‘Teen Mom’ Star Mackenzie McKee Reacts to Harsh Comments Made About Her Appearance; Addresses Rumor She’s on Drugs & More

“Ouch, guys. Have you been taking kindness lessons from Farrah Abraham or…?”

Mackenzie McKee is speaking out after enduring weeks of harsh comments from fans regarding her appearance. On Saturday, the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star opened up about how the negative comments written about her on social media recently have affected her self-esteem. She also used the opportunity to address rumors that have been circulating about her stating that she is on drugs.

In a series of Instagram Stories, Mack confessed that seeing so many mean comments about how “old” she looks has made her very insecure about her appearance. 

“The face of a girl full of nerves with a lot of information thrown at her!” Mackenzie captioned a screenshot of her face from a recent ‘Next Chapter’ scene that showed her and her fiancé Khesanio Hall learning their fertility options.

“I’m so happy to be sharing my life and my IVF journey,” Mackenzie– who will turn 30 in October— wrote. “But I’ve read 100s of comments that ‘I look like I’m over 50’ and ‘It is facts that I’m on meth.'”

Mackenzie revealed that the criticism of her appearance has made her begin to search for a solution to help her look younger.

“The last 48 hour[s] I’ve been Googling skincare to ‘make me look younger’ and avoiding mirrors,” she wrote. 

Mackenzie — who fans first met at the age of 16 when she appeared on 16 and Pregnant— explained that she is an “extremely animated person” who wears her emotions on her face and frequently tightens her facial muscles when she gets nervous. She went on to declare that she has “had no plastic surgery.” (This is, of course, a rarity in ‘Teen Mom’ Land, where most of the girls have had at least one surgery, and many have been stuffed, sucked and plumped on the plastic surgeon’s operating table numerous times.)

Mackenzie also denied fans’ accusations that she’s on meth (or other drugs.)

“[I] do not use drugs of any sort. (Just insulin),” Mack– a Type 1 diabetic— wrote. 

“Somebody say drugs?!”

Mackenzie stated that she usually has a thick skin for negative comments and can often “laugh stuff off”; however, the recent attacks on her appearance have left her feeling “super overwhelmed.”

“I pray my daughter never feels this low with how she looks,” Mackenzie wrote. “And, therefore I will teach her what NOT to say about others. And that she is beautiful inside and out!” 

Mack went on to tell her fans that she was unaware how people viewed her appearance.

“First on the list is ‘Do Not Tell Random Reality TV Stars They Look Ran Through.'”

“I can’t help but to feel stupid that I didn’t know I looked old and ‘ran through,'” she wrote. “The Internet can be so beautiful but also it sucks.”

Mackenzie also took the time to respond to some of the mean comments about her left on a recent post to the official ‘Teen Mom’ Instagram account.

“Do you have skin care recommendations?” Mackenzie replied to someone who commented that she looks old. “I eat healthy, don’t do drugs, and just mind my damn business honestly. But since I’m so hideous maybe you can make a suggestion.”

“She has always looked like she would stink to me,” another person wrote, to which Mack replied, “I smell like coconut oil right now!”

“She is aging fast and something is off,” someone else commented. Mackenzie replied, “Literally just living.”


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Other women in the comment section jumped in to defend Mackenzie.

“She’s been through a lot, from losing a parent which is one of the hardest things a child will go through,” one person wrote. “(I lost my dad and looked unhealthy at one point so I get it), left a toxic relationship, and so much change but also growth over the last several years. How about supporting the fact she’s grown, overcome difficult challenges while raising 3 kids solo, and being happy that she found her person who she wants to grow a family with!?”

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45 Responses

  1. She’s 30 an never had an issue getting knocked up. This BS about fertility journey is so over played. She knows how to have a baby. This is just ridiculous. These story lines should be used for people who struggle with fertility not rich people just for a story line to try an stay relevant. The stupidity has me appalled.

    1. She had her tubes tied you dumbass. So she actually needs help getting pregnant. Maybe know what your actually taking about before you comment.

  2. This is so sad. I’m going to her instagram to leave her a heart felt comment and DM. I’ve always liked her. Her energy her passion. She’s so stinking cute and she’s a great mama. Shame on society for feeling privileged to comment on anyone’s appearance not just a woman’s. This is so harmful.

  3. I feel bad for Mack because absolutely nobody deserves to be under this sort of microscope where people are constantly judging your physical appearance. To judge someone’s physical appearance is a reflection of how you view yourself. The thing that’s sad about our society is that people have been so conditioned seeing a cosmetically overdone face to the point it is now considered the beauty standard. So much so that people see a naturally aging woman and think that they look old and “need” help to look “better”. It’s almost kind of like we’re getting to the point as a society where we’re unable to distinguish real from fake with all the beauty standard propaganda bullshit. A lot of these influencers and people who get excessive work done all look the exact same. Almost like we are wanting to steer away from natural human individuality. What a strange time to be alive.

