Advertisers Pull Ads From ‘Teen Mom’ Shows Following David Eason’s Homophobic Rant

“What do you mean they don’t want to air their commercials after our segments?!”

MTV may have booted David Eason from Teen Mom 2 on Tuesday night, but the fallout from his hateful words against the LGBTQ community continues to be a headache for the network!

The Ashley can confirm that at least two advertisers that regularly advertise during ‘Teen Mom’ have pulled their ads.

In an exclusive statement to The Ashley, Nutro Company– a pet food manufacturer– confirmed it will no longer run its ads during the show.

“We value the opinions of our consumers and take their concerns very seriously,” a rep for the company told The Ashley. “Our advertisements are not meant to serve as an endorsement of any specific point of view. Yes, we can confirm our advertisements will no longer air during ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Moving forward, we have ensured that all of our advertising is redirected to programming that resonates better with pet parents.”

In addition, Cesar Cuisine– a cat food manufacturer– has also pulled its ads from airing during ‘Teen Mom.’ A rep for the company confirmed the news on Twitter on Wednesday.

“You will be happy to know we have been in contact with our rep and will no longer be airing any commercials during Teen Mom programming. Thanks!” a rep posted on the company’s Twitter account. (Both Cesar Cuisine and Nutro Company are owned by the Mars, Inc. parent company.)

This is reminiscent of what happened to the Duggar Family after news of their oldest son Josh‘s molestation scandal broke. After TLC cancelled 19 Kids and Counting, the network continued featuring the family on Counting On but had a hard time keeping advertisers for the show at first, due to its link to Josh.

As far as The Ashley has heard, Jenelle has not been fired from ‘Teen Mom 2’ (as of press time). However, as The Ashley previously told you, a group of the show’s executives are reportedly meeting at Viacom headquarters in New York City on Wednesday afternoon to discuss what went down and Jenelle’s future on the show.

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    1. Morgan F Freeman on Twitter he’s the executive producer of the Teen Mom shows. He’s so busy bashing Trump on twitter, and calling the NRA hypocrites “because all they care about is guns and money”, but that’s all he cares about, he makes money off of a bunch of mentally ill people. There is claar abuse going on with some of those kids. I really do think this is the beginning of the end for both shows!

  1. This is so stupid! Farrah can show her a&&, literally, and stays on for dental years. David says a stupid comment about fags and he gets fired? This show is so messed up. As long as he didn’t say it on MTVs page it shouldn’t matter.

  2. Jenelle is tired of all the negativity, is she talking about the show & fans or David’s social media.

    This is all MTV they probably “Edited” David’s social media for rating. Yeah that’s it

    And if David is sorry about the comments why didn’t he apologize instead of Jenelle?

  3. Let’s not replace anybody & cancel this shit. They’re NOT Teen moms, they’re not an accurate depiction of a teen mom in their 20s. Most of them are overly entitled spoiled brats that think they’re “stars”. Cancel this crap & do a “where are they now” episode 5-10 yrs down the road. I hate myself for watching this cheese.? I need an intervention. HELP ME

  4. Let’s face it. If MTV was truly worried about their “image”, they would have ended this show a long time ago. There has been, on camera: drug abuse, domestic abuse, child abuse, verbal abuse, animal abuse, unsafe driving, excessive alcohol consumption, and mental breakdowns. And a lot of this has happened IN THE PRESENCE OF MINOR CHILDREN. This show needs to be pulled. These girls have all let the money and “stardom” go to their heads. Shame on MTV for acting like they give a shit now. They don’t, they are only concerned about the almighty dollar. Hence why they created a TV empire exploiting damaged girls in a financial and emotional crisis. MTV DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT.

      1. I also saw Jeremy Calvert video. He says David pulled a knife at the reunion. Maybe they are fine toothing with their lawyers. Contacts ECT. I agree with you 110 per cent. I personally feel they are trash. Getting rich off off bad behavior. Enough is enough.

