EXCLUSIVE! Here’s What Has Happened With Jenelle Evans & David Eason Since David Was Fired From ‘Teen Mom 2’

“I’m not RAKING in the ‘Teen Mom’ dough anymore?”

Life on “The Land” has not been easy for Jenelle Evans since her husband, David Eason, got himself kicked off of Teen Mom 2 for blasting the LGBTQ community in a Twitter rant on Monday.

The Ashley has turned to her sources who have given her an update on what’s been going on with Jenelle and David in the days since everything went down.

“Basically, after it happpened, [the show’s producers] were trying to give David every chance to not get fired,” one behind-the-scenes source tells The Ashley. “They were on the phone with him, telling him to apologize and try to make it right, but David would not budge. He kept repeating that those are his beliefs and he doesn’t have to apologize for what he said because it’s true. I think that’s when the producers knew they couldn’t write this one off. They issued the statement later that night, right after that phone call with David. Jenelle was shocked.”

While Jenelle has not been fired from ‘Teen Mom 2’ (as of press time), she has been extremely scared for her own job.

“Everyone from MTV was freezing Jenelle out after this happened, which made her even more worried,” another source told The Ashley. “No one from MTV would even return her texts or calls.”

As The Ashley told you before, MTV execs met on Wednesday to discuss several topics, including Jenelle’s future on the show.

Shockingly, the one person who has come to Jenelle’s defense in all this is her estranged mother, Barbara Evans.

“Barbara has been sympathetic to Jenelle through this and is supportive of her daughter right now,” the first source said. “It make sense, though, because if Jenelle doesn’t continue to film, Barbara won’t film either. That’s how it’s always been in the past at least; if the principle girl doesn’t film, the secondary cast doesn’t either.”

(The Ashley wants to note here that, while this used to be the general policy, things have changed in recent years. Secondary cast members have continued filming even when one of the main girls has ‘quit’ in the past, so there’s a chance Babs could continue on with the show even if Jenelle does not.)

The Ashley’s crew sources tell her that there are several members of the show’s production/crew who have stated that, if Jenelle continues on the show, they do not want to go back out to Jenelle and David’s home on “The Land” due to this incident.

So how will David’s firing affect the Eason Family Finances?

The Ashley’s sources tell her that David was likely pulling in about $4,000 for every episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ he appeared in. David will not appear in any new episodes; however, they are in the middle of production on the next season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ and David will likely appear in all of the episodes that were filmed before the firing. (He will be paid for the episodes he appears in, regardless of the firing.)

There’s likely only a few episodes left to film, so he stands to lose out on about $10,000, give or take, according to The Ashley’s sources.

The Ashley also hears–but can’t 100 percent confirm yet–that David has been banned from attending or appearing on the ‘Teen Mom 2’ reunions. (He may be allowed to travel to the reunion site as Jenelle’s guest, but will not be present on set or appear on stage.)

As far as Jenelle is concerned, David’s firing has not affected her personal promos or sponsorships, as of yet. His rant did, however, cause several advertisers to pull their ads from airing during the ‘Teen Mom’ shows.

The Ashley will update this when she has more information! Stay tuned!

(Photo: MTV)


  1. Interested in the follow ups!
    What a shame!
    David needs to think before speaking
    Or maybe if he is, his morals are inconsiderate to the community we live in today!
    Not to mention in my honest opinion I do believe in my heart David has anger problems & maybe those accusations against him are accurate regarding kaiser. Janelle is just covering up like always when it comes to the abusive men in her life…

  2. So stupid. If MTV is going to honor the lgbqzyx community then MTV should honor and respect Janelles husband’s beliefs. Two faced money greedy MTV is biased and hypocritical.

  3. He has always reminded me of the man in that really old TV movie with Farrah Fawcett “The Burning Bed”. Mickey Hughes, he was a total abusive out of control jerk, and his family always stood up for him and blamed Farrah Fawcet’s character, Francine, for the beatings or said she was lying. She finally killed him one night after he beat her really badly and raped her too. David makes me think of him all the time, he is so creepy.

  4. Gay people are not inferior at all. David is an idiot. Like I said before, I never meant to hurt anyone, and I am truly sorry that I did.

