‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Posts First Photo Of Her Baby Bump

The moment Amber realized she could have sold these ‘first baby bump’ pics to the tabloids for cash…

It’s been two months since Amber Portwood confirmed she was pregnant with her second child, but on Wednesday, the Teen Mom OG star finally showed off her baby bump for the first time!

Amber posted a photo of herself hugging her stomach while her newest baby daddy, Andrew Glennon, and her daughter Leah stand next to her.

“I love my little family,” Amber captioned the photo, which she posted to Instagram and Twitter.

“I hope this kid doesn’t take after Andrew or this is gonna be a biotch coming down the birth canal!”

Amber has yet to reveal her due date, but she has confirmed that the baby she and Andrew are expecting will be a boy. (As far as The Ashley knows, they are planning to name the baby James, which is the name of Andrew’s late father.)

‘Teen Mom OG’ fans watched this week as Amber revealed the “oopsie” pregnancy to her mother Tonya and cousin Krystal while on a Halloween hay ride (as you do). Due to the fact that Amber was only dating Andrew a few months before he knocked her up, Amber’s family was understandably shocked by the news.

Anyway, Amber also used her Twitter session to respond to a few ‘Teen Mom’ viewers who scolded her for being behind on the child support she owed to Leah’s dad, Gary Shirley.

“I’m not behind at all? This was on last season also. I pay lump sums to him not that it’s any of your business but he gets paid 10k every time not monthly,” Amber tweeted. “Come on have you not watched for the last 10 years. He’ll do anything to make me look bad. This was said last season…”

Amber refrained from launching into one of her trademark Twitter rants, however. As The Ashley previously told you, Ambie exploded on Twitter earlier this month, attacking MTV and Gary for “making a mockery” of her pregnancy.

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)


  1. If I were Andrew I would ask for a DNA test when the baby is born because with the timeline when she got pregnant it could be Matts. You know this relationship isn’t going to last. They barely knew each other before she got pregnant.

  2. It seems in the writing of the articles and the reply’s that everyone uses a”?” at the end of statements. Did I miss something?

  3. Feathered salt and pepper hair? Awful
    Strange black beard covering 3/4 of face and neck? Awful
    Enormous man cardigan? Awful
    Pleated tapered jeans? Awful
    Old stinky sneakers? Awful
    Small dainty hands? Awful

    Come on, Amber! What in the h*ll is this? ??

  4. She’s not even hugging Leah or have her arm around her. Ambie shouldn’t be having another child when she barely has the time of day for her first one. Leah was an after thought in this photo…..

    1. No she’s not hugging Leah but it looks like her goon has his huge paw stretched over around both of them. GARY don’t let him touch her!!!!! I mean who leaves Malibu, CA, where despite the fact that he was living with his parents he probably had better job opportunities than to move to Indiana and mooch off a mentally unstable teen mom. You know he is just there for the fame and the money. Now he’s got her knocked and locked. She’s too crazy to take care of the kid (as evidenced by Leah). They have the kid. He plays along for a while and then decides (which he’s known all along) that she’s too crazy to take care of the kids. He takes custody ala Gary Shirley and takes her money (legally) as child support while he and the baby move back to Malibu. End of story. Cue the black runny mascara!

      1. And that’s best case scenario! He has a history of domestic violence and so does she. CPS almost took Leah because of Amber’s volatility. This poor baby is in for it.

      2. For New Kid’s sake, I hope Gary and Kristina take over because I don’t think either one of these hobo-looking people can take care of themselves much less a baby.

  5. He won’t have to work because he will be the ‘stay at home dad’ tending to the baby and Amber’s every need whilst she lays in bed for the next 2 years recovering from giving birth! I wonder if she continues to flip houses now Matt is out of the picture? I think they made a decent amount like maube $60,000 from one of the houses they showed on Teen Mom..I highly doubt she still does as this will mean she actually has to remove her silk kimono and leave her bed!

  6. Why is Lurch II out on the street in his pajamas?? His hulking size makes my precious little Leah look even more like a tiny peanut! Gary, get him away from her!