    If anything, I actually appreciate seeing a Mom from this show NOT spending thousands upon thousands of dollars for cosmetic surgeries every year.

    1. Exactly I’m definitely not her biggest fan but comments about her looks or her body or children …should be off the table.

  4. I’m not a Mack fan but those comments are ridiculous. What weird ass untrue comments to make. She absolutely does not look anywhere close to 50, she does not look like she is doing drugs. I don’t quite get why people do this. What does it do for them? Make them feel better about their own insecurities?

  5. Never liked her, but she looks like a 30yo woman (which she is) and not a teenager anymore. I’m far more curious what her A1C is, bc by that face, it’s much higher than 6.5 lol

  6. Ppl are stupid. She looks great and also her age. But even if a woman looked older than her chronological age WHO GIVES A F!? Women are worth so much more than their physical appearance.

  7. I’m sorry, but I feel bad for her. Clearly, this is affecting her and we already have enough pressure on us from society to look a certain way. Makes me sad for her. Just because you don’t like her, doesn’t mean you should make crappy comments about her appearance. I have never, EVER thought she was on drugs- she does NOT look like she is whatsoever. She may be tired? Well- so am I! She’s a single mom of three, she’s gone through a lot with seeing her mother decline and then pass… Anywho- I think overall, Mack looks great! She is beautiful, I respect thta she hasn’t had any work done, and let’s face it- of ALL the TM girls, she has ALWAYS taken care of herself and she has an amazing fit body- ESPECIALLY for having three kids! I usually wouldn’t say this about The Ashley’s comment section (LOL) but… I hope Mack comes here to see all the support we have for her especially when it comes to the aspect of how she looks. People are so freaking mean, I swear.

    1. Agreed! Everyone ages at different paces so I feel like that’s such a shitty thing to comment on. I feel like as women there’s already such pressure to look a certain way or being a certain “acceptable” size. And all these filters, Botox, fillers, etc do not help the women who are choosing to age naturally. I’m almost 39 and I am SO insanely insecure in my skin. To the point that I don’t even post pictures of myself online anymore. I cannot fathom being on tv/in the public eye and being subjected to so many people sharing their (unwanted) opinion about how I look. Or even feeling entitled enough to do so! There are so many different factors that come into play when it comes to how someone ages. I think she’s beautiful, inside & out, and I respect the fact that she has wanted to do it naturally without plastic surgery. I wish more women felt comfortable/confident enough to do so.

  8. I hope she moves on from worrying about this.
    Changing your appearance to appease fickle TM fans is just not the wave.

  9. What other teen mom goes running every day! NOT 1 of them! She is in great shape for having 3 children. She is the most ACTIVE and eats a HEALTHY diet of all the teen moms. I like the natural way she is, I give her a THUMBS UP!!!

      1. Do you have diabetes?
        I had gestational diabetes and now am pre diabetic. During those 9 months being diabetic was brutal! Insulin shots every day and I felt so hungry because of how strict my diet was. I wasn’t even overweight. I was 120 my entire pregnancy and my normal weight is 108. My body just went haywire. Now 4 years since I’ve been pregnant being prediabetic is difficult as well. Always having to be aware of what I’m eating, my weight, being active… I can do everything right but my AC1 will still be high. It’s not easy. I’m terrified of getting full blown diabetes. No one in my family has it and I’m the smallest one in the bunch! So it’s wild that I have it. It sucks.

  10. Honestly I feel for mack. People are such trolls. I wish people would give her a break. That poor woman has been through enough and has done a lot of work on herself. Let’s give credit and stop being so toxic.

  11. I really hate this for her and I hope she comes here and sees all the positive comments and takes them to heart. I’ve always thought she looked good and really fit, and to say someone looks “ran through” is just gross. I truly don’t understand why people would comment on her appearance like that. Just because she doesn’t look 16 anymore doesn’t mean she looks old. Youth does NOT equal beauty. People are supposed to age and everyone ages differently. No one should try to change their appearance based on the opinions of others. For every person who doesn’t like someone’s looks there’s 10 that do. If she or anyone truly wants skincare advice I think the best place to start is to moisturizer after washing and use sunscreen as needed.

    1. As much as we love to snark on the comment board when called for (which is usually the case), it is nice to see the supportive comments here. Mack has received her fair share of deserved snark, but like others have said, she looks good and shouldn’t feel bad about the nasty things the haters are saying. Wonder if we would all say the same if Janelle or Lurch were getting some unfair hate for their appearance… That might be too hard for me since they’re awful, hateful people and Mack isn’t.