  5. And jenelle thinks now is a good time to push her clothing line on IG..good move? They deserves all of this.

    1. The radar article says they considering it, so it doesn’t look like a decision has been made yet.

  6. I listened to a Podcast last night with Randy Houska and he said Butch and him are talking about going to Sturgis and putting a sidecar on the bike and taking Barbara.
    Now that I would watch!@

    1. Randy is a douche, poking his nose in to my life, go clean your lazy ass daughters filthy house, and get some flat tea fatty

      1. I guess you have nothing better to do then spew your ugliness again. Actually what else do you have to do. You’re not working anymore. 🙂

        1. They were never working to begin with. They tried to pretend they were a decent family. TWO WHITE TRASH LOSERS. GOOD RIDDANCE!

  7. Gay people ARE still people. I understand that. I am sorry. I didn’t mean to cause a problem. They have rights too. I don’t agree with David. It’s a free country, and I’m not a bigot. No one deserves to be hurt or threatened. Honestly, I really feel that, as long as no one is being hurt, that a person’s life is his or her own business.

  8. I think Jenelle needs a safe friend she can talk to and have a secret code with in case David starts to get really violent/controlling. With his red flags and the seclusion of the land, I can see things getting really bad and her not having a way to contact help, especially now that the show is over with.

    She needs a code that sounds really general and innocent that she could say on the phone or in a text that would signal that they need help that David wouldn’t know if he heard or read it. Like if he starts getting really bad and she fears for herself and the kids, she could play sweet and talk or text Tori or even an old crew member she trusts and say something like, “Dude, I have been craving lasagna,like really bad man.” It sounds like a normal thing for her to say but Tori or whoever would know ‘oh shit I need to call the cops for a well visit for Janelle.’ They could also have a physical tell code for Jenelle to do for the cops for them to know she needs really needs help asap and that things are not ok and safe for her or the kids that Tori can tell them about to like yawning and then looking up towards the ceiling for 3 seconds.

    I know she may find it silly if she reads this and David hasn’t been abusive yet but I am serious. He had all of the red flags and he doesn’t have a reason to hold back anymore. Sooner or later he is gonna let it all out now he has nothing to loose. I hope she can set up a code with someone even if she thinks she will never have to use it. I am scared for them now. David triggers way too many red flags to not be a threat on some level. 🙁

    1. You are so right. When I heard that David got fired my first thought was that he is going to make life on the land a living hell for Jenelle and kids. He is a ticking time bomb

  9. I fear for Jenelle and the kids. David is a violent, unstable person, and now he’s been publicly humiliated. That is a dangerous combination. And we all know they have guns out on The Land. I fear that he sees himself as without options. What’s he going to do, go out and get a job?? Who would hire him, with his brand of notoriety?? I really hope he doesn’t hurt Jenelle or the kids.

    1. Sorry, but she knew was getting into with him. She did it all to look like “the perfect family” just like everybody else who tries to fake it on social media, but what we see on the show doesn’t lie! They’re super screwed up, I doubt they’ll make it to the end of this year without a huge blowup!

      1. Or MORE like a white supremacist. Guns, racial homophobic rants, shaved heads, machine guns??? Pulling knives at a party?? Sorry,not exactly made for prime time television.

    2. Jennelle had a real job at a Pizza place?
      Next show idea follow Jenelle on her journey in the real world looking for employment.
      I would watch that.

    3. Has anyone ever heard his daughter talk? Is she allowed to speak?
      I remember there was something about Jenelle scrubbing the toilet with her toothbrush.

  10. As a side note, how pissed off do y’all suppose Farrah is right now? Jenelle is hogging all of the media and public attention in the TM realm right now, no one is paying attention to poor Farrah’s plight.

    C’mon guys, she was afraid for her life! ?

  11. Omg I saw her IG story and thought the same thing!!! He shaved that shit with no guard, cueball status. He is uglier and uncle bad touchier looking than ever. I was disappointed he didn’t shave the beard. I wanted to see his busted mug in all its crazy bald glory.

  12. Lurch should not be allowed to stay anywhere that has to do with MTV’s reunion site or the hotel. MTV also should not pay for Jenelle to stay or Travel if she is going to have Lurch as her guest. She needs to have consequences for the choices she has made as well.

    MTV needs to edit him out of as much as they can so they have to pay him the least amount. He refuses to apologize and should not be rewarded for it.

    They are ruining their children and it is SAD!

