Teen Mom News Pile: Maci Bookout Gets Defensive, Briana DeJesus Gets (More) New Body Parts & More

“Ooooh, you wanna be critical of me, Larry and expect me not to say anything. Hold my beer…”

From changing body parts to changing wedding rings, the stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise (both past and present) have been keeping themselves busy lately! 

In an effort to get you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile. Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last week or so…

Briana DeJesus faces off with Dr. Miami in the operating room yet again for more surgery

“Wouldn’t it just be easier at this point to stuff two of these in my bra and call it a day?”

Briana is heading back to her home away from home. No, she’s not going back to The Apartment of Broken Dreams. She’s going back to the plastic surgeon’s office for yet another boob job.

The ‘Teen Mom 2’ star recently revealed on Twitter that she is once again getting her breasts done.

“Really can’t believe I’m about to get me new t**ties again,” she wrote. “Pray for me yalllll.”

On Tuesday, she bid her body farewell and later posted a ‘Teen Mom 2’ cameraman filming her while in the offices of “Plastic Surgeon to the ‘Teen Mom’ Stars,” Dr. Miami. (He is responsible for carving up plenty of Teen Moms. In 2016, he did Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBLs) on Briana and her sister Brittany DeJesus, as well as Kail Lowry. That same day, he also gave the girls tummy tucks, and for Briana, a vagina makeover (as you do). He is also responsible for doing several revision surgeries.

“Saying bye to this body,” Bri captioned a photo of herself posted to Instagram Stories.

Briana has said “bye” to plenty of her bodies over the past five years or so. She trails only Farrah Abraham for the title of being the ‘Teen Mom’ star with the most plastic surgeries. In 2015, she received her first breast augmentation. The following year she had her Dr. Miami surgery bonanza, getting new, larger breasts, a new butt, and a remodeled vagina.

Some of Dr. Miami’s handiwork…

In 2018, Briana went back under the knife and had her butt hacked a second time. Dr. Miami revised his previously BBL work, took out the larger breast implants and lifted the smaller ones, and gave Briana some fillers. In February 2020, Dr. Miami again revised the BBL (that’s three new butts total, for those counting at home). He also gave her some liposuction and again revised her breast implants.

This surgery will be her fifth done on her boobs. She has not indicated if she plans to allow Dr. Miami to hack up any other of her body parts while she’s under the knife. As The Ashley has previously reported, Dr. Miami normally does high-profile surgeries for free. In exchange, the patient allows him to document the surgery on Snapchat. (The patient does have to pay minimal costs, though, such as anesthesia and recovery costs.) 

Jenelle Evans reveals what happened to her wedding rings.

“A diamond set isn’t conducive to life in the swamp, guys!”

The mystery of Jenelle’s missing wedding rings has been solved! 

‘Teen Mom 2’ fans have noticed that, in recent months, Jenelle has been wearing black and white silicone bands around her ring finger, with her diamond wedding set (given to her by her husband, David Eason, during the Swamp Wedding of the Century) nowhere to be seen.

While some of Jenelle’s critics wondered if Jenelle (or possibly David) could pawned the wedding set for Corona beer cash, Jenelle put this rumor to rest recently by showing that her diamond engagement ring and wedding band are tucked away in a safe.

From precious jewels to plastic….

She also revealed the reason the rings no longer reside on her paw, after being peppered with the questions online about the rings.

“[You’ll] understand [once you’ve] been married a few years,” Jenelle told them, later adding in the comment section of her TikTok that her “happy” marriage has resulted in her putting on some weight.

“I got fat and had [the ring] resized 3 times the wrong way,” Jenelle wrote. “So now I’m scared to get it resized again… so I give up for now until I lose weight.”

Jenelle– who sweats it out multiple times a week doing dances on TikTok— recently commented on her own weight in the comment section of one of her posts.

After getting physical to the song “Foot Fungus” by Ski Mask the Slump God (The Ashley can’t believe that she just typed that sentence, honestly), Jenelle captioned the video “Now if I can just get fit then this would look better.”

“I enjoy the songs about the foot fungus and such…I feel like they’re singin’ right to me!”

David also gave an explanation for what happened to Jenelle’s rings; however, he blamed the ding-dang jeweler for Jenelle’s rings not fitting. In a video posted to TikTok, David gave his version of events.

“So she took it and got it sized, got it back and it was way too small,” he said. “I dunno what was up with that. I’m pretty sure they made it smaller and they were supposed to make it bigger. Whatever. I guessed we gotta get it resized again…for a third time.

With the topic of her diamond wedding set being brought up recently, some asked Jenelle if she had to purchase the rings herself, since David is (and has been) sans employment most of the time he’s been with her. Jenelle clarified that, at the time the rings were purchased for their 2017 wedding, David did have an income from appearing on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

“When I got paid David also got paid,” Jenelle responded. (David was not fired from the show until February 2018, and continued to be paid for the episodes he had taped before that, so he was receiving a paycheck from Viacom well into 2018. 

