‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 7 Episode 9 Recap: Calling the Cops & the Great Icing Caper

Nope...it's ding-dang perfect!
Nope…it’s ding-dang perfect!

Well Juh-nelle, I see ya finally decided to show up on our TVs after takin’ a week off to be with ya boooooooyfriend!

After a week-long hiatus, Teen Mom 2 finally came back, and MTV sure saved up a lot of stuff to pack into this hour-long crapfest. We’ve got Babs-filled brawls, screaming kids and a whole lot of inappropriate food choices to cover, so let’s get started before The Ashley ends up passed out on her couch from all the stress (a la Leah).

The episode begins with Chelsea, who has her man Cole building her a shoe rack out of wood. Chelsea wants to help cut some wood and Cole agrees to let her if she wears safety goggles.

“First things first though, protection!” he says.

That seriously may be the only time in history that any man uttered those words on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

"Believe me, I know how to handle wood."
“Believe me, I know how to handle wood.”

Chelsea pulverizes the wood (huhuhuhuh) and then tells Cole that Aubree has mentioned that she can’t see very well in school. Chelsea’s worried that Aubree may need glasses.

Those things are hypnotizing!
Those things are hypnotizing!

After that dose of normalcy, we skip on over to North Carolina, where our favorite trainwreck Jenelle is enjoying an MTV-comped meal with her soulmate Keiffer Gary Courtland Nathan Lurch. Jenelle’s pupils seem to be popping out of their sockets during this scene but it’s probably just the way she put on her eyeliner that morning. Yeah…that’s it…

Jenelle tells Lurch that she wants to pick up Jace from Babs, but Babs is hoping to just drop the kid off at Jenelle’s Chaos Castle the next day, since she’ll be in town. Of course, that idea is just ridiculous to Jenelle and Lurch. Jenelle is really upset about losing a whole day with her beloved son.

Um….speaking of sons….where the hell is Kaiser? Does anyone else see the irony in the fact that Jenelle and Lurch are out drinking margaritas in the middle of the day, complaining about not seeing Jenelle’s son, when Jenelle’s other son is MIA, most likely left at home with Trashbag Tori or some other local street-youth-turned-babysitter?!

"And I'm never, ever, ever coming back, ever again!"
“And I’m never, ever, ever coming back, ever again!”

Jenelle tells Lurch that as soon as she gets Jace back, they’re moving far, far away. I feel like this girl has been singing that same song for six years now: “As Soon As I Get Jace Back: The Remix.”

Lurch has been talking to Jenelle’s previous love-of-her-life, Nathan, via texts, and apparently Nathan’s girlfriend Jessica has decided not to drop the assault charges against Jenelle.

“I told him it would be nice if she dropped the charges but if she didn’t I’d understand,” Jenelle says.

Seriously though: can you imagine Jenelle ever actually saying something like this!? It’s like her saying, “I’ll never get engaged again.” IT.WOULD.NEVER.HAPPEN.

In Delaware, Kail is struggling to teach her son Lincoln that it’s not appropriate to hit your brother and call him a “puta.”  As you do.

"Yo, yo, yo! It's gonna be a no from me, dawg!"
“Yo, yo, yo! It’s gonna be a no from me, dawg!”

Javi, meanwhile, is still off saving the world, but he’s able to take breaks from fighting ISIS and whatnot to FaceTime his random pal. He tells Random Pal that he’s arranging for some of Kail’s girlfriends to go to Delaware and pick Kail up for a night of festivities. He’s planning to get all the girls flowers and wine to show his appreciation that Kail is taking care of the kids and house solo.

For some reason, Javi keeps talking like Randy Jackson from American Idol during this conversation and calling everyone “dog.”

Finally we check in with Leah and the gang. We start off at Corey and Miranda‘s cabin, where Corey’s trying to pick out the girls’ outfits for the next day.

Wait…what?! Picking out the girls’ clothes a whole day in advance? At Leah’s they’d just scurry out the door in their pajamas and put on whatever outfit they could dig out from under the pile of trash, coats and little sisters. This is a whole new way of life for them over at Corey’s place!

"I'd like a nice glass of Sweet 'n' Low to wash this all down!"
“I’d like a nice glass of Sweet ‘n’ Low to wash this all down!”

Meanwhile, Leah is hanging out with “the other one,” Addy, and her mother and mentor in parenting Mama Dawn. Addy asks her mom to fetch the cake icing from the fridge so she can snack on it. Even Leah questions if this is a good idea, but after getting reassurance from Mama Dawn that icing is a perfectly acceptable snack for kids, she allows it.

However, Mama Dawn insists that if Addy is going to guzzle icing, she at least needs to “set” at the table to do it.

"We's are not hicks, Leah Dawn. Put that youngin at the table like a civilized person!"
“We’s are not hicks, Leah Dawn. Put that youngin at the table like a civilized person!”

I mean, they’re not hillbillies, guys! She’s not gonna let her “set” on the couch and eat icing! It wouldn’t be proper!

As Addy happily pushes her blood sugar levels to amazing new heights, Leah and Mama Dawn talk about how happy they are that all the court stuff is now over. During this time, Mama Dawn’s got her hair all fixed up looking like a marble cake! It’s dark! It’s blonde! It’s a whole new look for Mama (however, her trusty wisp bangs still remain!)

Leah says she’s not even bitter with Corey Tyler anymore. (Hell, she’d probably even be willing to go a round or two in the back of his truck at this point!) Leah says she wants to keep her relationship with Corey in a positive place now that all the court stuff is over…

You see where this is going, don’t you? It’s kind of like when you’re watching Survivor and someone states that there’s no possible way that they’ll be voted out that night. And you know what happens every single time someone says that? They’re voted out.

"They made me hide an MTV camera in my hair."
“They made me hide an MTV camera in my hair.”

In South Dakota, Chelsea and Cole are preparing to boot-scoot the night away with Chelsea’s friends at a Jason Aldean concert. The gals have got their hair jacked up to new heights and they’re downing Mike’s Hard Lemonades like there’s no tomorrow! (This is much different than a night out at a concert with Jenelle and Trashbag Tori. Those usually end in a mugshot and/or someone passed out against the urinal in the concert PortaPotties.)

