Farrah Abraham Is Suing ‘Teen Mom’ Producers & Viacom For $5 Million; Claims She “Feared For Her Life” When She Was Fired

“Do you KNOW how many Porta-Potties I could rent with $5 million bucks, MTV?!”

Just one day after MTV fired Teen Mom 2 star David Eason for going on a homophobic Twitter rant, the franchise’s other fired star, Farrah Abraham, has hit the network, its production companies and Teen Mom OG’s executive producer Morgan J. Freeman with a $5 million lawsuit!

Farrah, who got the boot from the long-running reality show on October 30, 2017 (and has been squawking about it ever since) filed the lawsuit in a Texas District Court, claiming that she was harassed, wrongfully terminated from her job, forced to endure a hostile work environment and was made to “fear for her life” on the day she was fired, to name just a few things listed in the lawsuit.

According to the legal paperwork acquired by The Blast, Farrah claims she was wrongly terminated from her ‘Teen Mom OG’ gig and harassed for “not conforming to gender stereotypes.” She also claims her firing came in part because she complained about said harassment. In addition, she claims she was discriminated against and not paid out the full amount that was agreed upon in her Viacom contract.

The lawsuit names Morgan J. Freeman, New Remote Productions, Viacom, Eleventh Street Productions, and Anxious Eleven as defendants.

As The Ashley told you back in October, Farrah was canned in part due to her continued work in the adult industry. (Her poor treatment of the show’s producers and crew was another reason she was let go, according to Morgan J. Freeman in a clip released by MTV of the episode Farrah is fired.)

After her “Backdoor” sex tape was released in 2013, Farrah continued to dabble in the sex industry (blow-up sex dolls, anyone?), but it wasn’t until the Fall of 2017 that she really ramped it up by signing up to participate in a series of live web cam sex shows.

In the lawsuit Farrah claims she was “harassed, humiliated, discriminated, disrespected, ridiculed, degraded and sex shamed” by Morgan and the production crew for being involved in the adult industry.

Farrah claims that Morgan also threatened her future work with MTV.

She also states that she was scared that Morgan was going to kill her during the incident.

“Given Freeman’s hostile tone, mannerisms and body language, Ms. Abraham feared for her life,” the lawsuit states.

To help her recover from the “emotional pain, email suffering, inconvenience, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, and other losses” that Farrah says she has suffered from this incident, Farrah is requesting a payout of $5 million.

“[The harassment interfered with Farrah’s] work performance and psychological well-being,” the lawsuit states.

Fans will get to watch (some of) the termination drama unfold on next week’s episode when Morgan sits down with Farrah to discuss how people should treat one another.

In a statement to E! Online, Farrah explained (in her typical “Farrah Speak” fashion) why she is suing those associated with ‘Teen Mom OG.’

“I am here to make a change for the LGBT and female community at large, and I’m proud I stay true to my identity as a business entrepreneur, reality star and single mother,” she said. “I am a business women and female celebrity leader who will not be shamed or discriminated against by Viacom, MTV, my peers as it’s illegal for me to do the same to them.”

Farrah’s father Michael Abraham, who spoke to The Ashley in November about Farrah’s firing, defended his daughter on Twitter on Wednesday, stating that the Abrahams are armed and ready to do battle in court!

“[They] have all the security footage from my house system [from the day Farrah was fired] and it shows the truth… and it’s going to court not the MTV footage which is edited lol!”

“If you knew the truths about how Farrah and her family has been treated you would have done the same,” he told another fan in a tweet. “No employer would get away from the discrimination, hating, and harassment that was done … but you won’t see that on TV. But the facts will be out soon.”

Watch the clip below of next week’s episode in which Farrah’s firing will be shown.

(Photo: MTV)


  1. Can someone please tell me what the LGBTQ community has to do with Farrah and her business? Everytime she does an interview, she mentions the LGBTQ community. I’m just trying to understand why. Is she a lesbian? Is she a drag king? Like seriously. Or is it just for attention?

  2. “To help her recover from the “emotional pain, email suffering, inconvenience, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, and other losses”… Email suffering? What the??? ?

    “I am here to make a change for the LGBT and female community at large”… How has this issue of Farah being fired, got anything to do with the LGBT community? So confused by the way her brain works… Or doesn’t, for that matter. ???

    1. And when she was on Big Brother she went on a rant calling someone a faggot and racist comments. She is so full of shit and I do not think the LGBT wants her to represent themShe is a horrible person

  3. I have said it many times before but Farrah is a horrible person and I long for the day when she learns something from life besides genitals equals money.
    Let’s hope MTV’s lawyers drag this out and make her pay her lawyers for many hours before dropping the real evidence so she can’t afford to pull this shit again.

