‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Briana DeJesus Gets More Plastic Surgery Courtesy of Dr. Miami: See the Results

“I’m ready to cut up, suck up and tuck up a Teen Mom!”

Dr. Miami has carved up yet another Teen Mom star!

Briana DeJesus was back for her second turn under the plastic surgeon’s knife on Thursday, undergoing a tummy tuck, liposuction, a Brazilian Butt Lift re-do and a breast lift with exchange of her breast implants. All of the procedures were broadcast (in all of their guts and glory!) on Dr. Miami’s Snapchat, and were also filmed for the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2.

‘Teen Mom’ fans who tuned in to watch Briana get sucked and tucked got a surprise when they saw Bri’s ex-boyfriend (and ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star) Javi Marroquin appear on the doc’s Snapchat account alongside Briana. Javi had previously been so against Briana getting her plastic surgery broadcast on Snapchat that it was one of the reasons the couple split last month.

As The Ashley previously told you, the ‘Teen Mom’ stars receive their plastic surgery from Dr. Miami for free if they allow him to broadcast it on Snapchat. Still, they must pay for their anesthesia and a few other expenses related to the surgery. Javi was upset about his then-girlfriend going under the very public knife because he was worried about how it would affect his career in the military.

“Kail’s gonna kill me for this, isn’t she? I’m just here to rap Drake lyrics to Bri for moral support! Honest!”

Javi’s presense in Dr. Miami’s office was shocking to fans (as well as his ex-wife Kail Lowry, who was not happy about the situation) because Javi had said the day before on Twitter that he was heading to Los Angeles to get his teeth whitened (as you do).

Anyway, Briana underwent a procedure to fix the Brazilian Butt Lift that Dr. Miami gave her in January 2016. (‘Teen Mom 2’ fans frequently teased her about her misshaped caboose, claiming it looked like she was wearing a diaper.) According to Dr. Miami, about 1,000cc’s were removed from Briana’s butt.

“This will be more proportional to her new body,” Dr. Miami said while he sucked out Briana’s butt fat.

What a day to be alive!

Briana also opted for a breast lift and an exchange of her breast implants. (She had previously undergone two boob jobs.) He took out her 450cc breast implants and exchanged them for implants that were about 250cc less. According to Dr. Miami, this will bring Briana’s cup size from a double D to a full C.

She also underwent a tummy tuck on Snapchat. (Fans were able to literally see Briana’s insides, which is always…um, fun. The Ashley refuses to post any photos of blood and guts, though, sorry.)

Dr. Miami has carved up plenty of ‘Teen Moms’ over the years. In addition to working on Briana twice, he has also performed surgeries on Bri’s sister Brittany DeJesus, and 16 and Pregnant star Lindsey Nicholson (who underwent a boob job in which Dr. Miami gave her the largest breast implant size legally allowed in the United States).

He also worked on Kail Lowry in 2016, and was due to perform a boob job and liposuction on her last week; however, Kail bailed out of the surgery at the last minute.

“I had anxiety for a while about it and when I got [to Miami] I realized surgery is a quick fix but the results I’m looking for are attainable through hard work and effort, so that’s what I want to do,” Kail told The Ashley exclusively, adding that she is going to try to get the results she wants by changing her diet and working out.

During Briana’s surgery, Dr. Miami constantly brought up the fact that many of the results that plastic surgery provides can not be obtained by working out, especially when you are trying to recover from a pregnancy.

“Husbands and boyfriends need to be sensitive and aware about these things,” he said at one point during the surgery. “It’s easy to go say ‘go hit the gym’ but you didn’t just have a baby… a lot of these problems can’t be fixed in the gym.”

The Ashley has attempted to make Briana’s before and after photos as “safe for work/ your stomach” as possible, so here we go:

Briana before surgery (left) and the final results (right)

(Photos: Snapchat)


  1. Jfc these lazy cows just sit around on their couches all day gaining weight then choose the easy way out. Diet and exercise? Naahh just get a surgeon to fix that shiz.

  2. What is that brown thing in the before picture coming into the frame from the left? It looks like a penis to me.

    Her boobs also look larger to me in the after photo even though they are supposedly two cup sizes smaller than the before photos. I know her arms are over her head which would make the boobs look perkier, but they still look much larger. The boobs on the left also look more natural to me, like they do not have massive DD implants in them. This, combined with the lack of tattoo in the before picture, lead me to believe that the before picture is from the very first time she ever had a consultation with Dr. Miami, and it is not a picture that was taken of her right before this most recent surgery.

  3. What is the diamond emoji covering in the before picture?

    I am surprised he only took out 1,000 cc’s. A normal needle that people use for insulin is 100 cc’s. It’s pretty small. It doesn’t hold a lot, maybe a teaspoon or so of liquid. So they only took out 10 insulin needles full of fat—or around 10 teaspoons. I wouldve thought they needed to remove like a pint of fat or more. Her ass was MASSIVE before the surgery.