    1. Just like I said to your previous comment like this (which got deleted):

      No. He doesn’t get to use his beliefs as justification to insult people and treat people badly. Neither do you. Neither does anyone else. Anyone can hold whatever opinions they want, they just need to retain basic human decency and treat people with a mediocum of respect while doing so.

    2. Wow ur stupid. David is a fucking neanderthal. Without a job who is a racist pos. If they dont fire jenelle i wont be watching this show period. And david likes men. Most people who are so homophobic usually do. And 1 more thing there is a rumor he was being questioned in a child molestation case does anybody know anything about that?

      1. He is definitely a closeted gay man IMO. As you said nobody spews that much hate towards gay people unless they themselves are gay and are too deeply ashamed to admit it.

    3. People can say what they want, but that doesn’t mean there are never consequences. I can’t believe you would support someone who is mean to little kids, a known felon who abused the mother of his child right in front of the kid. You’re not being edgy or cool by making statements in his support. He’s a bigot.

    4. When your beliefs turn into a hate speech, yes, you should apologize and be ashamed. There’s a difference between having an opinion and spewing hate towards a group of people. Of course, you probably agree with him so this is pointless to even explain to someone of your kind.

    5. Ava, how would you like to be told who you love is disgusting, etc.? There’s a time to keep ignorant comments to himself. Period.

  13. If you marry someone that (to say the least) disrespects your children and your mother raising your son (!), has anger issues, a taste for drugs, can’t admit to wrong nor less apologize, has a history of violence and a criminal record, uses his platform to hate speech and glorifies weapons – you not only have poor judgement but also responsibilities. If MTV doesn’t approve with Davids acting – how can they approve with his enabeling wife? She supports her husband – obviously – and hence participate. And give birth to a baby on drugs.

    Them losing David’s income, some $4000, is nothing compared to Jenelles paychecks that MTV keep providing. Hypocracy.

    Replace Jenelle with Babs, non of them are teens but at least Babs is a mom.

    1. Exactly!! Well said!! Jenells paychecks completely outweigh his. Mtv needs to cut all ties with BOTH. Spewing hate is NOT accepted!! I would pull every single ad possible until they got rid of her ass along with his!

  14. Is it just me or can anyone else hear their fights rn?
    “OMG David you don’t understand! This show was the reason I was able to pay my lawyer! How will I get jace back?!”
    “We’re making money from your Twitter clickbaits and clothing line I don’t see what’s wrong!”
    “Geez Jenelle we’ve been worse off it’s not that bad”
    “YES IT IS!”
    Lmfao I bet they’ll be divorced next year, he’ll somehow get full custody of Ensley and she’ll have kaiser who she barely mothers now and still be threatening to take her mom to court for full custody over jace while pregnant and in love with her 4th fiancé or whatever it is. If I this happens by December 2019, I should get hired by the Ashley.

    1. On a more serious note, it’s pretty obvious David pulled this stunt so they were no longer on national television and he could be abusive behind closed doors. Worst part is I’m sure where the house is built on “the land” with no close neighbours or a 5 minute walk into the city.
      They made it seem like it was something they both wanted but I’m sure he put it in her mind like it was hers from the start. Once he realized how easily it was from them to show how he is irl on the show from the footage they could get he wanted out but needed a way to make it look like he was the victim somehow, if not everyone but at least Jenelle. Obviously this is her second marriage and she feel she needs to prove to everyone and herself it’s a good one. Unfortunately she’s blind to his shit and they way he treats Kaiser. Anyways, fuck them both. She kinda deserves him, just not her kids.

    2. You are giving them way too much credit! haha. They are probably only concerned with their “happy family image” and where the drug money is going to come from.

  15. What really bothers me about this is that MTV says their crew doesn’t want to go back to “the land” if they still film Jenelle, but DO THESE PEOPLE REALIZE THERE ARE CHILDREN LIVING ON THAT LAND? Kaiser is in so much danger, and even Ensley I worry about because you know she’s neglected and not properly cared for.

    It’s time to start a social media movement and FORCE CPS to take action if MTV won’t do a damn thing to protect them. Even a crew of adults doesn’t want to be there because they are afraid for their physical safety, and now there will be no one there to witness all the abuse of those children.

    Sometimes people really can make a difference. I’m wondering if there’s some way we could make a difference for those kids..there has to be SOMETHING the teen mom fanbase can do.