When your girlfriend wants your permission to have her naughty bits autographed...
When your girlfriend wants your permission to have her naughty bits autographed…

For some reason, everyone’s dressed  like they hit up the post-Fourth of July sale at Old Navy. They arrive at the concert venue and we find out that Chelsea & Co. have backstage passes to meet Jason Aldean. (That’s what happens when you arrive with an MTV camera crew, y’all!) Surely, appearing on ‘Teen Mom 2′ will be the lowlight of ol’ Jason’s entire career.

As Chelsea waits in line to meet Jason, she asks Cole if it’s OK if she has Jason sign her baby chute. As you do.

"Now which one of y'all is famous for getting knocked up?"
“Now which one of y’all is famous for getting knocked up?”

After Chelsea finds out that Jason’s not willing to sign any sort of genitalia, regardless of how famous said genitalia is, she goes to meet the singer. He seems absolutely thrilled (and by that I mean “completely mortified”) to meet the teen mom and her friends.

They then head to their seats to watch the concert. We are treated to some awkward hand-held camera shots of Chelsea and Cole singing about “boom-booming”…or something.

In Carolina, Jenelle has located Kaiser, who seems to be playing some sort of weird trust game with Jenelle. He stands dramatically on the couch and plummets, obviously expecting his mother to catch him. Of course, Jenelle doesn’t and the kid falls hard off the couch and onto the floor.

"Tell me again, which one's the love of her life now?"
“Tell me again, which one’s the love of her life now?”

Meanwhile, Barb is chatting with Jace about life at Jenelle’s place. Jace tells Babs that he just sits at Jenelle’s all day and doesn’t have any fun. He says they don’t go do things while he’s over there because Jenelle and David are always locked in their room sleeping or…making illegitimate love-children or something. Jace says that he spends most of his time hanging out with David’s daughter and watching videos.

Barb seems very concerned by what Jace is telling her. Jace even admits that being at Jenelle’s is quite “spooky.” Who can blame the kid for saying that, though? Imagine walking around the corner and seeing Lurch staring at you. [Shudder]

It's official, guys: the terrorists have won...
It’s official, guys: the terrorists have won…

In Delaware, it’s almost party time for Kail and her assorted friends. Because Javi has paid for the gals to go out on the town later that night, the girls decide to bake cookies to send to Javi and his Air Force pals.

Unfortunately for our boys overseas, the cookies turn into a runny, sticky mess. (It kind of looks like what I’d imagine Farrah‘s sink looks like after she washes off all her makeup.)

Did anyone else expect Farrah to pop out from behind the wall when they started talking about sex toys?
Did anyone else expect Farrah to pop out from behind the wall when they started talking about sex toys?

Later that night, Kail and the girls head out for their Javi-funded night of fun. He’s gone all out: ordering flowers for each girl and writing a nice note for each of them. The girls are all impressed by Javi’s gesture, but soon the talk turns to sex.

Kail’s friend asks her how she feels about not getting to do the horizontal mambo at all, since Javi’s away, and Kail tells us that she’s “taking care of business” via sex toys. They also talk about the perks of a removable shower head.

Ew. Also…ew.

Let’s hop on over to West Virginia quick before the image of Kail & Co. pleasuring themselves with shower heads is permanently etched into our brains.

When your mom's MTV money comes in and you get VIP cheer lessons...
When your mom’s MTV money comes in and you get VIP cheer lessons…

It’s Thursday down in the holler, so Aleeah is heading to cheer practice. With the new custody order in place, Leah is able to take her daughter to cheer and then take the girls home with her that night.

For some reason, Aleeah seems to be getting private cheer lessons or something. There are no other kids around, except for Ali, who is heartbroken that she is no longer physically able to cheer. (Couldn’t Leah have dropped Ali off with Mama Dawn instead of taking her to cheer and forcing her to see what she can’t do? Mama Dawn could have “teached” her to pluck the banjo or something.)

"That's my youngin' y'all!"
“That’s my youngin’ y’all!”

Aleeah is actually becoming a pretty good gymnast, and Leah is standing on the sidelines, beaming with pride. (Over/under on Leah becoming the “cool mom” from “Mean Girls” eventually? I’ve got money on Leah doing Aleeah’s routine from the sidelines while filming it. That’s so happening. Please, God, let Mama Dawn come out and do it alongside Leah!)

"What in the dingdang? I'm not much for readin' but these look like custody papers!"
“What in the dingdang? I’m not much for readin’ but these look like custody papers!”

The next day, Leah is casually getting the mail (conveniently on camera, of course), when she discovers some sort of official document alongside the Walmart ads, Mary Kay booklets and Candy-of-the-Month Club renewal forms.

That’s right, y’all! That gosh dern Corey Tyler is at it again, and this time he’s done sent Leah another custody form!

Apparently, “The Law” doesn’t recognize the concept of joint custodians,  so it looks like Leah and Corey will be going back to court yet again. It ain’t over, y’all!

"This looks fun...what could possibly go wrong?"
“This looks fun…what could possibly go wrong?”

In South Dakota, Chelsea is taking Aubree to the eye doctor. Luckily, Other Chelsey just happens to work there, so Aubree feels more comfortable…until the doctor tells Aubree that she’s going to put drops in her eyes. Aubree starts to freak out, especially when the doctor tells her it’s going to feel similar to when you get water in your eyes in the pool.

Yup, that’ll make the kid really want to go along with your plan, Doc. Tell her that it’ll feel like chlorinated water seeping into your eye sockets. Kids love that.

Oh, the joys of parenting...
Oh, the joys of parenting…

By now, Aubree’s hiding her eyes in Chelsea’s shoulder and crying (and seemingly kicking the camera man in the balls). She’s terrified and trying to run away and screaming, “Don’t do it!”

Why do I have the feeling this is what Jace does every time Barbara tries to put him in the car to go see Jenelle?

Speaking of Jenelle, she has Jace for a night, but all he wants to do is play Xbox. Jenelle’s upset that Jace doesn’t want to do anything else (like take “happy family” Instagram photos), so Jenelle tells the kids to go outside and play, and suddenly we flash to the next day. Jace and David’s daughter are still outside running around in the driveway.

"Where the hell is my bitch of a daughta!?"
“Where the hell is my bitch of a daughta!?”

Jenelle and Lurch are locked in “their” bedroom when Babs shows up to pick up Jace.