    Also, Javi, what the hell? If he was still dating Briana and just didn’t want to admit that to Kail on her podcast, that would be shitty and sneaky and lying and cowardly, but I would kind of get it. He didn’t want to have a confrontation on the podcast with Kail bc Kail is awful. But it sure seemed like he and Briana was absolutely broken up, based on all the tweeting she did, calling him out and bashing him. And all the stuff that her mom and sister said about him too. So HOW ON EARTH did they get back together so quickly in between him going on Kail’s podcast and the surgery today? How did they not just get back together so quickly, but how did she also get him to be so okay with the surgery that had broken them up on the first place, that he was there with her? On the other hand… if he told Kail on the podcast that he was going to LA (he said to get his teeth whintened, but now we know it was for the surgery), then were he and Briana actually together this whole time and he was just lying to Kail and Briana was just pretending to be mad and cause drama on her Twitter for some unknown reason (probably thirst)? Did they do it for attention? On the other, other hand, maybe at one point when he was together with Briana he bought his tickets to go to LA and booked a hotel room and everything. Then they broke up and he was telling the truth to Kail. He figured he would use his tickets to LA anyways and get his teeth whitened. But then he and Briana got back together in the very short amount of time between the podcast and the surgery. No matter how we look at it, Javi comes off as stupid, weak, and cowardly. If he was lying to Kail about being broken up with Bri, or if he was able to be persuaded by Bri to get back together that quickly and come to the surgery, either way, he just looks stupid.

    1. There are 5cc in a Teaspoon. Not 100. This is a basic conversion, but a quick Google check will confirm it for you.

  4. Kail upset about something? Color me surprised.
    Seriously I can’t stand this Dr. Miami idiot. He seems he attracts other soulless idiots to carve up. It would be great if these stars of webstreaming and tv would forfeit their appointments for someone that could actually use it oh like say a kid in a burn unit or victims of domestic abuse or veterans injured in combat. If he already does that I apologize, but I hardly doubt the douche does anything that doesn’t put coin into his pocket.

    Although I guess his punishment is having to deal with floppy snootches and sacks of cottage cheese on a daily basis that he can’t unsee.

    Chalk another mark for Briana doing something uninteresting and pointless.

  5. Did anyone see that Javi said that Brianna’s first baby daddy showed up after the surgery… geez. She must have had several guys lined up just in case one didn’t show. I’d be ticked if I was Javi..

  6. This girl os such garbage i cant…. no matter how much surgery this girl gets she is still an ugly person. Shes what 23 or 24? And had 3 boob jobs and 2 ass inflations??? And 2 tummy tucks??? Good lord, good luck with that. At least kailyn was smart enough not to mess with herself anymore. Briannas ass looks like a bunch of crumbled up newspapers stuffed in a dirty diaper. Gross? wait until teen mom is over and dr miami wont do anymore surgeries for free. Its not gonna be pretty i promise u. Lol. She is going to need to have surgeries every couple years. Sad

  7. That doctor can kiss my had two babies-stay active-eat healthy-look good naturally-well into my 30s ass. What a douche.

  8. What a delusional doctor. Calling mothers bodies damaged is playing with fire. I don’t think he’s a good surgeon 99% of his surgeries result in the poor woman looking like a walking breast implant or butt. Her before picture looks perfectly fine she should’ve gone to a different doc to fix her damaged butt this doc caused. I wouldn’t risk dying on the table for a flatter stomach or risk infections and complications if I had two kids at home. No comment on Javi.

  9. Wondering if Dr. Miami realizes that grossly BOTCHING Briana’s ass in the first place, only to have to go back and re-do it is probably not the best look for his services anyway.

    Free…or not.


  10. I’m sitting in a doctor’s office trying my best not to snort laugh, these girls are ridiculous. I’m pregnant with my third child at 27- I lost 48lbs by hard work and good diet. I look better than I did at 18.
    Pfffft to Dr Miami and the easy way out/publicity

    1. Ya seriously screw him. I had triplets 2 years ago and a tummy tuck would be the only thing I’d need. Everything else went back to its normal place and I’m the exact same size, probably smaller now. You can get a nice big booty if you start lifting and doing strength training. There are plenty of ways.

  11. I KNEW IT! Kail didn’t go because Briana was gonna be there. Attitude or not, Briana is FAR more attractive than Kail, I’d have backed out too if I were her. Too many comparisons to be made. And honestly, what Javi does is his choice regardless of whether Kail likes it or agrees with it. He’s not her husband. He still could be if she wasn’t a cheating horrible human succubus, but he isn’t. “Well we have kids together.” AND? Didn’t stop you from sleeping with someone else in the marital bed that you shared? She’s such a hypocrite.

  12. So how’s she going to look after her kids whilst she recovers?
    Also I wonder how she explains her surgeries to Nova. It’s so sad to think she’s meant to be a role model to two girls!

