Joe Teti & Matt Graham Finally Speak Out About Being Replaced on ‘Dual Survival’

"It's OK, guys!"
“It’s OK, guys!”

The new season of Dual Survival premiered earlier this week and, as The Ashley previously told you, the show featured two new hosts– wilderness survivalist Bill McConnell and former Green Beret Grady Powell. The new hosts were ushered onto the show without much fanfare from the Discovery Channel, and the network caught some flak from the show’s fans for getting rid of former hosts Joe Teti and Matt Graham. (Their alleged firing is just the latest in a string of cast changes over the past few years.)

The network simply wrote off the cast changes as a way to get “new perspectives” onto the show. While Joe and Matt had previously been silent regarding why they are no longer on the show, the guys have finally spoken out on the topic via social media.

While Matt simply tweeted to thank fans for their support and to let them know that they will be seeing him soon a new show, Joe took to his Facebook page earlier today to address the issue in more detail. 

“Guys, its no secret, Matt and I are no longer on the show,” Joe wrote. “It’s TV…people come and go. Here today gone tomorrow. I had a great run, great time, and have great memories. I shot more episodes than anyone that has been on ‘Dual’. That’s a homerun in my book.”

He asked that fans support Grady and Bill and continue to watch the show.

“Give these new guys a chance,” Joe wrote. “It is a VERY demanding show to make. Besides the nerves of being in front of a camera, bouncing from one corner of the planet to the next, from heat to cold to dry to wet, having to perform at a high level, wet, tired, hungry, sick, bad headaches, nausea, diarrhea, etc…etc….etc……makes it even more challenging.”

Judging from social media comments, ‘Dual Survival’ fans seemed underwhelmed by the premiere episode featuring Grady and Bill. Joe, however, seemed confident that the season will improve.

“They will find their groove and do fine. Trust me,” he wrote. “My first episode with Cody [Lundin] was a disaster. I think they only showed it a few times in reruns. If you need a good laugh…watch it. I was blessed to have learned from 2 of the best survival guys that walk this planet, Cody and Matt. These guys have forgotten more about survival than I will ever know. It took my personal skill sets on survival to a level I thought I would never have. I still like to have a lighter on me though!

"Not gonna lie-- I'm kinda happy I won't be getting chased by baboons anymore..."
“Not gonna lie– I’m kinda happy I won’t be getting chased by baboons anymore…”

“Support these new studs like you supported me. I’m sure they will do a great job and show us some new tricks.”

Joe indicated that he, like Matt, is moving on to other projects, although he didn’t specify if any of those projects will be on TV.

“Moving on to bigger and better things,” he wrote. “There are WAY WAY more important things going one right now than a TV show. Don’t you agree?”

In a comment, Joe addressed the people who say they will no longer watch ‘Dual Survival’ because he is not on it anymore.

“Thanks guys for the kind words,” he wrote. “Remember, contrary to popular belief and what a few others think…I was not brought into the show as a “survival expert” as I am not one, nor have I ever stated that….ever. I am a former spec ops guy with a unique background and unique views about survival. Trust me if there were 2 Joe Teti’s on that show it would be awful. The magic is between 2 guys with different views and how do you manage that in a survival situation. Plain and simple.”

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  3. In hindsight, I think there were multiple problems with the show, inconsistencies obvious to anyody with two brain cells to rub together:

    1. Dscovery Channel made Dave, Cody, Joe and Matt do ridiculous things for ratings. Things that few sensible survival enthusiasts would attempt. Things like trying to steal honey from bees, usings smoke to stun them temporarily, which got Dave stung abot a dozen times; or gashing open his forearm and then cautering the wound with gun powder and then usig insectjawsto keep the wound close, likeprimitive stitches; slding down a slick fallen cedar log, when most of us would instead find a more mellow way down. Or in NewZeland rapelling off of an ice cliff without a modern anchor, then later rapelling down a frozen waterfall. Total bullshit;