“Oh hey, Juh-nelle!” she cackles as she observes an empty house. “I’m heee-ah!”

When she gets no answer from Jenelle, Barb starts to get concerned.

“Ya got all the kids outside and no one’s watchin’ them!” Barb yells.

We hear David tell Jenelle that Babs is screaming, and it appears that Jenelle says, “leave me alone.” The kids start filtering back into the house and Barb asks them if the “adults” are sleeping. The kids confirm that Jenelle and David are probably snoozing (or boozing).

Kaiser's face totally says, "You're not gonna leave me here lady, are you? ARE YOU!?"
Kaiser’s face totally says, “You’re not gonna leave me here lady, are you? ARE YOU!?”

“Whatdya got her in prison, David!?” Babs screeches at the closed door. Finally David comes out of the room with Kaiser and tells Babs that Jenelle doesn’t want to see her right now and to go away and try again later.

Um…what is she, the Wizard of Oz? Jesus God (Leah)!

Babs is very upset that she can’t see Jenelle, and David tells her to leave if she’s going to yell at him in front of “all of his kids.”

Did anyone else get a totally creepy shiver going up their neck when he said that?

“You’re in MY house!” David says to Babs.

“You live here and she pays all the bills, just like with every other guy!” Babs yells back.

"I swear the number of kids in heaaah keeps multiplin' by the second!"
“I swear the number of kids in heaaah keeps multiplin’ by the second!”

David can’t even deny this….he just tells Babs to stop yelling.

“This is called child abuse!” David tells Babs as he points to Kaiser. “You’re yelling in front of my child right now.”


Barb reminds David that Kaiser is the spawn of Nathan, and David says that Kaiser is basically his because he takes care of him every day. (Um?) Babs reminds David that he has “pendin’ chaaaahrges” for domestic violence and David denies it.

Meanwhile, Jenelle has not come out of the bedroom to defend her mom (or her man).

"Oh, so you're the new soulmate? We've heard a lot about you back at the station!"
“Oh, so you’re the new soulmate? We’ve heard a lot about you back at the station!”

Because no “Very Special Episode” of ‘Teen Mom 2′ would be complete without a call to the cops, Lurch dials up The 9-1-1 to report that Babs is “trespassing” in “his” house. Those poor emergency operators are probably so sick of getting calls from Jenelle’s various Hillbilly House(s) of Horrors, they most likely have a dedicated line just for calls involving her.

David tells the operator that Barb is making him look like a bad person in front of all of his children. He slams the door in Babs’ face, and she yells that she’s charging him with assault for that. (Must everyone charge everyone for something on this show?! Geez.)

She yells that Lurch is the worst boyfriend Jenelle’s ever had (which, when you think of it, is quite a statement. Who could forget Creepy Kieffer or Courtland, the Cold Sore King?!)

"So I says to Juh-nelle, I says, 'Ya gotta come outta the room!'"
“So I says to Juh-nelle, I says, ‘Ya gotta come outta the room!'”

Soon, Babs has collected Jace and her other grandson and is heading outside to her caaaahr. She tells the cops that David had no need to call the cops. She leaves the house, proclaiming that she and Jace will not be back.

In West Virginia, Leah is confused about the papers she received from Corey’s “laaaw-yer.” She’s attempting to wrangle all the youngins and read the papers, and it’s just hard, y’all.

Corey and his dad legit film the exact same scene every single episode...
Corey and his dad legit film the exact same scene every single episode…

Meanwhile, Corey is talking to his dad, explaining to him what those papers were about. Apparently, Leah’s “laaaw-yer” done filled out the papers wrong, because only one parent can be the primary custodian. There’s no such thing as having joint custodians.

Corey’s dad says that Leah has been in “turmoil” since the girls were born, and Corey agrees that it would be best if he remains their primary custodian, as they’ve been properly fed and schooled while under his care.


In South Dakota, Aubree has settled down and apologized to the doctor for her tantrum. The doctor tells Chelsea that Aubree needs a pair of glasses, and Chelsea gets emotional. Aubree, however, is happy to have to wear glasses all the time. They pick out some bright pink hipster frames and head out.

In Carolina, a disgruntled Babs is still trying to figure out what the hell happened at Jenelle’s house.

"Are ya kiddin' me, Juh-nelle!"
“Are ya kiddin’ me, Juh-nelle!”

“No one messes with Meme!” she tells Jace, just as Jenelle calls on the phone.

Jenelle says that she didn’t want to talk to Barb, and that she is mad that the cops were called and there was a “huge scene” made in front of her neighbors.

Really, Jenelle!? We’re worried about what the neighbors think? Tori probably passes out on their lawn at least three times a week. They already know you guys are crapnozzles.

Babs brings up that she isn’t the one who called the cops, and that it was Lurch that did the dialing. Jenelle says that Babs ruins her”whole entire day” every time they talk.

"I sure hope that's not what I sound like when I throw a tantrum with my mom!"
“I sure hope that’s not what I sound like when I throw a tantrum with my mom!”

This seriously sounds like something a junior high schooler would tell her mom. This is just embarrassing.

Barb says she’s worried about Jenelle because she’s not acting like herself these days. (Really? She’s doing all of the regular “Jenelle-isms”: screaming at her mom, speaking like a 13-year-old and singing the “When I Get Jace Back” song. Sounds like business as usual to me!)

Jenelle tells Babs that she’s totally healthy; in fact she works out at the gym two to three times a day “vigorously.” (Looks like somebody found the “thesaurus” feature on their phone! That’s a mighty big word for Jenelle!)

"I neva thought I'd long for the days when Juh-nelle was with Kieffa!"
“I neva thought I’d long for the days when Juh-nelle was with Kieffa!”

Jenelle hangs up on her mom, so Barb asks Jace what really happens in Jenelle’s Chaos Castle. Jace says that Mommy Dearest and Lurch are always in their room, and are always complaining about him being there.

Let’s look at the facts: either Jace is telling the truth about his mom complaining about his presence, or Jace is lying, knowing that if he says that to Barb, she won’t let him go back over there. Either way, it’s very sad!

The final scene takes place in West Virginia. Leah’s busy vacuuming her AstroTurf carpet when her sister Victoria comes in. Leah complains how hard it is to keep her dang house clean before launching into a tirade about the papers Corey has filed. She says that she thought things would be getting better, but they aren’t because of Corey’s objection to her being a joint custodian of the girls.