Mackenzie McKee says husband Josh is “all over her” despite them (kinda) not being together.

“He just can’t keep his paws off of me!”

Mackenzie McKee doesn’t have a clear answer on where her relationship with husband Josh stands at the moment, but she wants everyone to know her rodeoing baby daddy really wants her. 

Mackenzie told In Touch Weekly that while she and Josh “never got remarried” following their latest bout of marital woes; however, she also stated that Josh “never signed the divorce papers.”

“Translation: yes, we’re still married.”

Currently, the ‘Teen Mom OG’ star says she’s focusing on her kids, while Josh appears to be focusing on Mackenzie. 

“I think Josh really wants me right now … after he made mistakes,” Mackenzie said. “But he’s also [shown] me a lot of grace in things after he found out about me. He got mad for one day and never spoke of it again.” 

Josh, not speaking?! You’re kidding?!

Mackenzie went on to say the whole family is having a lot of fun since relocating from Oklahoma to Florida in September, with Josh in particular having himself a Billy-Bob’s-level good time. 

“Obviously he is all over me,” Mackenzie said, adding that the pair’s interactions lead people to believe they’re more than friends.

“ … but we don’t really have that conversation,” she continued. “I’m not talking to anyone else. I’m leaving that open.” 

Maci Bookout defends herself after Larry Edwards gets catty on ‘Teen Mom OG.’

Things That Matter: Not Larry Edwards’ petty comments.

Maci Bookout has a message for Larry Edwards, the father of her ex Ryan Edwards, regarding comments made during last week’s premiere of ‘Teen Mom OG.’ 

As viewers saw, Larry alleged in the episode that Maci and husband Taylor McKinney “convinced” 12 year-old Bentley to stop visiting Ryan and the Edwards family. Larry pointed out how easy it is “to convince children or to bend their minds, you know, how you want it” while talking to his wife Jen, Ryan and Ryan’s wife, Mackenzie Edwards. 

In an interview with In Touch Weekly, Maci assured everyone that the decision was Bentley’s and Bentley’s alone. 

“I mean, obviously everyone is entitled to feel how they want to feel or have their own opinion,” she said. “But I think definitely through the season, the audience is going to be able to see Bentley and his growth and get to know a deeper side of him and how he feels.”

“Way to express our, I mean YOUR feelings, Bentley!”

“Honestly, if I’m going to respond [to what Larry said], it would be just that I have raised Bentley to be an individual, to be himself and it’s OK to feel however he feels,” she continued. “Honestly, I have not raised him to give anybody the ability or power to influence him, not even me. So there’s that. Really nothing else to say.” 

In another scene that aired during the episode, Maci told producers Bentley made the decision to not see Ryan on his own. 

“He definitely wants to still see his brothers and sister but we spoke with Jen and Larry with Bentley, he told them he doesn’t want to see his dad anymore until he goes to therapy,” Maci said. “They shared this with Ryan and it’s been three months. Nothing has happened. I wouldn’t expect anything else to happen.” 

To catch up with more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here

(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 




  1. Uh, I don’t know abot Bri but if I was her age and going back for THAT many surgeries on both my boobs and my butt- I might not go to him. That isn’t good. As far as Ryan goes- he’s a piece of shit, point blank, period. Him and his “I worship Ryan” wife made fun of his own son at the golf course. He’s been uninterested in being a father- then of course Mackenzies dumb ass thought it would be good to make him a dad of more. Mackenzie is also shitty to her first born. Birds of a Feather I guess. I don’t blame Bentley. I feel bad for him to- to echo someone else, I wouldn’t want my mental health stuff aired on Television as a 12 year old. The thig is- and this is common in MANY situations- People base their opinions on people and base whether or not they want to be in that persons presence, based on how they’re treated. It doesn’t mean Maci “convinced” Bentley not to visit his dad anymore. Ryan is a POS and Bentley isn’t stupid and has seen the fact that he is a POS for YEARS. So Larry, Ryan has no one to blame t himself and I doubt he even cares. Honestly I think if not for Jen and Larry, Ryan would’ve signed his rights away YEARS ago.

  2. We have been married for some time so i’ll just take off my weddingband ..

    So yeah, not normal ..

    Same when Debz claimed that Farrah called her parents by firstname because debz was danish and thats how they show respect (as a danish person I can confirm that this is not normal in Denmark to call your parents by first their name)

    These excuses this program had produced is just … so effing strange 😂

  3. Good for Bentley, I wouldn’t want to be around Ryan either, he treats Bentley like a little brother who he is jealous of because he’s not a loser like him. Horrible to see how Ryan and that awful wife of his were making fun of Bentley at the golf course and laughing at his new gear, what nasty people to pick on a child like that – his own child as well, that must have really hurt Bentley but they just don’t care. Scrape him off, Bentley, he’s never going to change.

  4. The only one preventing a relationship between Bentley and Ryan is Ryan. Maci is providing him a healthy and safe outlet with therapy that HE asked for. Fuck Ryan and his shitty ass Edwards Clan Family.

