did it,” Cheyenne wrote to one person. “It could be medically or it could be because it’s MY body so who gives a f**k.”


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Taking all Valentine’s Day offers ?❤️ @fashionnova FashionNovaPartner

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Later in the comments, Cheyenne responded to someone asking about Dr. Ashkan Ghavami. Cheyenne responded that there is a video of “what they did” surgery-wise.

“It’s coming I was waiting to heal to film a video with everything,” Cheyenne said.

Cheyenne’s fellow ‘Teen Mom’ franchise co-star, Briana DeJesus, also recently had her breasts altered (again); however, her work was done by Dr. Miami. 

Farrah Abraham shows general confusion about what goes on in her hometown.  

“Welcome to Nebraska, aka The Show Me State.”

In a recent radio interview, former ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham touted some of Omaha, Nebraska’s greatest offerings; however, much like Farrah herself, the whole thing was botched all to hell. 

“I have to say, being born and raised in the Midwest was actually everything,” she said. “It really had me foundationally ready for a lot of the things that I do in bigger cities ironically. And I guess Omaha, Nebraska, is a big city like, you have Warren Buffett, like, you have global things happening there, like, the caucus, the presidential, like, running starts in Iowa, right there in Omaha, Nebraska, it’s right there. Umm, there’s a lot of good things, like Olympics and College World Series … . “ 

OK, there’s a lot to unpack here, and we’re not even going to touch Farrah’s invention of the word “foundationally” 

“Umm, pretty sure that’s a real word. Or at least it is in Nebraska.”

First off, we have to give Farrah credit because billionaire Warren Buffett is, in fact, from Omaha; however, Farrah probably only knows that from her hours spent Googling “richest men in America” in an effort to expand her yachting clientele. Moving along… 

We hate to be the ones to break it to you Farrah, but presidential elections in the United States are not, nor will they ever be “global events” and as you mentioned yourself, the 2020 Iowa Democratic caucuses began in Iowa.

Iowa… as in not Nebraska. 

“If anyone knows caucuses, it’s me! Just ask James Deen!”

As for Farrah’s recollection of the Olympics happening in Omaha, well, that flat out never happened; however, U.S. Olympic swim trials have been held in the city since 2008, so maybe Farrah is mistaking the trials for the actual Olympics. 

Farrah did manage to rattle off a second correct city fun fact during her interview, as the College World Series is held annually in Omaha. Nevertheless, this interview was far from a home run. 

Briana DeJesus reveals she has a 14-year-old brother from another mother. 

“Please don’t let this teenager ask to live in my new house.”

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Briana revealed this week that she recently learned she has a younger brother. After going to see him in New York several times, Briana says she’s invited him to come down to Florida next week for a visit with her whole family. 

“Ok so quick story—I posted a photo of my parents last year and I received a very interesting dm that had me shoookth on IG and long story short— I met my 14 year old brother in nyc and he’s the cutest,” she tweeted. “He is coming next week to Florida to visit.” 


Briana’s brother is not a long-lost child of her mom Roxanne; Briana has confirmed that he is the son of her father, making him her half-brother.

Briana said in an interview with In Touch Weekly that her brother will not be making an appearance on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

“Life lesson numba one, bro: stay lit foreva.”

“We decided to keep his identity private,” she told the magazine. “I flew to NYC a few times to be with him and he’s such a cute boy. So sweet. He also has two sisters and I also love them!”

Briana told In Touch that her mom and sister Brittany (who has a different father than Briana and is not related to this boy) “welcomed him with open arms.”

‘Teen Mom’ & ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars keep pretneding that they’re pregnant in order to get you to fall for their clickbait.


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What should we name HIM?! #LinkInBio

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Stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise are infamous for posting cringy clickbait articles almost regularly, but occasionally a story will come across and grab followers’ attention for all of the wrong reasons. 

Case in point: fake pregnancy announcements. 

The latest to capitalize off of this controversial genre of clickbait is ‘Teen Mom OG’ star Catelynn Lowell, who posted an ultrasound photo to Twitter, asking followers for baby name suggestions for “HIM,” suggesting that she also already knew her (fake) baby’s gender.


Fortunately for Cate, she was offered plenty of name suggestions in the comments, though the majority of those names were “Clickbait” or comments informing Cate they were unfollowing her after one too many “fake baby posts.”

Catelynn posts one of these nearly every other week, and last week even posted one with the clickbait headline “We’re giving Nova away,” much to many fans’ horror and disbelief. 

The photo and caption was quickly deleted after Cate got a ton of backlash from the fans who saw it.

Hopefully Cate saved a copy of this lovely post for Nova’s baby book?