"Don't be sad, Mama! I saved you the last of the icing!"
“Don’t be sad, Mama! I saved you the last of the icing!”

“I know plenty of parents that’s done joint custodian!” Leah says. “If you’re both good parents then there should be nothing wrong.”


Leah says that Corey is doing this because he wants to be in control.

“To do what he’s done, to my kids, I don’t care if he takes another breath!” Leah says.

Well, nothing like a death wish to end an episode on! Until next week, kids!

To read The Ashley’s recap of the previous episode of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ click here!

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  1. I honestly Can. Not. Take. Anymore!
    I try really hard to like Barb but I just want to throttle her and her damn daughter for NEVER making sure Jace (the poor little pawn between two nutcases) is safely bucked in the car. He has been using that Cosco booster for a few years now and no matter how many times they both have been told on Social Media that he needs to be in a 5-point harness booster OR at the very least wear the adult belt correctly….they do not care. YET! What do they do?
    Jenelle keeps Kaiser Roll away from his father because he won’t PROVE to Janelle that he has a car seat for him. She doesn’t use her own seat properly. She turned Roll forward too early and then she still does not use it forward facing properly. She has no business keeping that boy away from Nathan due to car seats and Barb has got to stop screaming about what Janelle is not doing and start doing things right herself. I’ve watched with my own eyes what adult belts do to children and that’s when they are used correctly!

  2. I’m still waiting for you to recap episode 3 and I think 5… Whichever consisted of aubree’s tantrum ( not the eye dr one) and aleeah bringing the cat to choir

  3. I would also like to add that there is not nearly enough emphasis on aubree’s tantrums and the fact that Chelsea acts like the babysitter who doesn’t know how to control the screaming child. Anyone else just want to come through the tv and back hand aubree sometimes? And then Chelsea when she caters to the tantrum? I’m sorry but there is no excuse for kicking the eye doctor! The fact that she still got to look through the “treasure chest” is bulls***! I’d be like “no treasure chest for you ya little b***h!”

    1. Aubree is really cute and I think since everyone totes on that, she gets away with her actions. There is a lot of emphasis placed on her looks by her mom. She was completely out of control at the eye dr. There is no way a six yr old should be acting like that!! I think if I were the dr I would have slapped the shit out of her.

      1. I completely agree with you that they focus a lot on Aubree’s looks. I supposed it makes sense, seeing that Chelsea works in a beauty salon (I think that is what she does?), but little girls should also be taught that it is good to be strong and smart. And well behaved.

      2. I work in a podiatry office. Just this week, a 12 year old screamed throughout her foot exam, kicked the Dr while the nurse lay across her chest, and the mother stood there screaming “ewww!” stirring the poor kid up as much as she could.
        I give Chelsea a pass here.

    2. Yeah, go ahead and do that, back hand your own child on national TV, because he/she is having a tantrum at the doctor’s office.
      Judging by the language you are using when addressing a 6 year old, I doubt you’ve been around kids a lot.

    3. I think Chelsea deserves a pass here. You don’t know the full context of the situation, nor if perhaps that last time Aubree was at the doctor she had a bad experience and was not in the mood to trust people in that situation.

      Here is an example (from an actual teen mom). My son is 11 and needed his last dose of chicken pox shot. If that day had been filmed you would say the same or even worse about me because here is what happened: Totally calm and cool kid. No problem. Oh its my turn. Cool which room. Doc comes in. Yeah no I don’t need sit on moms lap. I’m good. *Doctor goes to get the needle and bottle. Comes back* OH HELL NO. MOM what the what. He nearly threw a full fledged tantrum. And in the end I had to hold down my 11 YEAR OLD on my lap and in order for the shot to happen.

      With no context that sounds like one spoiled ass little brat. The context, almost completely unrelated, is that a about 5 weeks prior he had to have blood taken for something unrelated and the best way the doctor could explain was that it was like getting a shot, but a bit longer and more painful. The kid had no frame of reference and was totally trusting. It hurt a lot more than he was prepared for. Knowing the context changes the entire story about the shot in the previous paragraph.

      My point is that we don’t know what all goes on and what other experiences may have been had. Aubree is generally a good child (exception: when she comes back form Adams and who knows what is really going on there). My son also threw a hissy fit when he got those same drops, but years later he is more ok with them than I am. Chelsea may not be the best super mom in the whole world, but as one teen mom to another, I really think she has done a good job and taken on her role (slowly but,) fully.

  4. I think that what jace “actually” meant was that jenelle is always complaining about babs not letting him come over when she wants him to… It’s not his presence she’s complaining about, but his lack of presence. Unfortunately I think this is just a case of a child who put “jenelles complaining” and “his presence” incorrectly in a statement… Between all the yelling, threats and accusations of domestic violence, and charges being “pressed on” people, no one took the time to teach jace how to form words correctly in a sentence!


  6. wow….. quite a rundown on that episode! i wish i had learned of this site long ago!!! I say GOOD JOB BABS!!! THAT POOR LITTLE BOY NEEDS HER FOR THE STABILITY AND ALSO TO KNOW WITH HER HE HAS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND SUPPORT!!!!! i agree that jenelle has definatly grown up and changed for the better …. bu this different man every other week thing has got to stop!! does she not get that doing that …yes makes her happy…. but is fucking up now both of her kids so bad!!!! i wouldnt give jace back now either if i was babs!!!! jenelle needs to wake up and see the damage all these men that she isnt slowly bringing into the kids life … but rather kinda just throwing them at these kids will cause MAJOR damage if it has not already!!!! im very proud of her for getting clean and going to school but jesus!!!! focus on you and your children BEFORE ANY MAN!!! NTHEN ONE DAY THE RIGHT ONE WILL FIND YOU WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT!!!
    Ans as for Leah?!?!?! i dont even kmow what to say!!! i think corey had them girls on a great schedule and they need that badly!!!!! i am beginning to feel for addy who seems to be a bit clueless and just thrown @ to whomever at the time!!!.. I do give her credit for how haard she seemed tob trying and how much more awake she is this season but its so easy to fall back into those bad habits she had……. i really hope for all 3 of the girls sake that shit finally gets on a good schedule for leah…. corey… and jeremy! those kids deserve it!!! And THEY ALSO DESERVE TO SIT AT A TABLE W AT LEAST 1PARENT AND EAT A NICE DINNER EVERY NIGHT!!!
    AS FAR AS CHELSEA AND COLE…… i thimk they are the best and im sooooo glad she finally found a loving man who loves aubreys sooo much!!! they seem to be doing very well and i hope we get to see the wedding!!!!!!

