Weekend Link-a-Polooza! Other Reality TV News From Around the Web

“Ain’t no MTV gonna be callin’ you to be on no ’16 and Pregnant!'”

The Ashley does her best to bring you all the latest news on reality TV shows and their stars. The Roundup can’t cover every reality TV show and event, though, so here’s a listing of some reality TV stories that haven’t been covered by The Ashley this weekend!

(Grand)Mama June’s Plan! People: Mama June Shannon Says She Wants Kaitlyn– the Granddaughter She’s Raising— to Break the Family’s Teen Mom Curse 

Yikes! Starcasm: “90 Day Fiance” Star Jasmine Pineda Hints In Clip From Upcoming Podcast Interview That Husband Gino Palazzolo May Have “Ruined Her Life”  

Kate Has Entered the Chat! Monsters & Critics: Kate Chastain Inserts Herself Into Lindsay Hubbard/Dorinda Medley Pregnancy News Leak Drama

‘Pick’ing Out the Fake Stuff! The Sun: ‘American Pickers’ Behind-the-Scenes Fakery Exposed 

Sad News. TMZ: ‘The Great British Baking Show’ Contestant Dawn Hollyoak Dead at Age 61

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31 Responses

  1. @hannah ~ you seem…upset. and VERY overly invested in defending that lowlife, uneducated trash 🗑️ heap ‘mama’ june. 🙄🥴
    maybe it’s time for you to log off and step outside. 🤷🏼‍♀️
    byeeeee!! 👋🏻👋🏻

    1. Maybe it’s time for the people in this world to have some fuckin compassion?

      Yall are the real reason this world SUCKS!!!

  2. Anyone who speaks ill of HUMAN BEING who made mistakes but didn’t physically hurt anyone (like Josh Duggar did) better watch out because karma is a bitch and yall deserve every ounce of the payback yall will get

    1. Funny you mention Josh since June did not care that her boyfriend molested Anna as a child. There is no doubt that this woman is abusive and neglectful mother. She shouldn’t have custody of a pet rock.

      1. @streets ~ my thoughts exactly. ‘mama’ june had ZERO issue with exposing her kids to a ped0.
        not to mention the emotional trauma her kids surely endured growing up in such a chaotic, trashy 🗑️, unsettled environment.

          1. Then who the fuck did Streets…its obviously Kaitlyn’s didn’t.

            That’s SOB hasn’t been in the picture since day fucking 1.

          2. Obviously Anna wanted June to have her or she wouldn’t fucking have her!!!!

            Oh and Anna fucking lived with June at the end of her life (despite the fact thst she was fucking married)

          3. Are you ok? You seem very not ok.

            June has not been granted custody. She de facto has Kaitlyn. She and Kaitlyn’s dad are battling for custody of her. This is public information.

          4. Yeah I’m fine…but you’re fucking stupid!!

            Kaitlyn’s dad was 20+ years old at the time he impregnated Anna so there’s no fucking way he’d fight for custody because he was threatened at the time of pregnancy with charges of Statutory Rape because Anna was 16 when she got pregnant (17 when she gave birth). And therefore has never been in his kid’s life!!

            None of this custody fight shit is true…you are talking out of your ass. Because if it were true, the storyline would be flying around all over the fuckin place.

            So shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down…you lying ass SOB

          5. LOL you are unhinged. The Ashley has literally posted about the custody battle. This is public knowledge. Kylee’s dad is fighting for custody of Kaitlyn since he raised her, financially supported her, and she calls him dad.

          6. Well, Kylee’s dad has no legal ground to stand on so fuck that lying cheating SOB (Michael cheated on Anna with 3 women and got 1 of them pregnant…thats why they divorced)…you said “Kaitlyn’s dad was fighting for custody” which is bullshit

          7. And FYI Streets, being in someone’s life for 5 years doesn’t constitute raising them…raising includes carrying the kid for 9 months, feeding him or her, cleaning up after him or her, doing his or her laundry, helping with his or her homework…those types of things.

