Dr. Miami to Do Plastic Surgery on ‘Teen Mom 3’ Stars: All the Strange Details!

"Watch us get cut up!"
“Watch us get cut up!”

Several Teen Mom stars are heading to Miami to get nipped, snipped and tucked– and one of them is getting her baby chute completely overhauled!

TMZ just released a report stating that Teen Mom 3 stars Briana and Brittany DeJesus will be going under the knife this weekend. The sisters, who will soon appear together on a special family edition of Couples Therapy, will both be getting several plastic surgery procedures done by Dr. Miami, the famous plastic surgeon who posts videos of his surgeries to SnapChat.

Dr. Miami has been heavily promoting what he calls his “BBL Party,” which will take place this weekend. (In case you are wondering, “BBL” stands for “Boobs, Brazilian Butt Lifts, Liposuction and Labiaplasty”–aka vagina rejuvenation surgery.)

TMZ, who mentioned that Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry will also be having some sort of procedure done, wasn’t sure which girl was getting which surgery— but luckily, The Ashley has all the details on who’s getting what done!

The Ashley’s source tells her that Kail is the one getting liposuction. (Kail has been losing a lot of weight lately, and this will help with that process, the source said.)

Brittney will be having something done to her boob area and getting lipo, the source said.

The moment Briana found out what actually happens during a labiaplasty...
The moment Briana found out what actually happens during a labiaplasty…

Briana, however, is going to be well on her way to becoming the next Farrah Abraham in terms of plastic body parts. In November, Briana got a boob job and The Ashley’s source tells her that Briana will once again have something done to her breasts. She will also be getting lipo, a Brazilian butt lift and…wait for it… labiaplasty!

Yes, kids, Briana is apparently not thrilled with the way her nether region looks these days, so she’s having Dr. Miami “rejuvenate” it. Those of you who would like to watch Briana’s vagina get beautified can do so by watching Dr. Miami’s Snapchat videos. (His Snapchat user name is “therealdrmiami” in case you care.)


From what The Ashley hears, all three girls will be getting their surgeries on the same day this weekend, but at different times.

UPDATE: The surgeries were all shown in graphic detail on Dr. Miami’s SnapChat. Kail opted to get a Brazilian Butt Lift and tummy tuck, in addition to lipo, while Brittany added a BBL as well. To see before and after photos of their surgeries, click here!

(Photos: Instagram, MTV)




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  1. For the commenters on here wondering, labiaplasty is when the inner labia are trimmed. It’s not surgery on the actual vagina and isn’t affected by having children in the future

  2. Kail is just a naturally big boned girl, i hope she doesn’t lose too much weight to the point that she looks like a bobble head. Don’t really care about Brittany, but I really liked her and Briana on their 16 and pregnant episode. Briana’s baby daddy is the epitome of a loser, but while she was on Teen Mom 3 she got on my nerves, and when the show was cancelled she was super annoying and was a complete fame whore. I just don’t understand why she’s having her vagina done if she’s probably gonna have more kids in the future. Then again Briana isn’t the brightest crayon in the box.

    1. I’m pretty sure labiaplasty is actually surgery on the flaps, not the tunnel, as it were. It’s probably to fix something she was unhappy with before children, that will not be affected by any future births.

  3. The bigger question here is will Smirnoff Suzi be taking care of the children while Kailyn is laid up in bed, and Javi prepares to deploy?!

  4. Oh Kail – You’re big boned and husky – No amount of lipo is going to make you attractive.

    And I don’t remember teen mom 3 – But briana sounds like she’s incredibly insecure.

    1. It doesn’t help that Kail wears men’s t-shirts with men’s soccer shorts all the time. What is she thinking?!? From the neck down she looks like a husky man!

      1. Way to be total aholes. Kail is pretty, and even if you didn’t think so, why the need to put her down? Jealous that she’s losing weight or something?? PROPS to her if she’s comfy enough to lounge around in big shorts and tshirts! Who doesn’t wanna be comfy? Lipo will help tighten her up if she’s been losing lots of weight, it’s not really effective until after you’ve lost all the weight you want to and have the last 10-15 pounds. Be nicer, people!! Jeeeeeeze.

        1. i think kail’s pretty too. she has chubby cheeks that make her look bigger but her waist is great now, as it was before lincoln. saw on radar that she got a butt lift, and if that really was the before and after pics, props to her! looked like my grandma’s ass before lol. not into all the tattoos but whatever she’s into

  5. These idiots are risking their lives by doing liposuction! That is the number one procedure with the most complications and the end results almost always end up botched. Plus the fat just comes back within a few years since they obviously couldn’t loose it through exercise and diet. Seriously, why would anyone go to a Dr. that Snapchats his procedures and throws BBL parties? These girls have some serious mental issues.

  6. i don’t care who does what with their own money… the only thing that annoys me is that i doubt any of these girls have a college fund set up for their kids or any kind of financial planning for their future. maybe kail does because she seems to be the most responsible.. i really doubt briana even knows what a college fund is.

    1. I think Briana seriously has some kind of developmental problem. The way she thinks, speaks and acts remind me of a 5 year old with learning issues. Maybe she’s just stupid and immature.

    2. they all have trusts set up for the kids but the moms do have access to it. hence, corey saying leah took money out of the girls’ trust. i know jenelle has said jace and kai’s tuition is put up. so mtv did right by the kids, whether or not the parents sabotage it, who knows

      1. What I meant by “worse than Farrah” was that Briana has most likely been with more partners and is probably dirtier than Farrah. Farrah is dirty but I really don’t think she’s been with as many different partners as Briana. If we are talking attitude/personality than Farrah will always hold the number one position!

