Reality Show Stars Unite! ‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown to Join ‘Catfish’ Star Nev Schulman on TLC Special

"You should have called me first, Mer!"
“You should have called me first, Mer!”

TLC is milking the catfishing of Sister Wives star Meri Brown for all it’s worth– and now the network is bringing in the ultimate authority in Internet identity shadiness– Catfish star Nev Schulman.

The network has announced that Nev will join Meri on a one-hour special airing Sunday night to discuss her infamous online affair with a person she believed to be a man. (As we all now know, that person turned out to be a woman.) During the “Catching the Catfisher” special, Meri reveals how the woman was able to make Meri believe that she was speaking to the man of her dreams.

“He and I started talking over the phone,” Meri says in the preview clip of the special. “It sounded like a guy with a Southern accent…It was easy to connect with him because there was so much in common. Looking back on it now, it’s easy to see why there was so much in common.”

Meri goes on to say that she and the “man” made arrangements to meet up several times, but each time she was cancelled on, except for one time when the “man” sent his gal pal Lindsay in his place. (By the way, that meet-up took place at Disneyland, and there are photos from that day.)

“I was not comfortable around her,” Meri says. “I just got the creeps from her. But I’m sitting here trying to be nice to her, because this is a friend of his.”

Meri later discovered that “Lindsay” was actually the woman behind the catfishing, and that the man she was talking to never actually existed.

"I still don't understand why I don't get to be on the special. I like to fish too!"
“I still don’t understand why I don’t get to be on the special. I like to fish too!”

Nev is not featured in the preview clip; however, Meri indicated on her Twitter account that he would have a part in “Catching the Catfisher.” In addition to Nev, the special will also feature catfishing experts to discuss how something like this can happen.

The “Catching the Catfisher” special airs Sunday night after ‘Sister Wives’ on TLC. To read more about Meri’s catfishing scandal, click here!

To watch a preview of the special, click here!

(Photos: TLC, MTV)


  1. All of these women are miserable. It’s like they are all one minute away from taking each other out. Meri was miserable, not that you could blame her. She engaged in an affair and it did not work out. I guarantee if Sam had turned out to be a man, she would have left the compound and the family. She is looking for a way out, but she is scared to leave. She just needs to stand on her own two feet and leave. It would take an enormous weight off of her to admit how unhappy she is.

  2. A one hour special with many reruns to remind everyone of your infidelity.
    No shame, no morals.
    Even Kody does not deserve to be pubicly embarrassed like this. He hasn’t been the best husband (x 4) on this planet but this…
    Her sister wives and all the kids do not deserve this either, especially the kids.

  3. my heart goes out toyou merri , i can understand why you would seek out other friendships. i am sure that all of you ladies are wonderful people. but for me i think the down fall of you inique family was robin. i even tho i am sure she is za fine personalso. your show could be renamed to all about robin

  4. Ok meri we get it your life is sad pathetic and your miserable. Just fucking leave already. I don’t watch the show anymore after he married robin it became way worse. And seriously 4 women and he is not good looking, self obessed and quite stupid. This is why education is so important. For those who think I’m being too often harsh their mormon right? Yea this guys legitimately think when they die they will receive a plant of their very own….yea that’s batshit crazy.

  5. This is all just so sad. It’s VERY clear Meri was lonely and sought out attention, she didn’t “happen” to become a victim just like that – no, she actively pursued an online relationship with someone and assumingly in hopes of something more (cmon lets be real here, too many reasons to list why she’d want someone else). The terrible part is it was all a scam and now she’s had to try to continue saving face with the family and the public, when in truth it’s all so embarrassing she was basically caught trying to be with someone else and not only that, but the sad part is for her it wasn’t even real. After so many years of torture living in that lifestyle and sharing your husband, I’m almost sad for her it didn’t just work out and she DID find someone better to have the courage to leave Kody and be happy. No one would blame you Meri.

  6. I’m really looking forward to this show as more exposure on the serial catfish who is the ultimate narcissist. I’m not saying Meri was right in engaging in online affair. But, I am appalled at the evilness of trapping her to acquire recordings and photos without her consent.

    The Catfish Jackie, I hope, will serve time for this premeditated despicable act. She’s been catfishing people since about 1999, according to and She’s hard to trace as no license, and lives in a remote area of Oklahoma. I hope all her victims can find some peace as Jackie is exposed.

    1. While it sounds like something they would do, I don’t think it was. I think Meri was lonely and this person preyed on her. I actually feel bad for her. She grew up in a polygamist family and was probably pretty sheltered in that life, too. I think she just wasn’t (and maybe still isn’t) equipped to deal with people like the catfisher (devious, manipulative, etc.) I mean, look at how she was tricked into bringing Robyn into the fold.

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