MTV Announces Jenelle Evans’ Husband David Eason Will No Longer Appear on ‘Teen Mom 2’

“Do this mean I’m gonna have to get one of them jobs?”

David Eason‘s homophobic Twitter rant just got him booted from Teen Mom 2!

MTV announced in a statement Tuesday night that it is cutting ties with David, who is the husband of Jenelle Evans.

“Official statement from @MTV Press: David Eason’s personal statements do not reflect the views of MTV. With six weeks left on production of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ effectively immediately, we are ending our relationship with him.”

As The Ashley previously told you, the show’s bigwig producers are meeting on Wednesday in New York to discuss Jenelle’s future on the show. While Jenelle and David have pulled controversial moves before, The Ashley’s sources told her this incident “was being taken very seriously…for once.”

Earlier in the day, Jenelle attempted to explain away her husband’s homophobic tweets via a statement to TMZ. In the statement she promised that David would “keep his comments to himself from now on.”

Jenelle had yet to publicly comment on David’s firing and, at press time, her fate on the show remains unknown.

(Photo: MTV)

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    1. It does seem rather two-faced of MTV to allow other things like illegal drugs, dui, assault, domestic abuse, fraud, and probably a little statutory rape and yet frown on this so hardly. But that is the current media trend. Even here at TA, it already has several more posts than say Nathan assaulting someone. Then again, MTV is not really known for giving a shit if it isn’t facing a twitter boycott lol. I agree with you, fire the lot of them and retire this show. It has jumped the shark and then got the shark an Uber ride ahead and then jumped it again while high on pills, assaulting its ex in front of the kids, and hawking its goods on instagram and camsoda. Folks need to stop rewarding bad behavior across the board. David is an asshole and an idiot but so are many of the others.

  1. Does this mean that Jenelle is going to need to get a real,job “saving lives”? I mean, she is so much better than Barbara who works at Walmart (and who kept her full-time job despite the MTV money she rakes in) because Jenelle can save lives.

    Maybe the lives Jenelle should try to save is that of her children. Get those babies off The Land. The odds of this not ending in a murder-suicide or child abuse homicide are looking slimmer and slimmer every day.

  2. As so many of us have said so many times, just close this whole enterprise, both of them, down, and leave these people to make it or not on their own. Quit making “stars” out of trash. I’d rather see a season that did nothing but individual, one hour segments on the other 16 & Pregnant mothers and fathers, and how THEY are doing today, which I”m sure is a far more accurate representation of how most teen parents are going 5-6-7-8 years later and I’ll guarantee one of them are living in big houses, taking island (other than maybe Coney) vacations with family and friends along, and riving yet another expensive new Beemer, Cadillac, Land Rover, or Mercedes every 6 months.

  3. Jenelle needs to be fired as well!!! They’re still supporting David if she is allowed to film and profit from it. Their time is UP.

  4. I swear when I read that he had twitter now, I said to my friend that it wouldn’t take long for him to get into shit for what he was saying. I was right lol. I’m just glad he’s gone. He’s so creepy. Hopefully Janelle is next! I’d say she’ll be watching everything she says and does for awhile so she doesn’t get fired too!I have a feeling she’ll mess up somehow though lol! What a trainwreck of a family.

      1. I sincerely hope that she gets fired . Neither of them deserve a fat paycheck. They are being rewarded for bad behavior. Janelle should kiss Barbara :s a.s. She kept her son out of foster care. While she she was busy getting high and focusing on herself. Despicable human beings.

      2. Wasn’t his conviction related to domestic violence? Any domestic violence arrest-even if it’s a misdemeanor – means that you are no longer allowed to be in possession of firearms. (retired cop here, hence my username actually).

        1. Jenelle or someone she’s knows probably got it for him like a straw purchase . Someone needs to send screen shots to the police and report them

    1. Yes he was in Prison & felons can’t own guns or even be around guns. That means that Jenelle can’t own a gun, well she can purchase 1 but David can’t be near it or live in a house with a gun
      Technically if you own a gun he can not be near you when you have it & if it’s at your home He can get arrested for being at your house

    2. Yes I lives in NC and couldn’t get a gun with a non violent misdemeanor. They both have DV related cases so legally they can’t own a gun at all! Neither of them!

