‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Jenelle Evans’ Sister Defends Their Mom Barbara; Kail Lowry’s Son Isaac Gives His Thoughts on Having So Many Siblings & More

“Thanks for stickin’ up for ya motha, Ashleigh!”

From having a sister go off on TikTok to having a baby, it’s been a busy week for the stars/former stars of the Teen Mom franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest 16 and PregnantTeen Mom and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last week or so…

Jenelle Evans’ Sister Ashleigh Wilson Defends Their Mom Barbara Evans

“Well, Juh-nelle I see ya sista’s defendin’ me!”

Jenelle’s sister Ashleigh pops up on social media every so often, and her most-recent appearance was dedicated to calling out Jenelle on TikTok for spreading a “hate campaign” against her, as well as defending their mom, Barbara, against lies that Ashleigh says Jenelle has circulated. 

Ashleigh— who has no relationship with Jenelle but is still close with Babs— also made a point to let ‘Teen Mom’ fans know that– just because Jenelle recently snagged a spot on ‘Next Chapter’ and left her swampy soulmate, David Eason— she’s not exactly living a life that’s all hair feathers and Kesha concerts.

“She’s not doing as well as everyone thinks,” Ashleigh said of her sis, before explaining how she knows this about Jenelle, despite them not being on speaking terms for many years.

“I have other family that talk to her…I will defend myself against the haters to speak poorly of my name and my children and my family,” Ashleigh wrote in the comment section of one of her TikTok posts.

When someone criticized Barbara for not giving Jenelle the chance to parent her son Jace (whom Babs raised for 14 years), Ashleigh  defended Barb, reminding the person that Jenelle was not fit to raise a child.

“Juh-nelle was too busy gettin’ HIGH! HIGH! with The Kieffa and otha looosas to stay home and take care of her kid!”

“My mother did the best she could but when [your sister] has substance abuse issues that’s not a good environment to have her own children. I was there,” Ashleigh wrote in response.

“Yes, the adult and grown-up thing to do in any child’s well-being is to protect them from a parent that is doing drugs and alcohol or is not capable of taking care of a child. That’s common sense,” she added.

Ashleigh– whose son Gabriel appeared on ‘Teen Mom 2’ numerous times over the years— denied that Barb ever had custody of her kid.

“If you’re talking about me pawning my kid off, I always took care of my kids so what?” Ashleigh said. “My mom used to watch them from time to time when I worked or going through divorce.”

“I have so[ul] legal custody of my son Gabriel my eldest son,” she told someone else. “My mother has never raised him and I have a very good relationship with my mother.

Jenelle has yet to comment on her sister’s recent TikTok tirade. 

‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Alex Sekella Welcomes Her Third Child

From ‘Teen Mom 3’ to a party of 5!

Former ‘Teen Mom 3’ star Alex Sekella is now a mom of three. 

The 30-year-old welcomed her third child on July 1– a son named Stephen. Baby Stephen is Alex’s second child with her husband Tim Peters. 

Baby Stephen was born a month earlier than he was due to arrive; however, the news of his birth came as a surprise to fans for another reason, as Alex had not previously revealed that she was expecting baby No. 3. 

On Wednesday, she shared two photos of her new addition on Instagram.

“We would like to Welcome Stephen James Peters,” she wrote. “He decided he couldn’t wait to meet his family and joined up 30 days early. Everyone is happy, healthy and thriving.” 

Alex– who appeared on ‘Teen Mom 3’ with current ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ stars Briana DeJesus and Mackenzie McKee– is also a mom to two daughters, one-year-old Althea and 12-year-old Arabella. (Arabella’s biological father is Matt McCann, who appeared alongside Alex on “16 and Pregnant” and ‘Teen Mom 3.’)

While Alex’s husband, Tim, is not the biological father of Arabella, he legally adopted Arabella in January 2022, nearly two years after he and Alex got married. 

“It has been a VERY VERY LONG process but we can finally say Arabella is a PETERS!” Alex shared after the adoption was official. 

In a series of comments written on Instagram in 2022, Alex explained what happened to Arabella’s bio dad, Matt.

“Arabella has not seen Matt in over 8 years and she was adopted by my husband Tim,” Alex wrote at the time, telling another person who asked about Matt, “From what I know Matt made his decision and is working to do better for his son [with his ex-wife] since. Unfortunately Arabella has reached a time in her life where she decided who she wanted her father to be and we went forward with the adoption.”

Kail Lowry’s Teen Son Isaac Reveals His True Feelings About Kail’s Boyfriend Elijah Scott, Having So Many Siblings & Other Topics

“We may need a longer stoop if this family grows any larger, but it’s cool!”

Isaac Rivera is the oldest of Kail’s clan of kids and, recently, the 14-year-old has become active on Instagram. This week, he did a Q&A with fans (who have watched him grow up on ‘Teen Mom 2’), in which he revealed how he feels about Kail’s latest live-in love, Elijah Scott, as well as what it’s like having so many siblings. (As ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, Kail is the mother of seven kids, while Isaac’s dad, Jo Rivera, has a daughter with his wife Vee Torres.) 

When Isaac was asked if he likes Elijah (who is the father of Kail’s youngest three kids), Isaac had a surprising answer.