    1. You can’t “force” CPS to do a damn thing. They do their investigation and if it is determined that the environment is “good enough”, then the kids are left with their parents. No one is taking her kids away because she’s married to an a-hole or because they have poor judgment and are homophobic and transphobic. Child welfare operates on the “good enough” principle. Home don’t have to be outstanding and perfect and fabulous, they just have to provide the necessities of life and be absent of abuse. That’s how the system is set up, and how it will remain.

      1. Yeah I mean if you believe the conditions on the land would be “good enough” I don’t know what to say. I don’t agree. Just from what they have allowed to be seen on camera especially with Kaiser, there’s plenty of cause for concern and considering that Kaiser has told other family members that David is physically abusing him, I’m not sure which part of that would be considered good enough? That’s the definition of not good enough.

    2. I have commented enough that regulars should know that I despise thes POS’s. However, NC CPS won’t do jack **it unless it is dire, and I mean dire. The kids have clothes, are fed, and have a roof over their head. THAT is their criteria, sadly, as long as no one appears with a skull fracture or broken limbs the. They won’t remove those kids.

      I do not agree with it, but it is what it is. My absolute biggest fear with this entire situation is that something terrible is going to befall one of the littles, probably Kaiser, and they are going to pretend nothing happened for as long as humanly possible before getting caught out and having to say anything, then make up some bullshit cockamamie story straight out of the Casey Anthony book and probably trusting to implicate Nathan.

      David will hurt that boy. Jenelle doesn’t care about her kids, she wants a man to love her at all costs, to include any kids that may get in the way.

      MTV is as much to blame as Jenelle and David IMO if anything happens to the kids. They enabled her to be this monster with means to live in BFE and away from anyone who could save the kids and they have never exposed them.

      1. Sadly you’re probably right, but I still think his allegations made to Nathan’s mom of physical abuse (punched in the head) are enough to remove at least Kaiser. Not that Ensley doesn’t deserve to be removed, too, but really Kaiser I think is in immediate danger.

        I think you’re right that he’s going to hurt him. It’s so sad that nothing can be done until after he’s already done it. I said this before they let David go, but this is a real concern of mine that they’re not filming anymore. Grown adults are too scared to go there, but little Kaiser who is not David’s actual kid is left alone with Jenelle who doesn’t have a maternal instinct in her body and David, a convicted domestic abuser who has been accused by that little boy of abusing him already. It’s a really really awful situation. If CPS can’t do anything then they’re really pretty much useless because I think there’s plenty of evidence (just from what WE know which certainly isn’t everything) that this is an abusive home and that David in particular is a volatile, unhinged abusive nutcase.

        I really don’t see how Nathan has not done more to get custody of him yet.

  16. Exactly! Does anybody remember the Matthew Shepard case? He was killed for being gay. I don’t agree with being gay, but nobody deserves to die for it. David’s thought process is really scary. I hope we can save those kids too.

    1. FMakes about as much sense as saying “I don’t agree with being black”, or “I don’t agree with being paraplegic”

    2. Just wondering, when my little brother tried to kill himself because of bigots like you “who don’t agree with being gay” EVEN THOUGH IT HAS NO EFFECT ON YOUR OWN LIFE, was that something that a scared 16 year old was supposed to do because sick people like you don’t recognize love as love?

      I’m just curious about where the line is, and also if your own children are exempt from your small minded bigortry? Or are you surrounded by like minded hillbillies?

      1. I hope your brother is doing so much better!! living the life he was always meant to live with whoever the hell he wants to love

    3. I am gay and if you don’t agree with it, then fine. I understand not everyone agrees with it. I just have a problem with people thinking that gay people are inferior or bad people like David expressed.

  17. Fair warning off-topic but did any one else see the teen mom OG after show with none of the actual cast members of that specific show it was such a letdown and a waste of DVR space they didn’t even show a clip for next week

  18. disgusting giving him a chance to make it right after what he said come on mtv. fire janelle she is as bad and now because they messed up she will talk to janelle?

    1. I tried that with my son when he was about 3
      I said something like You better knock that off before I count to 3
      1 2 3
      and he said 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      and that’s when my GREY hair started

    2. A real man would do what ever it took to keep bread on the table for his family, a simply apology isnt anything to keep your family in the lifestyle they are accustomed to.

      Not that I approve of their lifestyle it was just my choice of words

      1. Will David get Alimony if they get divorced so he can be kept in the lifestyle he is accustomed to?
        Plus child support for Ensly?

