“90 Day Fiance” Star Nicole Nafziger is Reportedly Moving to Morocco to Marry Azan Tefou

“We are so excited for our wedding!”
“Um..yeah, what she said.”

After a ton of drama, several trips overseas and, of course, several years spent documenting it all on reality TV, 90 Day Fiancé star Nicole Nafziger is finally marrying her longtime fiancé Azan Tefou!

Starcasm is reporting that Nicole recently shared a bunch of social media photos posing with her mom while they were out shopping for a wedding dress. (The photos have since been deleted.) Sources for the site are now saying that Nicole is packing up her things and heading to Morocco to marry the man of her dreams within the next few weeks.

Nicole shared this photo on her Instagram. It appears that she’s shopping for a wedding dress.

“Nicole is planning to return to Morocco where she will marry Azan and then wait out the process on a CR-1 visa,” Starcasm reports, adding that noted “90 Day Fiance” YouTuber Keith Brooks has confirmed this as well. According to Keith, TLC will not be documenting Nicole’s trip to Morocco for “90 Day Fiance”; however Starcasm’s sources are disputing that claim.

“TLC (and Sharp productions) is filming Nicole and cameras will be there when (or if) she and Azan walk down the aisle.”

(There’s no way TLC will miss capturing the moment where Nicole is huffing and puffing her way over a sand dune in a wedding dress while Azan berates her to exercise more! That is reality television gold.)

Anyway, Starcasm could not confirm if Nicole’s young daughter, May, will be going with her to Morocco or not.

Getting hitched in Morocco and getting Azan to the United States will be no easy task for Nicole, though. Starcasm says Nicole would have to apply for the CR-1 (Conditional Residential) visa after the couple marries.

Wikipedia describes a CR-1 visa as, “an immigrant visa that allows a spouse of a U.S. citizen to enter the U.S. as a Conditional Reside (hence the abbreviation, ‘CR’), if they have been married for less than two years. A sponsor files for a CR-1 visa by submitting a petition for Alien Relative, form 1-30. To be eligible for a CR-1 spousal visa, the U.S. petitioner must be a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident who is at least 18 years old. The petitioner must also be legally married to the alien beneficiary and meet certain minimum income requirements set by the USCIS.”

Signing on for another season of “90 Day Fiance” (or one of its spin-offs) would certainly help Nicole and Azan meet those “certain minimum income requirements.” Starcasm states that, “90 Day Fiance” cast members don’t make a lot of money for appearing on the show the first time around, but if they appear in additional seasons/spin-offs, their income increases dramatically. YouTuber Keith reports that Nicole is now making between $3,000- $5,000 per episode filmed, and Azan is likely making about the same.

Watch what “90 Day Fiance” YouTuber Keith Brooks had to say about Nicole and Azan’s wedding:

(Photos: TLC, Instagram)

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  1. I could care less what Nicole does in her attempt to get someone to “love her”. Which let’s face it, Azan does not and never will. From the jump it was obvious because no man who takes care of himself physically like Azan is going to have any interest in someone as slovenly as Nicole. But the true victim is May….that child is being dragged through these relationships like luggage. If my mother thought for one second I was going to fly my child to a country across the world to meet a man I only know online, she would have taken emergency in a heartbeat. She is being so dangerous with that little girl, not to mention she seems to raise her with as little effort as she puts into her health. Nicole is a selfish lazy little brat feeding on all of this attention, its sick.

  2. Good luck trying to get him a green card. My husband and I just went through the green card process. It’s a lot harder than you think. Ours was an open and shut case.
    INS is going to take one look at them and deny them. Claiming it’s a sham on his part. A skinny Muslim man and a morbidly obease white chick with an illegitimate child. Plus they are going to take one look at this show too. When my husband and I went for our interview there were a few couples middle aged white woman with a young Muslim, Mexican, or African guy half their age and size. They were on their third or fourth appeals.
    Even if he gets a green card it would be conditional for two years. You have to still be married to get the conditions removed after two years and I doubt he would last that long. No marriage for two years= going back home.

  3. The way the current president feels about immigrants, good luck on her husband ever getting a visa. She’ll be stuck in Morocco forever. Maybe that’s a good thing? Lol

  4. When the 90 Day Fiance cameras stop rolling in Morocco, I think that’ll be when “married” Nicole finally gets a taste of what Azan really feels for her. Which by all accounts, appears to be very little. From what I can see, this dude doesn’t even LIKE her.

    And I truly wish there was some way Nicole’s parents (or somebody) could get that adorably precious little May away from Nicole’s self-serving decisions, so that at least SHE won’t be trotted out over the sand dunes, hilltops, and gyms of Morocco — being forced by Azan to EXERCIZE.