  7. Jenelle is pathetic! In there getting high while that pervert creep holds HER son. Where is Nathan?? He needs to get rid of that ugly Jessica character and be a Dad to Kaiser!! And what the is Jenelle always going on about when she gets Jace…..she gave him up on 16 and Pregnant and she asked her mother to raise him. Her partying ways never changed so what makes her think you get him back?!And that pervert…all he does is fill her head about how awful her mother, the kne who hs been raising her son while she gets high is. What a douche he is! Both of them need permanent birth control.

    1. Your wish has been granted. Nate is single again.
      Now can you wish Jace and Kaiser free and the three A sisters after that?

      1. Unfortunately Nathan capitulated immediately on the custody issue as well. He settled for every other weekend, leaving Kaiser at the mercy of Jenelle and Uncle Bad Touch. I wish so much that Kaiser had been given up for adoption, but Jenelle is far too selfish to do such a thing.

  8. What the he’ll show are you watching?Ali gets all the attention all the time and poor Gracie acts out because she is constantly being ingnored in favor of ali
    Leah completely favors ali to a disgusting degree and completely neglects grace.
    The only attention grace gets is when leah screams and threatens to spank her.
    Every picture she is kissing and holding ali and fawning all over her.
    Ali is completely spoiled and coddled too.
    That backpack incident and being jealous of a premature infant? That little girl is used to getting everything she wants from leah.
    If she wants a toy grace is playing with leah will rip that toy out if Gracie’s hand and give it to ali.it’s ali,ali,ali all the time
    I truly feel bad for grace and addy having to play second fiddle to mommy’s favorite all the time.
    this is why I love teen mom junkies,because they are not afraid to call out the fact that leah totally favors ali and the fact that ali can be a total brat,but no one can say anything about her,because of her md.

    1. I agree!! Ali is manipulative and gets all of leahs attention. There is a reason Gracie is called the Forgotten Twin!!!

    2. Leah only favors Ali when the cameras are around. Gracie is her pretty one that will get all of the attention the older they get.

  9. That caption with poor Kaiser. I feel so bad for that baby! I wish I could steal him away from his family!!!

    Jesus God, Leah…icing for a snack (or meal, it’s not clear in that sceen), is the nuts? No wonder Ali doesn’t eat at Corey’s, if this is the type of crap she’s use to eating. But, what do I know? My 18 year old had a dentist appointment last week, and he’s STILL never had a cavity…

  10. Janelle- Your so called “symptoms” are drugs or your pregnant, which I hope your not because your a dead beat mother.

    Leah- If Miranda was busy, Ali should have got someone else to help her. If not Gracie. Corey would have. I think this is all coming from Ali wanting all of the attention at Corey’s. She get’s all of the attention at Leah’s.

    Kailyn- Why even bother with Javi? It’s clear that you never want anything to do with him. You don’t never want to talk to him. He has said he misses you. You never say it back to him. Before he left the only time you were sad is when your kids were sad because their dad was leaving.

    Chelsea- It was good that you explained to Aubree that the way she acted at her eye doctor’s kicking and screaming that wasn’t right. It shows that you have good parenting skills. Now all you need to do is keep Aubree away from Adam and his sex offender friend.

    1. I’m no fan of Kailyn, but why does everyone complain about her lack of emotion now with Javi? It’s not like she’s changed, she’s the same robot he married, so surprise! surprise!

    2. I’m no fan of Kailyn, but why does everyone complain about her lack of emotion now with Javi? It’s not like she’s changed, she’s the same robot he married, so surprise, surprise!

  11. I have been known to eat icing on graham crackers, but I was at least 20 at the time and could consent to the sugar shakes, also I knew it was bad for me but didn’t care. Leah has no business letting them eat straight up frosting. Maybe a lick from a spoon when cooking but that’s it. In every scene she has done up nails, new phone, etc…she can afford nutritious snacks. It takes two seconds to cut celery and put peanut butter on it.

    1. I know, right? I’m the laziest cook ever and even I can cut up an apple, pear or banana for my toddler. It’s not rocket science. And Leah doesn’t have a job or school so she can google search “healthy snacks for kids” during the day to think of something besides frosting. Smh, Leah is the worst.

    2. Seriously though kids are hard to please so if they wont eat fruit or veggies a dam muslie bar would be better than a tub of icing! That is next level! I know when I was younger i refused to eat anything but toast, apples and spaghetti with Parmesan cheese so that is what I ate, was it the best diet? probably not but it was freaking icing!

  12. Leah and her family are disgusting, vile people. Not only do they enable and hide Leah’s drug use/behavior they are now going to sit back and watch Leah alienate the girls from Corey/Miranda. I’ll bet my money she ramps up the PAS and starts telling the girls when they get older they can choose not to go to Corey’s.

  13. Whew a whole episode without a mention of Adam, custody, child support, or “your new dad” Cole by Chelsea ? Could this be??? I didn’t watch but based on the recap, it sounds like Chelsea’s script, I mean, life, may finally be turning the corner from the Adam obsession. Maybe. But seriously though Cole really needs to grow a pair. There is no way he willingly chose that outfit. I seriously hope he didn’t.

    Babs has a lot of restraint to deal with Janelle and her endless revolving gang of losers. If I was Barbara I would never allow Jace, let alone her any other child, to spend a second with this train wreck. Janelle is clearly under the influence of something majority of the time. David’s whole involvement is annoying. I mean, what does this dude actually do, besides Janelle? It’s like he’s always around, staring open mouthed at Kaiser or any other small person. Kudos of the absolutely accurate portrayal of Janelle, by the way. I can hear her slurring her way through each and every one of these scenes giving her trademark declarations of “dude!” or “when I get Jace back”. In all honesty, has Janelle actually ever HAD Jace?

