Leah Calvert’s Grandma & New Brother-in-Law Involved in Physical Fight

Sandy (left), Victoria and Dawn in April...
Sandy (left), Victoria and Dawn in April…

Get yer banjos out, y’all! This may be the best story from Banjo Land yet!

Before we begin: The Ashley would like to clarify a few things. She does not mean to make light of the situation that is posted below. It’s just such an unbelievable story that there is no way for The Ashley to report it without sounding like she’s making fun. With that being said, this story is not actually about Leah Calvert, it’s about her family. Since they have all appeared frequently on Teen Mom 2 in the past, they are public figures and The Ashley felt that y’all might be interested.

That is all….on with the banjos!

Leah Calvert has the record for having one of the shortest marriages in ‘Teen Mom’ history, ending her marriage to Corey Simms after only eight months,  but her sister Victoria Messer may beat her record!

The Ashley has learned that the entire Messer family is in turmoil after Victoria’s husband, Brian Jones (whom she married just a few weeks ago), allegedly got in a physical fight with Leah and Victoria’s grandmother, Sandy, earlier this week.

A source that is very close to the Messer clan tells The Ashley that Sandy was tired of hearing that Brian was allegedly hitting Victoria, so she decided to take matters into her own hands.

The source claims that Sandy went to the couple’s house, armed with a pipe, determined to teach Brian a lesson. Brian was not scared of the pipe-wielding granny, however. Victoria tried to save her husband and help him escape, but in the end Brian allegedly hit Sandy.

The Ashley found this story hard to believe too, however, a look at the Messer clan’s Facebook pages confirmed that it was all, indeed, true.

The family has been posting about the incident, with Victoria accusing her grandmother of telling lies, and the rest of the clan jumping in to defend Sandy.

"WTF guys?! Seriously!?"
“WTF guys?! Seriously!?”

“If I would have hit him with a pipe like I tried they would have called him an ambulance,” Sandy wrote earlier today in response to Victoria. “You have a punk for a husband and you best keep him hidden!”

Apparently, Victoria and Leah’s brother, Isaac Messer, went over to “talk” to Brian about the situation, according to Sandy’s postings. Other family members were also threatening to go show Brian “who he is messing with.”

Victoria responded to the threats.

“We’re not hiding anywhere,” she wrote. “Matters a fact.. Go ahead and have them kill me to, cause anymore I don’t even care. A lot of people know how you are, that’s why their staying out of it. And tell whoever it is that wants to come, to come because Brian may not know who they are but I do, just remember that.”

For the time being, it seems that Victoria is standing by her husband.

Leah’s mother, Dawn Spears, is caught in the middle, but seems to be siding with Sandy. The source tells The Ashley that Dawn made her own posting to Facebook about the situation, aimed to tell the person who hit her mother (allegedly Brian) that he will now “pay.” That post has since been deleted, however.

Leah has kept silent (at least on social media) about all of the drama happening in her family right now; however, she is dealing with her own problems. (The Ashley is waiting to get more info on the latest Leah drama and will post soon about it.)

From what The Ashley can gather, no assault charges have been filed against Brian in their county, or the surrounding counties.

This is not the first time Grandma Sandy has gotten caught up in the hijinks of her granddaughters. After the news broke of the Leah/Robbie Kidd cheating scandal in October, Sandy ranted on Facebook about it.

The Ashley will keep you posted as this story develops! You can’t make this stuff up!

(Photos: Facebook, MTV)


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  1. You know you can stop with the racist remarks. I’m sure if this had been a black family you wouldn’t be saying get your fried chicken and grape drink out.

  2. Omygod!!!! Such a dysfunctional family! Those poor little girls!! They need to be with their fathers!

    1. Aren’t you overreacting a little bit?Why should this poor girls go to live with their fathers?Because there aunt and grandmother are in a fight with there uncle?If that is what your saing,than no child is safe with there own family,because in every family is from time to time something going on.That’s life.Leah is not responsible for her sisters/grandmothers life en struggles.