      1. If you have a NC drivers license you should be able to walk into a store & purchase a rifle/long gun
        A hand gun is very different, you need a permit/Id for a hand gun

        I think Jenelles charges are all misdemeanors for drug but he went away for domestic violence which is a big deal & he should have turned in his guns & can’t be around guns
        Someone in NC, give the POPO a call

    3. Okay – as much as I can’t stand jenelle or David, I need to weigh in.

      I’m a retired police officer and I’ve arrested people for possession of a firearm by a from on multiple occasions – I know the ins and outs of the law.

      Just because someone spent time in prison doesn’t mean they were convicted of a felony. They could have been convicted of a misdemeanor or multiple misdemeanors, leading to jail time. In most places, anyone sentenced to more than 12 months, gets places in prison – regardless of the charges. Now, charges and arrests are subject to FOI (Freedom of Information Act) and it could easily be looked up, most likely even just on google, what he was actually convicted of.

      That being said – you don’t need a felony conviction to be barred from legal firearms ownership. Any domestic violence arrest means that it becomes a felony for you to possess a firearm, except in the rare case where the courts reinstate your rights (which, if it happens, usually doesn’t occur for many years after the crime). If he was arrested for domestic violence, he can’t have a gun. Similarly, hasn’t Jenelle herself been charged with domestic violence?

      One final thing – if one person is not allowed to have guns, say David WAS a convicted felon. If he’s not allowed to possess firearms, that does NOT mean that his spouse is not legally allowed to own or possess a firearm. The felon IS allowed to live in the residence with the fireaem-however, they are not allowed to handle, load, clean, practice with, or otherwise have anything to do with the firearm.

      In my most recent conviction for a felon in possession of a firearm, I was able to charge the man – because even though he insisted the eleven firearms in the bedroom were his wife’s, there was one firearm sitting outside when we arrived at the house. According to the man, his wife was screaming and hitting him, and while all the guns inside were locked up – he supposedly had the one gun outside because she was drunk and he was afraid of what she might do. His admission that he’d carried it outside and put in on the back of the truck was enough to charge him. Also, in an interesting side note – when I ran the gun through FCIC/NCIC, It came back as a stolen firearm… Having been stolen from a gun store where a murder has occurred in Ohio more than twenty years earlier!! You should have seen the look on my face. Fortunately the drunk 6’8″,450lb man went peacefully to jail – and it was later determined that he had bought the gun at a pawn store who incorrectly (and illegally) hadn’t made sure the gun was legal and not stolen.

      Sorry- it’s a pet peeve of mine when folks act as armchair lawyers. There’s nothing wrong with discussing it – but too often people are *sure* of the laws, even when they actually aren’t.

      No offense meant, I just wanted to give you the facts.

  5. All the cast members of both TM shows should take note of the brand new Teen Mom/Young and Pregnant show that’s in production now. MTV is clearly sussing out the next generation of trainwrecks to film. You can and will be replaced. What you all do, isn’t that special.

    1. Seriously though. Teenagers aren’t the same as they were 10 years ago. The new generation can’t relate to these girls not just with the age difference, but with the generation gap. Teen Mom OG & 2 are probably going to be off the air soon enough. Especially with Young + Pregnant bringing in girls who are actually pregnant teens of the current generation.

      1. Also a scary thought, the target audience is closer in age to Bentley and Leah, than they are with the moms, now all 26+.

      1. Ok thank Billie. You’ve bullied me off the site. Good job. At its finest you’ve finally broken me. And I’m crying. So thanks.

        1. You were not bullied. This is also the second time in as many days that you’ve used these threads about David to complain about the blog.