  5. Mtv won’t fire her. They’ll put her on probation for the rest of the season and see how it goes. She’s too much of a train wreck. Kail and Bri make poor life decisions and have the matching personalities to those life decisions, but Janelle takes the cake for highest ridiculousness she calls life. Janelle ALWAYS has a crisis. Next contract is 50/50 though depending on how they behave

    1. Well, I sure as hell won’t watch. I don’t think anyone that has been watching her on TM will watch either because they all know what a shitty person she is.

  6. If Nathan’s mom gets Kaiser and David’s mom gets Ensly and Barbara has Jace can you imagine that reality show? #grandmasgonewild

    Why did Barbara lose her retirement?

  7. Somewhere Maci is trying to think of a business to start out of that office building Taylor is in so she can drink while working. Amber is telling Andrew (Matt? Whoever) to get back to LA to work. Catelynn is stopping Tyler from buying another house. Ryan is wrestling the rest of his money from Mackenzie’s hands. Kailyn is trying to get a job as a VJ. Briana is trying to lock down a rich baby daddy at da club. Leah is selling lipstick and inspiration as fast as possible. And Jenelle is contemplating dumping Lurch or sticking with him and hoping his welding will pay the bills so she doesn’t need to work herself. And they all discovered birth control! Teen Mom gravy train may be pullinng into the station!

  8. Of all the dudes Jenelle has been with since the show’s inception, NONE of them have been literally kicked off the show — including Kieffer.

    Which says to me, that David Eason is an nasty, angry, controlling, two-legged toxic waste dump, and if Jenelle had any brain cells at all she’d get rid of his a*s as SOON as humanly possible.

    (Even though we already know she most probably won’t.)

  9. For the sake of those poor kids I sincerely hope she doesn’t get fired. Neither one of these people is going to work to maintain their current lifestyle and Jenelle is not likable enough to turn her MTV fame into anything with longevity (unlike Maci, for example, who could probably remain in the limelight in perpetuity). I also doubt that their relationship would withstand any financial hardship, it’s unhealthy as it is and they have more than what most people dream of. I’m sure “babe” and her baggage would not be as attractive to David if not for all of the perks associated. Imagine if they can’t travel, buy new cars/clothes/gadgets, and pretend like they have the best life ever for social media. If Jenelle has to live like a normal person, those kids are screwed. SCREWED.

    1. The bottom line is, this gravy train isn’t going to last forever for these teen moms,instead of buying boobs,butts,lips,hair,cars,going on vacations, buying these expensive houses that they probably won’t be able to maintain,they should’ve invested their money. Some of them have clothing lines that probably won’t last. While they’re still working they need to start being smart with their money.

      1. Somewhat off-topic but I completely agree with what you’re saying I am so tired of seeing them go on vacation after vacation it’s not reality and if that is the reality they can live in I’m tired of watching it it’s beyond unrelatable at this point how many homes do cate and ty have? Good for them I think it’s great but at what point does it become excessive

        1. You mean you don’t think most teen parents own three houses at once, the one they used to live in, the one they live in now, and the one they plan to live in next (and bought off a photograph)?

    2. She’s under some kind of spell when it comes to lurch. BUT if MTV did fire her, it would force her to face reality: Teen Mom gravy train won’t last forever. She needs skills

  10. They invested in the Land and four wheeler stl trodd thru that mudd out. They also invested in making memories with all those trips to st Thomas.

  11. Can the custody agreement Barb has with Jenelle be changed? She should file a restraining order against David for both herself and Jace, and then he’d never have to go back there…can she grab Ensley at the same time?! Nathan can take Kaiser, and he really needs to step up now and fight for him.

    Those poor kids are in serious trouble. Can we all call NC CPS and report them?! Maybe they’ll actually do something?!

    1. Already am contacting cps. They have weapons and in NC you are not legally allowed to own a weapon when you have violent or domestic charges and they both have those charges. There’s no reason a gun should be around these fools!

  12. I like the hypocrisy that two pet food companies drop because of the opinion (I do not condone his opinion in any way shape or form and think advertisers should pull) of David but not by the physical abuse shown on tv of jenelle’s pets. (Of course not to mention her kids).

