EXCLUSIVE BEHIND-THE-SCENES DETAILS: Did ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Calvert Really Cheat on Husband Jeremy?


Get ready for a Teen Mom 2 bombshell, y’all!

While Leah Calvert and her husband Jeremy have had trouble in their marriage in the past, the couple has insisted that they were rock solid.

Until this morning, that is…

Early Friday morning, Jeremy took to his Twitter to drop a bombshell on his wife. He accused Leah of cheating– with the same guy she cheated on her ex-husband, Corey Simms, with!

Jeremy Calvert Cheating Tweet

Jeremy, who has never been one to “Twitter rant” (unlike his wife), went on to tweet more incriminating stuff about Leah.

“Go back to Mingo and have a wonderful f**king weekend with Mr kidd,” he wrote, adding that he planned to file for divorce.

Jeremy later deleted his tweets (click here and here to see screenshots), but his real Facebook page currently lists his relationship status as “divorced.” (He has since made it private.)

So what the heck is going on? Don’t worry, y’all, The Ashley has you covered and has all the details!

Jeremy is referring to Robbie Kidd, the guy that Leah confessed to having an affair with during her marriage to Corey Simms. Basically, it’s a game of he said, she said and….from what The Ashley can gather, what Jeremy said is the truth.

According to The Ashley’s sources, Robbie has been getting into trouble and was arrested recently. (This checks out. Online records confirm that Robbie was, indeed, arrested in mid-September. Check out his hot mugshot!) Robbie and Leah and their families have remained friendly. (According to a Facebook post by Leah’s mom Dawn Spears, Robbie’s sister is married to someone in Leah’s family.) Anyway, Leah’s side of the story is that she and Robbie were just texting because his family asked her to reach out to him because he needed a friend. Leah “felt bad” and reached out. When Jeremy found out, he assumed she cheated.

Leah’s mom tried to defend her daughter on Facebook this morning, saying Robbie’s dad dislikes Leah and started this rumor.

“He told Jeremy he seen Robbie sneak through the back door on a deer cam which was a lie,” Dawn wrote. (Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up.) She claims that she personally contacted Robbie and he denied an affair. (Oh, and Robbie apparently just became a father recently, to add more drama to the story.)

That may be the story that Leah’s telling, but it’s not the story that Jeremy is believing!

The Ashley’s sources are saying Jeremy’s side of the story is that Leah had sex with Robbie.  Apparently, people around town had seen Leah and Robbie together and it got back to Jeremy. However, it is definitely true, according to a friend of Robbie’s that confirmed it to The Ashley. Leah confessed it to her husband eventually and asked for forgiveness, another source says.

Jeremy is understandably devastated by the betrayal and has said he plans to file for divorce from Leah. The cast of ‘Teen Mom 2’ has already signed contracts to star on the upcoming sixth season of the show; however with this latest development, he may be reconsidering putting his private life on television.

Anyway, Jeremy’s tweet-and-delete may be the result of MTV reaching out to him and telling him to save the drama for the cameras. (They are probably rushing to get a camera crew over to The WV as we speak to make sure to capture everything on film!) But it was definitely not a hack on Jeremy’s Twitter account that caused the tweet. This is the real deal.

Leah has yet to respond to the scandal on her Twitter account, but may be being kept silent by MTV. The Ashley will keep you posted as more details unfold, but damn…. is this juicy or what?! The show’s producers are probably salivating over all of this potential ratings-gettin’ drama!

UPDATE: Leah replied to a fan on Twitter that asked if the rumor was true.

“I never cheated on my husband and he knows that… there was a rumor and he believed it but it’s ok,” she wrote.

The Ashley stands by what she wrote, and reminds her readers she would never put something out there like this unless her sources were very solid.

UPDATE #2: Leah’s sister, Victoria, took to her Facebook to defend her sister. However, in her rant, she basically confirmed that the rumor is true and that Jeremy wants out of his marriage to Leah.

Victoria Messer

UPDATE #3: Leah’s official Facebook page, as well as her personal Facebook page, have been taken down. (The last time she did this was when new leaked that she and Corey were splitting…just sayin’….)

UPDATE #4: Things are getting hardcore down in the holler! Leah’s mother, Dawn, and Jeremy’s mother, Tammy, got into it on the Facebook page of Starcasm. Tammy told Dawn that Leah knows she’s been caught, and hinted that she may call CPS over this. Click here to read their bickerfest.

(Photo: MTV)




  1. Bullshit. The first rule of fight club is that we don’t talk about fight club. The second rule is that we don’t talk about fight club.

  2. Those of you questioning whether or not it’s true, don’t you think Jeremy would have retracted his story by now? It’s been almost two days and he’s radio silent. His silence speaks VOLUMES!!