        1. David won’t get alimony if Jenelle is fired too, especially since he’s the reason. He will have to go back to being a welder and Jenelle may be able to get her job back at the pizza parlor.

  19. So all MTV asked this fool to do was apologize, and he would’ve kept his job…but he (and Jenelle) thought he was that important and this would all blow over and he would get away with it and still get to keep his job….now he’s fired and Jenelle is scared of losing the job she constantly threatens to quit? I’m over it. Kick Jenelle off the show too, keep Babs and call it a day.

  20. Completely unrelated but – The fact that she is hawking a “#momlife” hoodie… REALLY?? Eye-rolls fah DAYYYSSS

  21. Babs scared no extra money jenelle scared well I say for their asses it’s been nothing but a circus !!! Get real d of them and next should be Briana for her laughing video after Florida shootings !!! Dispicable they all are !!!

  22. One of the problems with Lurches viewpoint is thats its so judgmental and hypocritical, coming from someone that society judges negatively anyway. Lurch and his wife have a gaggle of children by several different people that they were never married to. Jenelle was a 16 yr old who’re screwing with a 22 yr old junkie when she first got preggo. They are both recovering junkie burnouts, and country backwoods backward violent convicts who would probably screw farm animals if they couldn’t find a willing human because their morals and minds are so reprobate they don’t know right from wrong, but yet Lurch is going to hold moral ground and judge a gay person?

    1. Bummer Kesha canceled her tour due to a torn ACL…. I guess Jenelle and David can save up for feathers in the meantime.

  23. Another thing they’re probably doing since David’s firing is staying high. Numbs the pain of those future missing paychecks, I’m sure.

    Still praying for those innocent kids on THE LAND who wound up with these two as their parents — through NO fault of their own,

  24. i watch too much id discovery and i too fear what david will do..jenelle had a pretty decent relationship with the crew until david..i think he cut her off from barb so jenelle doesnt have a way out.jenelle better be watching all her backpacks..

  25. There is a difference of having an opinion and hate speech. If he had simply said that he doesn’t agree with homosexuality then he wouldn’t have gotten fired. But no, he had to take it to another level of saying that gay pay people and transgenders are an abomination and bad parents to their kids. Sorry David, this country has free speech to protect you from the government but that doesn’t mean there still can’t be consequences for what you say in real life.

  26. Do you think they’ll address David’s rants on Teen Mom when it gets to this episode? I can hear Jenelle’s monotone voice now “David didn’t know how Twitter works and he was talking to a hater. Now he’s taking a break from filming and cashing cheques. But we’re still playing happy family in all our photos…”

    1. If it gets brought up on the show, he’s going to kill her and them himself. He’s seriously unhinged, and violent.

    2. just listen to her latest podcast she did after kail and leah did theirs. Its full of we are set up, everything is a lie blah blah blah

  27. I think the funniest thing about all of this is that David is with Jenelle for the money, however he’s made all of her relationships with cast and crew worst, gotten himself fired, and potentially got her fired as well. Like, this guy could F up a free lunch. He single-handedly brought his own gravy train to a screeching halt, and took her and the kids down with him. There goes all that hard work puttin a baby in Jenelle, and isolating her from her family and friends, guess he’s just gonna have to kiss it up to Sod.

  28. I actually kind of feel bad for Jenelle. I think he is very controlling of her. I honestly believe that she does not feel the same way as David on this issue. She of course hooked up with her best friend Tori or what not. They also had a friend named Josh (I believe) that is gay, so I don’t think she has an issue with the LGBTQ community.

    As for David, He does have a right to his own personal opinion. I do not like the way that he voiced it though. He should have kept his trap closed. But he didn’t and he could have gone about voicing his opinion in a better way and not being rude about it. He shouldn’t apologize about his opinion but the way that he explained/expressed/voiced it. He obviously has issues that he needs to work out though.

  29. Good for him! Not conforming to views he doesn’t believe in in today’s society is admirable. I commend him for standing up for what he knows is right.