  5. My comment is so extra. If you’re not up to it, skip it.

    Why can’t Nicole accept that his relationship is a train wreck when she gets thousands of comments saying so?

    Nicole lives her entire life out of touch with her reality. Most people are telling here to wake the hell up and pay attention to what’s really going on! But Nicole can’t see it. Once the relationship is over, she will make excuses about how other relationships end and that everyone was still wrong, mark my words! I was about to say, “when the relationship fails.” However, it has already failed. You gauge a relationship’s quality based upon how the needs of both parties are being met. Azan’s need for cash is being met. Nicole’s need for attention is being met. But no healthy, emotional needs are being met. Back to my point. Nicole lives in a fantasy world. She is ill equipped to handle reality. Denial is her middle name.

    She doesn’t even appear to want a healthy relationship. She does want someone to meet her demand for physical “affirmations.” She has no regard for the needs of Azan, nor her daughter as I’ll soon detail. She expresses absolutely no interest in learning about his culture, food, language or values. She acts like a dog in heat. She wants someone to meet her sexual demands. (shades of DanYell lol) She wants someone to take over the care of May, so she can sleep all day. It was repulsive how she allowed Azan to kiss May on the lips & change her diaper on the first day they met, as well as how she encourages him to call this stranger “daddy.” Which, by the way, is the third “daddy” this child has had in her short life! When they were leaving Morocco, I noticed every time Azan got near May she would put her hands up, even pushing him away. I fear something bad happened to her in Morocco. 🙁 Back to my point…….

    She refuses to acknowledge that she morbidly obese. She is lugging around 100 or more pounds of excess fleshy fat. She is slowly killing herself. Don’t give me the BS that you can be “healthy at any size.” Take five minutes, do a Google search. You’ll quickly find that the human body is not designed to lug around massive amounts of excess fat. If she doesn’t already have these ailments, it’s because she is young. Arthritis, heart disease, pulmonary hypertension, diabetes type two, etc. The fat can kill her by increasing her risk of: heart attack, cancer, sleep apnea, etc. She is a walking time bomb! Her heart muscle is working more than twice as hard as it is designed to safely. Tick tock. If she doesn’t lose the weight, she may die!

    She refuses to take responsibility for her health or the health of her daughter. She eats massive amounts of excess calories daily to have maintained that weight, even gaining significant amounts since season 1. She makes excuses to Azan. She claims she can’t make fresh meals because she works. Many parents work full time, go to school, have long commutes, etc. and still manage to pull together healthy meals for their families and exercise. The bottom line is that Nicole doesn’t care. Anything else is just an excuse. If she were honest with herself, she would say that she just doesn’t care and makes what she wants because it tastes good and is easy to make.

    She refuses to acknowledge that she has a toddler. Not a baby. She discourages May from healthy development. She does nothing to foster her mental, physical or emotional growth. She pacifies her with a literal pacifier & electronics. She uses ear phones to keep her distracted so she won’t have to actually interact with her, to isolate her and calm her. She doesn’t encourage her to toilet train. She doesn’t encourage her to develop her language skills. She may even suffer from poor muscle tone because Nicole refuses to allow her to walk at most times, carrying her on her hip as if she were an infant. I believe Nicole uses May’s body much as a child would use a favorite blanket. To provide her with warmth, comfort and to provide her with a layer that will keep the real world at a greater distance, at least in perception. May is being disabled by her mother’s co-dependency.

    She refuses to become self-sufficient or create a stable future. She lives in her parent’s property. She relies on her mother for “gas money.” The last time I had to even think about “gas money” I was in high school. She works part time and doesn’t attend college. She is living like a very young, child free person. You would never guess Nicole has a child that is relying on her, based on her choices. There is no foundation for May or Nicole’s future. There is no furthering of her education. Any excess money is given away to a youngish, healthy, able bodied man. A man whose only “job” is that of an international romance scam artist. Instead of going to college part time, Nichole instead tried a get rick quick scheme. Of course the LuLa Roe clothing did not work out. The only ones who made money off of that was LuLa Roe the company. She has wasted and will continue to waste thousands of dollars on Azan that should and could have been used to improve their living situation. Nicole probably has $0 in her savings account. This means when her car breaks down or she needs a new one, or has any other unexpected bills, she will turn to her parents. Inevitably they will pass on. By that time TLC will be long gone. Azan will be either married to a Muslim woman or in a domestic partnership with a man. She may end up homeless. With TLC she should have been able to put away six months of living expenses and maxed out a 529 educational plan for May.