    2. The whole clashing survival philosophies of the hosts seemed like manufactured outrage, unnecessary drama from the get-go. What would you expect from dramatists, reality? Just cheap, phoney drama foisted upon the hosts and their viewers, by Discovery Channel;

    3. I still believe it would have been better had Discovery Channel not over-reacted to Dave Canterbury’s resume’s white lie about how he was eventually billed during season one as an “SRT sniper”. Hey, Dave completed the SRT course, right? In my opinion, that qualifies him to use that title. It became a combination of one D. C. embellishing his resume and having to apologize for it publicly and another D. C. (the oe who createdd the show) failing to fully vet the claims on their host’s resume. Not even re-branding Dave less threateningly as a “Woodsman” and former military member in season two could save Dave’sjob. Ithink Discovery Channel over-reacted to a few whiny vets’ who’d actually killed people for the United States Government thatcomplained about Dave’s never having actually filled people full of hot lead in service to the nation. Enter actual Spec ops guy Joe Teti, to replace Dave. And so began the hosting musical chairs at Dual Survival. So is viewers responded by watching something else. They liked Dave and Cody and didn’t like wilderness space cadet Matt Chapman as much as human survival encyclopedia Cody Lundin. They especially didn’t like the new, loud, brash non-survival expert Joe Teti replacing Dave Canterbury, whowent on tob a YouTube susrvival and bushcraft icon. Now they’ve come up with two new stiffs to say their lines as they hit their marks, presuably to be chewed and spit out in a couple of years like Dave, Cody, Matt and Teti were.

    4. Unlike Les Stroud’s much more realistic and believable SURVIVORMAN, Disccovey Channel’s various attempts at making survival programming sexier and more accessible to a greater audience failed miserably. This despite noticably superior production values as HD filming became the norm after the turn of the 21st century;

    5. From the start, Dual Survival lacked the credibility that Les Stroud’show enjoyed with its viewers.The DS viewer immediately becomes aware that a camera operator,sound man/woman anda safety/medical crew are always behind the camera. Only a two-digit-IQ moron would think otherwise, which ‘broke the credibility spell” within few minutes of each show’s beginning. The only two things that made it entertaining were the quality visuals of various environents and watching Dave and Cody execute a plethora of survival skils on command. Key skills like firecraft, various forms ofshelter construction, how to create potable water, foraging/trapping/hunting for food sources, signaling for rescue, wilderness navigation and compass use, etc.

    Bottom line? Dual Survival was entertaining at times, especially the wintery Nova Scotia ship wreck scenario and the lympic Nat’l Park-located rain forest episode. Bu as usual the bosses at Discovery Channel f#@ked it up, by turning it into a wilderness soap opera and unnecessary stunt show. One that failed to hold its audience after Dave an Cody were replaced after two/three seasons.

    To Dave and Cody: congratulations for getting that work done safely; for teaching us some great lessons along the way whenever possible and for grabbinga as many $$$ as possible from Discovery Channel in the process! Despite the network risking their lives by compelling them do foolish and unnecessary stunts, making them look ridiculous by perpetuaing a silly fued over differing survival styles and especillay all that unnecessary bullshit and drama.

  4. I love love love the Dual Survival show. Please please please make MORE of them!!!!! An addicted fan of the show.

  5. From what I read, Teti was drummed out of the Special Forces elite group and supposedly othger lies were told by him about his background. I see several questions asking if he ever served in Combat and not one question was answered so that pretty much tells me what i want to know. He is a phony and a BS artist. I can’t watch the show anymore because the other guy apparently lied about his military backgrouns too and Cody was I guy I would not want to be stuck working with. I think if he had to swim, he would sink like a rock. I saw a few times where he looked afraid of being in deep water. And his shorts and bare feet, no matter the wether conditions, totally turned me off to respecting him as a pro. I think he was a fool. I wish Teti did leave him on a mountain top someplace. Matt Graham, I liked a lot. He was real at what he did from my observations of him. He’s the only one I would have liked to meet and get to know.