    1. His opinion is shit. Because he is one of the biggest pieces of SHIT to ever grace a tv screen.so u think its ok to teach ur kids hate and ignorance just because u dont agree with someones life style. U think its ok to abuse children and animals? And women. I get it opinions are like assholes everyone has one. He would still have a job if he kept his to himself. But nope hes a fucktard. And mark my words hes sucked a dick or 5. Most people who are so homophobic have. Its all a distraction from there true sexual preference. A man that is secure in his sexuality doesnt act the way he does. Just check those hamster cheeks he has i bet ull find a dick or 2???????✌

      1. Jane i dont suppose you were/are in the military too? You sound like my Corporals’ at recruits…though they said ‘excuses are like arseholes’ lol not being mean….just made me laugh because you sound like me when i get my army on ;p

          1. Thank you Jane! I am a bit taken aback… Where i’m from people don’t really say anything like that. I was not having a good day today (pain wise) and your comment just lifted my spirits! Much appreciated!

    2. That’s the beauty of free speech. You have the right to say whatever you want but your boss has the right to fire you for saying it (especially if you have a remote amount of fame).

    3. Yay, commend someone for being a disgusting bigot! Soooo commendable! Meanwhile this woman-beating, child abusing adulterer is out there quoting the Bible, lmfao. People like you are a special kind of stupid.

    4. No. He doesn’t get to use his opinion as justification to insult people and treat people badly. Neither do you. Neither does anyone else. Anyone can hold whatever opinions they want, they just need to retain basic human decency and treat people with a mediocum of respect while doing so.

      1. THIIIIIIS! There is no reason for hate, so if you’re going to be an asshole that hates then you should have to suffer in silence!! Keep that shitzz to yourself!

  30. I honestly think this shows days are numbered. They are being replaced by that new show that is coming on soon. I think this show has 1 season maybe 2 and thats it. They are all probably shitting there pants right now. Teen mom was supposed to show the hardships of being a teen mom. It didnt, it showed u if u get knocked up and are a teen u are rewarded with money,nice homes and paid rehab trips and vacations. Its run its course. What i would LOVE to see is a where are they now in a year or 2

    1. In a Where Are They Now segment you would see divorces, car repos, bankruptcy, foreclosures and quite a few nervous breakdowns. Plus they would all look alot older from the stress of having to work a 9 to 5 job.

  31. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that a guy, who “doesn’t understand how twitter works”, is allowed to own several guns. I always thought it would be David causing a crime scene on “the Land”, yet somehow, given his and Jenelle’s lack of responsibility, I can’t picture them as “gun saftey first” people. If they let those guns lying around the house, and they will, I fear that one of the kids is going to end up doing something very stupid.
    And how are they going to film without David? I cannot remember a single scene without him, ever since Jenelle declared him her soulmate, except when Jenelle bought her wedding dress. He’s just always there.

  32. @TheAshleys: Did David have a custody hearing yesterday, about his son?
    Surely that went well, I just got fired yesterday judge.

    Is Olivia still free?
    And was that hearing with the honorable judge Miranda … The judge that hates Dave?

    1. Jenelle and David have been silent about it (they’re still IG) so hopefully the judge was understanding of Olivia’s need to protect her son. I’m sure David’s recently aired views on parenting didn’t help his case. Even if she was ordered to comply with visitation, I highly doubt she was thrown in jail. That’s a pretty drastic step.

      1. When the hearing took place yesterday, they did not win and did not win one bit. They usually say something when they do.
        The idea that Olivia would be send to jail cause she protected her son is so ridiculous.
        Curious what the judge thought.

        1. And you’d think that if David was so concerned about seeing his son, he’d be on his very best behavior in the final 2 days before the hearing. But instead, he launches a homophobic attack and states that he will simply refuse to allow his children to be gay (as if he had any control over that) or associate with anyone LGBTQ. Nothing screams loving, supportive parent to a judge quite like that…

      1. Because if they won they would have posted it on Facebook or Instagram.
        To make themselves look like good parents/people

      2. Jenelle posted about it a couple of weeks ago. She claimed that Olivia would be thrown in jail for refusing to let David see Kaden and that they had a court date on 2/21. Olivia is a far classier and never responds. But, I’m sure if Jenelle and David won, they be blasting it everywhere.

  33. I don’t know it Is odd to me that they’re just gonna continue to leave David in the scenes he already filmed I just feel like that should not be an option for him I don’t want to see him I’m sure I’m not alone in that… If anybody has ever wasted their time watching a lifetime movie he reminds me of the villain sad thing is this is real live… Imagine if you were a producer and you had to go back to the land to film Jenelle he is not going to make that a safe welcoming environment

    1. Agree 100% I bet that’s why no-one from MTV wants to go back to The Land crap shack.

      I’d be watching my back if I had to set foot on The Land.

