‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Briana DeJesus & Devoin Austin Feud on Social Media After Devoin Fails to Pick Up Their Daughter; Briana Then Slams Luis Hernandez

New year, same baby daddy drama…

Months after Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus slammed both of her baby daddies on social media for falling short in the co-parenting department, she is back to deliver her first double baby daddy rant of 2021. 

As per usual, Devoin Austin, the father of Briana’s nine-year-old daughter Nova, was the first to go head-to-head (or rather screen-to-screen) with Briana, after Bri blasted that Devoin failed to pick up their daughter from gymnastics.


Briana shared on social media an alleged mile-long text she sent to Devoin, informing him that he was “a whole lot late” picking up Nova from practice. In a series of screenshots reposted by the Teen Mom Shade Room Instagram page, Briana said she learned of Devoin’s no-show after receiving a call from the gym at 9 p.m. She then accused Devoin of not showing up because he was “probably getting high” or filming a YouTube video that “could’ve waited.” 


“I give u a little bit of responsibility and u let me down every single time,” she continued. 

Devoin responded to Briana’s text, claiming Nova “just said she wants to spend the night” Friday, adding “you can’t be mad for her all the time Briana.” 

“Doesn’t hurt to try.”

“So why she walked in here crying,” Briana wrote back. “U could never take responsibility for ur actions.” 

Briana went on to post a screenshot of the transcribed voice mail she received from Nova’s gymnastics, confirming the contents of the message as well as the time the call was received – nearly 9 p.m.

Devoin fired off a response to the pick-up predicament on his Instagram Story, telling Briana not to “sit here and act like I endangered my child when you asked me LAST SECOND to pick her up.” Devoin also claimed he “never ever ever had a flaw” on his picking up/dropping off track record prior to this incident. 

“ … so take this one mistake and make a sorry boring a** ‘devoin devoin devoin’ episode (with no footage of nova DISLIKING ME),” he added. “Let’s not act like nobody ever been f**kin’ late before dumb a** … .” 

In response to a fan who criticized the ‘Teen Mom 2’ dad on Instagram for failing to do the “bare minimum” when it comes to his parental duties, Devoin stepped in to defend himself. 

“yo what the F**K is bare minimum,” he wrote. “Let’s please have this conversation. I spent probably more money on my kid last year than most people make in a YEARLY SALARY. Talk to me!” 

When another fan pointed out to Devoin that he is responsible for “being there mentally and physically” for his daughter, Devoin argued that Briana previously slammed him for falling short only when it comes to financial support for Nova. 

Later, Briana continued to air her grievances, this time regarding Luis Hernandez, the father of her youngest daughter Stella. As fans of ‘Teen Mom 2’ know, Luis has never been a constant presence in his daughter’s life and according to Briana, things have yet to improve. 

In other words…

Briana posted a conversation between herself and Luis after the latter appeared to miss a planned visit with his daughter because he hadn’t gotten any sleep in three days and “just crashed.” 

Briana informed baby daddy #2 that he owed their daughter an apology and that he needed to “make it up to her and see her.” 

Luis replied with a lengthy explanation for his error, claiming he was “not putting up excuses” and wants to spend more time with Stella. Luis added that he took a job in town and will be home daily, but is currently in orientation and taking some early jobs. 

“ … again not trying to put an excuse but I really am exhausted like my body is shot … ,” he continued. 

“I am not tryna hear about you or your body, Luis.”

Luis went on to suggest spending “a few hours” with Stella this week, as he has some time off. In response, Briana told Luis the missed meetup was his chance to make up for lost time and he “blew it.” Briana then called out Luis for his lack of consistency and consideration, adding that she thinks it’s best if he stays away. 

“ … when she gets older I’ll sit her down and explain to her why I asked to keep u away and if later down the road she wants a relationship with u then y’all can have one but ur not gonna keep breaking her heart because it’s not fair … ,” she continued. 

“There’s the door, pal.”

While Briana did end up giving Luis another shot to visit Stella, he apparently bailed a second time – again without giving Briana a heads up. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. She won’t need to “sit down and explain” anything to Stella, she can just read it all online because she airs absolutely everything

  2. Shit happens. Especially if asked last minute. But an actual apology to your child goes a long way. And making sure it never happens again, of course.

    But Bri also likes to play martyr. She doesn’t have to escalate everything as far as she does. All she really wants is the argument so she can bitch. Not everything has to be a fight, but she always makes it one.