      Do Mack’s haters think everyone should look like Cher?

  12. Wow wtf??? I thought we as a society, especially as women were over this nonsense of criticizing how eachother looks. First of all, she doesn’t look “old” At all. lol she actually looks super young and vibrant. No idea where the drug comments came from. Her skin and hair is beautiful, not sure why she is the target of these comments at all. Enough of this crap, talking badly about how someone else LOOKS. It’s so ridiculous it’s embarrassing

  13. Those comments are vile. Criticising someone’s appearance is usually because you can’t criticise their character.
    Why does it bother these people so much what someone (they’ve never met) looks like? I honestly think Mackenzie looks good – she looks like a grown up woman with 3 kids who runs a business and takes good care of herself. She has a good man in her life, she is all natural – good for her!
    These trolls tapping away at their phones in their mom’s house looking like Jabba The Hutt smh. Go touch some grass.

  14. Honestly, it’s the ones who are the most insecure who throw the most hate at a natural (no filler/surgery) face these days. Mack has been through it, and even though I’m not a huge fan of hers, her appearance is reflective of the hell she’s been through and certainly doesn’t warrant the kind of hideous comments people leave on social media. The fact that she’s reading it and commenting on it sucks because I can only imagine how it has made her feel.

  15. Jesus. Why does anyone care how.old anyone else looks? I have been on both ends, being in remission from terrible shit or in the midst of terrible shit (lost weight) to be told “You look awesome!” .. and on the flipside illness or circumstance to be told, ” Oh girl you could do x, y, or z better!”

    Nobody needs that. And nobody needs to.do that to other people.

  16. I feel sad reading this, I hope Mac knows she’s so much more than the opinions of some angry weirdos online. I think she looks great! And way more important than how she looks, she’s a survivor! She has survived everything life’s thrown at her with loosing family members, mental health, type 1 diabetes, being in a terrible relationship with Josh, having children and moving to a new state. I hope she knows she’s strong.

  17. I think that she does appear older than 29. However; I feel this comes from several things, the horrible thing about the battle her mom fault so hard for but the outcome was not what anyone wanted, a husband who was there one day and gone the next, a divorce and lastly she lives in a very sunny place and may not wear sunscreen. But just because she doesn’t look 29 isn’t a bad thing, she has her own business, takes care of 3 kids and now back on reality TV. Koodo’s to her

  18. I think she looks her age, or at least like a thirty-year-old that’s had a stressful life. I’m 32 and she looks right on track with me and many women I went to school with.

    It’s sad that we live in a time when cosmetic surgeries/fillers/botox is so common that people are forgetting what a natural face looks like. Good for her for not starting that slippery slop that leads to Farrahs and Darceys/Staceys.

    1. I never comment but I had to say something this time. Mackenzie is a beautiful girl and doesn’t look “old” for her age. That’s ridiculous and uncalled for. Can people be any more fing petty? She’s an amazing shape (more so than any of the other teen moms and really the majority of the human population) because she puts in a lot of hard work and effort into working out, running, etc. Not to mention she is a mom of multiple young kids (exhausting) and has a chronic disease that is HARD on your body. I hope Mac ignores all the haters and doesn’t take their rude, BS comments to heart.

  19. I have a feeling as a cheerleader in Oklahoma she prob spent some time in a tanning bed before she started spray tanning. Tanning beds make people age like leather!

  20. She’s adorable and her body is amazing, all hard work no surgery, give the girl a break!

  21. Aging sucks. It shows earlier on some women than on others. I noticed it began about her age. It happens to us all, everyone who read this will feel what she’s feeling. So be careful with commenting on others about this, you’re next and you’ll remember it when you’re looking in the mirror someday you’ll realize omg it’s happening. Feel bad for her tbh

    1. I really don’t care if people are fans of hers or not. It’s not ok to be cruel to her and make nasty comments. She looks like a person who takes very good care of herself. God forbid someone have a wrinkle or crows feet. I’d like to see how much makeup these wenches who insult her put on.

    2. I agree people are not kind. Karma is real. People should treat others how you want to be treated. If only we saw our character when looking in the mirror!

    3. These days it’s rare that a female celebrity (even d-list reality characters) doesn’t have cosmetic surgery. That goes for some of the TMer’s who are only in their early 30’s (Farrah, Kail and Chelsea). So many women over 40 are starting to look the same and now tweens are obsessing over their skincare routines. So much for natural beauty and growing old gracefully. There’s too much money to be made by the beauty industry.

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