        1. Could we maybe not connect womens’ cleanliness/value to the number of sexual partners she has or hasn’t had?
          Yes, Briana gives off strong idiot vibe and Farrah is terrible at interacting with other humans but it’s not necessary to tie in how many guys they’ve been with.

          1. Cleanliness/value may very well tie into how many sexual partners a person has both had, and still HAS, for some people. You might not want to connect them, but it is entirely likely that your opinion is in the minority, lol. If you’re going to sleep around with a lot of people, folks are bound to believe you have less value, because they likely believe you don’t value your own self. Promiscuity isn’t exactly something we should be cheering on here. Especially when we’re talking about younger folks. Whether it is men, or women, it’s really not something that should be “valued” or contribute to one’s value, anyway. As for cleanliness, that’s common sense. People that sleep around, don’t value themselves, or their bodies. If her vag is that screwed up, it’s not because of childbirth. It’s because she’s been whoring herself out too long, and doesn’t have the best maintenance track record.

          2. I’m not “cheering on promiscuity” by any means. I’m also not saying that those were good decisions. What I *am* saying is that we shouldn’t treat a woman’s value as a human being as dependent on how many sex partners she has or hasn’t had.
            Yes, people can absolutely turn to sex out of a sense of low self esteem, and that isn’t healthy or safe. People can also turn to food/drugs/alcohol/self-harm/Netflix binge-watching for those reasons. And if that *is* the case, declaring them ‘dirty’ and ‘worthless’ for having low self-worth is profoundly counter-productive.
            In terms of *physical* cleanliness, from an objective point of view someone with multiple partners (again, it’s not anything I’m encouraging, but it *is* a thing some people choose to do) who uses protection and gets regular STI screenings is better off than someone who never has sex but has iffy personal hygiene made worse by frequent non-sexual vaginal infections they don’t get treated.
            Also, your comment about Briana’s vag[ina] (and probably vulva?) is uncalled for and inaccurate. I have no idea what kind of a number childbirth did or didn’t do to her (nor do I want to, short of a cancer-psa sort of thing I find broadcasting things like that to be tacky). However, if the whole “loose through sex” thing was actually thought of as having a physical rather than moral cause there would be far more “hot dog down a hallway” jokes about women celebrating their 50th wedding anniversaries than 20-year-olds who’ve had multiple partners.
            Note: For context, I’m that person who thinks that marijuana should be decriminalized but is uncomfortable getting nitrous for a wisdom tooth extraction. Playing “never have I ever” would guarantee me as DD were I even drinking in the first place. I wish hugs would stop overtaking handshakes because I’d probably rather not be touching whatever enthusiastic acquaintance saw me at the DMV.

          3. So you think someone who sleeps with nasty guys and has been with more guys than they have fingers and toes by the age of 25 is totally clean? Is that what you’re saying? Have you seen the guys she “dates”?

          4. 1.) What do you mean by “clean”? STI-free, no BO, morally upright, what? It’s a word with multiple meanings.
            2.) No, actually, I haven’t. I find The Ashley’s commentary funny so I follow things on here, but I don’t spend my free time scouring the internet for pictures of everyone the cast of Teen Mom 3 has engaged in a casual sexual relationship with. I dunno, maybe that’s weird, but I’ve got other stuff going on.
            3.) STIs are not “things ‘dirty’ people and *only* ‘dirty’ people get, so I’m not sure it would help me any.

          5. Lol, you really don’t understand how I used the word clean? You really think I’m talking BO? I can see how you have better things to do since you’re writing such long responses and thinking way too hard by trying to read into my opinion. You must be offended by my comment because you’ve been with many partners too. I can have my opinion. You can have 50 sexual partners and not get an std but in Briana’s case I believe she doesn’t use or even know how to use protection and the guys she’s been with look like a walking std! Therefore I think she’s dirty.

          6. Nice slut-shaming attempt, but no. You’re looking at a number that’s neither prime nor composite and is its own square root for that. And made it through high school without even kissing anyone, but I don ‘t see how that gives me a greater intrinsic value than the girls who were pregnant at graduation. (Btw, ‘offended’ and ‘disagree with’ are not synonyms. You can read about how it literally drives me crazy on my blog.)
            You can absolutely have whatever opinion of anyone and anything you like. And from what I remember of her 16&P episode, Briana did not have the good sense to figure out a condom and it doesn’t seem like she’s come very far in that department, complete agreement on that. The part I don’t get is if it’s the STIs or the number of sexual partners that make her ‘dirty’ and if this would change if she were dating higher-quality guys. (Between Nova’s dad and whoever the second guy was she *did* seem to have terrible taste in men. Amongst other things, wasn’t she the one who wore sweatpants to court?)

          7. YASSS!! Like, have sex with 10 bajillion people, WHO CARES. Who you have sex with doesn’t define you! Where you have it, how you have it, etc, does not define you! As long as you are happy with yourself, love yourself, SAFE, and a good person, who the heck cares?! Don’t lie, cheat, steal. In these girls’ cases, be a good mom, be a good person, contribute to society. You heart, and soul and spirit cannot become UNCLEAN unless you treat them badly. Having lots of consensual sex is not treating yourself, or anyone else badly. Who cares if you’re promiscuous? Women don’t become superheroes, mother virgins and Susie homemakers when they pop a kid out, nor should they have to. The slut shaming is beyond old.

          8. Atomic City- I completely agree. If you don’t mind sharing, what is the name of your blog? I often find myself liking and agreeing with your comments on here and would love to read it. If you’re not comfortable sharing though, I completely understand!

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