      Interesting to see how this plays out: will David let Jenelle film without him? Will David let Jenelle attend reunions? He’s always up her a$$ in every scene, egging on her bad behaviour. I’d love this gravy train to stop & to see where Jenelle lands in 2 years’ time. Bye bye St Thomas!

  34. I was curious about her sponsors, especially on IG. After his rant, all her advertising posts disappeared, and they haven’t returned. I guess only time will tell. So far, all she can push is her clothing/makeup line and try to pretend this hasn’t affected them, and they are perfectly fine and happy.

    Honestly, I think Farrah attempted to strike while the iron was hot with MTV. She announced her lawsuit the day after this whole debacle possibly because she felt it would put MTV in more hot water. Unfortunately, it seems to be backfiring on her, and a majority of people don’t believe her. There isn’t the same outrage and people are brushing off her claims. It’s really hard to tell because she has done this before and it ended up being untrue or greatly exaggerated. Plus, her abrasive personality doesn’t help her case.

  35. I doubt Jenelle will lose her job. Truth be told, I’m not only fearful for the kids, but her as well. She’s a grown adult who willingly puts herself in David’s path; but I’m sure he beats her ass. He’s got all the classic signs of both an emotional and physical abuser. See how he’s isolated her from everyone on “The Land?” It’s nice to have land, but out of everyone on the show, their’s is waaaayyyyyy back, pushed way off from the literal road. I’m scared as hell for Kaiser and wish Nathan’s mom would get him. David is a scary dude. I feel like he’d pull a murder/suicide involving everyone in that house… everyone, if Jenelle, his cash cow ever decides to leave. It may sound drastic to some of you, but haven’t we seen it play out in the media with less “suspicious” looking and acting men and women? These 2 morons are 100% selfish at all times. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit

  36. I can’t stand Lurch, but one thing I will say is he sticks by what he believes. Whether we agree with him or not, he doesn’t cave to anyone telling him to apologize. Is that the smartest thing to do, financially? Mmm. Probably not. Good riddance though. Just cancel the whole franchise! None of these girls even knows what a REAL job & REAL struggles are!

    1. Not sure why you got a thumbs down, but to play devil’s advocate, I agree. Do I agree with him, what he said, or his overall behavior? Hell no! David and Jenelle can kick rocks. However, fundamentally speaking, he talked his sh*t and seriously meant it. I hate them both, but I’d rather have an asshole tell me, straight up that they’re an asshole, and they’re not apologetic about it.

      Than to catch someone saying something like he did, then immediately back pedaling and issuing a piss-poor, not at all-genuine “apology” to those that they intentionally insulted. Had he apologized we’d all say “screw you Lurch! You don’t mean it, go to hell with that apology.” Well, now we get to tell him to go to hell, alone. ?????‍♀️ It’s a win/win for us all

    2. I honestly just think he’s that dumb… A person can have controversial beliefs and not have to agree with the mainstream but David said and phrased his thoughts in such a hateful and ignorant way. Nothing about his beliefs come off as educated or intelligent. He is stubborn and dumb and that’s why he wouldn’t apologize. Even if he had, it would have come off as insincere. He’s a loser in a no-win situation. I don’t want to see him on my TV at all though.

      1. Well, you basically agreed with my point while attempting passive-aggression and recreating your own point. First of all, I did not write or imply that what he said was intelligent or educated. Second, I wrote “an apology would have not be genuine and piss poor anyway.” You said “we would want an apology that isn’t sincere anyway.” Same exact thing! Just say “I agree” and move on. Why try to shade and semi-shoot down a thought the same as yours just because I expressed it with a few less desirable words than you? You’re the same people that sit here and exclusively use the word “ghetto” to describe only Briana and her messy ass family though because of her ethnicity/race though. So outraged about what David said; more than you are about any post about race relations. Come on, bring the down votes ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

        I said what I said!!

    3. Refusing to see reason in the face of one’s bigoted opinions is not admirable. Would you be saying the same thing if he was screaming that black people were animals? The admirable thing to do is realize when oneself is being a giant dick wad and to educate yourself and adjust yourself accordingly.