“I love him as my own dad,” he wrote.

“Chris Lopez could never!”

Isaac also had a lot of love for Vee, whom he stated he has a good relationship with.

“Couldn’t imagine my dad’s household without her!” Isaac added.

As for how it feels to be the oldest of Kail’s clown car ‘o’ kids, Isaac stated he enjoys having so many brothers and sisters.

“It’s chaotic but I couldn’t imagine life without siblings,” he wrote. “I love them so much.” 

Isaac went on to rave about his mother.

Me, just realizing how much Isaac resembles Kail…

“She’s very supportive and caring, and although she has lots on her plate she always makes time for her kids,” Isaac wrote of Kail. 

To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

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12 Responses

  1. I don’t understand the Kail hate. She is one of the few moms who took the opportunity of the show and leveraged it to other things.
    She had a bad upbringing with no role models. She could have very easily turned out like her parents, but she looks like an involved caring mom who has made a nice life for her family. Also, you can’t preach my body my choice then shame a woman for choosing to have 7 children, especially if she is responsible for them and takes care of them.

  2. I don’t think Isaac is being truthful here either. He literally told his mother to wear a condom to stop popping all those kids out and that was before she had those 3 with Elijah! I am sure he loves them though, what can he do, they are his (half-)siblings, they are brothers, of course he loves his brothers and sister! Doesn’t mean he can’t secretly resent her for having so many with so many different baby daddies!

    1. He was a hormonal pre-teen under pressure from having to hide the secret of his mothers pregnancy for a long time with a guy who was new to the picture after he had to endure Chris and had his heart broken from Javi …. Let’s use our best logic here, and take his answer that was clearly out of frustration with a grain of salt…. The dust has settled and you can tell in his face he is feeling better mentally. I believe what Issac said now, it adds up and it has given Kaila new guy time to prove himself…. Bigger picture here

  3. Idk.
    I think Isaac tolerates his mother’s choices bc she clothes and feeds him.

    However, if he did want to live at Jo’s full time, and avoid his mother’s choices, I think legally he would be allowed to make that decision himself, yes?

    Then again, I’m sure she runs a hell of a guilt trip when she thinks she’s losing any ounce of control.

    1. Yes Isaac is old enough to decide who he’s living with, but idk if he would make that choice because his mom has done some voodoo thing on his head.

  4. Isaac has been recently coached to say these things anytime he gets interviewed now, in an attempt to “preserve his mom’s image”. If you ever look at any of the other videos, past and present, he has always maintained almost the exact opposite opinions. Although he is, as we all are, free to change his mind at any given point, this is something he’s never waivered from. He has always told it like it is when it comes to his mom and her decisions. Him saying she has too many kids, needs to cool her jets with the men, needs to stop with her erratic behavior(s), doesn’t have enough time for all of them (and yes, he has said that and more, because he’s not an idiot) doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his mom, lmao. Of course he loves her and his siblings.

    It’s absolutely obvious he loves the people in his life, he always has. He has always loved any man his mom brought home as if they were his own dad. At least, he treats them that way, despite knowing only Jo is his dad. He treats them all with the utmost respect, and the same goes for any women the men in his life have brought in as well. That’s just the kind of person he is, unlike his mother, he has respect for other people.

    1. I find it odd that everyone talks about how well mannered and behaved Isaac is, but they think kail is some monster who had no hand in that.
      There’s a saying that goes-if you really want to know who people are. Talk to their kids.

      Just look at the mess barb and Deb created.

  5. It don’t sound like something a teen would say but Issac and really all kails kids look happy and well cared for. I think he doesn’t like all the commotion but loves his siblings,. At least now that they are here. I think she kept having all those kids because she never had a family. As long as she takes care of them more power to her.But I do hope this is it .

  6. Isaac’s comments do not sound like they came from the mouth of a 14 year old. I’m not saying Isaac doesn’t love all those he shares roofs with, or the men and women Kail brings in and out of their lives, but the syntax is more sophisticated than the average 14 year old. If she runs his account, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn she’s using it as another account to “advance her brand.” Isaac Is growing up to be a good looking young man. As the oldest, and as the son of a teen mother, he is, or seems to be, a mature and responsible young man. This kid may go far and be very successful. Still, I don’t think he is 100% responsible for the words and phrases in his responses in this Q&A

  7. Um co sideri g there have been many posts about Issac telling his mom to quit popping out so many kids there’s no way this info is truthful. I mean he HAS his dad why on earth would he even say he loves the new baby daddy as if he was his own dad.

    Come off your high horse Kail and quit trying to force your kids to love whoever you choose to whirlwind into their lives for publicity and cash. It has also been reported that they’re rarely ever all together at the same time too.

    Then Jenelles sister why even bother saying anything. No matter what you do or say wont change what people want to say or think. Pretty sure it was reported back in the earlier eps that mom did have her son too. Or she just kept him there to get some scene time for some quick cash for her own pockets too. Sheesh.

  8. I don’t think it’s a good idea for a teen to have social media, even though Kails running the account.

    Isaac would give some honest tea.

  9. Someone take the Kool-Aid away from Isaac!!

    Yeah, those answers were totally from the heart and not double checked by Kail. Sure thing.

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