    This one….I agree with though. I’d have been pissed. My baby daddy was an hour late to pick my baby up for her first father daughter dance (she was 6). She spent that hour sitting in front of the door and eventually asked me if he had just forgotten her. Broke my fucking heart. I chewed his ass out and he blew me off. Never apologized to her and she’s 9 now and still hasn’t forgotten that he was late.

    1. If “shit happens” Devoin needs to call mom and let her know so other arrangements can be made. He wasn’t just 5 or 10 minutes late either. You’ve experienced it yourself with your own daughter so you know personally how being an hour late is a huge deal.

      I am not a fan of Bri. I am a fan of those girls though and time and time again I see both of those DBs letting those little girls down. Devoin being wasted at the pool while he has his daughter? Didn’t he leave her there alone for a bit as well? Didn’t he go with his daughter to the hair salon and then leave early? Nice daddy-daughter time .

      1. Simmer down. I said shit happens because it does. And an apology to Nova is necessary because she’s the one hurt by this. A phone call or text or something to Bri to say he was going to be late or even “hey I actually can’t do a pick up because (insert reason)” is better than nothing.

        And, again, Bri explodes things way out of proportion. Everything is an argument for her when it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Parents fuck up. It happens. SHE’S fucked up multiple times.

        Getting drunk at the pool? BIG PROBLEM.
        Having to work instead of taking her to get her hair done (which can be done by someone else or on another day which he ALSO paid for). NOT THAT BIG A DEAL.

        He spends time with her. Stop acting like we don’t know how MTV editing and bitter baby mamas can twist shit. Or did we suddenly forget about the texts that were sent to “Devoin” that were faked?

    2. Being late to pick up a child without calling is the worst. Because yeah, as a child, you feel so unloved and unimportant and worry and wonder if they just forgot about you. Stuff used to come up for me when I was going to college and my son was in daycare that would make me late. Having to suddenly meet with a professor, needing to get a book from the library, busses running late, whatever. So I called the daycare ASAP, ahead of pick up time, and told them I was going to be a little late that day but would be there at XX:XX time. If Devoin didn’t want to call Bri to tell her he was running late because he thought she would yell at him or whatever, he could’ve called the gymnastics place. Just let someone know! The worst part of being late is that someone is just sitting around waiting and worrying. If they know, then they’re not worrying and they can do something else other than sitting at the door.

      But I don’t even get why he said he could pick her up when Bri called at the last minute if he wasn’t going to be able to pick her up on time? Just say no or say “I can, but not until XX:XX”

      Why is Bri always asking people last minute to pick up her children anyways? Set a schedule and stick to it. What Devoin did was crappy but what Bri did was kind of crappy too and it sounds like she does it a lot. How many emergencies does she have? If it’s your time with your kids, and there isn’t a legitimate emergency, then you’re in charge of your children. Or your mom or sister or a babysitter is because it’s not the other parent’s responsibility to cover for you during your parenting time. And if you know you’re going to need someone else to pick up your daughter, then ask way ahead of time so that everyone can plan for it.

      Also when Nova told Devoin she wanted him to pick her up EARLY for the sleepover, I don’t think that’s because she wants to spend extra time with him, I think that’s because she doesn’t want him to be late. Lol. Nova was throwing some subtle shade.

      And why is Bri telling Louis he needs to make it up to Stella by spending extra time with her and then saying “I don’t think I’m going to let you spend time with her anymore.” Which is it, Bri?

      And if Louis knew he was starting a new job and would be working a bunch and would be super tired, why didn’t he try to reschedule his time like a week in advance? And if he was seriously SO TIRED that he’s literally just passing out, then what was his plan? To pick Stella up and then nod out while driving or fall asleep on the couch with her at his house? Either reschedule the work or the time with your child ahead of time.

      Why does it seem like all of the problems these people are having is all down to them not communicating? We all have cell phones and social media, there are 40 different ways to get a message to someone at any time, JUST TELL THEM you will be late or need to reschedule.

  3. These chicks on TM spread their legs for all of these losers and then cry and complain when the baby daddy’s don’t continue acting like losers and abandon their responsibilities to their children. You can’t make this up……… lessen here is keep your legs closed when losers are trying to get a little something something LOL.

  4. Jeez. Why not just take up a megaphone and blast all this pissed off bickering back and forth vitriol —in a public square?

    Guaranteed, if Nova’s not reading this stuff herself, some cruel friend, classmate, or schoolmate is.

    She doesn’t deserve this.


  5. Just shut up Briana, you made your bed having kids with these dudes, now be a big girl lay in it. Always hollarin about something when at the end of the day this is all her fault…and blasting this on social media? Why? To prove something? All it’s proving is that she’s immature and has no regard for her kids reading about this in the future.