        2. I really like all your comments. Dont let people get to u. We are all entitled to there opinions. Sometimes the comments i make can be kinda nasty depending on whats going on in my life or maybe if its that time of the month. Lol. Hang in there. I also see u on cdan sometimes commenting on the teen mom blinds. Love that website so addicting.

          1. Barbara, don’t leave. Your comments are spot on, and they’re funny too. Don’t let a few mean comments wreck the fun.

  6. They’ll probably get divorced now so Jenelle can keep the drama rolling to stay relevant and keep that paycheck coming in. ?

  7. It’s incredibly hard to get kicked off this show. Like, child abuse, drug abuse, domestic violence, being unreasonable to the extent of effecting the jobs of others, MAJOR diva demands, jail time, threatening the film crew, child neglect, etc. Congrats David, you’re a special kind of awful. Farrah beat you to being the first, got god damn. Now let’s hope they boot his trashboat wife today after the MTV/Viacom meeting.

  8. Kinda off topic but the picture of Jenelle with the gun- I want to know how the hell they were even allowed to get a gun. I lived in Charlotte NC and applied for a gun permit after my house was robbed. They wouldn’t approve it because I had a misdemeanor petty theft charge that was over 5 years prior. I know damn well those two have domestic violence related charges which means you can NEVER legally own a gun. They have a lot of balls posting those pics. DSS needs to investigate this issue. Those poor kids. David is bat shit crazy!

          1. Exactly and these two hot heads can have one? I’ve never had a violent offense I’ve never even been in trouble other then the petty theft!

    1. I said this in a different post but NC (and most states) have a lot of loopholes when obtaining a gun. He could’ve gotten it through a private sale or from a friend/relative. You also don’t need certain screenings or checks for a rifle as you would for a handgun or pistol. It doesn’t make sense at all but it’s not hard to get a gun.

      1. I agree completely. I tried to do it the right way! When I lived in Cleveland Ohio I (my boyfriend) walked into a gun show and walked out with a gun the same day no paperwork ever even done. So illegal. I only wanted a gun in NC because my house was robbed in broad daylight. An apartment actually so that takes some balls! So I tried to do it the proper way. I have kids and I didn’t want anyone coming in my house while we were home! I was scared and ended up moving the next week. Anyways I just think posting that online was a pretty dumb idea. DSS could see that police etc. I’m not sure which county she lives in but I’m sure I can find out and make a report. He’s so crazy I’m afraid for those kids and Jenelle

        1. Well and also. I tell my addict sister this also the time. When she gets busted for drugs and they also find a gun in her house it will be way more trouble for her. But addicts think they are smarter then the world. She also posts gun pics and I’m like ‘you think you’re tough, but you could shoot your self while taking a selfie w a gun stupid’ how easy to accidentally pull the trigger when you’re trying to take a pic, it takes one second of confusion or a mistake.

          I get this from google:
          South Carolina is a “shall issue” concealed carry permit state. No permit is required to purchase rifles, shotguns, or handguns. … Open carry of a handgun is not allowed (long guns are allowed), but no permit is required to carry a loaded handgun in the console or glove compartment of a car.

        2. Please don’t give out false information. You can only walk out with a gun if it’s from a private seller. So your boyfriend obviously got it from a private seller at a gun show… not a licensed dealer.

    2. I got denied a gun permit because I had a perscription you marijuana. (I’m deadly allergic to most pain meds. So I got the marijuana perscription.)

      For some reason people think it’s easy to get a gun. The background checks are thorough.

  9. Let me guess…Now old Dave won’t allow MTV to film anywhere near HIS house or HIS land or HIS kids. Jenelle will be forced to film all her spots, where exactly? Kangaroo? Mini golf?

    1. I have an idea: just film Jace and Barb, and Kaiser when he’s with Nathan and/or Nathan’s mom, cut Jenelle and her lout of the week out completely. (My real vote is ditch both shows.+

  10. OK, So I can’t stand David. The comments he made were rude and mean. However, should he really be fired from the show for it? IDK, I think a lot of the entertainment of reality tv is that you love to hate some of the cast members. What he said was offensive, no question. We have seen plenty of offensive material on this show for years. The show would have no cast left if they fired everyone who made an offensive comment over the years.