    That’s cool that Javi planned a night out for Kail. We would hate for her to release the beast. And while I know it’s hard for military wives everywhere, is Kail so stressed that she has to have what seems like endless girls night out or girls only vacations? Javi’s family is very hands on as well as Jo and Vee. Maybe Javi does it to keep the peace.

    Sometimes I wonder what goes on in Leah’s head. Does she sit around and contemplate a bunch of random, incoherent thoughts? Leah lives in her own world where things only make sense to her. Even questioning whether or not allowing Addy to eat frosting (which we know is not her first time) is a good idea shows where she is mentally. Leah is a moron. Dawn is such an enabler that is sickening. I doubt she has ever spoken against Leah or challenged any of her decisions. All of Leah’s siblings/cousins/friends/ sit around and pretend to listen to Leah’s endless rambling with the same blank look on their faces. I guess that MTV stipend beats the hell out of an honest days work.

  14. The Ashley has the best recaps! I love the little digs you get in about these train wrecks! 🙂 Side note – it really truly disturbs me that CPS has not been called or has not stepped in to take Kaiser away. That innocent child has zero chance with Jenelle. I don’t even think Nathan really cares if he has full custody or not sadly!

    1. No he doesn’t. He settled for every other weekend.
      The poor baby has nobody that really loves him enough to try to step in and give him a decent life. It may already be too late.

  15. There is no doubt in my mind that Jenelle is using again. I shudder at the thought of what poor Kaiser witnessed being locked in that bedroom with them. David is so creepy. He gives me the same chills that Matt does.

    Leah should be ashamed of herself for saying she wouldn’t care if Corey died. She is always talking about how she wants what is best for the girls. Apparently having a dead dad is what she thinks is best for them.

  16. My conclusion is Chelsea is so normal and drama free that the only thing MTV can conjure up to show about her is her daughter throwing a tantrum. That’s why we see Aubree throwing a temper fit more than any other child on this show.

    1. Yeah, I ask people to sign my private parts every day, very normal.
      I also let sex offenders babysit my child and then point my finger at my baby daddy cause he had lunch with one.
      Chelsea’s friend was over twenty and had sex with a 14/15 year old. He had to register after breaking the law in his probation time. He stole petrol I believe.
      Adam’s friend is the crazy, stupid, inappropriate pranks kinda sex offender. Still one but it’s that kettle versus pot thing.
      I’m getting sick of Chelsea’s ‘My life is purrrrrrfect and so am I’ attitude. They overdo their acting.

  17. Also I have to say that Leah and her family’s behavior in last night’s episode (not the one recapped here) really bothered me. Her mother, sister and cousin just egg her on against Corey. Victoria was just awful last night and Leah just sat there staring almost dumbfounded. You could see it in her face when she got that call from Chasity about Ali, she just didn’t want to deal with it anymore. That whole family got together to try to find anything, something, any little tiny shred of something that would make Miranda look bad, and lookee here, they persuaded Ali to say that she wouldn’t help her with her backpack when she was busy carrying the premature baby. Like Ali and Gracie never had anything to complain about ever when Addie was born. (Hey genius, next time have Ali ask her sister to carry the back pack)

    1. I had to stop watching because of it, I wanted to slap them in the worst way! It kinda felt like Ali was led to say that, and it makes me think maybe Leah’s family should have as little contact with the girls as possible because that ENTIRE family is toxic. If Leah were any semblance of a good mother she would tell her family to back off and let her handle it, and like you said encourage Gracie to take Ali’s bag if she needs to. Wasn’t it when Remi was born that Leah was insisting to be allowed to do something to help them? Oh right! She did but it was solely to benefit Leah not a new mom to a premie…

    2. I don’t know. I get your point about the backpack, but at the same time, as a mother, I would have thrown it over one shoulder while carrying the baby. I think I could have done it. Then again, I had a disabled child, so maybe I understand a little more. Did Miranda have a C-section, and was that recent? If so, maybe that’s why she didn’t want to carry the bag. (Although I probably still would have, sorry.) I know Miranda’s trying to force Ali to do for herself, but maybe she simply cannot some days. Victoria seriously looked like she might cry. At least she cares about the child.

      1. Victoria is playing up to the cameras

        If she cared she would tell Leah what a lazy lousey mom she is instead of enabling her

        So her caring is all bs

        1. yea she was! those crocodile tears over a backpack! She threw a fit to amplify a situation that isn’t even that big of a deal…and I back up my comment from before…that entire thing was a pathetic attempt to make Corey and Miranda look bad. Chasity belt coerced Ali to say that stuff and made sure to record it…I’m pretty sure if Chasity belt asked Ali what bad stuff Leah does, Ali would’ve spilled a lot worse beans! Like mommy sleeps all morning and makes us make breakfast for ourselves! Where were Victoria’s tears over that??

    3. Perhaps Ali needs a rolling backpack, or something she can put it in to roll it. My child used a rolling backpack.

    4. I just watched the episode and the scenes with Leah and her family were just awful. I agree that it seemed like Ali was led to say those things. I find it suspicious that Chastity just happened to start recording Ali seconds before she started talking about Miranda.

    5. that segment of the episode seems SO STAGED. Leah probably bitched and moaned to the producers about her “always looking bad”, so they had Chasity record Ali and ask her certain questions to appease Leah, and not make her look so terrible. Chasity clearly coerced that story out of Ali and once Ali started saying what she wanted to hear, she recorded it. If the worst thing Miranda has done is not hold Ali’s backpack because she was holding her new born baby, then I think Miranda is doing a pretty good job being a step parent. Leah’s family is a friggin joke.

  18. Jenelle-Obviously you were in your room doing drugs. Why would you not have come out when you heard your mom and Uncle Bad Touch arguing. It is so scary that he is claiming the roll as his kid…Umm…NO! He is Nathan and Jenelle’s son. Jenelle is a hot mess and she does not want help.

    Leah-Does it make me a bad mom?…umm…YES! That and a laundry list of other things you have done on camera. Leah is not capable of being a good mother right now, she can’t care for herself.

    Kali-The dinner seemed very staged. Trying to act like everything is fine for the cameras.

    Chelsea-Kids throw tantrums at dr’s offices. My son went through a time period where he had strep every 4-6 weeks (before his tonsils came out). It took four people to hold him down and swab his throat…it happens. Chelsea dealt with it well and was calm when talking to her about her behavior. Aubree is spoiled, but she is a sweet kid.