  4. I’m not sure where “discrimination” comes into play – Antichrist Hoe Bag is not a protected class.

    Unfortunately, there is some lawyer out there that took this case if only because he knows he’s going to get 35% plus expenses in the settlement with deep pocket corporations.

    (Off topic, but funny – I went to the website linked above to check out the complaint. I noticed a link to an article about how Lisa Marie Presley is being sued for spending too much money and in that article they talked about Elvis’ alleged 1977 death. Are you telling me the author believes that Elvis didn’t really die in 1977??? That was even funnier than Hoe Bag Farrah’s lawsuit.)

  5. I bet they will settle with her for a hefty sum. She was an abusive crazy person, but such is life I guess.

    Although, they have so much actual footage of her being downright abusive to their crew, I don’t see how any judge would actually award her anything if this made it to a courtroom. She keeps whining about how she was discriminated against for being a porn star, but she was ABUSIVE to everyone on the staff and was nasty to everyone. Not to mention, isn’t she just an independent contractor and not an employee? They can get rid of IC’s without any reason AT ALL.

  6. How can a lawyer even take this case?
    This sounds like the time she accused the Uber driver of RAPE.
    He never touched her (Or tried) but he looked at her like he wanted to rape. She actually tried to have someone arrested for RAPE because they looked at her.

  7. Farrah must be flat broke. She she has no case especially if she is in an “at will” employment state. She is hoping MTV just settles with her so this will go away.

  8. What a joke… Alls any judge would have to do is watch one of her segments to see how much of a delusional twat she is… She’s just salty she got fired and is now trying to piggyback on David’s scandal to put her name in the media again…

  9. Legally how is this even a case? Any lawyer can go through back coverage and illustrate that whenever she does not get her way, she states that something traumatic happened to her and she feared for her life (Uber, Big Brother..just to name a few). She talks about not conforming to gender stereotypes, what about legitimately crying wolf and creating more disbelief for actual victims who wish to come forward.

    MTV is a giant joke and this show continues to be a train wreck, but I hope MTV actually did something smart for once and wrote a proper contract for the girls to sign which outlines working conditions, etc. Those staff members get treated like crap and are subject to really crappy situations.

    This whole thing just annoys me to another level! She has such high airs about herself and dare anyone not treat her as her delusional self things, then they are garbage. Meanwhile, we live in a society where people are struggling to feed families, pay bills, etc. and she wants 5 million… The only way I would ever want her to win is if she donated it to worthwhile causes – women shelters, food banks, etc.

    1. Sadly, anyone can sue anyone for anything, especially if you have the money to do so… it’s totally fucked up

    2. She’s also been using the #metoo hashtag which is all sorts of wrong. I’m glad she was fired – she is an awful human being and needs to learn how to live normally in society instead of being a drain on it. She does not empower, inspire, or any positive me. She infuriates, annoys and disgusts me with her personality.

  10. If I were her ( I thank god I’m not) I would die on the fact that she had made a poem video a long time ago and they still let her film after the fact so what’s the difference? Clearly she’s been abusive and idk what is in their contracts but in any real job you have to be warned and written up so you can correct your actions before getting fired. Who knows. I’m glad to see her and David gone!

      1. She probably wishes she had made a poem video instead of a porn video because she wouldn’t be this down about her life. She says she’s happy but really she cannot be. All of her actions and the way she speaks says she is truly unhappy. Which is sad but she keeps doing this to herself

  11. I heard this on another site but still funny. The bats look at each other and say your Farrah shit crazy. Then they all laugh

  12. BWAHAHAHAHAHAH! The Delusion Tour continues. She’s too dumb to realize the lawyers are going to get what’s left of her money. She should just slink away and call herself lucky for the years MTV endured her abuse.

  13. Okay, I’m a straight woman who is completely confused about why Farrah is linking the LGBT community with women. It’s her usual Farrah speak I guess. She’s completely crazy!

  14. Her face at the end, scary AF. She really is delusional and it’s not even funny to watch the train wreck that is the Teen Mom franchise anymore. Leah and Chelsea are the only good ones left (I include Leah cos she really picked herself up). Can the entire show, it’s ridiculous

  15. Farrah will lose because one it’s just ridiculous and two MTV has hours of footage of her verbally and sometimes physicially abusing the producers and crew.

    1. True, but then they should have fired her that time she attacked Larry, or whatever his name is! MTV probably shouldn’t of brought up the adult industry stuff in the conversation when they fired her, that’s the only legit part of her lawsuit unless she signed a morality clause, which is doubtful with all the crap the teen moms get away with!