    1. What I want to know is how Matt was able to SAY f***ot ON the show last season and nothing happens, but David gets fired for the tweets? Hell, David even called Dr. Drew that on air at the reunion. I’m with you, no love lost for David, but it’s a slippery legal slope. I bet he can find some argument in there. And Jeremy, with his ‘Your next kid is going to be an Oreo’ tweet can have several fucking seats. Almost all of them have broken contract (it even states refusing to film, which they’ve basically all done at one point or another) is breaking contract, so it’s odd that they picked this. Matt should’ve been fired but they didn’t even not air it smh.

  11. Bout damn time!! Although, idk how they’re not gunna film him since he’s constantly attached to jenelles asshole

  12. THANK YOU MTV@!!

    I don’t see David letting Jenelle continue to film if he not since he is always in control of everything. But if he doesn’t how will the make money? Because you know they are not going to go get a job like the rest of the world?

    Maybe she can take Barbara’s old job that she made fun of so much. I vote we replace Jenelle with Babs anyways!!

    1. He will probably make false threats about blocking her filming like the big countdown at the reunion he did when the producers blocked their car when they left early with Jace. (that was a classic with his countdown and then he acted tough and backed down). MTV will get their lawyers involved and threaten to sue since I am sure Jenelle has a separate contract from him. He will realize that there will be no money coming in and have to pay for lawyers if he refuses to let her film but he will probably make it very difficult for the crew.

  13. Interesting that for someone who didn’t want to film with her “effing bitch mom” Barbara anymore, with the toxic on-screen drama she had with David now gone — Jenelle will probably have NO CHOICE.

    That is, if she wants to stay a relevant part of the Teen Mom franchise.

    Karma – 1
    Jenelle- 0

  14. Now we know where the line is – child abuse is ok, but homophobic Twitter rants are not.

    David is a crazy hothead who cannot control his anger. We have seen it time and time again and FINALLY MTV is doing something about it. All the people who are saying it’s unfair that he got fired for his opinion… no. It’s incredibly fair. Actions have consequences. If a tv personality intentionally and angrily alienates and offends the show’s viewers in a public forum, that personality needs to go. That’s how it works. Why would MTV keep him around if they will lose viewers and sponsors over it? MTV runs a business, not a charity. We know that since they constantly turn a blind eye to child abuse and neglect to protect their bottom line. What kind of entitled snowflake thinks they get to keep their job no matter what they say or do?

    1. For sure. Twitter and Facebook is the downfall for many people. It is sad that it took this for mtv to finally step up. We only can go by the last season where tons of stuff happened, who knows what they have filmed for the new season. The neglect on last season was bad.

  15. Jenelle has been on from the beginning and what he did should not reflect on her I’m sure divorce is coming soon
    If she loses this job she will stay with him thinking he will go back to work to support the family hopefully MTV will not fire her she will have a check enabling her to Kick him out !
    Do not take strength away from a battered woman and children ??

  16. So he gets fired for this yet Jenelle referred to Kieffer as “not a n*****” a few years back. David is nuts and should definitely be fired but it seems Jenelle can do no wrong in MTV’s eye. It will take something serious happening to get rid of her. She’s been arrested repeatedly, addicted to hard core drugs, assaulted people on camera, used racial slurs, neglected her children, abused her pets, threatened her own mother and stole from her mother ON CAMERA! She’ll never change and MTV will never fire her unless she kills someone or apparently talks badly about the LGBT community.

  17. I am going to be extremely interested to see how this plays out. MTV said they have six more weeks of filming on this season and going forward, Lurch is fired. How is that going to work with previously shot footage? Will MTV allow Lurch to appear in early episodes? Will MTV show Lurch being fired like they (claim to) do with Farrah? Is MTV going to show the reaction of other cast members to this mess, like they did when Farrah re-joined the show a few years back?