  19. So a few episodes Javi said that it was his father who taught Lincoln to say the p-word…I wonder if he did that on purpose SO he would say it to Kail b/c he knew Kail cheated on Javi.

    If so that would be HILARIOUS.

    1. Yeah, that would be a great thing for an adult to do.
      Learning a young child that word is already brilliance in itself. Is every family member crazy and obsessed with their stone age views about women and how they should behave there?? Think Kail got out of the kitchen too much according to them, that puta should know her place ;-).

  20. The longer I watch this show, the more I despise Jenelle And Leah. They ate purposely doing horrible things knowing they are being filmed for the world to see and they don’t care. Then wanna act like it was all editing. I don’t think so. I’m sure alot of this happens and very little is edited. They make my blood boil.

  21. Leah only asked her mom “if it was bad, she knew it was dumb, she is just so dumb she wanted to know how bad it would look on tv…and look who she is asking enabler#1
    Her mom is a mastermind, a couple seasons ago it was the Jenelle train wreck hour & Jenelle got all of the attention, well Jenelle is not giving up the train wreck crown without a fight or a mysterious illness

  22. jenelle was high high high lol, she knew damn good and well if her mother saw her, she’d know right away she was on something. on the flip side, the episode last night had babs telling jace he’d go tomorrow to jenelle’s, not today, and he was upset, wanted to go that day. he’s a kid. they DO play one parent off the other, and they do tell lies at times. i’m sure he doesn’t get the time he did when jenelle was bf free, and that’s sad, like when he said they don’t go to the park anymore. but he still wants to go there, for whatever reason. babs is so back and forth, she swore he’d never go back and the very next weekend, he goes back, i.e. turmoil, bad for jace. to the person saying they don’t see how a doctor could hold a kid down: it happens all the time and it’s a necessary evil. at the dentist, for shots, for eye drops, if a kid is upset and scared, best thing to do is get it over with. aubree’s reaction was over the top IMO, i’d NEVER, and my kids would never, no matter the situation, kick their mom and/or doctor. just no. leah, type 2 diabetes is real, educate yourself.

    1. Aubree is a spoiled brat with a nasty temper.
      That’s one kid that needs a spanked bottom.
      Poor jace will need endless therapy when he’s older

  23. Aubree straight up mortal kombated that poor doctor. She did a like round house kick, and straight up “FINSIHED HER”

    And when David was hooting and hollering about how those were his kids?? like WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?! Jenelle is absolutely pathetic, pitiful, and so stupid, to let that man march around her house screaming at her mother talking about those are his kids…I have no idea what Nathan is doing letting that butthead raise his son. He needs to get up and dramastically take Jenelle to court and rescue his kid from her and that dope David.

    Leah is still the “victim”. She needs to swallow her pride and just have 50/50 with Corey. Her life would be so much more drama free. Corey is a great father, and she needs to stop fighting that. And I’ve gotta say, the funniest part of the show for me was when Lincoln was calling Isaac a puta…poor Kail. Best of luck to her getting that under control…this is the 2nd episode he’s said it and it.

      1. for real! That doctor didn’t stand a chance. Aubree went nutz. As soon as that doctor said it felt like the pool (which in my opinion was the WORST analogy she could’ve made) Aubree was not having it and tore up everything and everyone in sight. Human or not Aubree just started kicking and she didn’t care who or what got hit. There was no calming her down. I felt bad for Chelsea, the bigger Aubree gets the harder it’s becoming to restrain her. Chelsea should probably start breaking that behavior since Aubree is getting so big, the tantrums are only gonna get worse and physically hurt more. But I do give Chelsea props, when Aubree finally did calm down, she made her apologize to the poor doctor.

  24. Is it just me, or does Chelsea’s friend look exactly like Audrina from the Hills ca. 2009? In that hand-shaking picture I mean?

    Anyhoo, great recap as usual. I feel so bad for Jace. I thought The Ashley was completely on point by saying that whether he’s lying or not, this poor lil dude has a sad, sad life.

    I was surprised however, that it was not mentioned that Kail actually showed some emotions about Javi being sad! That girl gets so much hate for being a robot, I thought it was kind of newsworthy!

  25. Did anyone now what happend to stephfather Lee?I never see him again.And Jenelle is pure evil,her childeren have a hard life because of her.My heart cries when i think of Jace and Kaiser.
    Why the law does not do anything,she is a hoorible mother.

    1. He probably gathered his senses together and refused to be seen on this trainwreck of a show anymore. I mean honestly, would you want it broadcasted on national television that you’re related to Leah?

  26. Great recap, but its a week late!! There was a new episode last night!!!!

        1. No not very much…i read the Ashley’s every week,so i keep up.
          (why all the downvotes?What is it this time i(and you) say wrong?)

  27. Is anyone else bored of the same old crap? It seems like the only one to move forward is Chelsea. I feel so bad for Jace, he’s going to be so mixed up because of Jenelle. And while I adore Babs for trying to do the right thing she does add fuel to the fire by yelling in front of Jace and I think it’s very sad jenelle and Babs use him for information. He’s just a child but they use him to try and control/one-up each other. What a terrible situation.
    Can someone please rescue Addie and give her a proper snack? A can of icing is never ok to just munch on.

    1. Chelsea’s only highlights in that show is slagging off Adam ( yes he’s a looser) but Chelsea’s life is relatively normal so MTV needs to get rid of her and her extremely annoying baby voice

      1. Yes! Kick the baby voice off – Addie’s voice sounds more mature than Chelsea. And all Addie does is scream and grunt for frosting and SweetNLow.

      2. Your right she’s a normal mom therefore shouldn’t be in the show, I don’t understand the down votes, as what you said is correct and not in anyway nasty

  28. Is it just me, or Babs came to Jenelle’s house with a Nissan Murano and then left with some kind of sedan?

  29. Jenelle is such a mess. She obviously can’t handle having one kid, no way she should get Jace.

    Leah’s kids have the absolute worst diet and schedule. It’s awful, those girls are going to struggle because she always has them eating junk and up late. Corey should have custody, he’s so much more responsible

    Also: another week of nobody on that show being responsible enough to stay off of the phone while driving

  30. 1) Nope, despise Jennelle and Lurch even more now especially after she called her son that she’s “trying so hard to get back” a liar. If she really is pregnant (unfortunately all evidence says yeah) I really hope it is removed from her custody and put up for adoption, poor kids have to chance with either of those loons.