Jade Cline of ‘Teen Mom 2’ shared a similar clickbait baby announcement this week on Instagram, though she wisely chose to disable the comments on her post. Jade followed the clickbait story up with an “exclusive” interview stating that she is, not, indeed pregnant. 


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24 Responses

  1. Someday when I’m old and gray, the great-grandkids will all crowd around and I’ll tell them fantastical stories of the times back when people had full-blooded siblings with the same mother AND the same father. They probably won’t believe me.

  2. It’s pretty gross that Cait posts fake pregnancy announcements when she has lost a child. Fake pregnancies are not funny. She should be ashamed of herself.

  3. I think Cheyenne is one of the best mothers on the Teen Mom franchise. She was already one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Her breast enlargement just makes her even more so. She deserves a prince of a man and I hope she is really over her daughter’s father and that guy from Baltimore is treating her like the princess she is!!

  4. These girls are a mess. The scarier part is they have fans who follow them and listen to the dumb shit they say.

  5. Cheyenne looks completely ridiculous! She was naturally very pretty. These stupid young girls get a few dollars in their pockets and instantly start to blow it. Case in point: Jenelle. What in the actual f**k Farrah! All I’m going to say is brain damage/drug use. How low down in the gutter do you have to be to post an article saying your giving your baby away for a few bucks that will likely only cover this weeks takeout bills. Out of all the TM franchise, they are the dumbest with their money. “Hey there’s a house that’s round!” “Let’s buy it!” “Ok!” “I’m buying a random pig because I’m sad.” “I’m buying a random horse because I’m sad” “I’m buying Nova a random pony because she will be sad one day”, Cate needs rehab, Butch needs rehab, Cate needs rehab, Amber needs rehab. “Hey let’s have another baby, that’ll it!” Idiots.

    1. I am actually pretty terrified for the next kid these two assholes will have. ESPECIALLY if it’s another girl. She will end up being neglected like their other two daughters and if it happens to be a boy…complete joy and they will forget they have two daughters to begin with because they will have their “golden boy”. Kail will go even more nuts if her fifth (let’s face it, there will be a fifth kid) will be a daughter.

  6. Cheyenne should have responded differently. If she wants an augmentation, that’s her choice but dont lie and state it could even be remotely “medically necessary”. A reduction can be necessary for back pain;after a mastectomy having an augmentation could even fit that bill.

    Farrah and Catelynn are pure cringe so I will skip over them (“give your daughter away” though, wtf!!)

    I hope Briana gets to know her teenage half brother and they have a good relationship. I have met a half sibling (who ididnt know existed)when I was 11 years old and she was 17 years old. Hopefully their relationship goes smoother and family members stay out of it.

    1. I almost don’t want Briana’s half brother to spend a lot of time with her and her family because I feel like they’re just going to introduce a lot of drama and screwed up morals into his life. What if he decides he wants to pursue a reality TV star/instagram hawker career to be like his big sister? I hope his parents are protecting him and he has a strong and stable home life.

  7. i’d like to know what “it could be medically” means in regard to breast enlargements. i can think of no illness where big boobs is the remedy

    1. I was thinking maybe she meant breast cancer could run in her family and she could have been trying to take precautions/preventative measures?…I think some women will have a mastectomy and then get breast implants. Im pretty sure I remember Angelina Jolie did something like that….that’s the only “medical” thing I could think of.

    2. Maybe she means women who get implants after cancer or cancer scare? I got mine done medically but I made them smaller, not bigger because of back problems. I can think of no medical reason beyond cancer to make them bigger and I think they try to give you the same size you had before they were removed. If I’m wrong, please someone correct me, I don’t know much about elective surgery.

  8. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
    Farrah is from Council Bluffs which is in Iowa. As someone from Nebraska, we do not claim her nasty ass.

  9. And in other news: Kail has no one to film with. She’s sitting back bitching per usual. Chris has gotten a face tattoo. Kail is bringing another off spring of chris’s In the world. If her other baby daddy’s acted like Chris she would have them in jail. Iam talking about child support. She would never let the other dads get by with that. TM shit show. Shitty people.

    1. Unbelievable that these hoes get paid for clickbait shit. They should have their accounts immediately disabled.

      Cheyenne looks totally ridiculous.

      1. And they don’t even need the extra money! I can see if someone was super desperate and unemployed for a long time and had a family to care for that they MIGHT sell their dignity by posting horrible click bait using someone else’s ultrasound pics to insinuate they’re pregnant in order to get a paycheck, but someone who has had a steady income of $100,000+ for years should not be posting about giving their daughter up. That is super low and beyond disgusting.

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