    I never thought I would say this, but even Lurch I manages to wear big-boy clothes when he’s out and about!

    Pray for Kaiser and Ensley!

  7. Do you think there’s some sort of store/website that amber and Jenelle used to order these Lurchy/Shady dudes?—oh wait- prison.
    Nevermind- ignore my question.

        1. She’s not even hugging Leah or have her arm around her. Ambie shouldn’t be having another child when she barely has the time of day for her first one. Leah was an after thought in this photo…..

  8. Has it only been 2 months??!

    Its feels like it has been 8 months already, time moves different in TM universe.

  9. and he is suppose to be better then Matt ???? let see has a record, arrives for a visit never leaves and now looks like a dirty pig yep so much better

    1. Well he is younger and doesn’t have a gaggle of children? But he has a murder face, not as bad as Lurch. Or maybe worse….

      1. When you reply to your own post you don’t have to change names. You still have the same avatar, fyi. Haha.

  10. I could not even believe that amber went to the pumpkin patch w her mom and cousin who at athat point had never met Andrew, she introduces them all then 12 minutes later said ‘I’m pregnant!’ wtf. Way to put Everyone on the spot.

    1. The fact that Amber was so shocked by their reactions was so strange to me… I was shocked that she chose to tell Leah about the baby over the phone so sad

      1. I can’t tell how I feel about her telling Leah over the phone. My dad’s youngest was announced to me over the phone. I was also almost 19, and lived 3 hours away. So obviously there’s a huge difference. Poor Leah…

      2. I told my older step kids over the phone that I’m pregnant. One lives 2000 miles away and had called me on my birthday. I didn’t want to keep it from him, in fact, I wanted him to be the first to know because I knew he’d be excited. He’s 17. My husband called and told his sister on the same day so there wouldn’t be an issue with us having told one, but not the other. She is 20 and lives about an hour away. I could have told her in person, but I didn’t want her to hear it from her brother and wonder why she was left out.

        A phone call also lets a person have their reaction privately if they want to. There are many reasons why they may not want to be in the spotlight when they take in that news. If there is any reason to expect that their reaction may be less than 100% enthusiastic I think a phone call is a reasonable choice.

        I hate Amber for basically every life choice that she’s ever made, but this one doesn’t strike me as terrible.

  11. Da fuck is he wearing? What’s up with that dad sweater? Do we need to talk about his shoes? Does this bro even lift? Are those sweat pants!!!! Bro looks like a 6’7” bag of vanilla pudding. Why does Amby have a man bun? So much wrong here.

  12. He looks like a homeless giant.

    Also, Gary mentioned the child support issue just a few episodes ago and it was filmed in September, sooooo not last season. Amber doesn’t need Gary to make her look bad. She does a fine job all by herself. Besides, she admitted to being that far behind on child support and apologized. Does she think people don’t watch the show?

    I’m sure she loves Leah in her own narcissistic, selfish way, but she has not been any kind of parent to Leah and it shows. This pathetic photo op doesn’t change that.

  13. Move over, Jenelle. Amber’s man Andrew is clearly “Larger than Lurch,” no doubt.

    But contrary to what allegedly takes place on THE LAND, I hope that with Gary and Kristina always in Leah’s corner, she’ll have the kind of normal and happy existence that ALL these Teen Mom kids who didn’t ask to come here — truly deserve.

    She does look happy in the photo above, so hopefully that’s a good sign.

  14. This guy looks intimidating. Even more now that we know what he did…..yikes. Amber will get the shock of her life when she hears about it or even worse, he does anything to her. Screaming baby/screaming girlfriend, yeah just an ideal situation for someone with domestic violence past.

    I have to agree to everyone who is saying it looks like Leah is just in the photo for Amber to prove some point how she is a mom. She’s almost covering her there, why is she not in front of them or idk, maybe touching her mom’s belly, it will be her sibling after all. The girl will be 10 this year and I’m sure she knows who her real mom is. And it is not Amber.