    If Lurch can’t film with Jenelle, with whom will she film? She has no friends (at least no friends who aren’t bought by MTV), she hates her family, she hates Kaiser, she hates her exes. Who does this leave for filming?!?!

    Lastly, I have serious concerns over that incredibly thoughtless pic she posted of her holding target practice on The Land. The obvious issue lies with both Jenelle and Lurch have lengthy criminal records. Even worse is Jenelle’s diagnosed mental illness. Let’s go ahead and out a scary gun in the hands of a woman with bipolar disorder, who struggles with addiction. This is not going to end well for anyone. Odds are good that Jenelle and Lurch aren’t responsible enough to keep their scary guns locked in a safe at all others. They have five children spending time on that property. How long until one of those kids picks up one of those scary guns and does something bad with it? Or how long until Lurch takes out his stress and frustrations out on Jenelle and the kids with one of those gun.

    Very scary thoughts.

  18. Well, let that trashbag-skanking-childabusing-whitetrash Duhnelle have the boot as well ..

    But, I know his comments was brutal and just plain wrong, but I do feel a bit concerned that MTV reacts to this, but not the childabuse? That’s a real headscrather for me ..

  19. This is the problem with society. If you don’t agree with the majority they will do whatever they can to get you fired. Pitiful.

    1. Yeah we wouldn’t want anyone to be held accountable for their own behavior. It isn’t like being on TM OG is a privilege.

    2. If you cost the company money as David has done, you will get fired. Actions have consequences. MTV would rather lose David than lose viewers. Makes perfect business sense.

    3. Ava I agree you shouldn’t be fired for what you say on twitter on your own time. But I think they had a problem with David before this, his behaviour at the reunion and with producers created issues for them. So I don’t really think MTV cares he was spewing a bunch of crap on twitter I think it just provided them with the opportunity they needed to get rid of him.

    4. Ah, so you share the same disgusting opinion as David and don’t like that you’re being made to feel like it’s wrong. Well, guess what, hate speech has consequences.

  20. Best news I’ve read all week! He is rotten to the core! A narrow minded, homophobic, uneducated piece of crap! I’ve always hated how he involved himself in tje custardy situation with Jenelle and Babs and how he thought he had a say in the matter..Also that time he was shown recording Jenelle arguing on the phone with her mum and him saying things in the background really showed how controlling he is! I don’t like Je nelle but I hope she gets away from him for the sake of her kids..God help those kids when they are older if they are gay ? who knows what David is capable of! Does him being fired mean he will be banned from attending the reunion shows, obviously not as an employee but as Jenelle’s guest? I truely hope so!

  21. If the Richter Scale reports unexpected seismograph activity in North Carolina today, do not be alarmed. It’s not an actual earthquake, just aftershocks from the sh*tshow that’s inevitably going down on The Land.

    1. Doubt WalMart would hire her given her criminal record. Not sure what she could actually do for a job since her reputation is so tarnished. Work at Hooters where Barabara’s ex Mike hangs out? Stripper?

    2. Ah it made me so sad when jenelle mocked her mom over working at Walmart. I feel so sorry for Babs. I hate listening to jenelle call her names and talk to her the way she does..

    1. Exactly. How does MTV finally take a stand when this moron exhibits non
      politically behaviors or tweets or whatever when they ignored this monster abusing Kaiser ? It was brought to MTV attention months ago. Shame on you MTV

  22. Ahhh haha ha ha haha! They’re the new Heidi and Spencer. Squandered all their money, screwed up their cake reality show and became one of the most unlikable couples on tv. Speidi is still pathetically trying to climb out of obscurity and his parents basement.


    Uh you should go watch Jeremy Calvert IG live, it’s all about David. He was my least likely cast member to get involved (other than Cole – who always stays classy.)

    1. I watched his live and he was stating FACTS. I appreciate how he called out Nathan and told him to go GET HIS SON, and called out David and Jenelle for being terrible people.