  6. I just can’t watch it without Joe and Matt. Matt especially blue my mind. His primitive skills were
    mind boggling. There s no one like him. If I were in a desperate survival situation I would follow Matt.
    Joe was great, but the soul of the show rests with Matt. Bring him back!!!!!

  7. I am soooooooooo glad Teti is gone. It was painful watching the show ever since he came on. However, I miss Matt Graham terribly. He was the most skilled, kind, calm guy. Cody is also missed. The show is not the same without Matt.

  8. Best thing that ever happened to the show was removal of joe. He is a sociopath and a liar. Dave like everyone embellished a bit and owned it afterwards than the discovery channel puts in this moron Joe who has consistent history of being a liability thief and lawyer all exposed by the s.f community. I want the show back with Dave and Cody. I’m a proud American and believe in the constitution but I was very happy to know this dangerous person lost his 2nd amendment lol. Best blow that could ever have been done to that sociopath

    1. I will only watch RERUNS of Joe and Matt. I adored their comroderie. It was informative and funny. I pray my Joe did Not kill a dog. If it is confirmed….my opinion will change about my Joe. But….what about Matt??? He was on the show “dude you’re Screwed” loved him there also. By the way DISCOVERY…what happened to that show. LOVED IT too!!!

  9. Hi there Ashley!
    I heard something about Joe killing a dog on set because the dog grabbed a cat or kitten and was trying to eat it.
    And Joe, somehow killed the dog and a lot of people were offended by that.
    Is there any truth to that? And If so,
    Please, let us know.

  10. Always enjoyed Matt immensely and thought he was such a likeable personality, but always thought Joe was a little too hard headed and obnoxious, never giving an inch. Would love to see Matt back on another show. Have never seen the new duo!

  11. Hi Joe, my name is LLama.I an from Plaquemine, La. You guys are awesome. You came to my part of the swampland located in Bayou Sorrel, La. Loved it, and you know why . I was raised hunting and fishing and you guys are amazing. Would love to meet you , you guys appreciate the beauty and have 5he knowledge of doing your job so well. You are the big dogs keep the gift that is within you . Wish the very best to the both of you. Will be hard to replace !

  12. Dual survival sucks now! It sucks ass. Has ever since you got Matt and Joe Teri off it. All 4 new guys suck ass. Might as well take the show off the air. I can’t wait to record old ones on my DVR, and only thing better is deleting the new ones!! They suck so very bad!!! Just keep it up, I will delete the entire channel.

  13. “Why does he wear hats that make him look like a pinhead?

    – It’s not a hat, it’s actually a condom. Joe Teti is a dickhead.”


  14. Stop bashing him between every other comment he makes. It makes you look bad. Looks like the bad taste was left to be discovered in discovery’s mouth.

  15. Matt and Joe are levels above the others. The new guys are beyond boring. You have a all-star match with Joe and Matt. They complement each other perfectly. All the other matches have been horrible to watch.
    Cody is just the wife crybaby who moves like a snail. Both Dave and Joe had to litterally carry Cody. Like he was the woman who the man had to take care of. And he always had those passive agressive snide smart a$$ remarks. He should have got his butt kicked. Bring back Joe and Matt.

  16. Matt and Joe made a show everyone enjoyed watching. Chemistry was great. You knew between them both they could cover any circumstance they were put into. Most important, niether one held the other down. Unlike Cody who was more like a barefoot and pregnant housewife. And Bill was just a crybaby. Dave was also good. Dual Survival is going to drop out. Soon you’ll have Cody and Bill. Call it Dual Babies.

  17. I really really wish the show was still on. In my book Teti and Graham cannot be replaced. They had great survival skills and I would like to believe that they are friends. At least that’s what I’ll keep telling myself. So wishing you both a great future in whatever they approach.