    2) Leah, if Correy or Miranda had said they didn’t care if she took another breath Leah would lose her flipping mind in the hardest way. How dare she say that about the father of 2 of her kids, when he has never ever wished such a thing on her. In fact he has said how many times that he wants her to get right and be ok for their daughters sake. Don’t EVEN get me started on PMD saying it’s ok that Addie eats icing out of the can. For reference Pimp Mama Dawn, because after watching the one episode I think she hooked Leah up with Dues. Go watch it if you can and keep all suspected truths in mind when watching.

    3) The whole sex toy and shower head thing made me physically ill and that is not an easy feat. It’s weird to watch them talk when it’s pretty obvious Kailyn and Javi and divorcing. Poor Isaac and Lincoln, hipefully Javi and Jo can become friends like Jeremy and Correy did.

    4) Ahem, Chelsea is still a damned good mother possibly the best out of all of them. She got a lot of flack about Aubrey’s freak out, but gotta think she’s a little girl and was scared. After the fact Chelsea sat her down and talked to her about it not being ok and needing to apologize. Note that she didn’t scream at her like Leah does to Ali or Jennelle to any of her kids, she talked to her calmly and told her that while she understands Aubrey was scared it wasn’t ok to kick and scream.

    With the eye doctor thing too, I’m not a mom but I helped raise my 9 year old baby cousin since she was born and let me tell you from experience of taking her for blood work that the please don’t and I need a minute tantrum is pretty normal amongst kids. I’ve even witnessed my 9 year old cousin physically push a grown man into a machine because he had been trying to hold her arm still. Aubreys tantrum was a blip in comparison.

    1. I love what you said! Spot on. As a mother, I can attest that unfamiliar territories, along with doctor anxiety, make kids act out. I comfort my son when he screams just because the pediatrician looks in his mouth. I am so sick of of leah talking so bad about them. Kudos to them for taking the high (high high) road and keeping sI lent

    2. By the way! Did anyone else notice how Victoria seems to be trying to copy Miranda’s look? Could be just me but really though slap a tan on her and bam! Something makes me wonder if Victoria has a thing for him and is trying to get him by any means necessary, I mean look at PMD and how she encourages these things.

    3. Yes, to EVERYTHING you have said! You hit the nail on the head with every single one of your observations on these girls. Couldn’t have said it better myself!

    4. I don’t feel that Aubree had a tantrum. She had anxiety and I am really surprised that the doctor would hold a child down like that. Can you imagine someone holding you down to do a procedure that you are anxious of? That’s like torture. Poor kid. Even if they were able to get the drops in her eyes by holding her down, she would feel so violated after…not cool.

      1. It was a full on tantrum, Aubree has the most tantrums out of all the kids on this farce of a show

    5. I don’t know what’s wrong with some kids but mine KNOW BETTER then to try that at the Dr or Dentist. There’s no need in spanking (not knocking if that’s your choice) but there does need to be consequences for that girl’s bratty like behavior. Nothing is cute about acting like that or Chelsea’s baby goo goo gaga voice to her!!!

  31. Any updates on Jenelle’s pregnancy? The Ashley says she’s 100% positive she’s pregnant but Jenelle has been posting bikini pics and she doesn’t really look pregnant. And is adamantly denying it…

    1. Old photos, photoshopped too. The poolside one was pretty obvi. She does this song and dance every time, she has patterns that are a constant.

      1. That’s what I thought at first, but then she posted photos from Farrah’s birthday or whatever that was in Florida, and she didn’t look pregnant there either.

        1. Learned that some paps will photoshop photos, beyond that there is many things including sucking it in and wearing a binder. Check out teen mom truths on tumblr, there’s a ton of theories on there about her concealing it.

    2. I heard shes been posting photos shopped pics and old pics. Could explain it, who knows though

  32. I bet that wasn’t the first can of icing Addy ate. She knew what it was in the fridge.

    I agree that maybe Ali could be left somewhere else when they go to cheer. I felt so sorry for her that she watches her sister do something that she could never do, and experiences Gracie reaping all the praise.

    1. It honestly seems like Leah resents little miss Ali, which come on it’s not Ali’s fault she was born with these issues. It kills me to watch how she will scream at Ali but barely yells at Addie or Gracie.

        1. Notice that their father corrects that behavior calmly, Leah encourages it. Maybe it’s because she sees Gracie as her exact copy.

    2. Fully agree, there is no need for Ali to go to cheer lessons as well. It was so sad how she wasn’t able to do as much as her sister but had to endure the whole lesson.
      It would be nice for them actually to get some one on one time since they are twins – maybe Corey could have a nice hangout with Ali or something when Aleeah is in cheer.

    3. Why shouldn’t aleeah have something that’s all her though?Ali gets almost all the attention from leah and she also has choir.I never see aleeah at choir.
      It’s obvious aleeah feels left out and it’s very important and healthy she has something that makes her feel good about herself.I feel like aleeah big dance moment was overshadowed by Ali’s tantrum over not being able to cheer.
      I think it’s important for aleeah to have more one on one time with aleeah. I have seen Corey do it,but leah needs to step it up when it comes to aleeah.
      The 2 other girls without special needs often get shoved to the background every episode.
      That’s why the poor kid acts out.

      1. I don’t think anyone is saying that Gracie shouldn’t be able to have an activity that is all her own. She absolutely should! She should be able to do activities other than cheer, such as sports, if she wants to in the future. But, Ali’s behavior wasn’t really surprising. Gracie and Ali started cheering together. It must be so incredibly frustrating and heartbreaking for Ali to have to just sit on the sidelines alone at every practice; not being able to do what she wants because her body just won’t cooperate with her. It just seems so unnecessarily cruel to Ali to make her go to Gracie’s cheer practice like that. Ali could go spend time with Corey & Miranda, Jeff & Joetta, Dawn, Victoria, or Isaac for a couple of hours. Not only would that help Ali from feeling left out, but it would give Gracie the one-to-one time she so desperately needs with her mother without having to worry that she will be overshadowed by her sister.

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