  3. The Ashley, didn’t she admit to getting with Robbie before she was actually married to Corey? It was at her bachelorette party, I thought.

    “the guy that Leah confessed to having an affair with during her marriage to Corey Simms”

    1. Yep, Leah admitted that she slept with Robbie two weeks before her wedding to Corey. And then it was rumoured that she also slept with Robbie on the night of her bachelorette party. But I believe she said that wasn’t true. I could be mistaken though. But I am sure she said that she never cheated once she and Corey were married. It seemed like she genuinely thought that getting married was like a reset button, and that whatever she did in the recent past, would no longer matter.

  4. And sounds like Jeremy’s mom knows something, she was asking if anyone knew an employee at the local CPS office. Wonder if Leah was dipping into Robbie’s supply while they were driving around in old Jeremy’s truck

    1. I agree with you. Things are pointing more and more toward Leah being the unfit mother that Corey painted her as. There is def more to this story. Girl needs some serious help.

      1. I read on another site that there are photos being shopped around of Leah doing drugs, and Leah and Robbie dabbling in some drugs too. People said Corey acted like there was more to the “prescription drug” story than he let on, obviously for the sake of the girls, because he knows they can read the magazines at the check out stand. Maybe that’s what he wasn’t spilling on national tv. And if Jeremy’s mom knows something more, shame on them for not telling someone sooner. I forsee a breakdown in the works that will rival poor Amber’s

        1. I SO hope Corey and Miranda will get the girls, and that Jeremy and his family will get Addy. At least until Leah gets herself together, and maybe even permanently. Corey and Miranda are certainly more stable. Leah lets Ali miss school anytime she doesn’t feel good and that’s teaching her a very bad lesson. That her disability is an excuse for fulfilling responsibilities. She really needs that therapy and she needs to be in school unless she’s actually sick. She needs to live as normal a life as possible. If this continues by first grade Ali will probably be in truancy court. Just because Leah is bored and wants Ali home with her. She barely pays any attention to Aleeah, at least on camera, and it shows because she is really acting out a lot. That poor little girl needs some love and attention! And I think Corey and Miranda are the only ones who will give that to her. To both the girls.

          1. If she doesn’t go to therapy, she’ll be cut from the program. Maybe this is a little harsh of a speculation, but maybe at this point Leah WANTS Ali to be wheelchair bound full time because she gets attention and sympathy and “Oh you have it so hard, take some pills.” I dunno, I could be wrong on that, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

  5. It’s odd she’s being awfully quiet, when usually she is the first one shouting that everything is a rumor and things are fine. After the story broke I tried searching for her public official Facebook page and she’s deactivated it. How telling!!!! And the fighting between Dawn, Victoria, Jeremy’s mom and cousin is AMAZING! I have my popcorn and cocoa ready for the next round

  6. I used to really like Leah. If this all true..and it sounds like it is..she needs counseling.Majorly. She is indulging in some self destructive behavior and truly may not be fit to have her kids. The fact that Robbie is a drug user..could point to the fact that she was indeed using drugs. Jeremy’s family seems very gung ho to get CPS involved..I could see her losing all 3 of her girls out of this drama.

  7. Maybe it’s true. Maybe it isn’t. Just because she was guilty before, doesn’t mean she’s guilty now. Who knows? If it is true, that’s pretty fucked up. She can’t expect to have successful relationships if she keeps sleeping with this loser behind her boyfriend/husband’s back. I mean come on, Leah! You have 3 children. You need think of their best interests before your sexual pleasure with Robbie.

  8. How does one call CPS over this? If she did cheat, it has no bearing on her ability to care for her children. In Victoria’s Facebook rant, I didn’t really see where she basically confirmed the rumor. She calls the whole thing “bullshit” and “lies”.

    1. Victoria confirmed that Jeremy wants out of the marriage, and further that it looks to be over, which really was inevitable, did anyone think these two would stay together until one passed away?

  9. ASHLEY,
    I have to give you tons of props for letting us know about this crazy story. You have more info on this than anyone else. You are totes my fave 😛

  10. It was just a matter of time. The Ashley wrote about when MTV did a voice over Leah staying that Jeremy was still going to strip clubs and that was in the beginning of this season. She said they do therapy but they see each other one a week why spend that time in therapy? I wouldn’t be surprised if leah was untrusting of Jeremy and that led to this whole situation. Regardless I feel for addy poor baby

    1. What is weird is when I looked at both of Jeremy’s facebooks, on one, he has a pic of him and Leah with her 2 girls, the other one is just him and Leah. And he posts that he is with the love of his life and loves HER girls. There are no pics of his own daughter with her. It isn’t like he doesn’t update his page. Usually when someone has their first child, that is all they post pics of because they love them so much. I wonder if he thinks this child isn’t his? (even though she looks just like him)

  11. Wow, the drama surrounding Leah just keeps getting worse and worse. There is no excuse for cheating but people need to take it easy on her. Leah is obviously very insecure if she feels like she has to go back to her high school sweetheart everytime she has troubles in her relationships.

