Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler’s Divorce Reportedly Not Caused By Cheating; Couple Still Living Together While Jay Allegedly Blocks Kristin From Purchasing Another Home

When you realize just how messy your divorce is about to get…

All of the details surrounding Kristin Cavallari’s divorce from Jay Cutler have yet to be revealed; however, the couple’s split was reportedly not the result of an affair, as many fans assumed based on the wording in the couple’s divorce paperwork filings. 

The dispute between the Very Cavallari couple —- which began almost immediately after their divorce was announced —- instead involves the custody of their three children, TMZ reports, and not cheating.

As for the “marital misconduct” Kristin cited in her divorce counterclaim, the language was reportedly used in order to follow Tennessee’s “fault state” laws, which require a person asking for a divorce to show fault on the part of the other spouse.

According to the site, what that “marital misconduct” is exactly, is something that will be handled by the lawyers. 

TMZ reports that Kristin’s lawyer, Rose Palerrmo, offered no comment aside from referring back to Kristin’s original statement, which she posted over the weekend on social media. 

As for the alleged disagreement regarding custody of the couples’ three children, E! News’ sources claim that, prior to Jay filing for divorce, he and Kristin agreed to split custody of their kids 50/50; however, Jay did not specify that in his divorce filing. Instead, Jay stated he is “the available at-home parent and the primary caretaker of the parties’ minor children.” 

The site’s sources claim that Kristin was “caught off-guard” by Jay’s claim, triggering her to respond in a big way. Not only did she deny Jay’s “primary caretaker” claims, but she also requested that she be named Primary Residential Parent, giving her primary custody of the children, with Jay to receive “reasonable periods of parenting time” with them.

“His filing was basically trying to take her out of the equation so she had to respond strongly,” a source told E! News. “She’s not going to be taken out of the equation when it comes to her children.” 

“Jay may dispute what it says on my T-shirt!”

Despite the growing tension between them, Yahoo reports that Jay and Kristin are still living together at the moment, though they “have barely spoken.” 

“Things are very tense between Jay and Kristin right now,” a source said. “They are on opposite sides of the house and only communicate in regards to the children’s needs. They have barely spoken since the Bahamas trip. It’s really a power struggle between the two of them.” 

Though Jay and Kristin’s current cohabitation may appear promising to some, according to E! News, that’s not the case. In documents filed by Kristin on Wednesday, the Very Cavallari star claims that Jay is blocking her attempts to purchase a new home and that Jay and his lawyer refuse to allow their finance manager to release the funds she needs to make the purchase. 

Kristin goes on in the filing to claim that she began looking for a new home in the fall of 2019 when things in her marriage were in a bad place. At that time, Kristin found a home she liked and initiated the purchase process, which she said Jay “never objected” to. When the couple decided to work on their marriage, Kristin stopped the process; however, according to the documents, both “realized the attempt to reconcile was not working and knew a divorce was inevitable.” 

“We’ll always have ‘Very Cavallari’ re-runs.”

The two reportedly began discussing their plans to divorce in March, going over custody and living arrangements. Kristin resumed the home-buying process when they returned from the Bahamas and due to Jay’s “lack of objection” previously, she assumed he would be fine with her purchasing a home now. However, Jay informed Kristin that his attorney “was going to tell their business manager to not release the funds,” which Kristin believes he did as away to punish her. 

Kristin goes on in the documents to accuse Jay of intimidating her into agreeing to a proposed parenting plan that is “unfavorable to her” by preventing the purchase of the house. She said Jay also claimed “he was not going to be leaving the marital residence.” 

“A couple more weeks of sheltering in place with three young kids and your disgruntled soon-to-be-ex-wife may make you change your mind.”

Kristin is requesting that the judge allow her to use “her portion of their funds” to purchase a new home. 

Stay tuned…

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  1. If Kristen wants a new home, buy it with her OWN money therefore so no problems with her soon to be ex Jay or the Court. If all those monies are not separated, I do see a problem as well as the house, alimony, child support, and.all the belongings they have together physical and financial investments.

    1. Sooo they only had joint bank accounts? I figured theyd have seperate as well with both having a lot of money

  2. so 3 trap babies couldn’t keep him? I actually love Kristen, the OG mean girl, Jay better be careful lol

  3. Kristin has her own money. Her net worth is in the millions. If she really wanted to move it would be simple as packing up. This nothing but a power struggle between the two. I hope she doesn’t used the poor single mother angle but Kristin plays dirty so I’m sure she will.

  4. They both seem like very strong willed people, who won’t back down until they get what they want, so I see this getting really ugly.

  5. Women can be so blind when it comes to fathers deserving time with their children. What Dad wants to go from having his kids everyday to ‘a reasonable amount of parenting time?’ None. Should be 50/50 in their situation. He’s not an absent drug addicted dad. It’s so disappointing when women can’t put aside their own feelings and do what’s best for the children. (Can obviously apply to men as well)

    1. But he’s the one who requested primary caretaker, they agreed to 50/50 and then he went and filed for primary caretaker which I’m assuming wouldn’t mean 50/50

      1. He said that he primarily took care of the children but he asked for joint custody. She asked for primary custody with him having visitation only.

    1. That is a little weird that he won’t give her the funds to move out, and at the same time if he doesn’t want to give her the money, he won’t leave the house either…I couldn’t imagine living with the person I’m divorcing. Talk about a hostile environment.

      1. My sister tried the living together thing when her and her ex divorced so they could both be around for my niece. It lasted a month before I was helping her apartment hunt. Even when a split isn’t dramatic living with your ex can be bad for your mental health. My sister and her ex were able to go back to being friends and coparents when they weren’t living together anymore. When they tried the living together thing they both were reminded why things didn’t work out and spent their time at home stressed and biting their tongues for their kid’s sake. More power to anyone who can make that situation work.

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