  24. I’m telling mark my word! The next headlines coming are “Janelle flees THE LAND with Children!! After David Eason was fired from Teen Mom. He will not be in the picrure for long! He isn’t bringing in a check. Without that check he doesn’t have as much influence over her as you guys think he does. If she comes out of this with a job, she won’t be able to unload Him fast enough. He has no value. This is the way this girl thinks. Financially she will be better off without him. And she Knows all she has going for her is this show. She hasn’t saved crap and now that she married Lurch she will have to divide everything with him probably. So she will be basically starting over. Don’t worry she will have another Man before the Eason bed goes cold.

    1. I weirdly think she won’t leave him. They are super co-dependent and he has a lot of control over her. Jenelle will stand by her crazy man because she’s too stubborn not to.

  25. Fire her too and give the viewers what they really want – more Babs. She’s every bit as entertaining as Janelle and Lurch, but without the scary abuse. And give Babs a nice pay bump to go with the extra screen time. Surely Babs made parenting mistakes and yells in front of Jace too much, but she puts Jace’s best interests first which is way more than Janelle ever did. I’d love to hear her more of her snarky comments about Lurch every week.

    I don’t see how this incident will help Doris’s custody case for Kaiser, but it won’t hurt. The only concerning thing is both Babs and Doris are getting up there in years and it’s tough to imagine them handling teen boys when they’re in their 70’s.

    A fine mess Janelle has created for innocent kids who don’t deserve this. And poor Ensley – David’s family seems like pure trash so there’s no one for that poor little girl. Janelle would probably rather see Ensley go into the system than go to Babs. Although not sure how picky the NC family court system is if David was deemed the better parent over Maryssa’s Mom who must be a total train wreck.

  26. Jenelle deleted her twitter, god help those kids stuck in the house with them. I can imagine alot of anger, yelling or terror in the mix right now. David is scary.

    1. I there some where I can read what he did that FINALY was to much?
      Let’s hope they get rid of her too and their holy than their attidud.

  27. I’m 100% in suppport of them firing David for his hateful words. BUT, how are they going to let him go over that, when the producer, Morgan J Freeman, is constantly teeeting hateful speech at the president. Whether you like the president or not, it’s a double standard. One can’t promote hate toward one group with (much deserved!) consequences and the other is not, right?

    1. The president is a public figure who, by nature of office, has every right to have every move criticized positively or negatively by the public, whom he is supposed to be serving. David is attacking ordinary people, promoting hateful and vile behavior that discriminatory. These two things cannot even be compared. I can say I hate my governor and his stance on issues that affect me and my state, but I can’t go on Twitter and say something like all people who are XYZ race are disgusting and expect to wake up tomorrow with a job.

    2. The fact that you can’t see how these two situations are different is disconcerting. We have a right to speak out against our government and political figures. We do not have the right to direct hate speech to citizens.

  28. they also need to fire her on her podcast interview she all but admitted she thinks she is the show and they cannot afford to fire her

    1. And tested positive for THC after Ensly was born but Ensly wasn’t even though she said she smoked it during her pregnancy.
      And while I’m at it.
      I thought those 2 people doing the Podcast was the biggest Morons I have ever listened too.
      Kept putting Kail down for 3 baby daddy’s but it was ok for Jennelle to do it.
      The only thing I came up with in his mind Mails men were good and Jennelle men were trash so Kale was bad for dumping them and Jennelle was the smart one lol

  29. I cannot stand him or her. But we have seen his anger on the show with the cameras running and i worry what will happen with him getting fired and angry

        1. I bet someone does you know people. Maybe they dumped them off on David’s mom.
          If I was Nathan I would go with the police and ask for my son tonight and if Jenelle was any kind of women she would let him take him so he doesn’t see the fighting.
          But we know how she is

        2. I bet someone does you know people. Maybe they dumped them off on David’s mom.
          If I was Nathan I would go with the police and ask for my son tonight and if Jenelle was any kind of women she would let him take him so he doesn’t see the fighting.
          But we know how she is.
          And don’t worry no matter how flat broke she is she never takes money from the kids accounts

  30. David and Derrick Dillard should just start their own reality show with them traveling the country with their stupid beliefs, it’s one worth watching.

