Bravo Reportedly Makes Its Cast Members Sign Away Their Rights to Sue If They Get An STD

“Mind if I look at your latest test results before we hit the sheets? Safety first!”

After seeing countless Bravo stars over the years dabble in promiscuity, swap partners and engage in random public bathroom rendezvous (did we just summarize the Vanderpump Rules series as a whole?), it should come as no surprise that the network reportedly now requires its cast members to sign away their rights to sue Bravo if they were to get an STD while filming!

According to Page Six, the network enlists the use of an “STD clause” in its cast contracts, in an attempt to cover its own butt in the event of any infections among the cast.

Hey, at least someone is using protection!

According to the site, “’Vanderpump Rules’ is a particular hotbed of disease because of its particularly hot beds.” (Pun definitely intended!)

Viewers may remember James Kennedy accusing Jax Taylor of having herpes during an episode of Watch What Happens Live in 2015. Jax, who James deemed a “dirty, dirty boy,” later denied the accusations in a Reddit AMA session.

While Bravo may very well be the ideal contender for this sort of clause, it is certainly not the only network that requires its potential cast members to sign away the chance to sue should they catch more from appearing on the show than an Instagram promo contract and/or shame.

Back in 2013, Bachelor franchise executive producer and host Chris Harrison confirmed that the men and women cast on the ‘Bachelor’ shows must actually submit to STD testing before they are allowed on the show.

Other reality show contracts specifically state that the participant may catch an STD while filming because the network is not required to test for venereal diseases before casting people.

Evidently Jersey Shore producers had a different approach to preventing the cast from giving “the gift that keeps on giving” to all of Seaside Heights. During a 2010 Hollywood Reporter roundtable, ‘Jersey Shore’ show creator SallyAnn Salsano said producers handed out the herpes medication Valtrex “like M&Ms.”

“Hey kids, it’s time for Valtrex!’ It’s like a herpes nest. They’re all in there, mixing it up,” she said.

During that same roundtable, Dr. Drew Pinsky stated that all of the participants on the now-defunct show Celebrity Rehab were required to take Valtrex, regardless of their STD test result status.

“The network requires me to do stuff with my patients that has no relevance to anything,” he said.

Bravo has yet to publicly confirm or deny Page Six‘s story.

(Photo: Bravo)

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  1. I’m pretty sure Valtrex doesn’t cure or prevent Herpes from spreading – it just suppresses the outbreaks. You can still contract Herpes from an infected person even if they’re taking Valtrex.

    1. It was actually in reference to Jersey Shore handing Valtrex out like candy on set… I just thought, “Wow, that’s not how it works.”
      But I guess we already know MTV seems to have really questionable ethics when it comes to thier *reality* shows.

  2. Gross. People will literally do anything for fame and money, even if it means contracting something that will impact them for life.

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