Meri Brown Speaks Out After Kody Brown Reveals on ‘Sister Wives’ That He Rarely Sees Her, Addresses Fans Telling Her to Leave Her Marriage: “I Know My Worth”

” …but can we please just focus on my pyramid-scheme leggings success instead?”

Meri Brown is speaking out after her husband Kody Brown revealed on Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives that the two only see each other “once in a blue moon” and have “quit dating” one another. 

Kody’s comments came as the Brown family began taking COVID-19 precautions and discussing how Kody would safely visit each of his four wives. During the episode, Meri revealed to viewers that Kody doesn’t usually come to her house very often, therefore he would “basically just be going between Janelle and Christine and Robyn” during the pandemic because “that’s typically what he does” anyway. 

Kody went on to tell viewers just how strained his relationship with Meri has become.

Sure, sure, but…what’s going on with your hair, dude…?

“There’s just been nothing going on between me and Meri,” he said. “And she interacts with the family for the holidays and birthdays, we get together once in a while. I see Meri once in a blue moon, but we quit dating and that’s probably because I quit calling her to say, ‘Let’s go do something.’” 

Days after the episode aired, Meri took to Instagram to address some of the concerns viewers had voiced (with many of them urging her to leave Kody). She claimed that she knows her value and “anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter.” 

“I get that I’m in the public eye, I get that people want the best for me, I get that people have their own opinions about me based on their own perspective and life values, I get that I have supporters, I get that I have haters” she wrote. “You want to know what else I get? That I know my worth. That I know my value. That I know what’s in my heart and my head. That I know I’m a strong and capable woman, capable of making her own decisions, not based on money, not based on religion, not based on feelings.” 

Meri went on to say that she’s “not a quitter” and she hopes everyone understands that “each person has their own set of values and standards they live by.” 

“Just because mine are not the SAME as yours does not mean I lack in self love, self worth, self esteem or make me a fool,” she added. “Yes these are labels many try to place on me on a daily basis, and I assure you, that is not the Meri Brown that you think you know. I know my value. I know my worth. That’s what you should know.”

While ‘Sister Wives’ viewers undoubtedly sense the tension between Meri and Kody on-screen, Christine says she feels it, too. 

“Oh, I understand! Being married to Kody is basically Coyote Pass hell on earth.”

“It’s been really, really sad,” she told Us Weekly. “I know that she still has so much hope and she still is as positive as she can be. She’s super-duper strong. … Every relationship goes through hard times, but it’s super-heartbreaking to watch.” 

Christine said she believes Meri “wants something different” and admitted that she only learned the extent of Meri and Kody’s issues after seeing them play out on the show. 

“I had no idea, you know, so that is shocking,” she said. “It’s been really hard, and I pray for them. I don’t know what to do though. I feel like my hands are tied somewhat because he does keep things separate.” 

Meri hinted on social media earlier this month that she was struggling with some things, possibly involving her marriage, which she referred to as “dead” on an episode of ‘Sister Wives’ that aired just days before. 

Following that episode, Kody responded to a viewer on social media who criticized him for the way he spoke about Meri on the show. 

“These are real relationships with real struggles,” Kody wrote. “It bothers you because it is raw and sometimes very sad. I’m sorry it hurts, it hurts me too.” 

In December, Meri addressed rumors that she and Kody had split following months of speculation brought on by another round of her cryptic Instagram posts. At the time, Meri insisted she and Kody were still together and she was happy with him, despite what ’Sister Wives’ viewers have seen (and continue to see) on the show.

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  1. Money, money, money. Can’t leave that show. Meri if you truly know your self worth wouldn’t leave and be happy?

  2. Girl, that is not a man. He’s a boy at best. Go live the rest of your life- love and be loved.

    Can you imagine waking up everyday knowing your husband can’t stand you? Even if you can turn it around (& let’s be honest- this dude loves himself most) then what? I don’t see him compromising unless it’s his way 100%. He’s a human turd.

  3. Oh, Meri. Feeling alone in your marriage is one of the worst feelings in the world, and nobody deserves that. I wish she would leave and find a partner she can be happy with. Life is precious and short.

  4. At this point, I feel like Meri is a third wheel in the family, in her own marriage. She makes these claims about her own self worth and that she’s not going anywhere…but did it occur to her that perhaps Kody doesn’t want to be with her any longer? He has completely checked out of their marriage, and cares less to even hide it. I don’t know any women with self-worth that would stay.

  5. She invites speculation and then becomes indignant when people aren’t supportive of her in their responses.

    That said, her “I Know My Worth” speech may be the first thing she’s ever said that I agree with.

    But I will never understand why she stays.

    1. It has to be financial. I still don’t understand how they all live in such beautiful homes with all those kids and all that debt. Being on TV must pay VERY well.

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