  18. What a guy Matt made the show for me I did not care for the know it all joe he was always bashing Mat and so Mat is the Man

  19. Im watching new guys now … Its not the same … U get to know people that come into your house every week and i just really liked the other guys ..

  20. Sorry to see Joe and Matt gone. I hope to see them both on TV again. Grady Powell is a handsome devil

  21. MATT GRAHAM was the most charismatic and sensual man in that show. quite simply. to use a more contemporary vernacular…. WHAT A HUNK!!!!!..
    these new guys [ the replacements] are barely “ok” its just they have NO personality or sex appeal at all..
    therefore making it pretty dull show,..
    Im sure they are qualified in their field…. and probably nice guys…. but have ABSOLUTELY zilch in stage presence…
    Want a better rating??
    BRING BACK MATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

  22. Bill is the most awful person that has been on dual since the terrible Cody. If you keep bill this show will not last for another season run. I still would love Matt and joe to come back!

  23. My favorite episodes were with Joe and Matt. They had a great relationship of respect and affection. You should never have let them go!

  24. Joe…you & Matt were the show!
    I, nor anyone I am affiliated with has watched it since you guys left. It couldn’t be the same….ever! God Bless….you didn’t need them – they needed you! I wish you both the greatest luck in your future… You are true survivors. Many blessings coming your way

  25. Have watched the show since its inception. I watch to learn from these guys and to be entertained as well. I felt Joe and Matt were the most entertaining and educating. Dave Canteberry was great, I was never impressed with Cody’s personality and idealism about being barefoot. However I respected his knowledge and learned a lot from him. Sure would like to see Joe and Matt paired up again even if in a new show… It will never make since to me why Joe and Matt were pulled. Seems to me there was incredible miss judgment there and that needs to be looked at hard by the network!

  26. Just when you thought you knew all there was to know about Joe Teti? He took his cap off and I really felt I did not know this person at all? After the new evolution of hosts you can really see the epoisodes dangers get higher and more exiting and i think the old hosts could not hack the reality of the new scenarios. They are simply yesterdays heros.

  27. I don’t dislike anyone on the show really. Everyone brings their own bit to the show and that’s what makes it great. My favorite all time Dual guy was Dave, and it’s a pity he can’t come back. I never believed in the lying controversy, even if it were true, so what, he had some great survival info.

  28. Joe T suffered the same attitude problem Cody had after Dual brought in Teti. Cody was the old dog and he tried to be in charge and instead he just looked like a big cry baby. On the other hand Teti suffered a similar attitude problem with Matt . Joe T always seemed to have the need to be macho towards Matt ; which made the show hard to watch.

    However Matt’s personality prevailed and eventually Joe T lightened up and the two soon became fun to watch.

    If dual was smart they would keep all 4 and switch the 2 pairs out to show viewers an even better contrast of surviving which after all is the whole premise of Dual Survival.

  29. I could really care less about how accurate their bios are. It’s an entertaining show and I don’t really think any reality shows are all that real. I thought that Matt and Joe were funny and worked well together. I like Cody too hopefully all these guys show up on other shows. I just discovered the show fairly recently and haven’t seen many shows with Dave but he was cool too. I’m going to watch the new guys and if it’s entertaining I will keep on watching.
    I just think folks take these shows too seriously, it’s supposed to be fun.

  30. I don’t like the two new guys that are currently on duel survival. I think that it was a huge mistake on discovery channel’s part to replace Joe and matt. I felt the same way when they got rid of Cody, but really warmed up to matt, mainly because I remembered him from dude you’re screwed, which is a show that I really wish that discovery channel would bring back. If they didn’t want to bring Joe back I’m sure that they could have found someone to team up with matt. They were so stupid to replace both of them. I probably never watch the show again, and I hope that the ratings drop so low that discovery channel realizes their mistake in doing what they did.