    Azan appeases her by saying the very, very minimum that he needs to in order to keep her hanging on. I have never seen anything more pathetic. In her overly simplistic mind, she believes if they continue to see each other, their relationship is a success. She would see getting married as proof that, “it’s working out.” The man gives every indication that he is physically and emotionally repulsed by her. He said he is only 55% attracted to her. It might as well been 0% because any man you’re engaged to should of course be 100% attracted. Azan finds Nicole self-indulgent, lazy, a bad mother & he doesn’t agree with her “parenting,” he doesn’t share her values (ex: her taking off her ring & going out with single men lol, sleeping until 4 PM, not exercising, letting her body go to hell, eating fast & frozen junk foods, etc.). He has no interest in Nicole as a person. As she stated, he sees her as a “group of Americans.” She represents America to him. She represents a means to an end. She represents a potential future in America. She does not represent a life long partner. He said he wanted her to lose weight not because he cares about her health. He said that because he wants to stop being humiliated by her. He said that because he wants something that can arouse him sexually until he is finished with her and moves on.

    So why would she acknowledge that this is a train wreck?

    She can’t. She lives her entire life in total and complete denial.

  6. I can think of few people more poorly equipped, intellectually and emotionally, to move to a foreign country to begin married life than Nicole.

  7. let the pathetic spoiled self entitled loser go. She is disgusting will not last too lazy too spoiled. let her go and put her hands on him without a tv crew to say it was for tv. Of course according to clueless on her instagram when people called her out for that her answer was pipe down I didn’t hit him. She will do anything for attention she is desperate god help May. She is a s bad as dani

  8. I am an immigration lawyer IRL. The fact that she is now going to Morocco to marry him strongly suggests his K-1 fiancé visa application was denied. It is highly unlikely that USCIS denied the I-129F petition that Nicole filed to classify him as her fiancé as USCIS almost never denies those petitions. I think what probably happened was that when Azan went to the US consulate in Morocco for his interview, the consul did not believe his feelings for Nicole were genuine (or possibly Azan even told the consul he did not really want to marry Nicole) and refused to issue the visa to Azan. It is also possible that the consulate denied the K-1 visa because they investigated Azan and discovered that he had a serious girlfriend in Morocco while claiming to be Nicole’s fiancé (a rumour that has been floating around for a while).

    When a K-1 is denied, there is no appeal. The parties can attempt to start over from the beginning by filing a new K-1, but most people choose to marry overseas instead. Then the US citizen can file a spousal petition with USCIS, which takes longer than the K-1 but ideally results in the foreign spouse entering the US as a lawful permanent resident (green card holder). Most US citizens seem to think that actually marrying their foreign fiancés will definitely convince the US consulates to just give their spouses green cards, but it does not always work out that way. In my experience, having a K-1 visa denied guarantees a tougher time getting a spouse immigrant visa approved in the future, and the process is that much harder when there are allegations of infidelity or fraudulent relationships.

    Based on what we have seen on TLC, I hope Nicole is prepared to live the rest of her life in Morocco with Azan. No one has a right to a US visa, and consuls have very wide latitude to refuse to issue visas. But we shall see!

    1. I believe the starcasm article says he was found to have recently visited a high risk country and that’s why he was denied.

      Not sure if that’s true. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was actually due to cheating

    2. Thank you for the explanation – I’m a casual viewer so I didn’t know what happened with his K-1 visa. I know a bit about the visa process, but not all the ins and outs so your insight helps!

      I knew there was no appeal and I probably could guess that a denial will make it even harder to go another route, but you confirmed it. Thanks!

    3. For someone who is a lawyer “IRL”, you sure spend a lot of time on Reddit and other websites. It actually makes you seem less credible.

      1. Why? You know lawyers, doctors, accountants, etc. are allowed to have personal lives outside the office, right? Some people can balance a work life and a fun life. The internet is not just for the unemployed hanging out in their Mom’s basement.

        Though I’m guessing that you aren’t very credible in what you do because you also spend a lot of time on Reddit and other websites seeing as how you know his/her posting history.

      2. Funny that…I have not been on Reddit in weeks. I have a few websites I read regularly, and I sometimes post comments on stories that interest me. I do not feel that makes me “less credible” as a lawyer but thanks for caring about how I choose to spend my free time!

  9. First off. I crack up over how identical she looks to her mom.
    Second. I know people can change, but this dude seems like he wants nothing to do w having a kid. He doesn’t seem to understand what all is envolved w raising one and loving one.
    Third. Omg at how much he brings up her weight. She is who she is..

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