  6. On another note ☝️ she really needs to keep this crap off SM but who knows, maybe MTV encourages this train wreck play out that way…?

  7. Ugh as much as her drama aggravates me, I can relate. I know why she’s constantly nagging at them, she wants them to be a part of her kids’ lives, even if it means to nag and complain because MAYBE they’ll get it. I deal with my ex husband and go through the SAME thing. My oldest is 12 and he’s always disappointed at the time spent at their dads house. He goes with his 6 yr old sister, they used to go for 11 days and the following weekend. They were STILL disappointed, being left in their rooms, constantly eating out and having an upset stomach, pawned off to his new gf. So I took the 11 days to 2 days, just a weekend… same thing. Some men are just not meant to be fathers BUT us as mothers picking up ALL the slack are hoping that maybe they will get it. Luckily my son is seeing who his dad is and says “he’s barely a dad”, he slowly started to distance himself and wishes and hopes he can just be done “chasing his dad”. It’s tough. You fight with them for your kids’ sake and you do that until you can’t anymore. It sucks. You don’t realize you’re begging someone to be a dad. Not worth it. She will eventually stop, I think because her girls are so young she sees it being worth the fight. Idk just my opinion. Damn that was a rant. 😅

    1. My dad did it to me growing up. My mom wasn’t much better even though I lived with her. For that reason my daughter doesn’t know my parents. When she went through my wedding album and pointed to my mom and said “who is that”, I knew it was time to cut my mom off. She was so disinterested in my daughter and I. I wasn’t going to let my daughter wonder why grandma or grandpa don’t ever want to see her. Thankfully my ex in-laws are fantastic. I’m very close with them and my daughter has an amazing dad. That’s more than enough for her and I. Thank God for them.

      1. Ugh that has to suck. My ex husbands parents don’t speak to my kids. They don’t even remember what they even look like (their grandparents) and they refer to them as “my dads mom or my dads dad” it’s truly disgusting how some families can be. And my ex in laws have the nerve to post pictures of my children on SM and talking about how they miss them. And the pics they post are from years ago, they can’t even post a recent one. Scum.

  8. These people need a new storyline, this is getting old.

    And no Briana he did’nt let YOU down, he let your DAUGHTER down, this is not about you

  9. Why does she constantly need to air this on social media? So her followers can harass her baby daddies? He should not have been late to pick his daughter up but posting this for it to be a forever time stamp is not going to help her situation. When nova grows up and makes her decisions on who she wants involved she’s going to be able to see these conversations. How is Brianna making her baby daddies stay involved by constantly dragging them

  10. She’s the one who slept with these men unprotected, so in essence, she chose these men to be the fathers of her children. Don’t whine and cry about it now.

    1. No. If the men choose to be in the kids’ lives then they need to responsibly be in their lives. End of story. If they don’t want to be there then don’t say you’ll pick up a nine year old and leave her past dark.

  11. According to Devoin, Briana asked her to pick up Nova “last minute”. So if he couldn’t fulfill those obligations why not let her know that so she can find a different ride home? It’s annoying Briana runs to Instagram instead of the court to air her constant grievances. She needs to also invest in a journal in addition to the court. Devoin tseems like he tries to contribute financially for nova and be there for both daughters. Every day Briana is complaining. She’s getting aggravating.

  12. Come on Devoin, get your head out of your ass! Luis is the worst, but prove to your daughter and even Stella that you’re more reliable and a better man than Luis.

    And Briana, stop being a dingbat and airing all of this crap for the world to see. Your daughters will be humiliated when they get older – respect THEIR privacy even if you have no respect for yourself or your own privacy.

  13. I actually feel bad for Briana. HEAR ME OUT! Yes she put herself in the situations with the dads but she is expecting devein to get nova from her activity and he didn’t. That is terrifying for a child and as a mother my blood would boil too. if there was a reason he was running late, he could have communicated with either Briana or the coach like a normal responsible parent would. Devon also has the classic “victim” response. Avoiding the problem, not giving an apology/explanation/valid response at all. Sad for nova and sad for Briana for having to deal with this.

    As for Stella, Luis is trash and always will be, unfortunately. Sadly it is better for him to just stay out of her life. Luckily for Briana she has immense support from her family, something not many of us are blessed with.

  14. Maybe, just maybe the bullshit between all three need to stop being aired out on Social Media! Do they honestly think that Nova won’t read this? I see Stella and Nova with an IPad on just about every episode.

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