    1. Yes they lost me . Don’t know where they dug up this guy Bill, but they should put him back in his hole and bury him. Talk about having issues the dude cries when he built a fire. Grady is Ok, I think we are going to see them disagreeing on a lot of things. Huge mistake replacing Joe and Matt. I liked Dave and Cody too. Dave is on Dirty Rotten Survival, He is one clever dude his skill set is remarkable to say the least.

      1. You lack the capacity to even comment? Humility and compassion. Bill has them in spades? Grady does not offer much in these shows at all? pre-trained spit em out army fodder, no different to all the previous military hosts? true or not? open your heart and give bill a go? rambo is so not how to survive. PS he also talks to trees? wow. My hero?

  31. Wonder how much Discovery paid jojo to type that ego-deflating drivel on his fan page….cuz teti is still brandishing their name on his page, thick as thieves they are with all of their LIES and COVER-UPS.

    And Discovery and teti are still lying to the DS fans. They believe the fans are gullible and will believe their ‘new generation’ BS. Yeah, ok. Teti got Fired and Discovery keeps lying cuz they are in big legal trouble for those lies.


    Media still can’t get a straight answer from Discovery…

    Here is the 411 on teti:

    *teti killed two dogs on set…NO CAT INVOLVED.

    *teti threatened the crew and their families if they spoke on what he had done to the dogs.

    *Discovery had NOT Canceled Dual Survival before teti killed the dogs. Discovery had ordered 38 NEW episodes of DS that had been rated in the top 20 shows on TV.

    *Discovery did issue a warning and instructions to their North Carolina Properties that if teti showed up to not allow him entrance and to call Law Enforcement. NOW, would Discovery go to such lengths if they did not FEAR Joseph Teti?

    *Bottom Line: Discovery’s LIES to their fans and to the world are as big and damaging as Joe’s LIES.

      1. I wouldn’t engage the nut that is Monique Marie… Google her name, she’s on a personal vendetta against this guy and has been for seemingly years. If you find a page ANYWHERE on the internet that mentions Teti, she’ll be spouting her drivel. My recommendation is to move on and don’t talk to her… it only fuels the fire of her insanity and lack of any sort of life.

      2. FYI, I was involved int the SLAPP lawsuit that teti filed against the ONLY men who could PROVE his LIES are actually LIES. I have been privy to all of the info that has been subpoenaed on the LYING FRAUD. Maybe teti should have thought twice about suing the ENTIRE Special Forces Association (over 3000 Honorable & Retired SF Men) along with Captain Mykel Hawke, who is also an Honorable, Retired Green Beret Officer. Yeah, it kinda sux when you are so stupid that you sue the men who ran the schools you said you attended and never did or the men who served in the same Units as you and know EXACTLY what kind of Lying dumbass you are. But hey, that is how stupid teti is along with an attorney who took him on without ever filing for the REAL SCHOOL RECORDS.
        Now those records show that teti boy FORGED TWO, not ONE, but TWO Combat Dive Diplomas when the MILITARY School records show teti FAILED. Yeah, teti is in one heck of a pile of doo doo.

        I could care less who says what about me. I fight for the TRUTH to be known. The TRUTH that the Special Forces Association and Captain Mykel Hawke are fighting for in the SLAPP LAWSUIT. Those who want to believe a LIAR & FRAUD over the TRUE SF HEROES can do so and look like the blind sheep they are once all of this is made public.

          1. A SLAPP suite can only be filed after you sued someone and it was dismissed with prejudice as a legal action intended to harass, defame, or otherwise attack someone.
            By admitting you were hit with a SLAPP you are admitting that the court system found that your claims were knowingly false.

            Thanks for letting us no that you are full of BS.

    1. Who are you???? You say some harsh stuff, are you angry at Joe on a personal level? The show was great with him on it and based on all the supposed lies you believe, I’m sure you NEVER watched the show right?

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