‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jade Cline Talks About Her “Painful” Brazilian Butt Lift; Reveals Briana DeJesus Helped Her Through Plastic Surgery

“Thanks for sharing your butt surgery wisdom with me, Bri!” 

After a “very painful” Brazilian butt lift (BBL), Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline is at home recovering, and on Monday, passed the time by answering questions from fans on social media. 

The 23-year-old recently announced on her new podcast, Jay & Kay Unfiltered, that she was heading to Miami to undergo the procedure in order to get her “curves in all the right places” and that she was allowing MTV to film it for the next season of ‘Teen Mom 2.’

Jade and her enhanced posterior have since returned home to Indiana, and on Monday, she revealed her particular BBL experience was “the most painful thing [she’s] ever done in [her] life.” 

“ … 10 times worse than child birth,” she told a fan during an Instagram Q&A. “Everyone is different but I know that my body definitely had a hard time recovering.” 

Jade went on to tell fans that while “it’s definitely been a hard journey,” it is getting better. 

Jade is just the latest in the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise to undergo a BBL (during which a surgeon takes fat from another area of the body and injects it into the butt), with Kail Lowry, Briana and Brittany DeJesus and former ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham having paved the way by adding some junk to their own trunks.

…just in case you hadn’t noticed…

In fact, Jade revealed she saw Briana while in Florida and that Briana gave her “[a lot] of advice.” She even took to Twitter on Monday to show her fellow BBL-ed co-star some love. 

“Couldn’t explain the love I have for [Briana],” she wrote. “You’ve made things so much better this month. Idk where I’d be now if you weren’t there when I needed someone the most. Glad we shared it all with MTV.” 

While Kail, Briana and Brittany went the Dr. Miami route (re: got the procedure done for free by allowing him to post it on his Snapchat), Jade went with Dr. Chang, telling fans she’s “very happy with [her] results and would recommend him.”  

In addition to enhancing her curves, Jade told fans she has enhanced her life by removing toxic people this year and made “hard decisions” to do what’s best for herself and her daughter Kloie. 

Still, some people wanted to know why Jade didn’t spend the money to upgrade her house instead of her butt. As it turns out, she did both. 

“For one, a new home costs hundreds of thousands of dollars,” she wrote. “A BBL can be less [than] 8K. The price brackets for both of those things are completely different?? For two, my daughter does have a new home we just moved into and I have a new booty. Best of both worlds.” 

She went on to tell another follower that she has relocated to the suburbs and will soon enroll her daughter in a private preschool. Jade added that her new residence is “very safe” and she’s happy – something she believes is “very important.” 

“ … That’s why I’m sharing my journey with you guys,” she wrote. “It’s so important for women to do and makes them happy. Also for other women to support one another.” 

“Just for the record, Jade, I’m happy to allow you to support me!”

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Twitter) 

18 Responses

  1. I hope Briana told the surgeon that she wanted to be shaped like an ant because thats what she got. I bet Jades new neighbors looovve having Jade,shawn and her parents in their neighborhood. Since she is probably loaded down with prescription pain medications Im sure they all spend plenty of time at her house…to help with Klohee of course.

  2. Oh, and Briana looks ridiculous in that picture. Like she’s got a saggy poopy diaper on. Anyone wanna start a TheAshley pool on when Briana will get her next T&A job?

  3. Jade is an idiot. Houses are NOT ‘hundreds of thousands of dollars.’ In Indiana. She doesn’t have to live beyond her means like the other TM/TM2 cast do.

  4. Houses in the us can be a lot cheaper than that but putting 18 grand on a house as almost 400,000 is not normal. Most need at least 40,000 or more down on a loan that size

  5. 24 dollar per month gym membership. 1 squat rack. Quit shoving fast food in your suck hole. 10,000 steps per day = nice ass, not huge load in my pants ass.

    stay lit, wear yoga pants girls.

  6. personally I think their fake butts looks cartoonish and ridiculous!!! Horrible looking–gross! why they do it is beyond me—-

  7. Does Jade not understand how a down payment works? Yes homes are hundreds of thousands… but if you hadn’t got your butt injected you could have already saved up half a down payment.
    I put about 18 ish on my 385 thousand dollar house (literally the only thing we could afford) and I’m pretty sure houses in the states are even cheaper? But maybe I’m wrong who knows ??‍♀️

    1. Houses in the us can be a lot cheaper than that but putting 18 grand on a house as almost 400,000 is not normal. Most need at least 40,000 or more down on a loan that size

      1. That’s not true. Depending on credit and equity in the home vs loan amount as well as who’s lending, you can definitely get away with 5% down and it’s generally not more than 20% down no matter what.

      2. In Canada (maybe just Ontario? Not sure) a first time home buyer only needs 5% so that’s where my numbers are from! I don’t know what it is if you’re not a first time buyer.

  8. Ummm Briana is probably the last person you would want to give you BBL advice…whatever she said, I hope Jade did the opposite.

  9. Notice how she didn’t go to Dr Miami? Must have seen his other botch jobs and thought free wasn’t worth it.

    I’m all for plastic surgery if it makes you happy but you get what you pay for. Hopefully hers turns out better than Briana’s ?‍♀️

  10. Unfortunately these types of sugeries haven’t been around long enough to really understand what it does to tou in old agem especially at the lengths that these women go to now.

    Just seeing all the botched surgeries people have and they still go ahead with it. It seems crazy to me jade saw brianas ass and thought, yea that looks normal, no way that won’t go back in another 5 to 10 years.

    Wtf are these girls thinking. They have no confidence in themselves whatsoever. And after the surgeries they still don’t, whatever lies they might make themself believe.

  11. I will never understand why these young girls think they need to do this to themselves. Also the pic of Brianna in the red pants is horrible, this “look” is trendy now? Looks like she stuffed a pillow in her pants.

    1. I was wondering if that was a real pic… I know she had a diaper butt post pregnancy that she had to get fixed. But her butt was always more wide than sticking out like in the pic. Plus her legs look so big in that pic and she doesn’t have big legs.

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