Former “16 and Pregnant” Star Jennifer Del Rio Welcomes Fourth Child

“Baby No. 4 is here!”

Plenty of girls who starred on 16 and Pregnant have gone on to have a second, and even third, child, but on Friday, Jennifer Del Rio became the first girl from the show to welcome a fourth baby!

The Season 3 star, who is now 24 years old, posted on her social media accounts that she had just given birth to a daughter. Jennifer and her husband Luis Gutierrez named the baby Anabella Cherie.

“We have a daughter!” Jennifer captioned a photo of Anabella’s birth announcement. The baby weighed in at 6 lbs., 15 oz. and measured 19.5 inches long.

Jennifer announced her pregnancy back in June, and was thrilled in August when she learned that she was expecting a baby girl, after having three boys. She has been documenting her pregnancy on her social media accounts, as well as her YouTube channel.

Our sweet babygirl has arrived! She has the most amazing brothers ever! ?

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Jennifer’s episode of “16 and Pregnant,” which first aired in April 2011, is memorable because she was one of the only girls from the show to have twins. (Her sons Josh and Noah are now seven years old.) Fans also recall the episode because of the domestic dispute between Jennifer and her baby’s father, Josh Smith, that took place on the side of the road and was captured on film. Josh has since signed away his parental rights to the twins. Jennifer’s own father legally adopted the twins about two years ago.

In 2013, Jennifer married Luis Gutierrez and gave birth to her third son, Sebastian, a year later.

Jennifer is not the only “16 and Pregnant” girl who will be welcoming a baby in 2018. Her Season 3 co-star Jamie McKay is currently pregnant with her third child. Other former “16 and Pregnant” stars who are expecting babies this year include Markai Durham and Lizzie Sickles (both of Season 2), and Season 1’s Amber Portwood (who now stars on Teen Mom OG).

Watch the video below to see the insanely adorable moment that Jennifer found out she was having a girl:

(Photos: Instagram)


  1. Just saw the episode of the twins birth. Never seen any episodes before. Had to google what happens after and found this. I’m a 53 year old with grown daughters and I have to say I never seen any more stupid selfish people then your parents. Totally your moms fault that Josh couldn’t handle it and did a stupid thing with the car ride and ended up in jail.
    If your parents would have stood by your and Josh side and try to help you guys in to parenting, I think things would have been different. And now I think I read that your parents adopted the boys. OMG. Have no words.

  2. I had a gender reveal for baby #3 ? just with family and our super close friends. We had two boys and then s girl. And it wa a big deal for us. I love my boys and I would have been perfectly happy with a third but I’ve always wanted a girl and experience doing the girly things as well as all the boy things. My boys have always been just a excited to have a girl and they love her to pieces.

  3. The Ashley you gotta get us the dirt on her dad adopting the boys please 🙂 I am so confused by that?!?! Why on Earth would she do that 2 years ago so, 2015, if she married her husband in 2013? Why did they need to be adopted at all at that time? Do the twins live with her??

      1. Wow, I know this is mean, but those kids are unfortunate looking. Hopefully, they grow into their looks.

        As to the article…STOP BREEDING. Four is more than enough.

    1. I don’t remember the exact reasoning, she has a YouTube channel and explained it all. She made the choice of her father over her husband because her dad was always a big part of their life. Josh agreed to sign custody over, but still sees the boys from time to time and calls them daily. She said unfortunately he isn’t in a good place but did not provide details because she didn’t want to bash him. He does regret signing rights but it was best for the boys, and the laws in her area don’t allow a parent to sign away unless someone adopts the child or in this case children.

  4. Yeah, wait, if she and her husband have been married for 4-5 years, and her dad only adopted her sons 2 years ago, why didn’t her husband adopt them?

    1. She explained it in a YouTube video. I think she said something about her father always being a constant in the boys’ lives.

        1. She really didn’t go into a detailed explanation except it’s more for legal purposes. Her boys don’t even know.

  5. If her dad adopted her twin boys, does this mean that her twin boys are not only her sons but also her adopted brothers?

  6. I know it’s all in good fun but I dislike gender reveal parties even more for second (or in this case 4th) kids. The hysterics over having a girl must be real comforting for the three boys she already has.

    1. I don’t think it’s that deep… she’s just excited because a girl is different. I don’t think the boys will be crying at night because their mom is excited to have a daughter.

    2. I used to want a gender reveal so badly but have since changed my mind. It doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or girl and I plan to raise my children the same. I also just don’t want to hear all the stereotypical crap about what having boys vs. girls is like.
      It IS all in good fun, as you said, but I feel like the more I think about it, the more baby showers and gender reveals I see, the more problems I see stemming from it.

    3. I love gender reveals AND baby showers for all babies! Every baby is unique and special, so why only the first gets all the perks? Especially if the gender is different . But hey, that’s just me. ?

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