  31. I can’t imagine the chaos going down on The Laaaand right now. It’s only a matter of time before Jenelle threatens to quit in a tantrum to get him back on the show. Lurch is too controlling & Jenelle is too dependant for her to film alone. Good riddance to both of these idiots.

    1. yep I can see her threatening to quit she said on the podcast that she is the one that brings in the fans to the show. I wish mtv would just get rid of her give her a good reality slap

    1. Yeah I’m torn between wondering if he will force her to quit, or if he will keep her on there so he can keep milking her for ever cent she’s worth.

    2. I don’t think so. I think David likes that big paycheck too much. They would actually have to get real jobs for a lot less money if he makes her quit.

    1. They will come with so many excuses like they are done filming.No way David would let her “work” without him being in control.

  32. That’s not going to do anything! If Jenelle is still on the show, he’ll still be living under MTV”s paycheck since they’re married. FIRE BOTH OF THEM!!!!!!!!

  33. So they take a rant on twitter more seriously than child abuse? What has this world come to????? MTV, you are outrageous.

      1. Yes. Absolutely disgusting. I love gay people, don’t get me wrong but this is just flat out disturbing that they are taking this more seriously than his behavior on the show. It just seems like Jenelle always weezles her way out of everything. David getting kicked off isn’t going to change a thing. Even with David off the show, Jenelle will still get her gigantic paycheck and will be supporting his ass with it.

  34. His comments where absolutely ridiculous, but they where his opinion. Kailyn is always saying crazy shit and how it’s “her opinion” yet they all expect David to get booted for stating his personal opinion. As much as I despise him I don’t think it’s fair. I mean hell, look at what all Farrah got by with for this many years!!

    1. It’s very fair. In what snowflake world do you get to angrily insult your customers and keep your job? David didn’t get fired because of his homophobic “opinions”. He got fired for lashing out at the entire LGBTQ community without provocation and called them an abomination. Last time I checked, Kailyn hasn’t done anything even close to that.

  35. Dumb Question: between Jenelle and David, who bought that assault rifle that’s pictured in their Valentine’s Day posts? Doesn’t David have domestic violence charges? Jenelle had all those drug charges but I think all felonies charges were pled down.

    I’m much more concerned about an assault rifle + more guns being in this household of violent morons than the fact that the Twitter world is fully aware of David’s hateful, foul self. I’m worried about Jace being around guns too, tbh..

    1. Yea that doesn’t make sense with their record that they were allowed to buy but maybe a relative or friend sold or gave it to them.

    2. You can buy a rifle in NC through a private seller with any kind of background check or screening. It’s easier to buy a rifle than a handgun.

      1. They both need to be off the show. Her included in my opinion. For the mere fact alone the way she treats her mother. While she was in jail or shooting heroin, her son could have ended up in the system. I feel sorry for her children. Poor jace. He already has a nervous twitch. He is old enough now to understand.

    3. I don’t have a gun but support people’s rights to have one. That being said, someone like jennelle and David should not be able to have a gun given both of their criminal histories. Doesn’t seem right that there are loopholes in NC (based on what people are saying on here) through private sale. Only in ‘Merica.

      1. A prohibited person taking advantage of a private sale to get a gun is committing a felony. So is the seller if they had reasonable cause to believe the buyer was prohibited. Like, say, if he was a reality TV star with a publicly known criminal history.

    4. This is the problem with America — neither of them should have access to guns but they both not only have access but own them. Exactly.

  36. It’s about time Jenelle and David are held accountable for their actions. Their entitlement was/is ridiculous and was on full display when David thought he would get away with saying those horrendous, hateful, ignorant, disgusting slurs that HE didn’t apologize for….and shame on her for saying he’ll keep his comments to himself. If he were a decent human being he wouldn’t be thinking those things about anyone. If you’re able to marry and procreate with someone that stupid and ignorant, it speaks volumes of your character…Jenelle.

