Victoria Messer, Sister of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer, Announces Pregnancy

"We made a youngin!"
“We made a youngin!”

Teen Mom 2 fans know that Leah Messer is certainly a fertile Myrtle! Already the mother of three children, Leah seems to have no trouble getting pregnant– and apparently, it runs in the family! Earlier this week, Leah’s little sister Victoria Messer, who has appeared on numerous episodes of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ announced that she is expecting her first child.

Victoria, who got hitched to Brian Jones in April, announced her happy news on Facebook on September 12 by posting a photo of her positive pregnancy test, along with the caption, “Jones Baby in the oven!” She told a friend that she and Brian found out about the pregnancy the day before they announced it, and later confirmed the pregnancy with a blood test.

“Looks like I’m gonna be a Mommy!” she wrote. “I’ve waited so long for this, I’m glad I get to share this with my husband♡”

Victoria is the only one of her siblings who waited until she was married to have a child. Leah became pregnant with her twins when she was unmarried and 16, while their younger brother Isaac Messer became a teen dad in December. Of course, Victoria’s marriage hasn’t been totally drama-free. In May, Victoria’s husband Brian allegedly got into a physical fight with her grandmother, Sandy. As you do.

"I'm gonna be an aunt again, y'all!"
“I’m gonna be an aunt again, y’all!”

Leah, who has had three girls, predicted in the photo’s comment section that Victoria will have a boy. If Victoria does, indeed, give Mama Dawn her first grandson, Victoria indicated on Facebook that she plans to name him Joshua Eugene. If the baby is a girl, Victoria said she will name her Adrianna Jean.

Brian made his first appearance on ‘Teen Mom 2’ last week, during the scene that Dawn gets the “Expect a Miracle” text from Leah while at a pizza place with Leah’s twins and Victoria.

Leah has not yet mentioned her sister’s pregnancy on her social media accounts.

(Photo: Facebook)

28 Responses

  1. Well.. we heard the words from Jerm’s mouth during the last episode: Leah has a prescription pills addiction

    No more sweeping under the rug!

  2. Why would she bring a baby into an abusive marriage? Sigh.
    This is the one whose husband got into a physical fight with the grandma who just died, ffs.
    I wish the Ashley would do a story on where Leah’s stepfather hightailed it off to. That would be worth reading!
    He was the only person in that entire family that had any common sense. Of course Dawn drove him away.

    1. I think she is referring to a different grandma. Unless Sandy is facebooking from the after life. Wouldn’t surprise me with this family.

  3. um, well i guess congrats on being married first, i guess. although the chances of a marriage working when they are so young are kinda slim and adding a baby in the mix doesnt exactly help.

  4. Didn’t she learn Anything from her train wreck sister!!?? And where did dawn’s husband go? He seemed to be the smart one in the family!

    1. I read on another there site the divorced a couple of years ago.

      So yeah, he was the only member that has an above room temperature IQ.

  5. Hey Ashley, can you please find out if Megan Nelson and Chelsea Houska are still friends? I would love a story on that. Megan just got engaged as you probably already know.

      1. Thanks for the info, but I don’t remember hearing about that at all, and Megan doesn’t seem to be that type of person. What do you think? If they were still friends Chelsea would of congratulated her publicly. I just want to really know why they stopped hanging out definitively.

  6. I hate to be a judgemental bitch, but I’m gonna be a judgmental bitch about this- why is everyone in their family sooooo thrilled about having babies so young? I know it’s a blessing, blah blah, and she is married (but apparently a weeding to this family doesn’t mean forever so it’s not really that big a deal that they’re married!)… anyways in the spirit of trying to be positive, I wish them the best and hope they are better parents than Leah has been this past year or so..

  7. 20 year old high school drop out. Good Luck… Dawn seems to pay more attention to Leah so I wouldn’t be surprised if Victoria got pregnant so she can get some attention too.

    1. Is she really a high school drop out? If so that is terrible. I’m not saying high school is easy but it is free and available to everyone. Also I think you can even get it at home now too or your GED. There is no reason to not take advantage of free education..

    1. My thoughts exactly! This whole family is attention seeking. So she announces she’s pregnant less than 24 hours after peeing on a stick and before getting a professional result or getting through the first trimester. Dawn will drive her husband away then teach her daughter to live off the money she gets from child support. Do any of these women actually make any money to support their children?

    2. She can choose to announce her pregnancy when she wants! I did the traditional “12 weeks” with my first pregnancy and lost the baby at 9 weeks. I felt alone because no one knew what was going on with me and I felt I missed out on celebrating my baby while I had something to celebrate. I made a vow when I got pregnant again, that I’d share much earlier and enjoy the baby while I could. I got pregnant with my daughter and we announced to our family just weeks later! While I wouldn’t want THE WORLD to know if I had a miscarriage, if she’s okay with that possibility, let her enjoy her pregnancy any way she wants!

      1. I agree with you, @hey you, although I do think it is wise to at least wait until you have confirmed the pregnancy with a doctor first.

      2. I agree! With my twins we waited until 11 weeks and then a couple days later we found out it was twins. This time we found out it was twins right away but we were also told it didn’t look good for baby b. We still chose to announce. A miscarriage isn’t some thing a woman should have to suffer through silently. I’m glad I had the support of my friends when we lost baby b.

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