Cody Lundin Sues Discovery Channel: Says His Former ‘Dual Survival’ Co-Host Joe Teti Threatened to Kill Him

"I'll get you...and your little bare feet too!"
“I’ll get you…and your little bare feet too!”

Former Dual Survival host Cody Lundin says that it wasn’t just extreme weather and dangerous animals that were threatening his life during the time he was filming the reality survival show– his former co-host, Joe Teti, was also allegedly making threats to kill him!

Cody, who starred with Joe for two seasons back in 2013 and 2014, was fired from ‘Dual Survival’ in the middle of Season 4, has filed a lawsuit against Discovery Communications. According to TMZ, Cody claims that while shooting in Norway for what would be the pair’s final episode together, Joe threatened to “bury” him on a mountain, all while waving around an ice axe.

Cody also states that Joe threatened him with a spear while they were shooting in Hawaii. (That episode aired in January 2013.)

In addition, Cody claims that Joe once told him, “You better not blow this for me … I think you know what is going to happen to you,” while showing Cody photos of people he had allegedly killed during the time he worked for the CIA.

The lawsuit also states that the producers had edited the final episodes to make it appear that Cody was having some sort of breakdown, when really Cody says the producers set him up.

This is not the first time Cody has expressed that he feels those final episodes were unfairly edited to portray him as unstable. In fact, Cody has been threatening to take legal action against Discovery and the show’s producers for years over the episodes.

As The Ashley previously reported, Cody felt that the episodes involving his firing were defaming to his character and professional reputation as a survivalist.

TMZ reached out to Joe, who denied that he ever threatened Cody.

“I always had the utmost respect for him, considered him a friend, and am hurt these accusations have been made,” Joe said.

Cody has been uncharacteristically silent on his official Facebook page, which he frequently uses to share his thoughts about the show and his former co-stars. In March, he wrote a Facebook post in which he promised to expose the network’s alleged “behind the scenes cover ups.”

The Ashley will update this when more information about the lawsuit is released!

Watch a clip from the infamous Norway episode below:

(Photo: Discovery)

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