      1. The girls have a drug addicted, cheating mother. That, in and of itself, creates a dysfunctional situation for them. This demonstrates they do not have a stable extended family that can help out. While Leah may not be involved in or responsible for this current situation, don’t you think that this, compiled with Leah’s close-to-home personal issues may continue to impact her already fragile stability? I agree they should be with their fathers. Apples don’t fall far from the trees…

      2. Maybe your family is like this, but I can assure you most aren’t. My family sure as heck has never done anything remotely close to this before. I’ve never seen redneck white trash like this before.

  3. I can’t laugh about domestic violence.And when it becomes your own granddaugther i can understand grandma’s reaction.I hope for the sake of Victoria that she divorce him,because this will not stop.I hope she find the courage to leave this guy.

    1. Yes but why not just call the police? If he really is violent, having her crazy grandma show up just complicates matters. If she’s getting hit, she needs to know she has sane, rational familial support that will be there when/if she leaves. This is no way for a grown woman (Sandy) to be acting. It’s ridiculously inappropriate and out of control and as you can see has helped nothing and has possibly hurt things.

      1. I totaly agree whit you Meep.But she’s only human.No it is not good,but i guess that a lot of people reacts this way in the heat of the moment when it becomes the one you love.And yes i agree that they better call the police,let him arrest for his action.When he hit his woman he deserves some time in jail.

  4. And they wonder why good men don’t stay long. Well they pick losers in the first place but Corey is a good one. I think Corey would have run after the first couple of dates if she didn’t get pregnant after the first time with him.

  5. If anyone even came close to my grandma, you’d have to call an ambulance! This Loser takes the cake!!

    1. If anyone comes at me with pipe all bets are off, I don’t care if she’s 99 and in a wheelchair.

  6. on one hand this is hilarious. so redneck and crazy.

    on the other……it’s very sad. victoria is getting beat up by her husband and her family attacking her husband is only going to push her further away from her family and more in isolation with her husband. which will make it much harder to leave.

    leahs family is just…………..

  7. The Ashley needs to list the ages.
    Sandy became a great grandma around age 50. Delta Dawn is around 40 now, I’d say. All teen moms, all terrible parent figures.

    1. Btw, In a recent tweet, she mentioned her disdain for The Ashley!
      Yeah,I hate when ppl tell the truth about me, and my white trashtastic family, too.

      1. She’d be BFF with The Ashley if Ashley had some brown on her nose from being so far up Leah’s ass. Leah can’t handle someone telling her she’s on the hot mess express

  8. OMG, This priceless. Does any of the people in the screw up family have a brain? And they wonder why good men run from them. If this does not show the world that Corey and Jeremy needs custody of the kids, NOTHING WILL!!!!!. The grandmother must be on drugs as much as leah is. WHITE TRASH ALL THE WAY…..

  9. I’m sorry but if he’s hitting your granddaughter, how is hitting him going to teach him a lesson? Let’s be honest, it would probably just make things worse for your granddaughter, and it’s not like using violence to stop violent behavior ever works…

  10. I am SO COMPLETELY ENTERTAINED BY THIS FAMILY. I google “Leah calvert” at least once a day and die laughing every time. Can we start paying them to hook the deer cam to the internet for constant coverage?

    1. Lol like Big Brother, you can watch the drama 24/7 live and call it Through the Deer Cam’s Eye’s. (said in a dramatic voice like As the World Turns) Or The Redneck Drama Crimes. This is fun… What other titles would you call the show?


        1. Lol
          “Leah’s Anatomy”
          “American Horror Story Freak Redneck Show”
          (I keep trying to think of one for The Parent Trap that goes with Trap Babies I, II and III sequels
          “Druggie Messer” (kinda like Doogie Houser) (sp?)

        2. The days of our high
          Messy Messer
          West-Virginia is for pill poppers
          Skinny Little Druggies

  11. I’m laughing so hard I’m near tears. WHY was I born into such a boring family?! These people are like Jerry Springer contestants. There’s cheating,fighting and a belligerent granny! You can’t make this up!

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