  15. I can’t wait for a proper recap of this week’s episode to toss out a few bits of snark about Amber’s new man. When they were driving and playing eye-spy and he said “I spy something starting with the letter B” and then said “boobies” my first thought was YEAH, YOURS ANDREW. Homie has quite the set of knockers.
    ALSO, you guys have astutely mentioned his pajama look and I applaud you for that but let’s not forget those TERRIBLE shirts he wears. I’d rather see him in some silly TTM or Terra Reign crap than the silky, girlie patterned crap he generally wears.

    Ok, stepping down my soapbox until the proper recap is here because I’ve got a whole lot more to say about Teen Mom OG…especially about Deb singing HER OWN SONG in Italy.

    1. You’re being nice. It was ‘I see something that starts w a T..and it was titties, then he grabbed her breasts…oh to be young and in love…and Kara, I can not even wait until the recap, too.

  16. I also think none of these mom’s or boyfriends/husbands work because of the TV show income. Not good. Not really “reality”… What will happen when the gravy train ends? Scary for these poor children.

    1. Jeremy works and did while he was married to Leah. He lays pipe for pipelines and makes decent money but is away from home a lot. I’m pretty sure Corey and Cole (Chelsea’s husband) work, but I have no idea what either of them do. Corey, in particular, always struck me as a really hard worker.

      As for the rest of them, there’s a rude awakening coming.

      1. Cole is a traffic control specialist. I love how Chelsea totally made fun of the other TMs when she said once “we can’t go on vacation all the time because Cole actually works.”

      2. It would be nice to see some of the women working too. I know they probably think they don’t need the money but what about creating careers for themselves or being aspirations for their children. They have the money and resources to be whatever they want, not just sit home in their free Victoria’s Secret tracksuit they all seem to have.

    1. My boyfriend is 2.10m (6’11 I believe?) and I am still amazed by Ambrew’s difference in height. I think it has more to do with him also being so … broad (is that a right word for it?), just like Hagrid. My boyfriend is slim and he can’t gain weight due to his height (his organs have to work like crazy to get all of that blood pumping, so his metabolism is super fast), so I’m wondering how Andrew get’s so broad. Not calling him fat or anything, but I did notice all the people I know from 1.95m and up are always slim.

      Also such a tall and large man and then you’re stalking ex girlfriends?! I mean it’s always terrible of course, but it must be extra frightening when your ex is half giant. Too late to run now, Amber you idiot.

      1. He’s half and half remember?
        Half human half Giant..

        Wouldn’t that be so cool I would really love that lol

  17. Omgggggg is she ever going to retire that bun????? She should have gotten a new hairstylist, not a new man. Or baby.

      1. I heard all her hair broke off from repeated bleaching and that little bun on top is actually a fake piece. She’s wearing it like that while it grows out. But who knows? It’s looks terrible. And YES, my head would kill me too.

  18. OMG that guy is huge and scary looking. He towers over Amber. He has to look very intimidating to poor Leah. He has a record of domestic violence…..not looking good. I’m glad Leah has Gary and his wife. I don’t see a happy ending to this relationship.

  19. Did anyone else think that guy was really weird? He wouldn’t talk to Ambers family…it was really awkward to watch! He seems like he has some skeletons in his closet.

    1. He sure does have skeletons in his closet – I thought ‘Ambi’ was going to do background checks on future mates?
      So…..Andrew passed her checks with his DV & stalking charges? Sheesh…hate to see what she turns down! ???

      1. No kidding. Research isn’t that hard. I literally investigate and research immediately any guy that talks to my nieces or sisters, or any weird friend someone in the family has.. I’m right on top of that stuff, and I don’t have an ‘ex’ deadbeat past like amber, but I still know what kind of people are out there.

        1. I mean his IG and Twitter account have the blue check mark, so that’s just like a background check, right guys? ***insert sarcasm emoji here***

        2. And I’m sure your nieces and sisters really appreciate that invasion of privacy. Sorry, not trying to be rude. But just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD. (I say this as someone with a very pushy family…you should stop doing that if you value those relationships.)

          1. Nope. My sis had a friend install a safe in my moms house… after some research found out he had been in jail 2 times that year for meth and assault. Things like that is why I’ll always care to investigate strange dudes. If people don’t like that, they prob have something to hide or are ashamed of something..