    1. MTV let Jenelle and David get away with way too much. David and his violence threatening the cast and crew and violent aggressive behavior. Get him on my TV set forever.

  37. Amen MTV. Im all about freedom of Speech but Im tired of people with public forums irresponsibly using that platform to preach ugliness. I watch MTV for entertainment. If I want to hear opinion pieces or politicking I watch CNN and the View, the REAL, not TEEN MOM. Its says alot that MTV is going to no allow David to use their brand to spew his ugly opinions.

    1. Agree. And here’s the thing about Free Speech and the 1st amendment. You can say what you want and express your opinions but that doesn’t mean there might not be consequences. David has to face the consequences now.

    1. When someone hates black people they are a racist. When someone hates women they are a misogynist. Yet when someone hates gay people it’s suddenly a “belief” or an “opinion.”

      1. When someone says something about another race, yes it is their opinion. Their opinion may be racist but still an opinion.
        Davids rant was his opinion which he is entitled to, which happens to be homophobic. As disgusting as his comments are that was his right to say them. Just like it’s MTVs right to fire him

        1. All you are doing is giving racists, misogynists and homophobes an *excuse* to hide behind. “Well that’s my opinion.” Stop minimizing hatred. It’s hatred. It’s not an opinion. Hating an entire group of people is not an opinion. Next thing you are going to say that the holocast was just Hitler’s “opinion.”

  38. Hold on, how is it that Jenele’s still employed, she 100% liked his terrible tweets that he was fired for! She’s just as bad as he is. This really saddens me. I will no longer be watching or supporting this show.

    1. As a mom I feel bad for her she must be a wreck she knows what both are like when they are angry and what could happen

    2. She has called them like she sees them, correctly, every time. I was a rebellious teen/young adult. At some point, I finally figured out my mother WAS right and if I took a little more of her advice, I’d be much further along in life. Janelle still thinks barb is out to get her and keeps jace out of spite. Do these girls not watch these episodes? They really don’t see what everyone else sees?

  39. Considering how much a David was paid to do basically nothing, you’d think he could keep his mouth shut on social media…. to keep his cash flow. A real job won’t be fun for him, after living large with trips all of the country , and to the Caribbean, all expenses paid goodies , thanks to baby mama Jenelle.

  40. When it comes down to the brass tacks. Janelle only cares about herself. How long do you think it will be before Janelle kicks Lurch to the curb. And bring in another psyche K um I mean boyfriend/ husband! LoL. Bye Felicia um I mean Lurch!!

    1. Your right. Jenelle will jump ship the Lurch ship to save her income. Im guessing Jenelle will fall back on her trusty claims of domestic abuse to keep her job with MTV.

      1. The sad thing is though, that this time it’s actually believable. As much as I’d love to see this girls kids get taken away, and thrown in jail, nobody deserves to be in an abusive relationship.

  41. Even if Jenelle gets to stay she will probably pitch a fit and say she just can’t/won’t film without David. Most likely though he probably will not allow her to film if he can’t. Really starting to see his psychotic side coming out now. Jenelle really needs to divorce him. I’m telling you if she doesn’t he’s going to hurt her at some point. You can tell how controlling he is.

  42. Another thing was David accused of molesting a child??? Yet has the nerve to talk down to the LGBT community…how sick!

  43. What the?!?! MTV actually acknowledged something bad involving jenelle?! AND they did something about it?!?!?!? This is too much for me. I need to go lay down before I pass out from this madness.

    1. Sorry, I accidentally hit the thumbs down. Hell yea!!! Best news I heard all day. Now they need to get rid of his idiot wife. She’s bad news as well. I’ll bet they’re sweating wondering what they’re gonna do now. Ding dong the moron`s gone. 🙂

  44. Okay good thing David is fired now can CPS get off their ass a take away the innocent children they have under their roof? Give the children to Nathan, or Kieffer…Kieffer is in jail and has a meth lab in his apartment and still would be a better parent to jenelles and David’s litter of children!!!

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