  16. She will end up just like Amy Fisher.Farrah isn’t a murderer,but for the rest….she follows the same path.Ans that is sad,Farrah had a lot of money and a lot of succes,why she feels the need to be like this?

  17. “Failure to conform to gender stereotypes?” Farrah is a caricature of the worst stereotypes about women that were ever dreamed up by misogynistic minds.

  18. Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m having difficulty figuring this one out…

    The person suing MTV for wrongful termination of a program she repeatedly said she wasn’t fired from, she quit, is asking for $5 million despite saying she doesn’t need MTV because she has outgrown the show and is a successful business woman.

    That same person has regularly harassed, humiliated, discriminated, disrespected and ridiculed her family and the crew, is now suing MTV for harassment, humiliation, discrimination, disrespect and ridicule.

    And is also the person who claimed to be in fear of her life when a producer of a show in which she shouted verbal abuse and physically shoved another producer in, spoke to her calmly about her behaviour.

  19. Farrah’s psychological well-being was damaged? Does this lawsuit go back to birth because she has never been psychologically well. Typical malignant narcissist, always the perpetual victim. Good luck with your absurd lawsuit, ya lunatic.

    1. Are you a fellow clinical mental health social worker colleague? Your comment took the words right out of my mouth! I couldn’t agree more!

  20. Farrah has officially gone off her rocker if she thinks that she’s going to win this ridiculous lawsuit. But, I’ll enjoy watching her bankrupt herself trying. She better learn to tuck & roll, that first step off her high horse is gonna be a real doozy.

  21. Did Farrah get today’s date mixed up? Did she think it was April 1st? Cuz the only explanation I can fathom for this ridiculous and baseless lawsuit is that she thought she was playing an amazing April Fools Day prank.

    Did I miss some major announcement by Farrah that would make her a part of the LGBTQ community? I’m so confused.

    I really hope that every crew member who has ever worked with Farrah on the show counter sues her. She’s a bully.

  22. Damn MTV and its Anti-Christ attitude! Lol Farrah, the entrepreneur, must be desperate for money. Honey, this is what happens when the show stops and nobody gives a shit about you and your batshit crazy family.

  23. So much to say. Is that gravy train slowly moving down the tracks, Mykol? That’s one reason why Farrah is the horror that she is…no accountability by her parents, especially Mykol.

    Feared for her life? Effected her job performance…in her fetish cam business? lol! The Abrahams are the biggest waste of space on the planet. I used to think the Kartrashians took this title, but the Abrahams have surpassed even them.

    1. Don’t put nasty, delusional farrah in the same sentence as the kardashians. That insults the Kards, and I don’t even care for them.lol

  24. but they kept feeding the monster… this is a clear example of why this show must stop now. what are they waiting for?? a dead child? a suicide???

  25. The only thing that could make this more entertaining is if it came out that she was representing herself.

    She legitimately needs mental health treatment. She’s delusional and can’t form coherent thoughts. The lawsuit almost reads like she wrote it herself, but I’m guessing the lawyer just quoted her directly.

    1. EXACTLY. They literally have eight or nine years of footage proving that she is the most vile narcissist on the planet.

      Hostile work environment? In literally ANY OTHER ENVIRONMENT, Farrah’s ‘antichrist’ attitude wouldn’t have been tolerated AT ALL. Can you imagine that lunatic ACTUALLY trying to serve customers, wait tables, or do anything in the retail industry? She is the single most disrespectful, hateful human being in existence.

      I’ve yet to see a single person remain in her life – as everyone she encounters is subjected to massive amounts of verbal (and sometimes physical) abuse. Farrah is an absolute monster and, worse, she’s trained her child to become equally as disrespectful to everyone around her.

      I can only imagine if Derrick was actually still alive – he would ABSOLUTELY 100% have custody of Sophia. What’s a damn shame is that his parents weren’t able to prove neglect to get custody away from the entirety of the Abraham’s. Unfortunately, that poor child doesn’t stand a chance at growing up without major psychological problems between the genetic predisposition and being exposed to Farrah’s constant delusions and her increasingly disturbing manipulation as well as her rage and hysterical sobbing (which she does less now – she just screams at everyone instead).

      One thing remains a constant throughout her time on TV- Farrah is convinced at all times that she’s the victim of everyone and EVERYTHING. She NEVER EVER even considers that she’s the problem and that is impressive. To even hear her say “I respect people. I’m not difficult. I’m easy to get along with, easy to deal with, I’m not the problem” – it’s enough to make you die laughing.