  13. Can anyone else hear Barbara yelling at Jenelle about this???

    “Well, Jenelle…I seen what David wrote! It’s done! The whole show is done thanks to your booooyfriend (well technically “husband” but that ruins it)!!! HIGH!! HIGH!! He must have been HIGH when he wrote all that stuff on twitta!!!”

  14. Well, it looks like David is going to be solely responsible for the demise of this show and now the cast might actually have to real jobs after it gets pulled from the network! David, you better hide under a rock. These angry mamas are gonna come after you with torches blazin’!

      1. Farrah is an awful person. But David is way worse he abuses Kaiser (I’m sure his other children) on camera. Pops balloons with knives, has possession of guns, has numerous charges, is obviously on a drugs, and an all around terrible person.

        1. I mean, her lawsuit could have some affect on the future of TMOG. If, by some chance, she wins, that is a massive blow to MTV. Lawsuit and losing sponsors? I’m not sure if she does or doesn’t have grounds for this lawsuit because it’s really hard to trust her. She claimed an Uber driver tried to rape her the changed her story that he looked at her funny.

  15. If MTV wants drama, they can easily replace Jenelle with another girl from 16 and Pregnant that can supply them with that. They don’t need to keep Jenelle. Everyone hates her anyways. It’ll be no loss.

  16. Jenelle is a terrible mother and I really worry that if she gets kicked off the show then her kids will be treated even worse by her and David. Look how badly they treat the kids now (especially kaiser) when they’re on their ‘best behaviour’ for the cameras!? Imagine how bad it will get if they don’t have to answer to the general public and are alone on the land!

  17. Even though it is great that mtv isn’t paying David anymore and they are doing something about it I feel really bad for the kids. We already hear them yell at each other or the kids on tv now they are hearing it a lot more now I bet.

    I hated hearing yelling as a child between my parents and I was also yelled at by them and an ex bf. It stays with you mentally. They are also probably hitting them on top of yelling which will make them into scared children. All of them have been exposed so there’s no turning back. Anything else will just be just as traumatizing to those kids as well. Being taken away and possibly have to live with foster parents. It’s not a guarantee babs will be able to take care of them. All jenelle had to do was keep her legs shut.

  18. Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond ecstatic and think this is a long time coming. What he said was atrocious.
    I just can’t help but feel annoyed that apparently the mental and physical abuse of a child is acceptable, yet make a homophobic rant on Twitter and NOW people are outraged? NOW advertisers are pulling out?
    Those babies are alone on “the land” with these savages. 🙁

    1. Exactly! That’s what I was saying on the last post. It’s scary that our society is so politically correct now to where verbal insults make people angrier than children being mistreated. That’s pretty unsettling to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love gay people and I HATE what David said. But they are just words at the end of the day. How he treats Kaiser is a lot more serious. That is an innocent child.

  19. This gravy train may be coming to an end of all of them ( thank god !) Then they would have to all live in the real world, ya know .. get jobs etc

        1. Actually Butch got a scholarship to the rehab for six months, which covers everything so at least they don’t have the rehab bills to worry about b/c that would be a shit ton of money to pay since it’s completely out of pocket.

  20. Just saw that Farrah is suing Viacom for $5 million… LOL good luck with that they have so much footage of her treating the staff/Producers badly there was more than one reason to fire her I’m actually shocked it took them this long… God help her if there was a morality clause in her contract

    1. I saw that too! these girls are too much. too. much. They must’ve never heard the phrase “never bite the hand that feeds you”. Has any other cast been so entitled!?!

  21. Good.

    Now let’s replace janelle with Barbara. I would love to see her making lots of easy surprise cash in her retirement from filming another season or two. I know she’s not a perfect parent, but she is trying and providing Jace with a stable-ish home environment and medical assistance as needed.