            And of course she called him Dad, who the fuck else was she gonna call that. She didn’t have any other men in her life.

  3. Something isn’t sitting right with me about the husband wanting to be so involved or in charge. I feel like the appropriate response to Kaitlyn living with them is to first discuss it with June as she has custody, then be a team. Def shouldn’t be going against eachother. Hopefully nothing weird happens.

    1. I’m torn on this one. I can definitely see your point, but I also feel like Justin has been half-decent from what we’ve seen of him during his time on TV (which we all know can be a front, so I’ll take it with a grain of salt). June has consistently treated him like garbage and her way is the only way, so I feel like maybe he’s seeing her do that with Kaitlyn as well (probably in every aspect of her life, not just this clothing/bedtime/ice cream incidents) and he’s sympathetic because he’s been on the receiving end of June’s attitude for years. He seems to have more of a moral compass since getting clean than any of June’s previous soulmates and he’s built close relationships with her family because he does acknowledge June’s wrong-doings, sonhe may genuinely want Kaitlyn to be cut a little slack after having her entire life turned upside-down.

      June steadily telling Kaitlyn that Justin’s opinions don’t matter while also expecting Justin to take on a parental role and responsibilities is really unfair to him. I don’t think he has kids of his own (I may be wrong) so I can see why he’d be upset at the prospect of having to help raise a child but also having no say-so on any parenting decisions. Adults would talk this stuff out in private and come to a decision together, but we all know that’s not an option when dealing with June.

      Lord willing, Michael gets custody of Kaitlyn.

      **Disclaimer: I haven’t watched the new episodes yet, so there may be information I’m missing that would change my opinion.**

      1. I’m not the only person who thinks June deserves a second chance…apparently Anna did as well or she wouldn’t have moved into her house or given custody of Kaitlyn to June

        1. You mean when she had already begun to lose her ability to think clearly? For most of Kaitlyn’s life, she was kept away from June for good reason.

          1. How the fuck do you know when she made the custody decision?

            For all we know she could have made it prior to the cancer.

            Loving parents make arrangements in the event something happens (a car crash, a sudden heart attack, a stroke, etc)

            She had obviously forgiven her mom…so grow a pair and do the fucking same

            Not just you Streets, every goddamn person who speaks ill of June.

            If you or any other POS can’t say anything nice then keep your goddamn mouths shut!!!

          2. She never actually gave June custody so WTF are you talking about?

    1. You mean a ew chance to make money? A new chance to screw up another person? A new chance to make everything all about her? A new chance to take full advantage of another child? A new chance to introduce shady af people to a child? A new chance to expose another child to the most unstable household possible? If she hadn’t royally screwed up every single opportunity she has ever had to be a better person, much less parent, and grandparent, we wouldn’t even be discussing this. But, she did and continues to do it every day, so, here we are. She had all the chances in the world to be a half decent person.

      Good lord, how can anyone actually be this dense? How can anyone wish that kind of hell on a child by praising the monster who couldn’t even be a somewhat okay (admittedly, that bar is the lowest of low, it’s below ground) parent for any of her own children?

      1. No, I fuckin mean a second chance at parenting…she fucked up with her 3, now she’s getting a do over.

        Look at Jenelle’s mom Barb and Jenelle’s son Jace…Barb fucked up with her kids but practically raised Jave and look how wonderful he turned out!!!

        1. I absolutely agree with you. Everyone loves barb and gives her a pass. She screams and says horrible things. Her 3 kids are a mess and now Jace is too.

          1. No, Jace isn’t a mess…he was doing wonderful until he had to be around David aka Lurch

        2. Do you know how uneducated you sound with fuck being in every other sentence? You know who also talks like that? Mama June and company. It’s common knowledge that these d-list reality stars lurk here. So are you June, Pumpkin, or just another white trash hillbilly that give all us southerners a bad name?

          1. 🖕

            A country person is better than a stupid city slicker who has their head so far up their butt they can’t see straight

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