  26. Hmm. Looks like someone “needs the money,” u know, Farrah’s words when she was mocking Maci…
    Farrah disrespected, humiliated, shamed and degraded herself… Gtfoh

    1. Michael said They have the REAL truth on THEIR video cameras and that Morgan Freeman waited to do this purposly when Michael was out of state

  27. Honestly though I think I could possibly have a case if only she would remember every single thing was on film and it’s not her that looks like she’s in a dangerous situation nine times out of ten she seems to demean and belittle every single person around her In all honesty I don’t see this case going far at all I’m not trying to be shady but I find it very very hard to believe any judge anywhere is going to take it seriously or take the time to entertain this gigantic waste of time

  28. What the hell do LGTB rights have to do with Farrah?? She just gets worse and worse- she must be the most entitled and delusional person on TV. There is zero hope for Sophia.

    1. I’m unbelievably impressed at Morgan J Freeman’s ability to keep a straight face in that scene.

      No one would have blamed him if he died laughing when Farrah claimed she respects those who respect her…

      But then, to be fair – no one has any respect for Farrah and Farrah treats no one study respect, so perhaps it WAS accurate.

      See, the difference is – even though no one respects her, they have always TREATED her with respect. The production has bent over backwards to keep her happy and that’s so very very clear. Telling her that she’s the only one of 9moms who is as problem was the first time they’ve actually told it to her straight rather than kissing her ass.

  29. She’s such an ass. She’s just suing because her money train has ended and she needs something to live off of. In the preview they show where Morgan is firing her he doesn’t seem to mention anything about her going back into porn. He said it was basically because she’s a jerk. Obviously we haven’t seen the whole conversation, but that seemed to be his first issue with her.

  30. So she was supporting Tyler?
    lol yeah ok #anythingformoney
    ps I knew that women on the podcast was crazy when she said she was friends with Michael
    And I knew there had to be a reason Farrah was keeping her mouth shut about David

  31. She should be sued for creating a hostile work enviroment. The way she treated that producer made me want to smack her, she looks like a botched episode too.

        1. I was really only trying to say that you posted that Farrah looked like a Botched episode, when she has in fact, been on the show. I just thought it was funny. I used the name that you use for your posts.

    1. She was on Botched, and the docs refused to treat her because of her shifty attitude. They were a little afraid to tell her they wouldn’t treat her, and said she had to be handled carefully and is “a little scary”. ?

  32. I can’t wait for the judge to laugh in her face. The line of people willing to testify against Farrah would be miles long.

    The most outrageous thing is, she’s trying to play the victim once again, by trying to garner sympathy from a group of people she doesn’t relate with. She hasn’t been the victim of a hate crime. She doesn’t face the challenges and discrimination that the LGBTQ community does.
    How dare she compare herself to others that have truly suffered. She’s not a me too victim by being fired.

    I hope the backlash is fast and furiously hard.

      1. You can sue anyone for anything. The lawyers got a retainer and are probably hoping that they’ll settle in an attempt to make it go away.

        Clearly the lawyers never watched the show though and had no idea just how little chance they stood if a settlement! I can only imagine the word salad Farrah threw around describing what she wanted to sue for…

        “They told me I wasn’t allowed to be positive female sexual rights because they mysogynisticly threatened to fire me because of thierantigay woman hatred unfairly fired for them unsuspecting of my being a role model top celebrity but they hate crime me and lied but didn’t actually fire me and thought I was going to die so I WANT THEM ALL SUED! RIGHT NOW! For all of thier moneys! ”

        Side note-
        I’m pretty sure someone met Farrah as a young child and they based Angelica from Rugrats on her.

    1. I wish they could film the court proceedings & pay-per-view it like a UFC fight. I’d pay big money to see the judge’s reaction to her baseless bullshit. Her reality check is decades overdue.

  33. Thank you for embedding this clip again, this never gets old. I hope with all of my black little heart that they don’t settle this out of court, as corporations are wont to do. I desperately want this to go to court, have all of their justification for firing her get openly aired, and have her get a verbal slap down by the judge. Please please let this happen.

      1. I would personally chip in to financially support sending Ashley to cover the court hearing, so long as she’d live-tweet it all.

        Though, I type 145 wpm so maybe I should just volunteer myself. I could keep ya’ll completely up to date on every rediculous thing the nutball claims. If MTV is smart, theyd fight to televise it.

  34. Bitch please, they should be suing you. The way you treated them and acted all high and mighty. I hope you don’t see a dime.

  35. Did anyone else think about her comment on the newest episode where she was getting her vag tightened saying how she could have one of those machines at home.

    How often does she need her vagina tightened? Is it always getting loose?

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