    1. i think Babs is the perfect replacement. We will get to see a different perspective on the consequences of being 16 and pregnant….we’ll get to see what it’s like being the grand parent raising the grand child for almost a decade, and the child’s worthless mother screaming and crying that she wants to all of a sudden be a mother and rip the grandchild you’ve raised since birth out of the home he’s ever known, to have him come live with his crazy mother and psychotic evil bigot new husband in their house of horrors….all the while Babs fights to keep somme custody….plus it would be the perfect karma for Jenelle not wanting to film with her mom…

  22. These are the steps that need to happen and should be taken. Jenelle and David have acted like spoiled brats and gotten away with it way too long. He knew what he said was disgusting and would piss people off, but because his and Jenelles despicable behavior has been enabled by MTV for so long, he thought he would get away with it. I really enjoy the show, and hope that they don’t cancel it entirely, but these 2 need some major repercussions. Bigotry is NEVER ok, and because Jenelle is standing by her man, she clearly needs some big big consequences as well. His behavior is very sad, infuriating, disheartening, and unacceptable. For her to support him (husband or not) sends the wrong message to MTVs audience. WRONG IS WRONG.

    1. I was thinking that too…
      Interesting how both advertisers so far have been pet food companies, yet didn’t do anything when clear abuse of their pets was being shown. I don’t even know what pets they have now, and which ones have mysteriously disappeared, but they are unfit to take care of ANYTHING, not even a rock.

  23. Oh her ass is so toast. Not only is she difficult to work with, but she’s a major contributing factor to the shows negative reputation and she’s now costing the network money in advertisements. Good riddance, Chinelle. You will not be missed.

  24. Oh boy this is getting better and better, i hope Jenelle and David made some smart investments…… BAHAHAHA! Yeah right.

  25. i wonder if any of the 16 and pregnant girls are interested?id like to know whats going on with jordan(the homeless one from baltimore)

    1. Last update was that she was on drugs and working as a prostitute. Her parents and Evi’s father were all contributing to raise Evi.

  26. Out of curiosity how are they Justifying keeping Jenelle and getting rid of David? I guarantee this was not the first time he’s ever made comments like this her apology was beyond pathetic and if he cannot understand Twitter I’m honestly concerned how he can possibly raise children It just seems like it’s going to be harder for MTV and she’s going to make the producers life miserable I don’t really need to watch another teen mom sit on the couch I think Jenelle should be let go as well

  27. I personally think Teen Mom 2 is getting old. Chelsea has a great, normal life. Leah almost seems to have it together and who cares about Kail or Brianna. As far a drama goes, Teen Mom OG is way more Interesting and real. So MTV should just cancel TM2.

  28. I was wondering what line of decency would have to be crossed before advertisers would finally start to say enough is enough with this show. Now MTV is getting ready to launch their next lineup of new teen moms in March with five new teen moms, including a transgender dad to set another great example to today’s kids that anything is possible! Yay for another generation of teen pregnancies to carry the MTV Torch of controversy. Time for this nonsense to stop.

  29. Fire mr and Mrs lurch and just film Barbara. This would drive jenelle insane and then we get to see more babz. Rating would be high high high

    1. ?? I agree that they should replace Jenelle with Barbara. Just focus on her raising Jace and her day to day life. It would be way more interesting than watching swamplandia.

      1. That would be great….just for the simple fact that it would drive Jenelle & Lurch crazy if Barb is on instead of them.

  30. Hahahahaha….. i cant wait. Im pretty sure shes gonna get fired also. I hope those kids are ok im sure there is a lot of screaming and yelling on “the land” today. Well u cant pay for the land with no job. Jenelles next job will be her asking people “would you like fries with that”. What a dumb bitch. Messed up such easy money. Please mtv can we just put barbara in her place on teen mom since none of the other moms are teens anymore anyway. I can guarantee u way more people would watch. Ugh this is all so satisfying. Karma is real and its a bitch!!!!

    1. Do you honestly think she’s even going to get a job??? McDonalds wouldn’t hire this winner. God knows Andrew was “over qualified”.

    2. Haha When you said fries with that all I could picture was Andrew telling his dad bahhhney and Barbara in 16 and pregnant he was overqualified for mcdonalds.

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