  12. Jenelle must be so psyched that this is taking the heat off her mid-Disney break up that she’s trying to hard to cover up.

  13. She cannot stand to be alone so unless she gets a rich man who dosent have to work and can be with her 24/7 she will never be happy.

  14. Once a Cheater always a Cheater!!!!! Cant say i Didnt see this one comin! This girl can not keep her damn legs closed! Hope Robbie sells his story..it outta be Juicy!!!

  15. Leah said it was a rumor on her twitter account. Go check. She could be lying, just saying bc in this article it states she hasn’t said anything in regards. But she has.

  16. I actually think her sister is saying that Jeremy is lying about this in order to have an excuse to get out of the marriage. Like he’s saying she cheated in order to let him off the hook. Could be wrong but that’s how I read it.

    I’m of two minds on this – it’s entertaining, for sure, but there are three young children involved and that just makes me feel awful.

  17. I am not going to be like most people and call names here, however, this Robbie guy has a hold over Leah that she obviously can’t let go of. It’s like other mom’s out there that isn’t “in love” but “in lust” with someone that they just can’t simply let go of and I think that maybe the case with Leah and Robbie. I think Leah should just stay single for a while and focus on her kids even though I know she can’t help but need someone in her life in that way. Which does show me she is afraid to be alone and also she still has some areas that she needs to grow up in or may need help to get over insecurities that make her feel that she needs that kind of attention from other men that is not her significant other.

  18. Of course her team is going to accuse Jeremy of things now. Just like they did to Corey. Try to vilify him to make Leah look good. These people are gross. 2 marriages later, this is CLEARLY Leah’s fault, not the men in her life.

  19. This is seriously sad for all those girls. The twins will have been through 2 divorces before they’re 5 years old. And Adalynn will probably never remember her parents being together. I think Leah moves way too fast and although she’s not responsible for all their split all on her own, it’s still very unfortunate.

    1. Honestly, I don’t think Leah would have cheated on her second husband, like she did with Corey, before their wedding… But this story could be true, I don’t believe it. This doesn’t seem like Leah. And Jeremey, probably wouldn’t have ranted on twitter talking trash about Leah. That’s not the man who he is. I mean he could be like that. But for all the seasons I’ve seen with him in the show, I know he wouldn’t. And same goes for Leah I’ve seen all the seasons she has been in, this doesn’t seem like her. All she wanted was a man in her life and she got one and had a baby with him, would u honestly think she would cheat on Jeremey?

      1. This doesnt seem like Leah ? We all know she doesnt hold fidelity highly. All she wanted was for corey to forhive her and be a family with her in season 1, and she still cheated on him. Girl loves the d.

        1. I agree and she has had 2 amazing guys and she don’t care..in this last season when jeremy got her that kerig and she laughed and said something about now maybe MY WIFE will give me sex not the way it was worded but lol why give him sex when she is getting it elsewhere

      2. He Rants on twitter all the time! If he gets bad service any where he complains, so I totally think he’d do something like this. And Leah is no Angel. She’s cheated on a husband before, so obviously it does “seem like her”.

    2. All these girls move way too fast! Leah and Jenelle got pregnant after just a couple months of dating their boyfriends (Leah had a miscarriage but she obviously got pregnant again and had Adalynn soon after). These girls have no brains at all. You can’t just decide to have a baby with someone you’ve only known for a couple months. That is insane. I’m sorry but Leah asked for this. She jumped into a relationship with Jeremy and married him and had a baby WAY to quickly before they knew each other and knew they weren’t a compatible couple.

  20. Let’s all pray that Robbie kidd joins the cast! Corey makes for some good television and helpful hints on what to wear during hunting season, while other than his bacon slap, Jeremy really isn’t doing it for me! He’s like the mo mo Kailyn dated before javi. But imagine him sneaking around on deer cams hiding in bushes trying to avoid fertile myrtle when she wants another baby! Classic tv. It might even be better than Nathan wearing a spandex leotard as a shirt!

    1. I remember when she was nagging him nonstop to quit his job, I posted on here saying someone should go intereview Robbie, because she was acting far too needy, which is dangerous territory for her. She probably uses this excuse on him, blaming him for not being around enough. She needs therapy desperately by herself

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