      1. First of all, I’m African-American and feel bigoted against 24/7. So please, don’t use my entire culture of forever oppressed people against me and as a “point”. Screw the people who gave you all these upvotes too. I literally did not excuse anything that he said at all. You’re so busy wanting everyone to say “he’s wrong he’s wrong!” Yes, he’s dead ass wrong and I said that!!

        My point was that at least we know now, more than ever that he’s even more a piece of sh*t than we all originally thought(even though I didn’t think that was possible.) I thank him for being an unapologetic dick so that we definitely know “okay, he’s not backing down on this bullsh*t. He can die tomorrow and I wouldn’t give a damn. No ifs, ands or buts! Please tell me how I’m excusing him???? This time, be intelligent enough not to compare 1 more oppressed culture to another. That’s diminishing someone else’s struggle.

        1. “Please tell me how I’m excusing him????”

          Um. I didn’t. My comment wasn’t even a reply to you. It was a reply to Tanya. So take a breath. And TBH I’m a little shocked that you are saying you didn’t know for sure before he said this that he was a POS or not. I wasn’t remotely surprised when he went on this rant. I am sorry if you think my comment was diminishing the struggle of POC. I don’t really see it that way but I will try to be more thoughtful with comparisons in the future.

  37. Oh, I see them both going to the Reunion even if he can’t participate. BUT like years past, she will throw a Massive Temper tantrum, not film, walk off and play the victim card. She will make it hell for production (which they deserve for not firing her)
    I don’t think it’s fair that Barb can no longer film if Jenelle doesn’t. I think viewers have been very vocal that they would rather watch Barb and Jace.

    MTV help create these self righteous jerks. They feel they can say and do whatever they please without repercussions. You reap what you sow. We all knew it was going to bite them in the ass.

    1. MTV Deserves whatever they get when it comes to Jenelle. Honestly she should’ve been fired a long time ago for her behavior. They’ve enabled her.

  38. Jenelle needs to continue filming if the producers are not on the land I am scared for those children’s lives especially Kaiser!!!

    1. I thought that, but hen realized the producers do nothing to protect those kids anyways. They just stand by and watch and then exploit the drama.

  39. Wow that quite the residual fallout isn’t it? I say that’s payback for the balloon stabbing goon that likes dragging kaiser across the yard by his arm, leaving bruises and putting his nose in the corner. Ain’t karma a little bitch?

  40. I doubt Barb is being supportive of Jenelle because she’s worried about her own wallet. At the end of the day, Barb has ALWAYS been the one person who is there for Jenelle when her life falls apart. She is her mom and no matter how sh!tty Jenelle is, I think it’s hard for Barb to just let her go. That being said, I think Barb and Jace would lead healthier lives without Jenelle’s toxicity.

    I just hope David and Jenelle aren’t taking out their anger on the kids. I think we’re all worried about Kaiser.

    1. Barbara is an awesome grandma! I think Jace is VERY fortunate to have her. Kaiser and Ensley need help too. David and Jenelle are HORRIBLE PEOPLE!!

  41. David will lose it if Jenelle is at the reunion without him. He won’t be able to drag Jenelle out as soon as the conversation doesn’t go their way. I can see Jenelle finish filming this season, but I can’t see her doing a new one after that. She has no life outside of David. They probably pee together. I can’t see David letting producers on the land to film only Jenelle. He will most likely make her quit the next season. Which would be great. She’s irritating and shouldn’t be on the show anyway. She’s replaceable

    1. I agree. David won’t be able to tolerate not being able to control the filming, conversations, etc. When David isn’t there monitoring Jenelle, she tends to spill more (like when she texted producers about the fight, mentioned that David spends her money on himself, and admitted to Dr. Drew that David can be aggressive). David won’t be able to storm in to stop the conversation and be right there intimidating Jenelle. Even if he lets her film at first for the money, I doubt it will last long once he realizes how much Jenelle reveals about what really goes on at the swamp.

  42. You could not pay me enough to be out on The Land right now. That’s gotta be some seriously scary shit.

    Jenelle and David pawn their kids off so they can travel. I’m truly hoping they did the decent thing and sent the kids away from The Land until tempers die down. So scary.

  43. Jenelle was pushing some advertising on IG, she got invovled with the wrong guy. I can’t imagine too many brands wanting to be associated with her through an extension of his beliefs.

    Though in a surprising karma spin, its finally nice to see her held accountable for once. And taken down a few notches on her importance as a “star.”

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