        3. I have investigated boyfriends of my daughter when I didn’t know them ! You have to in this day and age! Especially if they are older than teen age !

      2. I mean, she didn’t turn down MATT.
        Even if he didn’t have a plethora of illegitimate children, he was STILL super gross and an old man who moved in the second he met her.
        I think we already know all we need to about Amber’s standards.

  20. Wish one of these guys would get a job. Move to Indiana and never work a day in your life again until Teen mom ends. We all know Amber and many of these mother’s wouldn’t be able to deal if their partners went to work. Imagine if They both had to go to work like most of the world. These women are so dependent on their partners on a day to day basis. Makes me crazy. Backpacked alone through Africa for 2 months in my early 20s with not much money. They can’t seem to leave the house alone.

    1. I wonder if Andrew is working in Indi?
      To be fair, Amber strikes me as the type of girl who says to her boyf ‘Don’t go to work today, stay home and look after meeee’ to the point that the boyf ditches his job to babysit a 27-something adult.

  21. Wish one of these guys would get a job. Move to Indiana and never work a day in your life again until Teen mom ends. We all know Amber and many of these mother’s wouldn’t be able to deal if their partners went to work. Imagine if They both had to go to work like most of the world. These women are so dependent on their partners on a day to day basis. Makes me crazy. Backpacked alone through Africa for 2 months in my 20s with not much money. They can’t seem to leave the house alone.

  22. LOL.. like Amber needs Gary to make her look bad! She does a good enough job jumping from one D to another and letting them move in and get knocked up..

    Yep. It’s definitely Gary making her look bad!

      1. It has more to do with his circumference I think. My boyfriend is nearly 6’11 but doesn’t come across as huge as Andrew, but my boyfriend is slim and Andrew has a broader stature. Very intimidating if you ask me, certainly with that DV and stalking history of his. I seriously hope Leah isn’t too much around Ambrew, because when (not if, but when) that relationship goes, I would not be surprised if he wouldn’t accept that and do some crazy poop.

  23. Genuine question I have never heard of lump sum child support is it an actual option?… Why is Andrew in his pajamas

    1. It could be in their agreement but Gary complaining about her being late makes me doubt that.

      It’s more likely that she’s just too lazy to pay monthly so she lets it pile up and then pays off the debt.

      1. Thanks! That’s an interesting agreement and sounds less beneficial to Leah., I’m more likely to believe the fact that she just let’s it pile up

  24. Poor Leah looks like an after thought in this picture. Kind of like Amber thought “oh hey, get the kid in here real quick!”

    I feel so bad for her but I’m glad she seems to have a stable life with Gary and his wife.

    1. I agree! Watching these past 2 episodes makes me irritated as hell with Amber as much as I am with Jenelle and Kail. She sounded like an idiot when KiKi asked her “so did you two plan this?” and her response was “no. I wasn’t on birth control or anything though.” Ummmmm Ambi… you do know that’s why Leah is here… right?’

      Off topic, but Cate got on my damn nerves as well! I know people with fertility issues get so frustrated watching these train wrecks! Some people try, try and try for a kid. Year after year with no success, resulting in expensive IUI and IVF procedures among a ton of emotional strife. Meanwhile, mentally unstable, weed puffing, cigarette smoking Cate, gets her IUD out and BAM!! Pregnant 12 days later. And it happened even faster with Nova.

      I love Maci too, but same with her. It’s like all of their ovaries work perfectly, almost too perfect.

      1. It took 2 years and thousands for my husband and I to get pregnant, yes these girls pisssss me off. And I’m one of the lucky ones where treatment even worked. But seriously they are never ready for more kids and just figure whatever let’s bring another LIFE into this mess.

        1. Rachel- It’s situations like yours that are always in my mind when I hear about people who are careless with pregnancy. I work with addicts that had infants born addicted, and they continue to use. These children have no stability, no nurturing. Why the hell are these people so fertile? God bless you and your husband for making your dreams come true!

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