  13. First picture, her arms are down. After surgery, they put her arms up to make it seem they worked wonders.
    Husbands and boyfriends need to be sensitive my ass. He means husbands and boyfriends should agree to pay his bill from the joint account.

    1. I’m sorry, wasn’t aware we had surgeons on this blog. Actually, the first picture is while she is awake, the second is while she is knocked out on anesthesia. They put your arms up like that while they perform the surgery. It’s not for cosmetic reasons, it’s to make sure he doesn’t nip and tuck something he’s not supposed to.

      1. Why not take the photo after she was awake though and could be in the same position? When her arms are over her head, it perks up her boobs and flattens her stomach, which is what trash temper tantrums was saying…it’s not a good before/after shot for actually comparing the results to the original.

  14. I’m starting to believe that Javi is not as innocent as pretends to be he seems to start shit then pretend he didn’t do anything…Javi is doing this shit to make Kailyn jealous and to be honest he really downgraded with Briana she lives with her mom, has two baby daddies, was gonna go into porn, starts shit then runs behind her mom and sister, cares more about plastic surgery then moving her and her two children out of her moms house, Briana is a loser even in the teen mom world and that’s saying something. Kailyn has a degree, takes care of her children their well kept and behaved, has a college degree, and isn’t in trouble with the irs she’s does however have three baby daddies….yet I’m starting to think Javi wasn’t as innocent in the marriage as portrayed…

    1. I mean he blamed Kail for her miscarriage. He was never a traditional “good guy.” He just likes to play captain save a hoe and expects everyone to worship him for it. Never have, never will. I actually think Bri genuinely likes Javi. She wants someone to save her and he can do that and he likes to play the dad role. It’s not like she is going to do better than Javi and she knows that. hoe well.

    2. She used him and cheated on him while he was deployed in another country at war. She wouldn’t have those degrees if he weren’t there morally and physically supporting her. He was a good husband. She turned him into what you see now, and I don’t blame him for putting up that wall. She publicly humiliated him in way more ways than one. I mean come on, compared to Adam? Ryan? He’s basically a Corey. He takes care of his kid (and is still happy to be involved in Isaac’s life still), why is Javi the bad guy when CLEARLY the bad person in this whole situation is Kail? A college degree doesn’t make you a good person.

      1. No one said Kail was good? But, Javi is not all that innocent. They are both fame whores who like to play victim.

      2. Just because Kail ain’t shit doesn’t automatically make Javi a good person. They both suck. Javi married her asap because why? He was so in love with Kail? Please. Again just because Javi played captain save a hoe doesn’t mean he was a “good” husband. Javi wanted someone who would forever be overly grateful of his love because he knows the world views these girls as less deserving of love. He dates females who “can’t do better.” Kail didn’t fit that mold because she’ll never appreciate anything much less be overly grateful. Sidenote: Kail didn’t turn Javi into anything though. Javi is his own adult person and is in control of his own actions. There are no victims in this situation (between the adults)- only volunteers.

      3. She graduated school and takes care of her kids. Has a nice clean house. Not a big fan of some of the things she does but she has a fall back plan. Probably has a college fund for her kids. Once this gravy train is over what is the walking trap house gonna do?She will be giving me my order at tacobell. With 5 kids, no husband and a big deformed ass.

  15. I am not going to lie she does not look that bad. I can not wait until swelling goes down to see. I would do it too if I almost had it done for free.
    Javi I can not stand him anymore. He is rude and acts like hot stuff.

  16. well….now her stomach looks a lot like that tattoo on her ribcage….

    BTW Javi is a fame whore…bouncing from reality thot, to reality thot, saying he doesn’t want Briana to have the surgery because she’ll embarrass him, but he shows up on the snap chat to “support” her….He’s a joke.

  17. Oh mah gah!!!! The after looks just horrifying and worse and gross and disturbing. Its like out of a horror complete with melting skull right below her breastests.


    I think Javi and Briana are playing the D List fame game for attention. At first I thought he was an alright level headed guy, now I am like ‘boy please ‘ ?

    1. I was confused about that too, checked to see the comments if someone else could give me the answer on that. I think that before picture is veeery old, like before her first ever surgery?

  18. Briana is so vile. She has 2 beautiful daughters that have to look up to her pathetic, ginormous ass.

    Also, not even trying to joke around, but I have worked in Special Education a looooong time, and Briana seems to have a disability (learning or emotional?). She is not all there and it shows by the way she talks and how immature she is.

    We can only hope her daughters look at her & strive to do the complete opposite as her.

  19. My predictions:
    1. She announces she’s pregnant with Javi’s baby some time this year
    2. She goes back to Dr. Miami in 2019 or 2020 to fix “pregnancy damage” or whatever nonsense normal changes are called

  20. I know Briana DeJesus is the last person in the world deserving of my sympathy, but I feel so bad for her on this front. With her body type and her age, she really could have just worked out and done pelvic floor training after her first kid. She’s going to be getting plastic surgery for the rest of her life to fix the damage done by the last procedures.

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