  5. Briana.. maybe you should get a new Doctor, because Dr. Miami seems to have botched most of her surgeries and yet she keeps going back. Make it make sense.

    Jen and Larry are so infuriating. Do they not see how Ryan has never really been there for Bentley? They are his worse enablers.

  6. Rings are not really supposed to be sized up, it can weaken the band and break it. Of course DumbDumb David doesn’t understand this.

    Bentley is an angel and it makes me so sad to see him dealing with his shitty dad. On national television. International television, ugh.

    1. The ring thing is untrue to an extent – jeweler here. Depending on where and how the diamonds are placed on the band most rings like hers can only be resized up by 1.5 sizes max. Down is the same. She can however go back and get it resized more as long as it doesn’t go outside of that 1.5 difference. If the jeweler is good (ie actually makes the jewelry in house, settings and all) they can actually do more with their tools but you’ll be paying hefty for that.

  7. I feel bad that Bentley’s mental health is being aired for all his class mates to see. I felt so sad for him after last night’s episode. He is 12 years old. His privacy needs to be protected. I think that is part of the reason that Chelsea left. Pre-teens have it tough enough without having their business aired out in public.

    1. This was my option as well. How terrible for him to have a safe place to express his feelings then for Mack to exploit it for her benefit? How will he feel about talking with his mom or therapist again. I get that she wanted him to go or that he does go to therapy but there’s no reason to talk about his feelings on TV. Bentley did not sign up for this show.

  8. Honestly, I thought Larry’s comments about Maci in the first and second episodes were kinda ridiculous. If you are going to make allegations about Maci and her parenting, at least be specific. Enough of this vague garbage. You want to change the way the world views Maci—provide receipts.

    I do think its sad to place the blame for the state of the Ryan/Bentley relationship on Maci. Maci has worked really hard to raise a good kid, while being undermined and criticized by her “co-parents”/a.k.a. Larry and Jen. Why can’t they just choose to appreciate the efforts Maci and Taylor’s have placed on being active, involved parents.

    Finally—kids are smart and they know which parent is really there for them. Criticize Maci (doesn’t have to be in Bentley’s presence) and you will drive a bigger and permanent wedge between Bentley and Ryan/Jen/Larry.

  9. Briana’s FIFTH boob surgery?????

    Fifth time is the charm? Honey, if he didn’t get it right the first four times, just stop.

    You get what you pay for, and yes I know he does it for free.

  10. Who tf “needs” a new vagina? Unless it was something like a birth defect or an accident happened you don’t need that fixed.

    1. Gotta tighten up you know – she doesn’t want the randos at da club to think that she has ever hooked up in the club bathroom before…

  11. I don’t know why Larry is acting like that, I mean just because they’re side of the family doesn’t do anything to better themselves until it’s court ordered, doesn’t mean that Bentley should be the same way. Bentley himself has been in therapy for a year now, it would make sense for that to be in his head, when it comes to having a safe space to share his feelings, and plus he’s 12, he’s not a baby anymore, he knows how/who his father is. You can ever go back to the first season of TeenMomOG, and see just how uncomfortable Bentley is/was around his dad. Which is so sad, because he was 5 years old then. Children pick up on things, not to mention how terrifying it must have been to show up to see his father, who had his eyes bugged out of his head, could barely string together a sentence, and his shitty wife, who says awful things about his mother who he’s very close to. Not only that, but he’s stated he’s been uncomfortable over there with the lack of boundaries at the Edwards household, not to mention their shitty Trump supporting ways, for a while. Like not wanting to sleep in the same bed as his grandmother when he was 10. He’s a pretty independent kid. I mean c’mon, his dad was/is a heroin addict who killed cats for fun, and would drive around high, and fall asleep at the wheel. But yeah it’s Maci that destroys that relationship between Bentley and that side of his family. Of course. Just like we’re all supposed to buy that Maci is a trigger for Ryan, and we’re supposed to respect that, they should respect that Ryan is a trigger for Bentley.

  12. Briana is in that club of people who have gotten plastic surgery and look way worse. She looks like a cartoon character with that butt. Even after he fixed it, it looks awful. At least do something that makes you look prettier. Every single surgery results in Briana looking more comical.

    Jenelle is married to an abuser, so her saying we will know what she means when we’ve been married for a while is comical. She is not in a normal, healthy marriage. She’s in an abusive one, so literally everything about her marriage will differ from others. She needs to stop trying to build this reputation of being in a healthy marriage cause no one is buying it.

    I believe Maci. Ryan bullies Bentley. He’s old enough to realize it and stop idolizing his dad, so he has decided to not see him. Maci raised a good kid who knows his worth.

    1. Maci should be ashamed using son was storyline. Give Chelsea lot of credit for putting her child’s needs over her own. These kids need privacy growing up now. Time for Bently to get off tv and live in privacy not being paycheck for maci.

  13. “he told them he doesn’t want to see his dad anymore until he goes to therapy,” Maci said.

    The 12 year old said this.

    Mother of God

    stay lit

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